Social media is DEAD and ZUCKERBERG knows it.

Zuckerberg’s expression on the featured image (he looks like a little boy that has just dropped his double coned hundreds and thousands covered ice cream all other a dog shit covered floor)  tells you all you need to know about Facebook’s last few months. Their share price has dropped I wouldn’t say plummeted but maybe this is the start of a bad time for Facebook and other social media. Snapchat has also suffered from falling usage and a bad share price, they should have sold to Facebook when they had the chance.


What has led to this fall? Maybe it’s the political censorship of their own customers and users or maybe it’s the fact that Facebook users have become aware of how Facebook operate. Data misuses and abuses manipulation of Facebook feeds and the closure of political pages, movements and groups could also have contributed significantly. Whatever it is may the fall of Facebook be slow and painful and may Google and Apple be next.       

Political CENSORSHIP has accelerated over the last 5 years. Its a Blatant admission of fear by the political elite.

Political CENSORSHIP has accelerated over the last 5 years. Its a Blatant admission of fear by the political elite. They don’t need exposing anymore because they are now exposing themselves as corporate fascists that were built by the people they now oppress and censor.

It don’t matter what you think of Alex Jones this is corporate organized, government and deep state sponsored censorship.

The like bar on the CNN’s YouTube report (Alex Jones had more subs than CNN!!!!) shows exactly what the public think of it.

Google save the Queen.

Google and Facebook is protecting the British establishment with their unfair censorship of British civilians. This undermines British democracy (as if it ever really existed anyway). I would compare these people and their overlords to Nazi’s but these people are worse than Nazi’s calling them Nazi’s would just be an insult……to Nazi’s, obviously. They HATE your freedom of speech, they HATE and oppress the potential power that the Internet has given to people.

Inbreeding and greed of the elite has mutated them in to a parasitic species!

Google are attacking my website and  YouTube channel unfairly and my freedom of speech/expression with an almost psychotic hate of the truth. What is the truth? The truth is our system and lives has created a new species of disgusting, bloodsucking parasites. A species that hide among us and feed from us. Below is an example of this parasitic race. They look almost human but can you see the demented inbreed look in his eyes?

Below is another one of these disgusting leeches. These people protect paedophile rapists and organized rings by attacking YouTube channels that dare talk about the endless list of rape allegations made against rich politicians, lords members of the monarchy and prominent aristocrats by literally hundreds of people that were bought up in care homes and under the “care” of the system.

The cross between Pee Wee Herman and an Hills have eyes humanoid thing below also works with ass off to protect paedophile politicians from the USA, UK and indeed all over the world.

The first amendment in the USA only stops governments from interfering with freedom of speech. The disgusting psychotic, corporate CEO inbreed type below and the ones above are actually allowed to carry on destroying freedom without any laws preventing them from doing so. As long as you agree to it. No wonder he is laughing.

2nd time uploaded. STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS! Psychopathic YouTube HATE this video

Why do YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit protect psychopaths, war criminals and rapists? PART 2

Second time uploaded STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS!

Why do YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit protect psychopaths, war criminals and rapists? PART 1

The answer is MONEY


Facebook like Theresa May, the Conservatives, Animal Cruelty, Fascism and Censorship.

Facebook like the Conservatives, Animal Cruelty, Fascism and Censorship. The Truth makes them angry! They remove the truth and promote the Conservatives fascist agenda instead. I had a FB page that had thousands of followers and helped spread the videos and website massively until FB decided that people without money should be silenced as they introduced a corporate friendly pay to reach service.

Due to this the shares I has on my personal FB page fell dramatically. FB become a waste of time and internet space.  I closed my page and FB will not let me reopen it so I decide to open another. Unfortunately FB decide to stop me accessing that page, they will not even let me close it!

A friend suggested to me to try sharing my blogs on political groups and pages made by other people and this was a great idea. I was reaching thousands of people again until FB decided I was spamming and temporarily ban me again. When trying to access my FB page I seen the image below.

Facebook decided I should not be allowed on their shitty service. I have NO photo ID. I the had 3 accounts that I can not access and 2 that I can. Until today when I decided to share a blog called Cull The Tories Not Britain’s Wildlife. Facebook did not like this post so much so I have been BANNED from posting AGAIN. FUCK OFF FACEBOOK YOU pro Conservative, war, Israel and fascism freaks.

Facebook is social media platform designed to oppress the truth and the masses and feed the greedy and rich.


Google removing views and likes from my videos.

My website and YouTube channel is again being unfairly attacked by Google. Google have already refused to pay me royalties to most of my videos instead they pay Sony, BBC, News Corporation anybody but me. When they cannot hit me with a copyright claim they decide my videos are “not advertiser friendly.”

