Social media is DEAD and ZUCKERBERG knows it.

Zuckerberg’s expression on the featured image (he looks like a little boy that has just dropped his double coned hundreds and thousands covered ice cream all other a dog shit covered floor)  tells you all you need to know about Facebook’s last few months. Their share price has dropped I wouldn’t say plummeted but maybe this is the start of a bad time for Facebook and other social media. Snapchat has also suffered from falling usage and a bad share price, they should have sold to Facebook when they had the chance.


What has led to this fall? Maybe it’s the political censorship of their own customers and users or maybe it’s the fact that Facebook users have become aware of how Facebook operate. Data misuses and abuses manipulation of Facebook feeds and the closure of political pages, movements and groups could also have contributed significantly. Whatever it is may the fall of Facebook be slow and painful and may Google and Apple be next.       

Facebook dying and desperately trying to cling on to life?

How many people still use Facebook? Millions obviously but I see a decline in Facebook usage. When I used to enter my Facebook account there would be as many as 40, 50 of my friends on it at busy times nowadays 20 or 30 is as many as I see. I once had thousands of followers on Facebook but I don’t really use Facebook much anymore this is due to Facebook’s censorship policy. I had thousands of followers on Facebook and at one time could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people with a single post. This was not only useful but it was brilliant for people like me working on a zero budget. By the time I finished with Facebook my posts were reaching 10 to 20 people, what good is that? And how does that happen considering I had thousands of followers? Only one explanation strict politically motivated censorship. Facebook claim that Facebook usage is still growing!

Like I said this put me off Facebook,  in the end Facebook become a waste of my time. A few months later I started a new Facebook page and a new account and this page was doing OK until Facebook deny me access to entering the account. They wanted me to prove my identity using photo ID to access this account, I have no photo ID.

I have three Facebook accounts a personal one (that I don’t use) and two that I use occasionally to post blogs and links to political and relevant pages. After going weeks without logging in to these accounts I sign in to one of my email addresses to my surprise I have messages from facebook informing me that I have notifications and three messages! This surprised me as I do not use this account to message people and I only have a very small amount of friends on these accounts. These friends are people that liked my posts and sent me friend requests.

I log in to my account to read these messages and to my surprise I have NO messages! So why are Facebook emailing me false information? Well when I log in to Facebook that makes me an active user! I think they are doing this to create the illusion that people still give a fuck about Facebook. How desperate and lame from a desperate and lame site.

If Facebook did not attempt to silence their users maybe they would not have to rely on lying to their users to get them to log in.

Facebook stats are false and Facebook is dying and this is a lame and desperate attempt to breath life back in to it. Too little, too late.



Yesterday Tesco announced a record annual loss of 6.4 billion pound! Tesco bosses are trying to explain why Tesco are struggling so much despite being the biggest supermarket chain in Britain. The loses are being blamed on the competitiveness of the market with Aldi and Lidl doing very well and growing and traditional superstores like Morrison’s, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are not doing so well.

So called financial experts and the media are blaming falling property prices on land that Tesco own, the very competitive market and falling food prices, for the crisis at Tesco. I have no doubt at all that these factors have contributed to the decline of Tesco but the media are not pointing out deeper reasons for Tesco’s fall. Reasons like workfare, exploitation, greed, child labour, tax evasion, price manipulation, horse meat sold and labelled as beef and countless amounts of bad publicity over recent years is why Tesco is falling and deserves to fall, if Tesco’s actions and greed does not offend or outrage you are probably politically void or a Conservative which to me are the same thing!
I believe Tesco is chocking on its own greed and GOOD, but rather than replacing superstores like Tesco and Sainbury’s with Lidl or Aldi people should go back to the markets and local businesses when they can, this would take power from the corporations, increase competitiveness in the market even more and create good business opportunities for local people to profit from rather than corporations therefore it could create better jobs and opportunities for the future, so children do not leave school only to be exploited with zero hour contracts and work for benefits. Corporations may bring slightly lower prices than local businesses but they also bring low wages, zero hour contracts and tax evasion, it’s a choice out of cheap shopping, low wages or slightly more expensive shopping, better wages and better opportunity. In the long run local people would gain a lot more if they spend with local businesses.