Great Britain the nation in which you are free to do what you are told and nothing else.

I am sick of hearing fast asleep people talk of the freedoms and advantages that we have in the UK. A nation that believes in freedom and fairness they insist but is this true? That depends on who you are or more to the point how much money you have! Our free nation arrested me for growing weed and they destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that I invested in to it.

I have an addiction it is a fucking weakness unfortunately for me it is the wrong addiction and weakness. I could be an alcoholic and there would be no punishment implied by the the law. I am free to be a homosexual and free (in fact encouraged) to get a job. But I can’t grow a herb in my own house and for myself.

This is not freedom this is fascism and a dictatorship. Yeah you are free if you are happy to work your life away for minimum wage, pay your taxes and conform unfortunately that is where your freedom ends.

Freedom of speech on the Internet is dead as is the freedom to live your life undisturbed by the control freaks that some people call our government.. They harass, monitor and attack us daily and when we fight back we are dismissed as extremists.

I have come to the conclusion that we are free! Free to do what they tell us to do, free to read what they tell us to read, free to watch what they tell us to watch, free to say what they want us to say and free to believe what they tell us to believe.

Think of it like this; There are two prisoners in the same cell one wants to exercise, read his letters and read books. The other is happy sitting in his cell doing nothing all day everyday. They are not allowed to read and exercise or even step outside the cell. One is angry and realizes he has no freedom. The other is happy and might even deceive himself to believe he has freedom because he has the freedom to do what he is doing. But essentially he is still a prisoner with no freedom just an illusion of freedom. He could carry on happily for months even years but one day that happy and willing ignorant man is going to notice that he is just a prisoner with no freedom at all. When he decides he now wants his freedom or to do something different other than obeying his orders he is going to be in for a shock and now its too late.

Ignoring the freedoms being taken from other people will one day come back at hit people in the face when they realize that freedom has also been taken from themselves..

Have you ever noticed the more the establishment do to control us the more they lose control?

God works in mysterious ways of that there is no doubt unlike governments their way of working is as predictable the sun’s movement. They will do what is profitable and what suits and benefits themselves and their puppet masters. They are control freaks and right now they must be feeling pretty frustrated because I believe they are in about as much control as Richard Hammond driving an expensive car at 300 mile per hour! Over the last twenty or thirty years the government have made so many moves in an attempt to control us as a people yet they have less control now then ever.

It was beginning to get to a stage where they could have easily have known you’re friends, you’re family, how much money you have, what you watch and do online, on TV and all other sorts. But I believe things seem to be changing and a better future could potentially be in sight. The only problem is I would not count on the establishment letting go easily but right now every move they make seems to explode in their scaly reptilian faces.

The Internet started this fall YouTube and Facebook book began to spread it which prompted the government to begin a war on freedom of speech and expression particularly on social media and YouTube and it was beginning to get to a stage where they had nearly full control of the Internet. They were winning comfortable.

Unfortunately for them the people that want freedom are smarter then the people that want to control us are and they always seem to find a way to annoy. We could be now moving towards a decentralized Internet, decentralization of the Internet will be bigger than just Steemit given a few years.

Cryptocurrency means that for the first time in hundreds of years they could even be potentially losing control of money. What is even worse as far as the establishment are concerned is they are losing control of our minds. Recently elections have exposed people do not take as much notice of the corporate media as they used to. In fact the corporate media seem to be the kiss of death for a politician at the moment. They backed Hilary Clinton in the USA that was a disaster and Theresa May in the UK she had a disaster that has since got even worse as she does deals with the DUP to stay in power.

Oh the irony she spends years attacking extremists and terrorists sympathizers now she is forced to do a deal with the who are DUP sometimes (and by sometimes I mean regularly) accused of being extremists and terrorist sympathizers. This comes after arguing that voting for her would prevent a coalition of chaos.

It seems to me that every step they take to silence us or control us prompts us to move in a different direction that just makes us stronger and themselves weaker its pretty comical really.