Recently I have noticed that many of my video are even losing likes and views. I have noticed one video lose at least ten likes over a month even considering closed accounts and the possibility that somebody has come back to the video and removed likes its unlikely that ten people would either close accounts or remove a like.

Google’s stats are false, they are rip off merchant, control freaks that constantly put profit and control over human rights and freedom. I don’t see myself as a special case or think that Google hate me. I think they hate freedom. I have been saying for years that pop videos and corporate chat show clips and shit are having their views over counted non corporate small channels are being under counted, under paid, ripped off and extorted.

I know of at least ten channels that have been removed and there are thousands more, I consider myself lucky I even still have my original channel and my website.

The question people should be asking is why the BULLSHIT Google? Facebook are just as bad. Why the false stats, hiding peoples videos and shutting down channels? Who are Google trying to protect? What are they trying to hide?


The problem is and the problem is not….

Many people in the United Kingdom seem confused. They seem confused about what is going on and they seem confused who should be held responsible for things like tax extortion, the huge rise in poverty and homelessness and the cost of living.

Many people are so confused about this they somehow have managed to come to the conclusion that the problem is the poorer classes. They call them things like lazy, scroungers and scum! The poorer classes, benefit claimants and even the sick are regularly accused of costing too much to look after. Because of the cost of looking after these people the Conservative government have decided that Benefit Sanctions should be distributed on a national scale to all that do not obey their demands. These sanctions actually cost BOTH the benefit claimants that are sanctioned money as well as the government (tax payers money of course) who actually lose over £100 million per years to employ these sanctions! To hand out a sanction the government have to pay to monitor claimants, hardship payments plus the cost of appeals, staff and so on.

They have also decided that the NHS is too expensive to fund properly as they push for privatization of the NHS.

I hate to burst your bubble (if this is the way that you think) but the cost of looking after the poor is not the problem! The problem is the cost of looking after the rich!

Facebook pay a £5000 tax bill for a whole year despite making billions and being one of the richest companies in the world. Thats why Facebook can afford to take over things like Whats app, Instagram and the Oculus rift BECAUSE THEY PAY NO TAX. Facebook are far from the only offenders of this scam and corporate greed in fact they’re all the same.

Royal Weddings, Nuclear weapon programs, wars in the Middle East, corporate and super rich tax evasion, MPs high wages and expenses all cost a fortune but only benefit a very small amount of rich people, governments and huge businesses.

How can people blame the poorer and working classes? They are the people working their asses off (for not a lot) and the people from the poorer classes that do not work their asses off don’t have shit! Its surely time to begin to ignore rich people and the media and TV that they own and just open your eyes.


Limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.
Your video remains fully playable and is eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Red. (OBVIOUSLY)

We live in a celebrity culture and we worship celebrity vultures and corporate whores to me its torture. I think it’s time to begin a slaughter.

Slaughter Adele to feed the hungry and weak, serve in stew with potatoes and leek, fry her up like bubble and squeak, that fat whore will feed the poor for weeks.

Slaughter the Royals and the political elite, make Buckingham palace a place for the homeless to sleep, don’t get offended you stupid sheep compared to funding the Royals this shit would be cheap move Harry and William to Benefit Street.

Slaughter Hollywood and Walt Disney, HBO and MTV, CNN and the BBC, News Corporation and Sony.

Slaughter the famous and the rich slaughter Theresa May the evil bitch kill her now and kill quick before she kills more foreign kids.
She’s a corporate whore always after more what the fuck do they need all this money for? It’s for murder and war and nuclear weapons and all so that with the push of a button they can destroy us all.

She is fucking sick a puppet to the rich an ugly and shameless hypocrite. She is guided by money she’s a gloried junkie and I would not fuck with your tiny dick!

You’re right I’m sick as I explained before this I was bought up with Jim’ll fix it.

So what do expect? Why should I respect people like this sick and twisted and people that overlook and protect rapists?

I don’t think I should, I don’t think I could they’re still protected by Google and Facebook. They lied to you they hide what’s true and promote the lies the mainstream spew.

But you don’t give a fuck and you don’t want to look so instead you follow your fake friends on Facebook. If I like your pic will you please like this fuck that I don’t give two squirts of spunk or piss.

I like real shit you like corporate bullshit that’s why Ed Sheeran gets to number one with his tune perfect. Fuck that specie ginger freak the man’s a fuckin leech with more money than my whole fucking street.
And for what? for being a corporate bitch aimed at the stupid and the thick that can’t even see how fucked up this world is.

Now he has his MBE just like Prince Charles mate Jimmy it always fucking seems to me the only people that get MBEs are people that fuck little kiddies.
Oh shit have I said too much? Do I look like I give a fuck? Google will remove ads from this vid because they’re paid to hide this shit.

