DISCLAIMER Nobody in this story is real or based on real people.

Chapter one.

Its seven days before the general election and Theresa May and her adviser Nick are in a limousine on the way to a public rally. “I think the party should have definitely considered my fun tax idea” Theresa mutters to Nick while she is reading the manifesto. “Well it was either the Fun tax or the death tax” Nick replies “you can’t have everything your own way” he adds. Sssssssss Theresa hisses “stop that” Nick tells her you have a rally it’s time to pretend to be nice. “Yes got to be nice for the plebs” Theresa moans.
They drive through a ghetto and Theresa May looks around surprised “it amazing that people live like this, “this place is horrible” she explains. “I want all funding to this area stopped with immediate effect” Theresa demands “I will make a note” Nick answers. “In fact knock it down” Theresa decides Nick looks up at her “knock it down?” he repeats “where will the people go people have children?” he adds. Theresa nearly vomits “do not say the C word” she asks.
They pull up at their destination only to see a huge crowd of people “they love me” Theresa announces “I knew they would love me” she proudly adds. “They’re Corbyn supporters your supporters are the over there” Nick explains. Ssssssss hisses Theresa as she sees about twenty people waiting for her.
She walks over to her audience “remember to be nice” Nick reminds her. “They cut the children’s hospital” one of the local residents moan, Nick looks at Theresa as she attempt to holdback being sick “after an independent enquiry by us it was decided that funding for that particular project was cut and deemed unnecessary” Nick interrupts, Theresa regains her composure.
Theresa May approaches a suited man “you have done this nation a great duty” he says as he grabs her hand “thank you” Theresa replies as she takes her hand back and begins to clean them with anti-bacterial wipes. After twenty minutes of talking Theresa walks up to Nick and begins to complain “Oh these people make me sick” she moans before seeing a camera pointing at her.
“The Conservative government will be forced to implement further cuts in to your areas facilities after all we are now in this together” she states to the camera.
Meanwhile Boris Johnson is being interviewed on the television “I’m here with Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson” the reporter announces, the interview begins and all is going pretty well for Boris Johnson until somebody in the audience brings up the subject of foodbanks. “I I I I I I think the thing is with foodbanks” he rambles “is it’s a stupid name isn’t it?” the reporter looks at Boris confused “well you can’t eat banks can you? The name implies that they are banks made of food but it is not even a bank, is it?” Boris asks.
It gets worse for Boris when somebody in the audience asks “do you think they war on terror is working and is killing civilians ever acceptable?” Boris grabs his tie and loosens it a bit “they are extremists out there that want us dead” he explains calmly “I think they only way we can deal with these extremists is kill them” he rambles on.
Richard is Boris Johnson’s adviser he is watching and hoping that Boris handles the questions without exposing his stupidity.

The Interview has finished and Richard and Boris have gone back to their office. They are sitting in their office discussing their plan for promoting the party through the election. “I think we should go on a fox hunt” Boris declares “It’s illegal” Richard answers “but but but they foxes roughed up my cat” Boris explains. Richard looks at Boris as he plays with his toy cat he shakes his head and begins writing.

Chapter two

Meanwhile the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond is sitting in his dark, gloomy and dull house “Susan” he shouts in his deep gloomy voice “where’s my cup of tea, Susan” he adds as he awkwardly walks around his house.
Susan is in the kitchen making his tea but the noise of the washing machine covers up her husband’s groans. She turns around holding the tea on a tray only to see big evil, dark looking eyes looking over at her she panics and grabs the first thing that she comes across which is a wooden rolling pin and attacks the strange dark creature with.
“Ouch” Philip cries “what the fuck do you think you are playing at” he adds in his angry, deep dark voice. Susan cries “I’m sorry Philip but I thought that you were some kind of vampire or something” she explains. Philip grabs his cup of tea and storms off out the room moaning on his way “idiots” he shouts “I am surrounded by idiots” he angrily adds in his deep dark voice as he leaves the room.
He walks in his office still holding his head, he is about to sit down when something on the television catches “according to latest estimates at least seven have died in and attack coordinated by ISIS” the news explains. Hammond smiles “good” he says to himself has he rubs his hands “this attack will give me the green light to attack more of the Middle East and take their gold and resources” he adds before laughing a dark and twisted laugh “muhahahaha” he laughs until a the handle of a broom smashes against his face. He looks up angrily only to see his wife holding the broom “I’m so sorry” she declares “I did it again” she adds as she walks off.
Theresa, Boris and Philip are now all getting ready for the Conservative conference tonight “don’t forget to be nice” Nick whispers to Theresa “I am always nice” she hisses at him, Nick looks at her and then back to the documents he is reading “we should address some very important issues tonight” Boris rambles as he pours himself a drink “I am sick of everybody talking about poverty, welfare, the lack of decent houses and exploitation, I want to talk about fox hunting so I can get revenge for my cat” he adds as he strokes his toy cat.
Richard snatches the cat from Boris “I told you not to be seen in public with this” he angrily shouts Boris is upset.
David Cameron walks in to the room with them and approaches Theresa May “good luck” he says as he walks past. He then stops and walks to Nick “can’t you stop her from doing that?” he asks. Nick looks at Theresa only to see her masturbating “THERESA” he shouts “what have I told you about doing that in public” he angrily adds “do you want to lose this election?”
Boris begins to laugh and ramble “looks like I’m not the only one that likes playing with my pussy” he jokes among a series of groans and moans. Richard looks at Nick “how the fuck are we meant to make these people appear human?” he asks. Richard looks at Boris and Theresa “maybe we should cause a diversion take the attention from them” he says.