People regularly accuse me of pointing faults and offering no solution but the solution is obvious and simple. What some people fail to understand is we as a people make this shit a financial success and we as a people can destroy it.  All we have to do is stop buying the shit boycott mainstream everything and corporate superstores go back to local markets and help them grow this provides better opportunity to local businesses and in the future your children. 

Stop obsessing and throwing money at logos, fashion, overpriced gadgets, pop music, sport, TV and stop FUCKING CATEGORIZING people, people are people and in a fair society they should be born equal.

Our media have always loved to categorize people it’s part of their divide and conquer strategy they have called people Upper class, Lower class, Middle Class, Working Class, Chinks, Niggers, Pakis, Bog Irish, Squareheads, Taco Heads, Terrorists, Chavs, extremists, Cheese-eating surrender monkey’s, Curry-munchers, Turks, wasps, Dink’s, Nig-nogs, Eskimos, Flips, Fritz, Frogs, Gypos, Half-breeds, White Trash, Hillbillies, Hori, hun, Japs, Yanks, Jerries, Jungle bunnies, Teapots,  Krauts, Limey’s, Nips, Paddies, Pikeys’, Ragheads, Towel heads, Rednecks, Redskins, Roundeye, Slantly eye, Squinty, Sheep Shaggers and many more but what they really mean is people.

 But that’s OK because we call them Dumb, Racist, Warmongering, Greedy, tax evading, Puppets they write what they are told to write, mainstream journalists and reporter are simply people that are willing to kiss the establishment’s scaly arses. They speak bullshit over and over again, the bullshit they print is proven to be bullshit over and over again but people continue to fall for the bullshit over and over again. FUCK THE MEDIA FUCK NEWS CORP, NBC, DISNEY, VIACOM, TIME WARNER, CBS AND THE BBC these companies own nearly everything you fucking read and watch, they keep you stupid, codependent  and fast asleep.

When they want you to be scared they tell us scary stories of people that want to kill us, like the stories people used to tell children about evil goblins or giants that eat children.

When they want us to be distracted we are distracted, it’s not like people are hard to distract, people watch tennis and Rugby for fuck sake.

When they want us angry we are angry, they are like a shit stirring friend telling you “Lazy bastards going on strike again, Labours in crisis again, Kim Kardashian is seen braless and flashing legs again, Wayne Rooney’s injured and not fit for at least five weeks again, oh yeah I nearly forgot Muslims have turned on us, they want you dead but don’t worry we are on our way to kill them for you.”

 I bet when our armies start raided Muslim towns and cities they are well confused, they’re like what the fuck is wrong with these psychotic white bastards now?



The Conservative government seem to be in a desperate fight against the internet, freedom of expression and anybody that is not rich that dare to express their “controversial, extremist” political opinions online. The Internet is not the only thing that David Cameron is fighting even mainstream TV is promoting extremism according to David Cameron as he backed plans to give Ofcom stronger powers to prevent the broadcast of “extremist messages” despite concerns from one of his own cabinet ministers that this could amount to state censorship.

If the Conservative want to silence extremism shutting the fuck up would be a good place to start, that step would probably eradicate 90% of the extremism that I hear. David Cameron and his friends in the media spew the most hate filled extremism that is available on the internet and over the counter, does David Cameron plan to silence the extremism of the British media? Of course not without the extremist, fear mongering and biased propaganda printed by the media David Cameron would be out of a job.

David Cameron is a man that openly detests every kind of freedom other than economic freedom, I find it disturbing and offensive that a man with views as extreme as David Cameron can suggest that people that oppose his extremism are extremists.

What is David Cameron and his “state censorship” trying hide? Because anyone with a IQ of above 15 should be able to work out that “protecting children” is NOT the real purpose of this state censorship like the government claim it is, protecting themselves is the real purpose. Protecting themselves from further embarrassment and exposure, High expenses, secret deals with media outlets that effectively turns the “media outlet/newspaper” into a Conservative Public Relations outlets. Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile have been exposed, Ted Heath (Still to be exposed by the mainstream) Tony Blair and many other stories are in the works, I believe that this attack on freedom is merely to cover up what millions of us already know and that’s the problem they face, we already know! Some of us do not need the mainstream media to tells, I was reading about Cliff Richard and Leon Brittan months before the mainstream exposed it.