Tax breaks for corporate puppets and snakes back handers and secret handshakes, war, fascism and a police state. I’m still waiting for the world to wake and burn this freaks at the stakes, hurry the fuck up for fuck sake it will soon to be too fucking late and when they’re burning in the fiery lake only then will they see they made a mistake.

A decentralized Internet is nothing new!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a new decentralized Internet. A Internet where greedy, freedom hating corporations have less or preferably no control or influence at all. For all the talk the decentralization of the internet is moving slowly. Facebook, Google and Amazon for example still have much too much control and power. Facebook and Google feel no way in hiding controversial content. Criticism of governments and their policies is regularly hidden from the masses. They don’t always remove the material they simply make it much less accessible. I honestly believe that most people still have NO idea just how manipulated the information we read on the internet is. Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter they’re all highly censored.

This censorship is NOT about protecting people its about protecting governments, the establishment and corporations. Back in the year 2000 the internet was different. It may not have been easy to watch a video but information online was not manipulated because corporations like Facebook and Google were not as powerful and influential as they are now.

The new decentralization of the internet is the most progressive step backwards I have ever seen! I guess sometimes and step backwards is a step forward.

I believe (and hope) that the decentralization of the internet could kill or at least seriously damage the obscenely greedy corporations that have damaged the Internet in recent years. Surely when Facebook censor their own users they must be losing users and putting people off. The censorship is blatant and the decentralization of the Internet has come about mainly because people recognize what is going on.

So fuck Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg and FUCK the deep state they work for and protect and power to the people.



Sorry about the mess I have made to cover up my personal Facebook account friends and details but the reason I am sharing this messy image is because I recently tried to share this link 

Facebook blocked the action! So as well as corporate and government friendly censorship Facebook are now also attacking other websites for reasons that I can not work out.


Reddit vs Steemit vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

OK first get rid of Google plus and twitter because they are useless. Twitter is highly censored and seems to focus and promote too much celebrity bullshit and Google Plus and the worst website I have ever seen or heard of. Google plus is so bad that just its existence has worsened other sites (YouTube,) its so bad that people like me (YouTube users) were FORCED to use and accept it because Google knew the only way they could gather an audience for Google Plus was by sucking the blood out of YouTube (YouTube was not even their idea or creation.)

So now we are left with Steemit, Facebook and Reddit. Steemit is good in a lot of ways but I have noticed it seems to suffer from a small pool of readers. If I post a link on Reddit or Facebook it can bring thousands of people to my site. Steemit seems to lack the ability to do this it may bring 20 or 30 visitors but thats about it. It could get better as time goes on but right now the only thing good about Steemit is it pays cryptocurrency for your posts.

Now we are left with Facebook and Reddit. Facebook should be the most useful one of them all because it has the most users but heavy censorship has ruined it. It does still have its uses and is very hit and miss. If I post everyday or even every week my posts can still reach thousands of people. Facebook have also locked me out of two accounts and made its self as useless as possible.

Reddit seems to me to be the most effective way of sharing yours blogs! It is far from perfect though and still censored. Its overly strict on new accounts I only signed up a week ago and because of this I am flagged for spam when I post despite a capta solving when posting and signing up. The reason I did not sign up earlier is because I was told it was censored and useless which it is. But it is a little less useless than the rest of them and at least Reddit tell you that they are removing your content instead of simply hiding it.


Somebody you barely know likes some lame post and lame TV show!

Isn’t Facebook shit? I hate Facebook and I stopped using it unfortunately I have been forced back on to it lately due to Facebook having decent buy and sell pages that I needed to use. I think buy and sell pages have saved Facebook. Without buy and sell at the moment Facebook would have no use whatsoever.

I used to have thousands of followers on Facebook until I closed the page due to Facebook making itself useless and the reach of a post fell from potentially hundreds of thousands to less than 20.

When I first get on Facebook after a bit of time away the first thing I notice is, these people ain’t my friends! Or at least the vast majority of them ain’t. In fact I barely know most of them. I only have about two hundred friends on Facebook some people have thousands… People like to give the illusion of having friends so they just add anybody they can.

Women are nuts on Facebook.. All this like for likes and fake bullshit and martyr speeches fuck sake its lame, get over yourselves.

I ask myself with fear and dread; is this what the Internet has turned into? A place for attention seekers to flaunt their ignorance and feeling of self importance.

If I were to remove everybody on Facebook that is not really a friend or family member I would probably have less than 10 friends and even most of them are friends from the past that I have not seen for years.

I wouldn’t have space or time in my life for too many more, it must be a pain in the ass to have thousands of friends.

