Vendor and cannabis review. JungleBoyzEU on Dream Market. Moby Dick Ice Hash REVIEW.

This review of Moby Dick Ice Hash from JungleBoyzEU on Dream Market comes with a pretty funny story!

This morning I received a package from JungleBoyzEU, this package had Some Moby Dick skunk, THC gummy bears (yummy) Moby Dick wax (80% THC, I’m a bit scared) and some hash. Because it was only 11 o clock in the morning and I had stuff to do I decided not to smoke the skunk instead I decided to have a small spliff of hash figuring hash is not as strong as skunk and much less likely to completely fuck me up.

As I begin to burn the hash expecting it to crumble (as hash usually does) I notice this one does not. “OK, not a problem, its just squishy hash” I thought so I roll it in to thin lines. I had not smoke squishy hash for at least ten years and the squishy hash I was smoking back then was not particularly strong. The squishy hash I was smoking this morning was ridiculously strong. In fact it was stronger then skunk. I end up sitting at my desk blankly starring at my computer before canceling everything I had to do and going back to bed! At over £300 an OZ this stuff is not cheap but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. This is one of the strongest smokes that I have ever tried and its delicious.

The taste is lovely, no harshness just a very cool, strong potent smoke that is stronger than skunk! Even at its high price I highly recommend you try it NOW. This product ships from Spain and takes about one week to arrive to the UK.


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Moby Dick Ice Hash scores ; 9.2


Trusted and highly rated vendor with HIGH quality cannabis on DREAM MARKET. Radarbreeder.

radarbreeder (1350) (4.97    )


24/01/2018 (today)
This week I have been smoking cannabis from Radarbreeder. I have had Amnesia Haze (a super strong and tiring strain of skunk great for people that suffer from sleep disorders, I guarantee you smoke a bit of good quality Amnesia Haze and you will sleep in fact staying awake becomes the problem.)
I also had Stardawg and Fromage Blue both are lovely smokes. This is a high quality vendor with very high quality weed and a very good rating of 4.97 (anything over 4.85 is good 4.97 is among the best I have seen. Lots of satisfied customers, I strongly recommend this vendor. All his products are high quality so what you purchase is a question of taste.