When you are a “conspiracy theorist” like some people would say I am, although I prefer the term freethinker but you can call me a conspiracy theorist, you can call me a bullshitting prick if you like, I really do not give a fuck what you call me, but as I was saying when you are a “conspiracy theorist” or someone that thinks outside the box, some people get offended when they are subjected to listening alternative beliefs. One thing I have noticed many British people getvery offended by is criticism of the Royal family! Even some so called “anti-royalists” and some “conspiracy theorists” get offended when real criticism of the Royal Family begins.

How have this scrounging, corrupt, greedy family managed to convince so many people in the United Kingdom that they are so worthy of the privileges and riches that they inherit? I do not hate the Royals as people, but a system that allows such greed and extravagance in the name of “tradition,” and “tourism” is a very strange system but its what we have in the United Kingdom. Despite the greed and ridiculous luxury the Royals live in at the expense of the taxpayer, the majority of the British public over look them and call people on disability allowance “scroungers.”


When discussing my beliefs in the past, I have on many occasions been shocked by the reaction I get when I say what I believe about the Royal Family. I am not saying they are Reptilian Shapeshifters, Satanists or given a divine right to rule (like pro Royalists believe) all I am saying is, one family should not be given the power or the money that this family have, especially when there are people in the world starving and over one million food bank users in the UK, but most of those people are benefit scroungers of course.

Why do so many British people (young and old) get so upset and even angry when confronted with criticism of the Royal family? I believe there is one reason for this and that is……….they must be brainwashed, the years of thought control at school and the one sided propaganda we call the news have actually turned a huge amount of people in to brain dead, unthinking Zombies! These brain dead zombies hate the poor, the sick and immigrants and as for poor sick immigrants well they can fuck off but the Royals are worshiped as God like beings.





Looking at the polls to the general election amazes and shocks me, despite the Conservatives doing such of a terrible job on “governing the country” over the last five years there is still a chance they could win the election! In the last five years Britain has seen rioting, the rise of food bank, zero hour contracts, a war in Libya that led to Libya migrants being washed up at coastlines in Italy and Libya, internet censorship and MPs claiming £40 pound for breakfast and then telling us they could live on £53 per week (the amount of money a single person gets on Job Seekers Allowance.) Deals between media and the government that served the interest of both but not the people and unregulated bailed out banks continuing to pay huge bonuses. The Conservatives have lowered expectations of politicians and politics, there greed is shocking and disgusting and it matches their hypocrisy, double standards and ignorance almost perfectly. The newspapers claim they are speaking for “the people” but like the government the newspapers are biased, they like their tax breaks, they don’t want to lose them to some “left wing” government, when they say “Save Britain” they mean “Save us, from paying tax again.”

As pointed out by a member of the audience on the TV debate David Cameron tried so hard to avoid, the only thing the Conservative government seem to care about is “money, economic growth, profit” they have no humanity whatsoever, they care very little for the poor and weak and people that can not help but claim benefits are made feel like scroungers and lowlifes whereas well paid politicians live in obscene luxury pointing their fingers.

I am not saying “vote Labour” or “the Red Tories” as the Scottish correctly call them, I am just saying; How do a political party that represent 1% of the nation end up with over 30% of the vote? Propaganda as usual, the mainstream media is the voice of the corporations, the elite and the government.

But so far considering that cutting Britain’s deficit was the “main priority” of the Conservative party and fixing the economy was so essential it involved our government having to make “hard decisions” like cutting disability allowance, benefits and public services yet the economy is still far from fixed despite these drastic actions. Not every decision was a “hard decision” like the decision to cut the top rate of tax, the decision not to regulate banks and of course the easy decisions to not condemn Israel and to allow corporations to contribute almost no tax.