Child Abuse and Cover up in the UK education system exposed by Kathleen Simpson

Having really enjoyed my work for the previous 5 years working with pupils in a Local Authority EBD (Emotional & Behavioural difficulties) School, I never would have imagined that morning what would later transpire and how it would change my life irreversibly.

I worked with pupils on a one to one basis to help them catch up, as many had either truanted, been excluded or had been unable to keep up in the classroom.

Just before it began, I felt as happy in my work as anyone could. Believing that I worked among honest, trustworthy and professional colleagues. Some I would have considered to be friends that I trusted.

I was soon to find out that this was far from the case.

I had noticed one boy, ….. had been out of class a lot. So when he came in to do his work with me I raised this with him. It went something like this..

Me: “What the heck are you doing being sent out of class, when we are working for you to catch up?”

Him: “I only get sent out of English”

Me: “English Matters!”

Him: “If I stay in English, I’ll be gay”

Me: “How will English make you gay?”

Him: “Mr ………. is a child molester, so I throw a chair as soon as I go in so I get sent out then he can’t touch me.

Me: “Do you want to tell me about it?”

Him: “He makes me, …. and …. sit at the back of the class on 3 separate desks, he sits on the chair next to us, pretends to look at our work and touches us under the desk”

Me: “Don’t worry, you’ve done the right thing. I do have to pass this on though”

I advised him to just finish his work, told him that I’d be back in a few moments because I had to inform the Child Protection Officer who was also the DH (Deputy Head). I reported this disclosure to DH who said he would inform H (Headteacher) and that H could go back to my work, which I did.

I had no sooner re-seated myself at my desk when H burst into the room, pointed at me and angrily directed me “You, My room. Now!” Following him to his room, I was thinking, Somehow he’d gotten the wromg end of the stick, that he thought the allegation was about me. So I was not too bothered at that point.

Into his room we go and I’m starting to explain “The allegation isn’t about me!” He pointed at me and spoke in a threatening tone “Shut up and forget about it if you value your job”  I was shocked beyond shocked. the ground had just disappeared. I tried reasoning that my contract of employment clearly stated that I must comply with the Child Protection Policy and ensure any disclosure is reported and recorded. He said “So you’re snowballing this and putting yourself outside of my team?” I told him I couldn’t just forget it, I needed it to be recorded. As I left work that day, I felt in an impossible position. I didn’t know quite what to do. It troubled me greatly throughout the whole night. I decided to take the day off (the day after the disclosure) I felt quite ill actually and called in sick. I took myself off to the UNISON office as I was a member of the union. I spoke to a man there who was very helpful, he advised me to write the account down, to give it to them, they would then stamp it with the union stamp and send it on so it could not be ignored. I did as he advised, thinking that the union involvement would help resolve all this. As I left the union office, the man I had been dealing with told me to keep him informed and to let him know should anything happen as a result of the letter.

The next day I went into work, H took me into his office stating “This is not a punishment but you are not needed in that job anymore” He was smirking “You will just go wherever you are needed or photocopying” telling me that another member of staff would do my job from now on.  Bear in mind that I was the only person who held that position in the school.

What a difference a day makes. I now found myself going into a workplace where suddenly my friendly colleagues wouldn’t even look at me, let alone speak to me. I would be sent to a classroom to be told by the teacher “I don’t need you in here” emphasis being on the word ‘you’.

I also contacted Social Services (the pupil that had made the initial disclosure was in Local Authority care), the Police, who told me to leave it in the hands of the school and called the NSPCC, they also said to leave it in the hands of the school. I had applied to be a foster carer and had just completed the vetting process successfully. The process had involved interviewing my colleagues, line managers and employers. I was told I had received glowing references. Now, only weeks later H was claiming that I had an attitude problem, that I was hostile and aggressive with staff, pupils and parents. H stated he did not like my attitude. In fact H and DH took me into my room to tell me this, they later stated that this was a disciplinary.

My job had been taken from me, a job that I’d earned praise from OFSTED shortly beforehand. So I went back to the union after work to see the rep who was dealing with my case. Surprisingly I was told he didn’t work there any more, he had moved. The day before he had told me to go back to see him if anything happened but now he wasn’t there. I had a new union rep appointed who arranged a meeting in the council offices with a member of staff from the Department of Education. My doctor had declared me unfit for work due to work related stress due to the various symptoms I was suffering.

As I waited in the meeting room I overheard some talking outside the door, the LEA (Local Education Authority) representative was a woman whom I heard speaking quietly to the rep “We can’t sack her while she’s on the sick, you need to get her back to work” They came into the room and after the initial niceties the rep advised me to go back to work. I left the meeting and rang the GMB union desperate for advice, who kindly offered to take on the case. The GMB area rep arranged a meeting with H at the school.At this meeting one of the issues the rep attempted to resolve was that H had stated that I had been in school the day after the disclosure when an investigation had taken place. I had in fact taken that day off sick and visited UNISON. The rep and I were both shocked to hear H brazenly laugh as he told us “I am the boss of this school and the staff here will say whatever I tell them to say”

As we left the meeting the rep advised me to resign, this was a clear case of constructive dismissal he believed. I followed his advice and resigned. It was impossible to continue working there anyway. The list of things that my colleagues did to make my life unpleasant I will leave out to shorten this rather lengthy story. Colleagues who had appeared to be compassionate and caring people now telling me (in secret) that they had mortgages so they couldn’t do what I was doing, they didn’t want what was happening to me to happen to them. I did remind them that I was a single parent who also had a mortgage but that failed to sway them to tell the truth.

