I remember when YouTube was my favourite website. It was the only place to be for conspiracy videos and it helped me reach literally millions of people. Them days have gone, today YouTube is a huge piece of corporate shit. The flow of information is manipulated to sat the least in fact I would say it’s almost fully controlled. When I posted a video a couple of days a go I noticed it told me “your subscriptions MAY be informed” Why may be?

They may be informed if Google decide it is viewer friendly enough? The stats are as fake as Kim Kardashians ass. Recently they have got ridiculous I lose views! When I upload a video I lose subscribers instantly and the view counts on the first days (a time a video of mine used to hit over a thousand views easily) now struggles to get past a couple of hundred.

Man GOOGLE HATE THE TRUTH. I done a bit of research to see if other channels were suffering from the same problems, OVER TWO MILLION results on Google on “YouTube removing subscribers” Google are obviously irritating a lot of small time video makers in doing this, they also promote absolute GARBAGE.

Some of these YouTube channels now, what a load of shit. You might think that mine is lame but I make it all on NO BUDGET, shit like College Humor, PewDiePie and MANY others are just mainstream wannabe SHIT, with the money they pick up from YouTube they can invest and improve, some video makers can’t. YouTube used to offer a real alternative and still does but at the same time its BLATANTLY and ILLEGALLY manipulating the flow of information and oppressing videos and video makers as well as ripping them off.