At first I was not sure of the legitimacy of the claims, I did not dismiss but there was doubt, but one by one they are coming out in to the mainstream, my point is; Censorship is not going to help, it is too late we (the people) already know that our MPs are merely a group of perverted, overpaid puppets!



Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt said £2.5 billion tax avoidance ‘is called capitalism’ as he declared “I’m very proud of our tax avoidance scheme!” Documents filed in December 2012 show that Google generated around £2.5 billion in UK sales last year but paid just £6 million in corporation tax just over 2% tax their massive profit. The worst thing is about this comment that exposes Google for the parasites they are is, its true! Why should Google, Amazon or any other multinational corporation pay more tax than they are legally obligated to pay? It is up to the people to demand that our government, stop the dodgy tax loop holes mostly created by rich lobbyists and stop corporate tax evasion, with simple easy to follow and understand laws that requires EVERY business that earns the profit pay a fair, equal rate of tax, regardless of how much money they have made. Steps like this would not kill off all the parasites but it would prevent them from becoming so fat and greedy.

Freedom of expression, Freedom of speech and Freedom in general is now in the hands of huge multinational, corporations and so far while these corporations like to pretend publicly that they do support freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom in general their actions seem to suggest otherwise. Most social media websites including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and many others are now implementing unfair, political censorship. They do it in the name of extremism, radicalization and even terrorism, yet they are the real extremists, the only freedom they believe in is economic freedom.

Since Google have taken over YouTube they have been responsible for some very good ideas, like longer videos and HD uploads but the have also been responsible for some very bad ones like Google plus, I hate it! Its like like Facebook but even more lame. Google have also destroyed YouTube with their greed, adverts everywhere but they don’t pay out at least not to me anyway (Still to receive a penny for 17 million views and it is not looking like I will anytime soon.) In fact they have put extra adverts in my videos, with no permission and no payment to me.

Google and Facebook have the power choose who they pay, who they promote and who they make easily accessible, it is a power that Google and Facebook abuse. They allow their rich corporate friends to spread their message without censorship but anybody that says anything they don’t like are silenced and labelled as extremists and lunatics. Facebook and Google do indeed allow full freedom of speech to corporations and people that pay, everyone can STFU!


Recently the government and the establishments mouthpiece most people have come to know as the media have began a full attack on anybody that disagrees or distrusts the government, the media or establishment in general, because if we distrust them or disagree with them we are now labelled as extremists and radicals, a threat to national security and even potential terrorists. Stories like “Jihadi John” and the two British girls that run off to fight an Holy war with ISIS in Syria, are blatantly being used by the media (the establishments mouthpiece) to silence justified and fair criticism of themselves.

The establishment believe that their opinion and lives count for more than the opinions and lives of the masses, the establishment are so sure about their right to rule us, they are willing to attack our freedom and civil liberties in order to keep control of us. They use their media to call people that stand against them “extremists,  radicals and terrorists” but the truth is they are the real extremists and terrorists, it is the establishment of what we call developed countries that are causing wars and poverty around the world. The greed of the power hungry establishment is to blame for every war in the last 20 years, they use their media to inform us and therefore involve us in disputes that have nothing to do with us, but they need us to fight them anyway. They indoctrinate us from a young age using the education system and every form of media they can.

When they want us angry they will make us angry, when they want us sad they will make us sad, when they want us happy we will be happy and when they want us patriotic and full of hate we will be patriotic and full of hate.

I have listened, read and watched many people that the establishment would call extremists and radicals the angry, sometimes funny as fuck, nearly always true rants of Chunkymark or Mark McGowan, Alex Jones screaming down a microphone, David Icke, the Vigilant Christian, free radio revolution but I can honestly say the most extreme and radical, crazy bastards I have ever listened to is politicians. They are radical because their decisions are not based on the interest of the masses but more so based keeping themselves rich and in control, while doing favors for lobbyists and their billionaire friends.