The GMB union appointed a solicitor to take the case to tribunal. The case took two days during which time I believed the case would be easily won. The contradictions were obvious, one example, DH was asked whether I had been in work the day after the disclosure. He said that I had. It was then pointed out to him that in his written statement he had stated that I had not been in work the day after the disclosure. He was asked why he had written that I had not been in work if he was now saying that I had, his reply was “Because I felt like it at the time”. These contradictions happened repeatedly throughout the two days hence I believed that justice would prevail. How wrong I was.

The verdict was that I had decided to leave.

Basically that I had tried to damage a colleague’s career and take a tidy sum with me. As we left the court the union rep, who had always been very supportive was astonished at the verdict saying “We should have had the press in there, they would have had field day”. I was advised to appeal but my application for an appeal was refused.

I had done nothing wrong, I was now jobless, could not pay my mortgage, could no longer afford a car. The prospect of getting another job after taking your employer to tribunal and losing is not good.

Worst of all, I fear I left a clear playing field, it was now obvious that no other staff member would speak up. The boy told me he wished he had never told me, because now they would get rid of me. Now I feared that none of the pupils would dare speak up again.

The story has been compacted because it is so long.

A whistleblower’s life is not a happy one. They do shoot the messenger.

Other points.

I believe the school closed for around 18 months afterwards for ‘refurb’. And that I have to date reported the disclosure 4 times  to the police. The last time was around 2 years ago and followed my repeated online reporting.  Two officers came and took a statement and nothing since.
There was also a strange ‘leaving’ of the teacher who preceded the teacher named by pupils.  She was a very professional older  Scottish woman who was really good with the kids, strict but fair.  She stopped coming in to work, when I asked if she was ill, she was rarely off work.  I was told never to mention her again as she wouldn’t be coming back.  I was told to empty her desk into a box and to put the box outside the main doors.  I wondered what the heck she could have done, I couldn’t imagine her doing anything wrong at all.  My stuff was put outside in a box outside also, and I wasn’t allowed through the doors either.
By Kathleen Simpson

Britain’s Paedophile ELITE… EXPOSED. 2018 Documentary by WOLVOMAN80


Google are refusing to pay me for this, I have already uploaded once but removed it due to the fact Google refuse to inform my subs of a new upload and hide it all to protect Britain’s Paedophile ELITE

Brand new shocking documentary looking at elitist Satanic Paedophile rings within the British government, media and establishment.

Starring Jimmy Savile, Margret Thatcher, Cyril Smith, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Lord Mountbatten, Queen Elizabeth II, Theresa May, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and many more.


I have just watch a nearly two hour investigation documentary by Titus Frost exposing Pizzagate, Titus Frost claims that since uploading this video and getting over 500000 views his channel has been attacked, censored, hidden and the video itself has been removed. Do I believe him? Of coarse it has, the question is why?

I have watched the video from a different YouTube channel and my early impressions of the video were, a bit far fetched for the normal person to accept. He was talking about cannibalism, Satanic ritual, devil worshipers, pagans and Freemasons.

Unfortunately the longer the video went on the more obvious it became that something is going on and there should be a proper investigation conducted by people that have authority.

Google and Facebook should be helping spread this video and rewarding the maker with whatever the video earns in ads instead they are helping protect the people involved? Why? Now we now why they are calling the real news fake news.

Surely if he is wrong Google should let his “paranoid delusions” expose himself and his own stupidity. He should be arrested if he is lying and the people being slandered should be eager to clear their name.

I recommend you watch it I put a link on my website you should see it on previous post but YouTube are using any excuse they can to remove this video so you may need to look elsewhere. This goes to the top of American politics Obama, the Clintons and many others it also mirrors similar stories that are told in Great Britain.

After watching the video I believe it is undeniable that something needs to be done and it seems like Google and Facebook believe hiding the information from the masses is that something, I disagree.

I Googled Pizzagate to see what the mainstream are saying about it and as I expected they are completely dismissive, a story about a gun man motivated by Pizzagate and not much else.

I would like to see the mainstream debunk this, do they think everybody just really likes pizza and hot dogs? USA and UK seem to have more in common than most would wish at the moment because wouldn’t something like this explain how Jimmy Savile and Co got away with it for so many years?

Some of these people exposed in this video are teachers for fuck sake. I am not arrogant enough to accuse anybody but if this research is accurate (a lot of it is taken from Instagram and Facebook accounts) in warrants a proper investigation.