Thousands of people constantly wanting favours, fuck that. Thousands of men messaging one individual woman, I know some would love it, they are called attention whores.

Facebook dying and desperately trying to cling on to life?

How many people still use Facebook? Millions obviously but I see a decline in Facebook usage. When I used to enter my Facebook account there would be as many as 40, 50 of my friends on it at busy times nowadays 20 or 30 is as many as I see. I once had thousands of followers on Facebook but I don’t really use Facebook much anymore this is due to Facebook’s censorship policy. I had thousands of followers on Facebook and at one time could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people with a single post. This was not only useful but it was brilliant for people like me working on a zero budget. By the time I finished with Facebook my posts were reaching 10 to 20 people, what good is that? And how does that happen considering I had thousands of followers? Only one explanation strict politically motivated censorship. Facebook claim that Facebook usage is still growing!

Like I said this put me off Facebook,  in the end Facebook become a waste of my time. A few months later I started a new Facebook page and a new account and this page was doing OK until Facebook deny me access to entering the account. They wanted me to prove my identity using photo ID to access this account, I have no photo ID.

I have three Facebook accounts a personal one (that I don’t use) and two that I use occasionally to post blogs and links to political and relevant pages. After going weeks without logging in to these accounts I sign in to one of my email addresses to my surprise I have messages from facebook informing me that I have notifications and three messages! This surprised me as I do not use this account to message people and I only have a very small amount of friends on these accounts. These friends are people that liked my posts and sent me friend requests.

I log in to my account to read these messages and to my surprise I have NO messages! So why are Facebook emailing me false information? Well when I log in to Facebook that makes me an active user! I think they are doing this to create the illusion that people still give a fuck about Facebook. How desperate and lame from a desperate and lame site.

If Facebook did not attempt to silence their users maybe they would not have to rely on lying to their users to get them to log in.

Facebook stats are false and Facebook is dying and this is a lame and desperate attempt to breath life back in to it. Too little, too late.

Google continue to unfairly attack my YouTube channel.

I have over 26000 subscribers and 18 million views on just one of my YouTube channels, I also have other channels that I was forced to set up due to YouTube disabling features like uploading long videos on my main channel. I have over 200 video and the vast majority are made by me. I have put years of work in to building up a following and adding new original material.

Then Google come along like a giant Pacman and attempt to eat me and my work up along with many others. They replace the YOU in YouTube with corporate made junk not realizing the lack of corporate made junk is what attracted people to YouTube in the first place. I have lost about 30 subscribers this week, that is what happens my subs go up and up and then suddenly I lose loads in one day. My subscriber count has not changed for about two years. Its like Google thought “fuck him, he ain’t having anymore subscribers.”

My earnings are pathetic but simply pissing Google off is a good enough reward, I suppose. Is this how Google treat all their creators? I can’t wait for the day that Google the giant greedy parasite of the Internet choke on their own greed.

Who the fuck are Google, Facebook, the government or anybody for that matter to chose what we can read and watch. YouTube has been censored for years, every year censorship on the Internet is increased and every year we lose a little more freedom. It is surely time to reverse the tide.

Mainstream media is carefully selected journalism.

Internet censorship has undoubtedly been stepped up this year as it has every year for at least the last ten years. They are slowly taking our freedom in the name of our security. Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one” and yet the attacks on our freedom continue.

The government claim to be at war with online extremism but who are they after? They’re after us. It’s the people of their own nations they are trying to silence not ISIS, ISIL, Islamic Fundamentalists or the Taliban. This war on “terrorism and extremism” is quickly being turned in to a war on peoples freedom.

Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers and political Facebook pages are being highly monitored and censored. In most cases the people being attacked are not extremists, terrorists or even that controversial they are just political aware.

Somebody has obviously decided that the Internet is no place for the truth in fact they would be much happier if you would just carry on reading the propaganda printed by the mainstream media instead, if you please.

I believe in freedom for the papers, I say let them do and print whatever they want, if they want to print government approved propaganda then so be it. I also believe in freedom for the people let them talk and be heard and let them tell the truth without being interrupted, censored, oppressed and attacked for it.

The government, Google and Facebook definitely do not respond well to criticism and seem to have a genuine hate for democracy and your freedoms. I would like to bet mainstream media faces not such oppression when they spread their government approved and backed hatred.

The mainstream media consists of carefully selected and conditioned people. They have to be conditioned to the point of believing the shit they print or even worse for just not caring.

The governments have lost the argument so bad that all they are left with is removing it. People like me that have spent years spreading this are now silenced, you will find us if you look but the mainstream will not anymore. But they can’t silence us all.

Facebook believe my posts “looks like spam” I believe this looks like pro British government censorship.