Chapter 3.
Theresa May is walking to the stage ready to give her speech “be nice” Nick advises as she walks in front of him. She stops walking and looks at Nick “If you tell me to be fucking nice again I will fucking kill you, I am always fucking nice” she shouts loudly Nick looks around to make sure nobody seen the incident to his relief only one person did. “Now, where was I?” Theresa asks before walking onto the stage.
Theresa May gives the speech and the Conservative crowd applaud loudly. She walks from the stage calmly and out of sight of the audience before running over to a bin and puking in it. “That was horrible” she gasps as she breathes heavily “all this being nice will be the death of me” she adds as she walks to her dressing room.
“Time to go home” Theresa says excitedly as she puts on her coat “you can’t go yet” Nick informs Theresa “you have to go and speak to some voters” he adds. Theresa looks angry “I hate voters” she insists.
Theresa suddenly jumps as if startling by something “what is that horrible thing over there” she asks. Nick looks up “it’s your reflection” he answers as he sees a huge mirror “not that” Theresa answers angrily “the slimy horrible thing that keeps looking at me?” she asks again. Nick looks up again “It’s your reflection” he repeats “move it at once whatever it is” Theresa asks “move the mirror?” Nick asks back “yes I think it’s broke” Theresa orders. So Nick moves the mirror.
Theresa makes her way to see the voters “are these all conservative voters” she asks, Nick looks up “no” he answers “I’m guessing there will be Conservative voters here but not everybody here will be a conservative voter” Theresa rolls her eyes “peasants” she mutters to herself. Nick is about to remind Theresa to be nice but remembers her telling him not too and decides he best not.
Boris Johnson is on the stage “a vote for Conservative is a vote for freedom and fairness that’s why I am announcing my support to bring back fox hunting, it’s about fairness and freedom” he tells the audience. Richard is watching him when Nick walks past “does he think the microphone is on?” Nick asks, Richard laughs “yeah well it keeps him busy and gives me a break” Richard answers.
George Osborne and David Cameron approach Boris “did you hear my speech? Boris rambles, suddenly Richard jumps in front of David and George “humour him” he whispers as Boris asks David again “did you hear my speech?” David smiles and says “yes it was very good Boris, well done” Boris smiles proudly.
“Yes Boris it was moving” George adds in an attempt to mock Boris. Boris runs away from George and hides behind Richard “his breath smells like a pigs behind” he rambles. George laughs and looks at David “it does not smell, does it?” he asks David is instantly sickened by George’s breath “just kindly do not face me” David asks “ever again” he adds. George looks at Boris and smiles “I do not smell like a pigs behind because if I did Dave would like me” he brags.
George looks up and sees Theresa approaching in the distance she is with Nick “when you walk it looks like you are slithering” Nick explains “slithering like a cold hearted snake” he adds. Theresa looks at Nick and Nick stops talking “something to work on” he says and he rubs his hands together.
Theresa sees George walking over to her “do not face me or let your breath come anywhere near me you overpaid, useless delinquent” Theresa demands as she stops walking.
“What do you want?” she asks “why are you not at work making sure only nice stories get published about me?” she adds. There is no answer from George as George is too busy staring at Theresa’s cleavage, Theresa notices this and storms off. George eventually finds himself again “what happened” he asks himself as Theresa has vanished.

