Man creates Monster in his basement with Sperm and Chicken Egg – Home Alchemy!

The video below attempts and claims to debunk this but I’m not 100 % convinced they did it. They also completely over look the fact that this creature seemed to have blood unlike their attempt.

Other people try the same experiment. The Internet being the internet means there are tons of silly fakes but mixed in there are some serious experiments (apparently some people get similar results.)

Is this real???? I Don’t know and I wouldn’t want to do the experiment myself so I may never find out.

FFS WOMEN and their BFFs its all fake BS.

Today we live in a ultra fake society everybody wears a mask. As a society we spend so much time being fake that the falseness literally begins to take over their lives and the person that we pretend to be becomes the person we are.

Facebook exposes this fakeness pretty badly and I believe this fakeness stems from a craving for acceptance, recognition among their piers and attention. And they are all so nice to each other over social media, liking each others pictures and sob stories and responding to the calls for attention and recognition that their friends put out there but in most cases these people these people are responding just for a future response.

“I love you” they claim to each other over Facebook but I wonder if the words that leave their mouths are as nice as the words that leave their fingers. I bet sometimes they are saying the worst shit to somebody else when they type their messages to their “friends.”

I think the way that somebody uses the Internet can defy the person. The internet can be used in many ways some people use it to keep an eye on their money, others use it to watch porn all day or to buy and sell products, to work, to watch TV, keep informed on current affairs, for knowledge and learning some use it to sell themselves to the world as a tool to get attention and acceptance. I guess that is just the way it is and me moaning about it will not change anything.

The truth is I don’t care how many Facebook friends you have, you have NO friends or very few. There is only one person you can really trust and that is yourself and if you believe the falseness and bullshit that these people say over social media you are heading for ultimate disappointment and it will not be the fault of the people that you thought were your friends it will be your own fault for being naive enough to believe in these people.

Fake people struggle to pretend to be real especially politicians.

Some people are surprised by the success of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell as politicians but I am not really surprised (I was surprised by the result by that was mainly due to media and polls predicting a landslide) and I think a lot of their success is down to their realness as people. Labour have been stuck in the middle of the right and governed by corporate sponsored puppets and it has shown in their polices and their results. It’s hard to connect with real people or help people on real issues when you are paid by big business and rich businessmen.

One newspaper reported that Theresa May hated the slogan “strong and stable” and wanted to axe but her hate for it did not stop her using it over and over again. This exposes the problem with Theresa May and many politicians, they spend so much time reading their scripts playing their roles, they lose grip on reality and what they stand for.

If you lose grip and sight of our reality how can you be real and be trusted to address real problems? Watching Theresa May nearly in tears on the TV directly after the results come through shows how short sighted and detached from reality she has become. She claims her actions and decision making lead to Conservative MPs losing their seats (which they did) she was visibly more emotional effected by that than, more than I have ever seen her before. But you could argue that her and her governments actions and decision making have in the past lead to thousands of civilian deaths in Syria and Libya, put more people than ever in dead end jobs, caused poverty and made many people homeless. None of that seems to bother her at all.

She has lost sight of reality and due to this connecting with real people is her problem, she refused to do the TV debates and large public appearances for this reason.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell do not need to fake their beliefs or work around them to suit corporations and scripts because they are real beliefs from real people.

What do you do when your beliefs are ruining your life???

I have always considered myself to be a lucky person, I didn’t have a perfect childhood or a perfect life but I did have many people that cared for me and loved me. My parents were poor for most of my childhood until I got to about 16 by then they had made a lot of money running a business from home by the time I was 24 they lost it.

But fuck money, I had loads of friends and family, the money my parents made was a bonus….I was lucky and felt that way until recently. Some of my family have passed away others have drifted away but I had my own family to think about now.

I have since split up with my girlfriend she claims that I mentally abused her and my mental abuse was worse than past physically abuse she suffered from her violent ex! Her kids from a previous relationship also hate me.