I don’t use Facebook much, it is a pispotical, government backed and supporting website that is made for attention seekers and the insecure. I did today however because I wanted to share my blog with political groups for opinions and just to help my blog spread.

Facebook removed the post because in their words “it looks like spam.” I just happen to know that spam is disgusting tinned meat eaten only by the poor or people with poor taste!

Look at my post here and you tell me if it looks like spam of any kind.

To me it looks like pro British government censorship on the behalf of Facebook.

Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media seem determined to make Steemit a success!

When Steemit was young (I joined in August 2016 some joined as early as May 2016 I believe) a post would stay round about the top for hours because hardly anyone was posting, it seemed to me Steemit was full of people that felt let down by other social media outlets and moved on to Steemit in hope that they may have found something better. Recently (June 2017) Steemit has had a lot of people sign up on the belief that Steemit will make them rich. And that is what Steemit has done it has created another opportunely and a little bit of hope for bloggers to make a living from blogging after Google seemed to to all they can to ensure the only people that make money from the Internet is Google.

I cannot speak for all early Steemit users but I only begun to use Steemit due to the oppression and censorship that I was experiencing with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and all the mainstream.

The oppression, censorship and corporate ads that bloggers and videos makers make hardly anything from is what tempted me to sign up to Steemit and although Steemit has slowly changed and grew since than, I have never regretted it and I hope Steemit or something like are the beginning of a whole new Internet and even the end of corporate media dominance.

When I first seen Steemit I had very little hope and I was super skeptical (I still am) I had heard it all before about from other websites I tried to use to distribute my videos. Websites like BlipTV, TruTube, LiveLeak, VideoBB and many others were all potentially good at one time and offered hope but all turned out to be useless and some don’t even exist anymore.

It always seems to me the only thing these video hosting sites and social media sites have to do to hold on to its audience is not oppress and attack them with things like censorship and political correctness but they can’t even do that. Now all Steemit has to do is is not oppress and attack its audience with political censorship, political correctness and other stuff that people hated about old social media and it could be the NEXT BIG THING.



Defend the right to offend!

When we look at the “modern” Internet and compare it to the Internet of about ten years ago or even five years ago the improvements seem impressive. HD/4K videos, lots of free social media faster loading times. At first glance the modern day version of the Internet looks like a huge improvement. However when we take a closer look at the modern day Internet there is a huge problem as compared with the old Internet.

That problem is censorship. I make political documentaries that are controversial to some so when I started suffering from harsh censorship I always assumed it was because of the content of my videos. In recent years however YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have received millions of complaints from annoyed users that like me feel their channel or videos have been oppressed, hidden or sometimes even removed from the site. Not long ago (when researching the level of censorship that is actually happening) I watched a YouTuber that spent a lot his time talking about suicidal feelings and how to cope with them, this YouTuber was not allowed to advertise due to the “offensive material” he was posting (something that has happened to me on multiple videos and occasions.)

I watched a couple of his videos and seen nothing that offended me in fact what offends me more than anything is when some got nothing better to do “dogooder” thinks they have the right to dictate what people read and watch!

This is financial censorship by financially starving “offensive” videos of financial gain and profit the videos will eventually stop being made and stop appearing on YouTube because people will learn that the subject is a no go for YouTube. Will this improve the quality of YouTube videos or information that we can find on YouTube? No in fact it is much more likely to have the exact opposite effect!

The excuse the establishment and governments use for this selective online advertising policy is the “fear” that extremists and even terrorists could potentially profit from online advertisements and maybe they could! But I ask you this; who funded these terrorists in the first place? who made them powerful? The British and American governments of course to fight the British and American governments enemies.

This is how they feed from terrorism they use terrorism to justify censorship, Internet regulations and restrictions on freedom but they created the problem, freedom of speech did not create the problem yet freedom of speech is lost because somehow the government have concluded that if we (the people) shut the fuck up and surrender our freedoms the terrorists have lost!

It sounds like the opposite to me as well as losing our freedom of speech and freedom of expression we also lose our freedom of knowledge and freedom of information and we lose all these just to ensure that a few small groups of pissed off people lose their freedom. That means the cost of the war on terror is losing our freedom but the reward from the war on terror is they (the terrorists) lost their freedom as well!

Get a job and stop scrounging our taxes….LOSERS.

“Get a job and stop scrounging our taxes” are words that are said and heard regularly in our “free nation.” Who says these words? People that have jobs obviously. Why? I believe the reasons do not vary much. Some say these words because they have a job and the thought of anybody else not “contributing” towards “the system” irritates them. They seem to believe that working makes them superior and better to somebody that is unemployed. Is that true? Of course it’s not, it makes you more like a slave than somebody that is unemployed.