Chapter 4.
Theresa walks in to a big room with her adviser Nick, Nick reminds Theresa that the TV cameras are here and advises Theresa to “stay calm and polite at all times.” Theresa begins to walk through the crowd of people shaking hands with some. Boris follows her rambling incomprehensible nonsense behind. Boris is also shaking people’s hands. Nick looks and Richard and whispers “it’s not actually going as bad as I thought it might” Richard looks at Boris and Theresa engaging with the audience.
Suddenly from the audience an old lady approaches Theresa “my son is suffering from Cancer” she explains. Theresa looks around for Nick but cannot see him anywhere “he has had is disability allowance cut as well as his housing benefit and is now in huge debt, the cuts of this government are literally killing people” she adds when in the distance Nick sees Theresa is starting to look stressed and annoyed.
Theresa begins to explain “Britain’s deficit is the highest it has ever been, previous governments have over spent and over spent and now Britain must do the fair and responsible thing and pay it back” the old lady smiles and answers “so paying back the bankers and blowing up the Middle East is more important than looking after people?” she asks. Theresa twitches and this startles the old lady. Boris looks at Theresa and says “oh no” Nick rushes over as quickly as he can but it’s too late.
Suddenly Theresa lashes out at the old lady and scratches her with her claws. Nick tries to cause a distraction by shouting “there’s a terrorist in the building” and his plan works. Theresa suddenly and quickly grows a huge set of fangs and bites the old lady’s neck taking out a huge chunk. The old lady drops to the floor
Theresa is not finished as she then begins an attack on a different member of the audience. Nick notices the cameraman is about to film her so he shouts to Boris “dance Boris.”
Boris suddenly begins to dance and gets the attention of the cameraman. The cameraman films Boris dancing for ten minutes as Boris puts together a dance routine while Nick sneaks up to Theresa.
He pulls a needle out of his pocket and creeps up behind her. By now Theresa is sucking blood out of one of her dead victims. Nick quickly injects the needle in to her neck and it causes Theresa to instantly fall asleep.
Nick catches her to prevent her from hitting her head when she falls and takes her to the car trying to avoid any cameras or attention as Theresa is covered in blood.
After he has put Theresa in the car he re-enters the room. By now police are everywhere and Boris has finished dancing. “Good work Boris” Nick says as he walks past Boris and up to the police “I think it was some kind of terrorist attack” Nick tells the police. The police officer looks at the bodies and the mess.

The Conservatives lost this election and should not even be in power!

I know what you are thinking I’m deluded Conservatives won the most seats so they won the election. But what should be considered above seats is actual votes and if democracy was to prevail Britain would now be moving towards being a socialist state as opposed to a Capitalist state. Why? Look at the vote numbers below.

General Election 2017 results


318 Net change in seats-13 Votes13,669,883 Vote Share42.4 Net change in seats+5.5


262 Net change in seats+30 Votes12,878,460 Vote Share40.0 Net change in seats+9.5

Scottish National Party

35 Net change in seats-21 Votes977,569 Vote Share3.0 Net change in seats-1.7

Liberal Democrat

12 Net change in seats+4 Votes2,371,910 Vote Share7.4 Net change in seats-0.5

Democratic Unionist Party

10 Net change in seats+2 Votes292,316 Vote Share0.9 Net change in seats+0.3

Sinn Fein

7 Net change in seats+3 Votes238,915 Vote Share0.7 Net change in seats+0.2

Plaid Cymru

4 Net change in seats+1 Votes164,466 Vote Share0.5 Net change in seats-0.1

Green Party

1 Net change in seats0 Votes525,435 Vote Share1.6 Net change in seats-2.1


0 Net change in seats-1 Votes594,068 Vote Share1.8 Net change in seats-10.8

Social Democratic & Labour Party

0 Net change in seats-3 Votes95,419 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats0.0

Ulster Unionist Party

0 Net change in seats-2 Votes83,280 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats-0.1

Alliance Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes64,553 Vote Share0.2 Net change in seats0.0

National Health Action

0 Net change in seats0 Votes16,119 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

The Yorkshire Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes20,958 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

British National Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes4,642 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Christian Peoples Alliance

0 Net change in seats0 Votes5,869 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

English Democrats

0 Net change in seats0 Votes1,913 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Monster Raving Loony Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,890 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Pirate Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes2,321 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Social Democratic Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes469 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Women’s Equality Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,580 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Workers Revolutionary Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes771 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0


1 Net change in seats0 Votes186,675 Vote Share0.6 Net change in seats+0.3

Turnout and Electorate





So nearly 47 million were eligible to vote but only 13,669,883 voted Conservatives. Labour won 12,878,460 and the Liberal Democrats won 2,371,910, a further 525,435 voted Green Party and 164,466 voted Welsh party Plaid Cymru and then 95,419 voted Social Democratic & Labour Party what do all these parties have in common? They are left wing and this has not even considered the SNP who also claim to be anti austerity and very anti Conservative. Even if we add UKIP and the Democratic Unionist Party’s numbers to the Conservatives we still do not even get close to their opposition. 15,251,155 voted parties that have policies much more in line with socialism than they do capitalism. And if we add the SNP’s vote on to that figure (as they do claim to be anti austerity and anti Conservative) which was 977,569 votes we end up with 16,228,724 anti Conservative votes. 
That is why the Conservatives lost this election and are no longer (never was in opinion) a legitimate government.

