The Internet is cracking down on free speech.

I have noticed some pretty crazy shit lately on the Internet. Facebook removing posts because “they look like spam,” video files that I was distributing as free downloads have been removed from my website, this week I have lost about 20 subscribers on YouTube and even a whole post was removed from my website. WTF is going on? It seems to me that the government or somebody is blatantly and desperately manipulating the Internet and the truthers is who they are after. They have lost the argument so now they will silence it.

YouTube are literally silencing me as at least eight of my old videos that have been on YouTube for years undisturbed have this year been muted due to a copyright claim on the background music. Even music that is in the public domain and in one case was literally hundreds of years old (George Handel) has lead to Sony and WMG claiming ownership of the music and therefore my whole video.

They first chose to profit from it and then simply remove it after all they can’t be seen profiting from “extremism.” I think the Internet is in desperate need for a decentralized video platform that uses blockchain technology. Google seem desperate to destroy an idea with YouTube and Youtubers that have dedicated years of their lives to their work are being driven away (intentionally.) The trouble is for them (me included) is we don’t really have anywhere to go and when we find something that looks like it could be promising (TruTube, Blip TV, Megavideo, Videoweed, Dailymotion) they either turn out to be shit or stop working.

They are literally attacking us from all angles in an attempt to financially starve the truth.


Google are deliberately destroying YouTube and creating CorporateTube..

Recently PewDiePie has said he is thinking about closing his YouTube channel, his channel is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with 50 million subs! The reason he has said he is closing his channel is because he believes that YouTube are deliberately oppressing his channel! Why would they do that to the biggest channel on YouTube? I don’t watch PewDiePie as a rule but I have watched him in the just past out of interest. I didn’t enjoy his videos and I was surprised he is popular as he is, but I was also surprised by some of the things he talks about.

PewDiePie has now joined the MASSIVE and growing list of YouTubers that feel/know that YouTube are manipulating stats, hiding videos and basically ripping people off everywhere. I believe these lost views that people have been seeing disappear go straight to shit like Vevo. These corporate music video view counts seem completely unrealistic to me, they are exaggerated bullshit.

When YouTube was young if a music video managed 20 or 30 million views it was considered good, nowadays some videos are reaching over a billion! I call BULLSHIT, Fake stats from a fake site.

I have seen videos of mine lose views especially over the last 12 months. I have 26000 subs but some of my new videos are struggling to get one hundred views! So I do believe PewDiePie is probably telling the truth. Google hate freedom and they are trying to turn YouTube in to CorporateTube! So we should dislike everything corporate, troll it and fuck them.

Subscribers are instantly removed as soon as I upload videos! In fact the last couple of months my subscriber amount has fallen! I believe Google are attempting to create some shit Amazon Prime type of shit service but we don’t want more shit like that. YouTube was better before these parasitic corporations got their disgusting reptilian hands on it, especially Google.

This is about control, Google are attempting to control what you watch and what becomes a “success.” To be successful on YouTube all we have to do is avoid honesty, political philosophy, conspiracy and suck Corporate dick, errrr no thanks I would rather be unsuccessful. Fuck YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of it. We the people know you’re full of shit, we know you’re control freaks, we know you’re liars, we know you hate the truth, we know you’re ripping off the world so FUCK YOU ALL.

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How can that happen, considering my Steemit link was just a YouTube video?? So far 48 likes on Steemt, 39 views on YouTube video page, 20 views on real time stats! I also have a different account that I hardly use and I dropped it a like and YouTube didn’t count it… This makes me ask the question how much are YouTube really manipulating their stats? Much more than people think I believe. And they still can’t shut us up….

The movement is MUCH BIGGER than YouTube are allowing it to appear. You can manipulate your meaningless stats and refuse to pay but you have been exposed we know you are full of shit and I believe removed views are passed to corporate channels like Vevo.

I have been on YouTube for many years now (it was brilliant once) but these music video view counts are BULLSHIT I believe thats where your lost views are going.