I believe that our nation has moved past rewarding people that work with a livable wage and towards simply ridiculing and even attacking people that don’t work. These people that are demanding, screaming and insisting that people should “get a job” must be loved by the government and the establishment. They tend to be the same people that sing our national anthem as loud as they can “GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN” now she’s a scrounger. There is defiantly an element of brainwashed pride and these nonthinking conformists often appear to miss the big and obvious picture.

But how can they be so stupid? Well work takes up much of their lives so thinking gets pushed behind, but thats not the only reason! In most cases these people are trapped and mentally enslaved. Their lives are sliding out of view and despite the fact they have dedicated their lives towards work most still don’t have shit, like bullies they do not take out their frustrations on Corporations, the aristocracy, the monarchy or the rich (the big boys) who extort them and contribute very little towards the “system” instead they go after the little people. “He’s claiming £60 per week on benefits, ridiculous” Wake up the monarchy claim £3 billion a year for security, now thats ridiculous. Facebook receive a £4000 tax bill from the British government in the same year they pay staff bonuses of £35 million pound. Starbucks, Amazon, Vodafone and many other corporations do not pay above 5% tax and still receive government grants costing millions a time, that is what is oppressing you, Politicians make nearly £200000 a year and still claim millions on their tax payer funded expenses these are the scroungers.

You don’t need a I.Q like Einstein to work this shit out you just need to open your eyes and shut your “newspapers.”

So before you conformists nonthinking morons scream get a job, get a life…. Working does not make you a hero or better than somebody that does not work it simply means you are obedient… LIKE A GOOD DOG. Oh you’re a good boy well done… Now sit, fetch, shake a paw GOOD BOY WELL DONE, here’s a treat, one biscuit for you from this endless supply of biscuits we have.


When I first started making videos I was doing it as an hobby, something to do after the first real long break I had away from working on the building site. I never expected or planned to make a living from making videos. Until YouTube revealed that they owed me 14000 USD, I never received that money and copy-written music used in the background of my videos was their excuse to not pay up, this lead to me spending months making my own music which is what I use nowadays.

I know I should not have used copy-written music but I only used the same copy-written music as loads of channels were using (most of them received a payment even if SOME of the money did go towards the owners of the music) I received nothing. Since then much of my older videos have been either muted or taken down.

In the mean time I have the JobCentre (financial fascists) telling me that uploaded to YouTube while claiming Jobseekers allowance could result in me getting in to trouble with HM Revenue and Customs (other financial fascists and extortionists.)

I am advised by the JobCenter to start a business and instead of claiming £93 per week (claiming for 3 kids at the time) in Jobseekers allowance benefits claim £93 per week in working tax credits, so I do.

And for two years everything was fine, I claimed and got the money plus a little extra that my videos make in DVD sales and through low paying rip off services like Google Adsense.

I was recently forced to alter my claim due to splitting up with my ex (we split up months ago but we were again advised to claim falsely as a couple due to the fact we still shared an house, false information is OK when it suits them. And just because I have split up from my ex does not mean I want to split up from my kids.)

I am unexpectedly told that I need to show all my business information to make sure that I am eligible to claim working tax credit, I phone them up and explain my printer is completely out of ink, ordering the ink cost £30 and was going to take a few days to arrive and it takes HM Revenue and Customs upto 5 weeks to process a claim so I asked if I could possibly email the information to them. HM Revenue and Customs do not accept incoming emails! Why the fuck not? It is 2017 FFS, these go about business as if it 1918 I would have asked if I could send a pigeon but I ain’t got one.

The Working Tax Credit office inform me on the phone Thursday that if I do not receive a letter by Monday the limited amount of information I could send without printing should be enough for them. Saturday I receive the letter below, five days later than they said it would take. They refuse to let my claim continue maybe forcing me back on to Jobseekers allowance where I would be required to go to useless college courses just for the fuck of it and attend interviews whenever they whistle and still only get £53 per week. Obviously this could also mean I would have to stop uploading videos onto YouTube or at least not be able to monetize them.

I have DVDs for sale but Facebook have blocked me on multiple occasions and accounts from actually selling on Facebook so this also slows down my progress massively.

This is how the system is attempting to shut people up, they place obstacles in your way. A confusing tax system where they are giving you money one week and demanding money from you the next. Social media and Internet censorship, false view counts and refusal to pay what they said they owed, its all simply the systems way of oppressing and silencing us.

Why I do not fight for Gay or Womens rights.

I am described as many things a conspiracy theorist, a fantasist, left wing, a lazy work shy weed smoking prick it all depends on who you ask but I like to consider myself to be a political activist. I hear the sheeple now “if you want to protest go to Westminster and protest” but like their is more than one way to skin a Monkey there is also more than one way to protest.