Theresa May vows to rip up human rights laws in fight against terrorism

Below is a short part of the story posted by The Evening Standard (the newspaper that has former Conservative MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.)

Theresa May has declared that she will tear up some human rights laws as she ramped up her rhetoric in the fight against terrorism.

The Prime Minister said she was looking at how to do make it easier to “deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries”, adding that is if she is re-elected on Thursday “we will change laws so we can do it”.

She made the comments, which came after seven people were killed and dozens injured in a horrific terrorist attack in London Bridge, in one of her last speeches before the General Election campaign draws to a close.

Mrs May’s stance was criticised by her rivals, who said the issue was one of resources and once again pointed to cuts to police numbers during Mrs May’s time as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016. Read more here https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/theresa-may-vows-to-rip-up-human-rights-laws-in-fight-against-terrorism-a3558686.html

Theresa May’s and the Conservative Party’s language disturbs me “rip up human rights” for you, your children for everyone to fight terrorism? But doesn’t that just mean terrorism has won? Is she so shortsighted that she does not see or understand that or does she know that fear is her only card.

It concerns me the way she presents people losing their human rights and internet regulation as positive steps when they are not positive because they make us less free and the government more powerful.

The Daily Mail today reported

Labour’s apologists for terror: The Mail accuses Corbyn troika of befriending Britain’s enemies and scorning the institutions that keep us safe

Today, the Daily Mail accuses Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott — the troika who could run the next government — of being unashamed apologists for terror, who have devoted their lives to befriending the enemies of Britain while undermining the very institutions that keep us safe in our beds.

Let us be clear. We have no doubt that Mr Corbyn’s expressions of horror over the atrocities in Manchester and at London Bridge, and his sympathy for the victims and their families, were sincere.

But the ineluctable truth is that the Labour leader and his closest associates have spent their careers cosying up to those who hate our country, while pouring scorn on the police and security services and opposing anti-terror legislation over and over and over again.

Yes, Mr Corbyn has impressed some with his quiet composure under hostile questioning. But he personally has spent a political lifetime courting mass murderers in the Middle East, Ireland and elsewhere in the world, affronting his party and its decent traditional supporters, while voting on 56 occasions against measures aimed at containing the terrorist threat.

Meanwhile, his closest ally, the Marxist shadow chancellor John McDonnell, has called for MI5 and armed police to be abolished, while saying that the IRA murderers of men, women, children, British servicemen and police officers should be ‘honoured’.

If the Conservative do win this election his article (and many others published by most the the mainstream media) published by the Daily Mail (sometimes called Hate Mail or Daily Fail) show that the Conservatives, British media and Theresa May have been reduced to blatant propaganda, biasedness, censorship and fear and hate mongering racist bullshit to win this election (if they do win which most polls are predicting they will.)


For the first time in my adult life Labour has a leader that really does seem to believe in the people, an old style labour leader comparable to Tony Benn or even Clement Atlee, obviously we could yet be proved wrong but that will not happen if Jeremy Corbyn is not given a chance. The reason I believe it is essential to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is simple, he speaks MORE sense then anybody in the whole Conservative Party. That’s why Theresa May does not want to do the TV debates against him.

I genuinely believe a vote for the Conservatives is a insult to the poor and working classes the Conservatives have spent the last seven extorting and ignoring. It may be the case that we do not know what we are getting with Jeremy Corbyn but we know exactly what we will be getting if Theresa May wins.. More war, more austerity, more cover ups and more corruption, greed and thievery. The Conservatives keep telling us that Labour are undecided and the Conservatives are strong and stable, they know what they stand for. And she is right the Conservatives are more united than Labour but they stand united and decided on issues like more war, nuclear weapon programs, selling the NHS, austerity, cutting public services including schools and letting corporations pay no tax.

They are selling us austerity, attempting to privatize the NHS because of the high cost of running yet claiming hundreds of thousands on their expenses per year at the same time of paying for Trident and war in Syria. Whats more is they speak about Jeremy Corbyn as if HE IS RIDICULOUS!

If Jeremy Corbyn can win this election and start implementing a fair tax on corporations it would surely be a good thing for the citizens of the United Kingdom. It would not be good for corporations and that is why the corporate media spend so much of their time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Propagating Theresa May, they don’t want to pay tax, save that for the working classes.