I am the first to admit that I can be very harsh with my words when I am not respected and dismissed as a paranoid conspiracy kook. I can be as dismissive and harsh as anyone and call names as good as anyone. I am also the first to admit I am not very good at handling fake selfish teenagers that have everything but still genuinely believe they are hard done to. They spend their lives staring at social media on their mobile phones, kissing teachers asses, friends asses and constantly sitting on their asses gossiping about meaningless shit not contributing shit and still expect to be waited on.

I do not ask anybody to share my beliefs all I ask is that you respect my beliefs.

Since I have woke up I seem to have offended or lost nearly everybody close to me, this used to bother me and upset me but I have come to the realization that you really do only have a small group of real friends, life filters out the fake ones.


Usually I don’t bother to check Google analytics due to the fact I have plugin view counters on my site and therefore I don’t need too. Today however my website has been particularly busy, I have received well over 100 new sign ups in less than 24 hours and out of interest I thought I would check out Google analytics. Much to my surprise Google analytics show that I have barely had and single person on my website in the last week…As shown below.


In the last 24 hours (I have received over 100 sign ups) yet Google analytics are showing I have had 0 sessions from 0 users!


Either the inbreed elitist pigs  at Google can’t count or they are manipulating stats again like they do on YouTube (my plugin stats are showing between 300 and 2000 hits per day)..

Google analytics = BULLSHIT of course.






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What They Didn’t Tell You About Mike Tyson’s Rape Conviction

A deeper look into mike’s rape conviction. I share this because I believe that Mike Tyson should be pardoned for this character assassination. I have been a fan and hater of Mike Tyson but one thing I have always noticed and thought about Mike Tyson is he is honest, overly honest sometimes.

Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist! INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY BY Eric Dubay.


The following documentary explores the truth about nuclear energy and the surprisingly abundant evidence that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Many of the nuclear explosion videos we have all seen and presumed real are shown to be complete fakes using model trees, houses and cars exploding on a set. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the result of one large explosion as advertized, but rather the result of a fire-bombing campaign comparable to Tokyo’s fire-bombed remains. Hiroshima and Nagasaki also never experienced anything like the hundreds or thousands of years of radiation predicted by nuclear scientists, in fact, vegetation began growing within a month after the bombing, and the Japanese people began rebuilding almost immediately! Some nuclear physicists even claim nuclear weaponry fraudulent based solely on the technical impossibilities of fission material not to be incinerated before triggering the necessary chain reaction. Top nuclear physicist Galen Winsor explains how nuclear power plants are essentially just steam plants and nothing but the most expensive and effective way to boil water. He completely blows the lid off the idea of “nuclear meltdown” or “nuclear waste,” and even eats a good portion of live radioactive waste on camera which he claims to have been doing for years! His professional opinion is that fear of nuclear radiation has been greatly exaggerated to scare people and so a few powerful organizations can maintain total control of the world’s most valuable energy resource. Thanks to Edmund Matthews for compiling the majority of footage and big thanks to Greg Carlwood for releasing the second-hour of our nuke interview. Be sure to give some love and subscribe to his Higherside Chats, check out the documentary, read through the excellent Nuke Lies Forum (, and leave a comment what you think about this nuclear hoax. Was the government teaching school-children to hide under their desks just to induce fear and funnel black tax money into a fake Cold War arms race as big and deceptive as the fake Space Race!?

I don’t understand all the dislikes to this, it certainly proves that at much of the original footage of nuclear test are fake and asks and points out many interesting fact and theories about nuclear weapons.



Google plus is the ONLY social media I am actually still allowed to use (after my Facebook account was first made useless I eventually taken it down myself due to my reach falling to single figures at a time when I had thousands of followers.)

Google will not actually even allow me to close my Google Plus account without closing my whole YouTube channel. Despite the fact Google are so desperate to cling to its users they don’t attempt to offer a useful service at all! In fact WHAT THE FUCK is Google Plus? Its just a giant waste of internet space. Google Plus has counted 12 new followers to me this month, but the number of followers I have on Google plus has not changed for years. I have literally been stuck on 440 followers since Google plus first began.

