How Tyson Fury Rose From The Ashes

A Story Of Mental Health. Deontay Wilder has one of the most dangerous right hands in boxing history. Many of his opponents have taken it only to find that one clean shot alone was all he needed. That said… How in the world did Tyson Fury come back after taking such a devastating shot clean?

Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

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Is Anthony Joshua overrated?

I did not watch the Joshua vs Takam fight live but I notice many of the people that did are again complaining about the low quality PPV broadcast from Sky Sports Box Office. Sky Sports removed the much of the under card from the PPV view event to make room to talk about and hype up Anthony Joshua. I am a bit of a boxing fanatic, I have always loved boxing in fact its the ONLY sport that interests me at all and it has since I was a kid. I watch a lot of boxing and unlike most of the casual boxing fans watching this fight I knew Carlos Takam was not an easy fight. In fact I almost write a blog predicting a huge upset but I never got around to it.

I watched the fight the next day on Daily motion and I honestly believe Takam was completely robbed of a chance to test Joshua’s blatantly weak stamina. There is no doubt that Takam was losing the fight on points but when boxing commentators tell us he had no chance, thats bullshit! This is Heavyweight boxing George Foreman was well behind when knocked out Michael Moorer, Ross Purity Knocked out an exhausted Wladimir Klitschko. The reason I love boxing is anything can happen especially in the heavyweight division.

Anthony Joshua was lucky, I’m not saying he would have lost but I believe those last two rounds were going to be the most interesting part of the fight until the referee robbed Takam of his chance of finishing the fight and the audience the chance of witnessing what could have been the most interesting six minutes of Anthony Joshua’s career so far.

Anthony Joshua is the golden boy of British boxing at the moment and a cash cow, they did not want to see the cash cow get slaughtered.

I have stated from day one that I believe AJ is overrated, I believe an in shape Tyson Fury will out box him, AJ has a punchers chance and thats it.

Every big victory AJ has on his record is questionable! Dillian Whyte rocked him before being Knocked out but how good is Dillian Whyte? Wladimir Klitschko looked better against AJ than he had looked for years is that because Wladimir Klitschko was better prepared to fight AJ or simply because AJ allowed him to look better?

Sky Sports commentary was terrible, how many times did Carl Froch insist and tell the audience AJ had won every round? I think there were at least two or maybe even three rounds that you could have given to Takam, its professional boxing and body shots score points.

That’s two early stoppages in a row in AJ fights (the Klitschko stoppage was early I thought considering he was world champion for ten years and one of the biggest punchers in the history of boxing.) How much would AJ have had left after that onslaught against Klitschko? How much would he have had left for the last two rounds against Takam? Holyfield was out on his feet in round ten against Riddick Bowe before nearly knocking the much bigger man out.


Jack Johnson Documentary.

Rare Jack Johnson Documentary

A very good and interesting documentary about heavyweight boxing legend and the first black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. The documentary shows his struggle against the racist oppressive establishment and the ignorance of the masses. Jack Johnson seems to have handled the situation like a true legend.

Jack Johnson quote



2nd of May 2015 Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio is set to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather in a mega fight that even non boxing fans are interested in. Many believe that if Floyd Mayweather wins he would have confirmed himself to be not just the best in modern day boxing but also maybe the greatest of all time! I do not believe that this is the case, why? First of all I am not a Floyd Mayweather hater, he is without doubt a great champion with one of the most impressive defenses I have ever seen and I have been a huge boxing fan since I was about 12, but I do not believe Manny Pacquaio is as great as he was five years ago and Sugar Ray Robinson (lost only 1 from his first 130 fights!), Henry Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Wilde there have been some pretty impressive boxers that have achieved titles at multiple weights at a time when there was one champion per division meaning every champion of every division was undisputed.

Is Mayweather even is best of this century so far? He is definitely among them no doubt about it, but I do not believe it is as clear cut as some say, despite the fact that greed and boxing politics are slowly destroying the sport, boxing has still created some very good boxers in recent years Joe Calzaghe, Manny Pacquaio, Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins, James Tony, the Klitschko brothers, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales and many others.

I love watching Mayweather his defense is incredible and he certainly is one of the modern greats but not the “GOAT” for my money. Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio is aggressive and when at his best exciting to watch and also certainly one of the modern greats but past his best, so is Mayweather but Pacquaio has had the harder career.

Much is made of Floyd Mayweather’s unbeaten record but I watched him get out punched, out worked and at times out boxed by Jose Luis Castillo back in 2002, yet somehow the judges seen the fight completely differently.

Who wins on the 2nd May 2015? I hope Pacquaio wins and five years ago I believed he would win he has the power and speed to cause problems and he is definitely the best Mayweather has faced so far, I like boxers that like to fight and entertain but I fear Mayweather may outbox Pacquaio with his effective defensive style and win on points unless Pacquaio falls behind and gets desperate, in that case he could even get knocked out.

The fight can be viewed on killers of boxing SKY Box Office for a rip off price of £15, I hope someone put it on YouTube before the news tells me the result!