I struggle to see why anybody would vote Conservatives unless they are rich, stupid or both, the working and poorer classes massively outnumber the rich which means we decide. It is important you do not let the corporate media decide for you because the corporate media will decide to vote the party that works best for them.

The Conservatives seem to think they own us, they are only happy when you are working your ass off like for minimum wage their little slaves..


In my opinion (and I followed the election fairly intensely on the internet and the T.V) propaganda and fear was a large part of the reason Labour lost, but Ed Miliband made huge mistakes. Ed Miliband is now spoken about like he was some left wing, weak leader despite the fact that at the start of the campaign he was not much more to the left than the Conservatives. As the campaign went on he started to move to the left probably in order to win votes with the anti Tory majority, but the anti Tory majority still remember Tony Blair and his oil wars, they do not look at Labour as the left wing saviors of the people instead they look at Labour as the Red Tories. “You can not win when you are as left wing as Miliband” so called political experts are claiming, they are wrong and in a way this election has proved them wrong, how?

The Scottish National Party taken nearly every seat in Scotland and they were at least at the start of the campaign much more to the left than Labour, but the Scottish National Party have an advantage, people in Scotland trust them and obviously feel represented by them. After the war in Iraq, the bank bail out and the Labour parties failure to represent “the left wing or the poor” in the past, the masses in England still feel that Labour are not a real alternative to the Conservatives. I am not saying they are exactly the same but when in power Labour were not that different. Labour also turned a blind eye to corporate tax evasion and made deals with news corporation. Having said that I still cannot believe the Tories won, which got me reading and it turns out that 1992 election was very similar, a “late surge of Tory support undetected by the polls” led to a Conservative majority as Wikipedia describes;

 United Kingdom general election, 1992


Almost every poll leading up to polling day predicted either a hung parliament, with Labour the largest party or a small Labour majority of around 19 to 23. Polls on the last few days before the country voted predicted a very slim Labour majority.

With opinion polls at the end of the campaign showing Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck, the actual election result was a surprise to many in the media and in polling organisations. The apparent failure of the opinion polls to come close to predicting the actual result led to an inquiry by the Market Research Society. Following the election, most opinion polling companies changed their methodology in the belief that a ‘Shy Tory Factor‘ affected the polling.

THE 2015 ISRAELI ELECTION also saw right winged Likud party win after a “late surge in support”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog concedes election after prime minister recovers from low poll numbers in runup to vote to lead his Likud party to 30 seats in Knesset

Israeli Likud Party supporters react to the exit polls while they wait for the announcement of the first official results of Israel’s parliamentary elections.

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud party has scored a dramatic election victory, surging past its main rival – the centre-left Zionist Union – to win the most seats in the Knesset.

A series of exit polls released at the close of voting on Tuesday night had suggested the Zionist Union and its leader, Isaac Herzog, were neck and neck with Netanyahu.

But by Wednesday morning official results had stretched to a decisive five-seat lead for Likud, making it almost certain that Netanyahu would serve a third consecutive term as prime minister.

Herzog said he had spoken with Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election victory. “A few minutes ago I spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him on his achievement and wished him luck,” Herzog told reporters.

He said his leftist Zionist Union party would continue to be an alternative to Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud.

Netanyahu will still have to assemble a coalition government but his seat count means he will be in a far more commanding position as he seeks partners.

A van containing more than 200,000 ballot papers destined for polls in East Sussex has been stolen. The papers had been printed in London and were being taken to two constituencies – Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne – ahead of voting in the general election on 7 May. Metropolitan Police officers alerted both Hastings and Eastbourne councils about the theft in London overnight. Officers found nothing to suggest the van was targeted for its contents. Police told the local authorities they believed it was a coincidence the stolen van contained ballot papers. The theft is still being investigated.

The ballot papers had been printed in London and were heading for Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne – ahead of voting in the general election on 7 May. Police said it was believed the van was parked in Longbridge Road, Dagenham, at about 19:30. The theft was discovered at about 06:25.

Labour had been expected to win in Hastings and RyeHastings & Rye – Lord Ashcroft Polls. In Hastings and Rye, the Conservative candidate Amber Rudd surprisingly won with 22,686 votes with Sarah Owen, Labour’s candidate, receiving 17,890 votes.
Sounds dodgy.

The Independent reporting the news with no bias whatsoever!

Ukip supporters are convinced Nigel Farage’s defeat is a conspiracy

Less than 48 hours after its leader conceded defeat, Ukip supporters have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at their failure to capture the South Thanet seat – by declaring it was all a set-up.