I protest through blogs and videos about an endless list of what I consider to be wrongs or unnecessary evils in the world (is any evil necessary?) I cover what I consider to be important issues and deliberately try to speak out for people I consider to be the most oppressed, many of whom do not have the luxury to speak out for themselves because of the oppression they suffer from. I try to attack and expose child labour, corporate greed, political corruption, censorship, animal cruelty and many other issues.

I have not covered gay rights or womens rights! Not because I do not believe in gay rights or womens rights because I do but surely it should come under human rights, thats whats important. If gay people were being stoned to death in the streets, imprisoned or deliberately oppressed I would mention these issues. Same if women were still being beaten, denied the right to vote or deliberately oppressed but homosexuals and women are not being anymore oppressed than the rest of us unlike billions of people around the world.

Women and gay people in “developed nations” do have at least equal rights and freedoms to the rest of us. What do many women and gay people do with these freedoms? Do they fight to make sure that people around the world or even in their home countries are given the same rights as they have and no longer suffer from the same kind of oppression that they once suffered from? Of course not instead most sit on social media all fucking day sharing selfies, they spend to much of their time gossiping about shit and people that has nothing to do with them.

And most choose to ignore real important issues, I’m not saying that gay people and women are the only people to choose ignorance but lets be honest we would not be fighting for the rights of white middle class males because like women and gay people white males already have their rights.

In my opinion people that choose to ignore extreme poverty are as bad as the people that cause it through greed and oppression.

Facebook and Google are used as tools to protect elitist paedophile rings!

I have recently started studying government run paedophile rings, its a subject that I have blogged about in the past (before having my old website taken down in a cyber attack by a Department of work and pensions office.)

Facebook started censoring their site of this kind of information years ago, they have actually blocked me from accessing two accounts now and deleted another!

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the governments favourite spying tool but I don’t think most people realize just how manipulated the flow of information is on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg must like paedophile rings or something because he seems to feel an obligation to protect them by withholding the information that is coming out about them.

Same goes for Google in fact since I have started studying and reporting the British governments alleged involvement in paedophilia and even Satanic ritual referral hits on my site from Google has halved! Sergey Brin and Larry Page also seem to be keen to protect these people from facing justice.

Some might accuse me of spreading fake news but I am backing everything up and in most cases just putting mainstream media reports together.

I believe that their seems to be a global blackout on this subject from mainstream media and social media and this is their greatest weapon.

The trouble is with Internet censorship is we only get half of the story, what the mainstream want to tell us, when they want to tell us. The mainstream media seem to be trying to conceal as much they can and slowly drip feed the public information on this subject.

They protect each other in order to protect themselves and they are hoping the dominoes stop falling before it reaches the highest people in our fucked up society..

The Internet that once connected us is quickly evolving into something that disconnects us!

The Internet has changed over the years, when I first used the Internet the connection was slow, it actually once took me about two hours to download a video that was less than 20 seconds! In many ways the Internet has improved we have faster connections, which allows us to stream HD videos and even live broadcasts. The Internet bought us social media, alternative media, independent journalism and information on anything. Its undeniable that the Internet has changed the way that many of us think, there does seem to be a mass awakening going on and the Internet has been a massive part of that awakening.

The mass awakening we are witnessing has caused panic in many governments and governments have rushed through laws that affect our freedom as a result of this. As well as changing laws websites and the Internet in general have also changed, for example YouTube today is full of corporate made, product placed videos. YouTube has been altered to suit regular uploaders, people that upload multiple videos everyday, the trouble is people (individuals) cannot upload videos everyday. Changes like this have been made to suit corporations because only corporations can upload videos everyday without it impacting the quality of they they make because only corporations have the budget and team to do that.

YouTube and Facebook have been over complicated, for example on the Facebook of old you could like something join a group or be a friend, not anymore! You can like a page but without clicking the “make posts visible” button you still don’t see them. You can be somebodies friend but not follow them or follow them without being there friend and mute them WTF? If somebody irritates you that much that you cannot be bothered to read a sentence they posted on Facebook ask yourself why are they your “friend?”

Facebook used to be full of ideas until they started this pay to reach shit, now Facebook is full of corporate sponsors and “fake news” helps give them an excuse to censor the Internet of information and ideas while promoting the corporate media (the real fake news.)

They will not use the Internet to disconnect you from your friends (life does that) but they will use the Internet to disconnect political movements, protests and political groups. The Internet was once a place full of ideas, from real people and information with very few adverts, today the Internet is a place of adverts and ideas from corporations of how to spend your money, corporate propaganda with very few real people because real people cannot afford to be heard anymore.