Also why are the media so dismissive, do they know something that proves the whole case wrong? If so enlighten us please. Or are they just covering up and still protecting people like they did Jimmy Savile?  To dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” and “fake news” without actually looking in to it is bizarre considering their pages are just full of the personal lives of celebrities.

I believe we should be grateful to Titus Frost for this video, you should keep in mind he as risked his life, freedom and reputation to do this so he obviously feels confident about the accuracy, think about it; would you lie like this just to get views? For people that claim he is just craving attention, if you want attention on YouTube all you have to do is buy some kinder eggs and film yourself open them, fall off a chair, make a fool of yourself or work for the corporate media.

Pizzagate goes way beyond this video as you will see if you search it on YouTube (I doubt YouTube will recommend it) or Steemit. But this is a pretty good place to start.


Kanye West MAD???

Snoop Dogg the little weasel sell out, supergrass tells us Kayne West is crazy as does the much mainstream media.

But is he? I loved Kayne West’s shit a long time ago, then he turned into some horrible pop puppet, mainstream shit for kids, now hes being real and telling us the truth. The people booing and bitching because they did not get to see a show should be thanking him for caring enough to risk his life and reputation to tell them some unheard truths. This is what happens when people that are awake speak the truth to people that are sleeping and don’t want to be woken.

Snoop is a scared puppet.


Illuminati in The Music Industry EXPOSED by FARHAN KAHN. (Full length) [720p HD]


EXPOSING Eminem, Rihanna, Jay Z and more.  This video has not breached any copyright laws as it follows chapter 32 of the “Copyright, Designs and Patent Act of 1988” here is a link to the chapter 32 of this act:…

The music industry is a dark, dark place.

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Below is a list of the 66 warmongering Labour MPs that have voted against public opinion and in favour of David Cameron’s proposed attacks on Syria. Whatever follows is down to these people!






I am shocked that a son of Tony Benn would vote in favour of the war.












Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind.


A breakdown of how Television and the entertainment industry have completely destroyed all morals in society worldwide by using puppet politicians, demonic Celebrities, and Media Puppets to achieve their goal of total mind control of the masses. A very interesting and true documentary on the one sided propaganda that we call “the news.”


RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they claim to be an animal loving and saving charity, in their own words; “More and more animals are being bred for sale in horrific conditions. Puppies born into squalor, torn from their mothers and sold for profit. We urgently need to rescue these animals from cruel puppy traders.” The RSPCA tell us that small donations made to them can help prevent thousands of animals from cruelty every year.

Doesn’t that sound nice charitable and very Christian of them? The trouble is the RSPCA’s methods of preventing these animals from being victims of cruelty are questionable to say the least. The RSPCA rehouse tens of thousands of animals every year, the trouble the RSPCA seem to have is that they rescue so many animals that they can not rehouse them all. It is a problem but the RSPCA have the answers, animals that cannot be rehoused due to lack of demand or just bad luck are very expensive to look after and feed, if the RSPCA spend all the donation money on feeding animals how can they make a profit and be a successful business?

To make sure that the RSPCA continues to flourish as a financial powerhouse and is allowed to continue doing its work of “protecting animals from cruelty” drastic measures are taken, for example in 2012 alone the RSPCA killed 53000 animals! And at least 3400 of those animals were perfectly healthy.

Strange logic the RSPCA have, they murder animals to protect animals from cruelty. Despite facts like these millions of idiotic people will continue to ignore the facts and donate and work for this disgusting, greedy murdering business that like most businesses put profit before service.  The brave whistle-blower that helped release this information was later found hanged, her name was Dawn Aubrey-Ward she was later found hanged in an apparent suicide, she should be remembered as a true animal lover that fought for animal rights and compassion, a real (if slightly troubled hero) and the RSPCA should hang their heads in shame.

Except the RSPCA have no shame or compassion, just lots of money donated to them by blind fools. HELLO you are donating and working for a business that profits from murdering animals.





vac 1



Fuck the music industry, corporate greed, the education system, war on terror, David Cameron, 2015Barrack Obama, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May’s attacks on human rights, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, Tesco, Walmart, Nike, Sony, Apple, slavery, and oil wars, cannabis laws, banks, financial ombudsman service, Mortgages PLC Glasgow, the ILLUMINATI, NEW WORLD ORDER, hypocrisy, government lies, Nick Clegg, BBC, CNN PROPAGANDA, child labour, work for benefits, workfare, corporate tax evasion and avoidance.

Released 5th November 2014, to collaborate with Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot.

EPISODES 6 to 9.

Fuck Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, Zionism, Nick Clegg, War on Terror, Palestine, Israel, Shit jobs, MPs expenses, Tesco, Supermarkets, corporate superstores, Google, Facebook, Sergio Brin, Larry Page, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Drake, Hip Hop. FUCK Internet censorship, Michael Gove, the education system, Animal testing, The IVORY TRADE, the FUR trade, rip off Britain. Judges, the Justice system, police, Prison, Piracy laws, Vaccinations, Vaccines, Ebola, Human Kidney cells, Human Diploid Tissue, Pepsi, Kraft, Campbells Soup, Cadbury’s, Propaganda, TV, zombie elite and much more!