Angry kippers have used the hashtag #Thanetrigged to accuse the establishment of all sorts of electoral shenanigans to get Nigel Farage out – citing the unusually long time for the votes to be counted and their success in the local elections as evidence.

Farage lost by 2,812 votes to the Conservative candidate Craig Macinklay despite the party gaining a 13 per cent vote share across the country.

But despite this failure Ukip gained overall control of Thanet council in the local election results on Friday – its first in the country.

They have jumped on a tweet sent by Spectator columnist Isabel Hardman tweeted at 12:30am on election night that Farage may have lost, six hours before the votes were counted, as “proof” the result was a foregone conclusion.

Demanding to know why ballot papers were allegedly “missing” for seven hours, Ukip voters vowed to expose the conspiracy and called for a by-election on social media.

This prompted a brilliant response from Twitter users, including Hardman herself:

The conspiracy comes despite claims from the man himself that he had lost the poll.

Speaking to Kent Online on Friday he said: “I knew the result yesterday [Thursday]. I could see the wards in Broadstairs were 80% turnouts and people queuing to vote. I spoke to people and they were saying ‘look Nigel, we love you but we can’t have Nicola Sturgeon running the country.’”

But who knows? Maybe they were just Conservative hired shills disguised as Thanet voters.

The truth is out there.


Concerns over ballot rigging after last-minute flood of postal votes

A last-minute deluge of postal votes allegedly sparked concerns about ballot rigging at Milton Keynes Council.

Instead of the anticipated four or five ballot boxes, 18 brimming boxes containing more than 4,600 votes turned up at the council offices yesterday.

Today election organisers insisted nothing seemed amiss – and blamed postal delays caused by the bank holiday.

 They are, however, awaiting with interest to see how many more posted votes arrive before the 10pm deadline today, say sources.
The Wednesday deluge was so unexpected that an email was sent to council staff asking for help in counting the votes. Many volunteers worked well into the night.

A source said: “There was certainly concern and suspicion at one stage. This was more than four times the expected number of papers arriving in one day, and it did not fit in with previous trends.”

Other sources claim helpers were told to check all papers meticulously by hand to check they were genuine.

Other signs of postal vote fraud could include larger than expected numbers of papers returned from one ward or constituency.

Scrap postal votes or elections will be fixed, says judge who warns ballot-rigging is now a ‘probability’ in parts of Britain

  • Judge Richard Marvey, who presides over electoral fraud, made warning
  • He said introducing ‘on demand’ postal voting did not boost turnout
  • But it has opened the electoral system to fraud on ‘an industrial scale’

Fresh voting fraud in scandal-hit borough of Tower Hamlets

Postal ballot papers for Thursday’s general election have been sent out to a block of flats in Tower Hamlets which has been a building site for months

A new outbreak of voting fraud is underway this week in the London borough whose elected mayor was dismissed by a High Court judge for corruption and vote-rigging.

Postal ballot papers for Thursday’s general election have been sent out to a block of flats in Tower Hamlets which has been a building site for months, council records seen by the Telegraph confirm.

The property – owned by Tower Hamlets council – is completely boarded up, surrounded by hoardings and without any sign of habitation.However, letters can still be delivered there. None of the people who supposedly applied for the votes lives at the property and at least one is dead.





Anyone that reads the newspapers would surely have noticed the British media attacking the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY or the SNP as they are more commonly called. Some polls are forecasting a Labour victory but the Labour government may have to be “propped up” by the SNP and other small left wing governments, this is being spoken about like its a threat to the future of Britain by the vast majority of the biased British media.

John Major used the word mayhem to describe what a Labour, SNP coalition would be like, he should know.

At the 1993 Conservative Party Conference, Major began the “Back to Basics” campaign, which he intended to also be about a wide variety of issues including the economy, education and policing, but which was interpreted by many (including Conservative cabinet ministers) purely in the context of returning to the moral and family values that they associated with the Conservative Party.

“Back to Basics” became synonymous with scandal, often exposed in lurid and embarrassing detail by tabloid newspapers such as The Sun. In 1992, David Mellor, a cabinet minister, had been exposed as having an extramarital affair and for accepting hospitality from the daughter of a leading member of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The wife of the Earl of Caithness committed suicide amongst rumours of the Earl committing adultery. Stephen Milligan was found dead having apparently auto-asphyxiated whilst performing a solitary sex act (his Eastleigh seat was lost in what was to be an ongoing stream of hefty by-election defeats). David Ashby was “outed” by his wife after sleeping with men.  A string of other Conservative MPs, including Alan Amos, Tim Yeo, and Michael Brown, were involved in sexual scandals.