We all know a few or many attention whores (they are everywhere), we see them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and where ever else they can get a bit of attention. They do their little show for the small cost of likes and they are ALWAYS surrounded by drama. They also tend to be selfish, spoiled, depressed, weak, scared, arrogant and ignorant.

They feel the need to publicize every BORING event that happens in their lives, “happy birthday mom” your mom ain’t even on Facebook so STFU! They present their lives as so perfect its all “I love you” when the second anyone turn their backs or leaves “she a slag.”

And when their craving for attention is noticed and pointed out they get defensive and angry! These tend to be the same people that completely ignore the news, politics or anything other than themselves.

If it was a tiny proportion of the population acting in such a away it wouldn’t really matter, the trouble is it seems to be a growing trend. Women are getting cheaper just a click of the like button is enough to please many.

Ignorance is a choice nowadays, these people lie to themselves so much that before they know it their life is a great big ignorant lie.

I believe in freedom and therefore I believe that if this is what you want to do with your time and life its up to you and you should be allowed to do so. But don’t cry and get offended when somebody says what many others are thinking. You should be thankful that somebody cares enough to tell you the truth.

Facebook should give us a dislike button this would maybe put them off a bit, if that don’t work they should add an ATTENTION WHORE button.


I have just started a brand new Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW FACEBOOK PAGE or to Friend me click here  

This is at least the forth time I have started a Facebook page due to my other pages being highly censored, removed or access is denied to me (they ask for photo I.D I don’t have any, I even sent Facebook bank statements and utility bills but apparently that does not prove my identity.) The page still actually exists but I can not access it.

I was on Instagram but Instagram which is of course owned by Facebook have decided I am not allowed to use that service anymore either! Apparently I failed to obey their terms and conditions, I still have no idea how.

Facebook have obviously decided they are sick of me and they are sick of the truth. Facebook should be used for sharing sellfies and saying happy birthday not sharing ideas! Facebook is no place for the truth.

I don’t particularly give a fuck about Facebook, Instagram or any of the others but the fact they go through so much effort to keep me from using it makes me want to be a inconvenience to them and use  it more. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND LIKE MY BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE AND PLEASE SHARE 

How long before they ban me again???

They ask me stupid questions like the ones below.


Corporate Internet giants vs the People!

The steps that Google are using on YouTube to conceal the truth are becoming more and more extreme by the month. YouTube have attacked my channel in multiple ways over the years. I have yet to be paid for videos dating back from 2010, 18 million views on full length documentaries has still paid me NOTHING (about £200 2010 to 2014 pay zero and false claims and my choice of music has lead to my videos being monetized by the music owners Sony in most cases. Fair use has also been a issue) Google started by financially starving the truth, fortunately for me the less I make in revenue the less tax I pay and I get topped up with in work benefits as I am self employed so fuck you Google!

In the meantime my Facebook page that had thousands of likes was almost completely hidden. If you run a Facebook page it shows how many people your post reached my page was reaching as many as 100000 people per post when I started on Facebook by the time I closed my page a post was struggling to reach 10 people!

This year Google have begun to punish for uploading to YouTube! Everytime I upload I instantly lose 10, 20 30 as many 50 subscribers! And the view count barely moves. I have 26000 subscribers on YouTube and a new video would literally get thousands of views in the first couple of days when I started and had less than 1000 subscribers now a video can struggle to get 100 views in weeks.. Just lately YouTube is as useless as Facebook.

Extremism, Fake News, Radicalization are just a few excuses used to justify Google, Facebook and other Internet giants that have huge unfair monopolies controlling the flow of information but these attacks on freedom are now so extreme and blatant it is starting to become obvious the establishment are scared of something.

YouTube promote BULLSHIT propaganda like Info Wars and the disgusting, Pizzagate defending and dismissing fake news called The Young Turks (sell out shit) but attack the REAL alternative media which is REAL people talking about issues that are important to themselves and people around them. Its up to you as the people to recognize the bullshit propaganda not just used by our mainstream media but also on YouTube which YouTube promote.

I would love to quit YouTube and find a decent alternative but there is not one yet and alternatives that have seemed promising in the past (like blip TV, videoweed, megavideo and many others I have tried more than I can remember) either remove videos and close accounts (like YouTube), the site gets taken down or they are slow and sometimes full of irritating ads. Quitting YouTube would be like censoring myself.

Instagram banned me a couple of days ago, when I attempt to sign in to Instagram (a shit website that I used purely to promote my website) I am now inform my account has been closed due to me failing to comply to their terms and conditions! I don’t know what exactly I did wrong (tell the truth probably) but fuck Instagram anyway its shit.

They want us to quit and shut up so we should now work harder and carry on regardless, let their censorship and panicked, unthought out actions expose themselves.