Massive protests in London today as people fight to save the NHS from the Conservative party and privatization. Unfortunately BBC seem to have decided that this is NOT news. Lady Gaga canceling tour dates IS news according to the BBC. This is just yet another example of how the BBC and mainstream media in the UK select suitable government friendly stories to report. The BBC (who famously ignored and even funded Jimmy Savile and is funded by people that pay a TV license not the government) DO NOT represent the vast majority of its customers, they represent Theresa May.

I found the image and story from a friend that shared it on social media and after 10 minutes of searching through the BBC website for more information and images on the huge protests it soon became apparent that the BBC would rather talk about Liam Gallagher, Lady Gaga and coronation fucking street.

THE BBC IS FAKE NEWS, a distraction from reality.



Not a mention of NHS protests anywhere on the BBC’s propaganda filled shitty website.

Look at Russia, North Korea and China but don’t look at us.

Look at Meghan Markle holding Prince Harry’s hand. Wikipedia tells us; Markle is descended from the Bowes family, making her a distant cousin of Prince Harry. Meghan and Harry’s most recent common ancestors are Elizabeth Bowes (1505–c.1572) and her husband, Richard Bowes, son of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam Castle and High Sheriff of County Durham—ancestors of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. But don’t look at that. Look at Prince George instead isn’t he cute.

Look at Putin and Kim Jong-un aren’t they naughty? Look at the TV, watch Eastenders, Strictly come dancing and the “news.” Work and consume, submit and obey and never question authority because to question authority is extremism and extremism leads to terrorism.

Watch the Football, Rugby or Tennis but do not watch your government employ financial fascism on its own citizens at the same time of murdering citizens in the Middle East.

Do not watch Theresa May as she attempts to sell us the idea that an independent inquiry in to the MP child sex abuse scandal that has slowly been brewing up for years is a threat to National Security.

Do not watch Theresa May as her and the party she represents continue to extort the poorer classes despite not even winning the election. Do not watch your governments arms deals as they continue to support and supply Saudi Arabia with weapons of mass destruction despite the fact they know these weapons are being used to murder people and destroy a nation.