Other debilitating scandals included “Arms to Iraq” – the ongoing inquiry into how government ministers including Alan Clark (also involved in an unrelated scandal involving the revelation of his affair with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge) had encouraged businesses to supply arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, in breach of the official arms embargo, and how senior ministers had, on legal advice, attempted to withhold evidence of this official connivance when directors of Matrix Churchill were put on trial for breaking the embargo.

Another scandal was “Cash for Questions“, in which first Graham Riddick, and David Tredinnick accepted money to ask questions in the House of Commons in a newspaper “sting”, and later Tim Smith and Neil Hamilton were found to have received money from Mohamed Al Fayed, also to ask questions in the House. Later, David Willetts resigned as Paymaster General after he was accused of rigging evidence to do with Cash for Questions. 


The media claim that the SNP could destroy Britain’s economy, the trouble is we are already in one and half trillion pound debt! The SNP are in no way responsible for that. Austerity has and is failing, the Conservative government have squeezed the poorer classes dry while cutting taxes for billionaires and ignoring corporate tax evasion and the corruption within the banks of Britain.

What our leading political parties do not want to admit is the success of parties like SNP and UKIP is not necessarily based on people liking these parties its based on people being sick of the lies, propaganda, cover ups and scandals that goes on within our government and corporate media. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are right in one thing, there is no point in voting out a Conservative government to replace with a slightly less Conservative government that calls itself Labour.


Homeowners could face early rise in interest rates if Ed Miliband is propped up by the SNP, warn Morgan Stanley

  • Major bank warns against Labour government propped up by the the SNP
  • Morgan Stanley says anti-austerity agenda would lead to bank rate hike
  • Second bank says Labour would be dragged to the left by the nationalists
  • Report a blow to the party’s attempt to show voters economic competence


To be honest I have stopped watching the “news” the last few days, why? Because I am sick of listening and watching bullshit, fear mongering, propaganda, fake smiling and more bullshit that the general election brings. The general election of 2015 so far has been a pointless, barrage of insults, stats and promises that the political parties are not even legally obligated to follow upon if they should win the election. The truth is it doesn’t matter who wins, we have no real choice, the four main parties are pretty much the same, they may slightly differ in policies, they cut a bit here and raise a bit there but they have a lot more in common with each other than they like to admit.

All four parties support Israel despite blatant war crimes and terror acts that our government claim to be against yet none of the four parties will condemn the Israeli governments actions, all four parties are elitist parties they are funded for by the rich and therefore they work for the rich, all four parties say they plan to cut the deficit yet none of the parties talk about addressing how the fuck Britain gets itself into one and half trillion pound debt in the first place, either Britain is being seriously ripped off or extremely poorly governed or both. “Its Labours fault” the Conservatives claimed “It’s the Tories” Labour respond, for a change they are both right. All four parties were involved in the MPs expenses scandal, Nigel Farage claimed two million in one year alone, David Cameron paid for a second home on his expenses and Nick Clegg paid for garden maintenance on his expenses and he actually spent £84000 in expenses in four years on his second home alone, these scandals were “all within the rules” but were they within the law? Despite scandals like this all four parties scrutinize benefit claimers and punish them with prison for over-claiming. None of the parties are talking about getting tough on the banks with regulation, Labour have mentioned it but Labour also began the bank bailout and failed to enforce more regulation as part of the terms of the bailout, not that the Tories would have enforced more regulation because according to David Cameron “over regulating the banks could affect their performance!” HELLO DAVID CAMERON, PLANET EARTH CALLING, THE BANKS GREED, LACK OF REGULATION AND POOR PERFORMANCE IS WHAT LEAD TO THEM NEEDING A BAIL OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

No mention of corporate tax avoidance, all of the big four address corporate tax evasion as a minor problem despite the fact that corporate tax evasion costs Britain’s government billions of pounds every year. They all support the war on terror but again they fail to address real issues, the British and American governments have left Libya in such a state that Libyans are risking their lives and their families’ lives to flee the country, would Libya be in this condition if Gaddafi was still ruling? Britain, Israel and America are fuelling the ISIS fire and if Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other Muslim nations do have religious extremist groups looking to recruit frustrated and angry young men, surely our aggressive, imperialistic, war mongering tactics are making it much easier for these religious extremist groups to recruit.

The election is being fought with gimmicks, propaganda and insults. Important subjects are barely discussed and fresh ideas are non-existent, Green party do offer an apparent alternative but unfortunately for them and many of the lesser known parties they do not have corporate media behind them printing one sided, propaganda, some of the British media acts like a Conservative Party Public Relation Agency with the propaganda they print.