Unlike when Google attack my YouTube channel when they attack my Google plus it does not bother me one bit! Why? Because Google Plus is shit! Google have never actually made, created or produced anything original or useful they just take over successful online businesses and ideas and then destroy them with greed, censorship and fake stats.

These internet giants are now the elites most effective tools, censorship, surveillance, controlling the flow of information and huge profits is how it benefits the establishment and government. That is why websites and YouTube like mine depend on people sharing our videos, blogs and ideas that the political elite are so desperate to hide. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter or any mainstream social media are not going to allow us to spread our message freely so if you read something and like it or agree with be sure to share it.


Last night I upload a video called “They’re all JEREMY HUNT’S they only care about Bugs Bunny” as usual (lately) the view count is slow despite the fact I have more subs than ever before. Than the view count stops on 94 for hours, than it falls to 83! Meanwhile my computer stops letting me upload to my own website! I contact my provider they are as baffled as me, out of curiosity I check if I can upload on to YouTube, it fails. I change from Google Chrome to Mozilla still fails. I install Internet explorer same problem. I remove and reinstall Google chrome suddenly everything is working again. I inform the hosting service that the problem is solved.

A couple of hours later I try to upload another to my website, I get the same shit! I try YouTube again and although this time it appears to be uploading the time remaining slowly moves up instead of down. At the same time as all this shit is happening I notice a comment on a video page asking me a question, I write a reply and suddenly the comment vanishes along with my reply!

Am I being cyber attacked or something? Am I pissing somebody off? I really hope so.


Over the last week I have noticed my video view counts going up and down on YouTube! How does a video get less views than it had twenty minutes earlier? Obvious answer is manipulation of viewing figures on YouTube by the greedy, parasitic, corporate giant Google. Today I hit 25150 subscribers, or at least I thought I did because upon refreshing the page I lost four subs (it fell to 25146!) I believe that Google are manipulating all stats for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are money low view counts mean less money they pay on adverts but where do these views go? I personally believe they add views to Vevo, I mean how else do boring talentless corporate guided shit like Justin Bieber and Adele get over one billion views?

Control Google pretty much chose what becomes a “success” they hide “controversial and political videos” away from mass consumption as well as promoting and making easily accessible mainstream SHIT made by their corporate sponsors.

So that’s corporate tax evasion, lobbying, covering up information from the masses, selling information on the masses, ripping off non corporate YouTube partners, biased media coverage, promoting absolute junk, filling YouTube with irritating ads, ripping people off on Google Adsense, Adword and Blogger and Google fucking plus. No wonder we hate Google.

My most affected videos are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on my website, fuck Google, FUCK THE SYSTEM!



Recently David Cameron was exposed and shown up for Photoshopping a poppy on to a picture that was used for David Cameron’s Facebook profile picture.


He later made up for it by buying every poppy in London!


Unfortunately we now live in a fake world, with a fake government, fake democracy, fake money, fake food, fake education and fake celebrities. It is disgraceful and lazy that David Cameron cannot even be bothered to show proper respect for the millions that lost died in World War 1 but it is pretty typical of David Cameron, I mean this is nothing when we think back to the Lord Ashcroft book of a few weeks ago, it is also typical of the modern world!

 The Pictures below show that David Cameron is not the only one using Photoshop in fact manipulating images to improve the appearance of models and celebrities is ridiculously common in the entertainment industry. These pictures usually end up in magazines aimed at young women, these images usually show  incredible young looking 40, 50, 60 or even 70 year old’s or perfect looking models with perfect legs, perfect skin and perfect hair. This is often criticized for causing low self esteem among women old and young but how accurate are these images?

poppy-6Why not just use a skinny model in the first place?

poppy4Madonna before and after airbrushing. 


poppy5Despite his young fan base Calvin Klein advertisers still feel they should add a little to Justin Bieber’s bulge!


Kate Moss and Fergie are made to look 20 years younger!poppy-8

These images must destroy not only the self esteem of the young readers that do not see themselves as “perfect” but also the models and celebrities involved,  they are being told that they are so ugly that to show their real faces with their real not perfect skin and even waistline is not acceptable for public consumption. This must cause a huge complex with the celebrities involved.