We in Great Britain often claim and truly believe that we have freedom, the belief or illusion of freedom is usually based on our right to vote. Yet what is the point in having the right to vote when the vast majority of us are completely uneducated when it comes to politics? School offer us NO political education whatsoever, obviously schools have a duty to educate children on politics without bias and propaganda which could be hard to achieve but they should at least inform children on what the Prime minister and other leading members of the government do for a living, which is mainly talk shit and spend money on their expenses but children should be taught it nevertheless. Children should also be taught about lobbying and corporate representation after all David Cameron does not have the logos of his corporate puppet masters written all over him, unlike Lionel Messi.

If people are politically educated correctly from a young age without bias or propaganda using the truth on politics, Britain would probably be much more likely to avoid right winged governments that promote police states, harassment, war on drugs, war for oil, political internet censorship, NHS cuts and austerity.

At the moment schools teach almost nothing about politics and I believe its deliberate, the politicians tell the public that their input is important, they tell us they actually want us to be involved in politics, yet the Conservative party have spent the last five years pushing for internet censorship, effectively silencing alternative media, bloggers and vloggers. What politicians mean is they want us to vote because a high turnout justifies their power but after that they would much rather us remain silent for five years until the next election when we get another vote.

I believe a true democracy should involve more voting on issues other than political parties (which use popular ideas as gimmicks). Major decisions like declaration of war should be put into the hands of the people; after all it’s the people who fight the war not the politicians. I believe governments should be allowed to suggest ideas but the final decision should be in the hands of the people. We are supposed to be living in the age of technology and information yet politics is stuck in the dark ages, with stereotypical, greedy, corrupt, fat cat politicians that would do anything for money and their fake public image: but do not care or even understand the importance of the NHS, a fair wage sickness benefit or anything other than corporate profit.

We go from Labour to Conservative to Labour and then back to Conservative and we wonder why nothing ever changes, ‘UKIP’ I hear the misguided mutter, unfortunately UKIP is not the answer they are playing on racism, UKIP are somewhere in the middle of Conservative and the British National Party, the British National Party actually seem to have lost all their votes to the much more dangerous UKIP according to the polls so far.

I believe people should be educated and encouraged to be involved in politics as much as possible from a young age maybe instead of teaching children as young as seven about sex they should be taught something about politics. Instead of this once every five years we choose what corporate spokesperson we want to elect and give the job of explaining and justifying corporate decisions to us.



Great Britain and the USA are governed by right winged governments because of this the youth of our nations are indoctrinated to think with a right winged mentality. Our newspapers are right winged as are our T.V channels and nearly all media. Useless, lanky, racist pricks like Jeremy Clarkson spew pure racism at their audiences, but what happens when we disagree with these right winged extremists that only care about money and control? What happens is we are called extremists! This is pretty typical of the right wing as the right wing are intolerant of anything, everything and anyone that does not think the same way they think.

Another thing that I do not understand about right wingers is the fact that left wingers are called sissy’s, pussy’s, wimps or anything that they can call people to make them feel inferior to themselves. The truth is left wingers are not the people that want to give extra power to the police, the government and the establishment, for me that makes the right wingers the real sissy’s, just because right wingers are so stupid, sissy like and weak that they can not look after themselves does not mean that all people in the country should have to pay the price. Right wingers are leading us into a police state and maybe even a UKIP and Tory coalition, this is mainly because right wingers do not seem to have the intelligence or the political awareness to see that their small, hate filled, tiny little minds are being used as psychological weapons by the establishment to hand themselves more power.

In my experience of right winged minded people they are usually more violent and sometimes even thuggish, EDL, National Front, KKK and the worst of them all UKIP and Conservatives. Right wingers use the right winged media to attack minorities and control who ever is stupid enough to allow themselves and their minds to be controlled. UKIP and Conservatives and even Labour and Lib Dems nowadays are all right winged, interfering, control freaks, they claim not to be racist but they actually depend on our subliminal and indoctrinated racism. Without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism right winged governments are doomed to fail, because without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism, how could  governments and political parties justify wars, exploitation and murder around the world?

So next time you see a small minded, skin headed idiot wearing the St Georges flag angrily raving on about the fact that Britain is full of dangerous, Islamic, extremists that have no right to be here, remember that these people are stupid, sissy’s that can not fight their own battles, (and no, I would not say it to their faces, I would probably end up with a fractured skull if I did!)  so instead of fighting their own battles they want the government and police to fight them for them.

Anti-Fascist And EDL Demonstrations Take Place in LondonA group of young English men acting the exact way that they have been programmed to act since birth.