I believe I am being slowly and systematically shut down along with many other non corporate truthers on the Internet. Facebook have stopped me using their shitty site by refusing to allow me to sign in reason added to many people as friends!!! Three accounts have now been shut down by Facebook! WTF FACEBOOK. Facebook do not allow me to use their buy and sell sites to sell my DVDs, I post but the number of people clicking is tiny compared to what it is when a friend that has joined less groups posts! I also got blocked for “misusing Facebook” by posting as many places as possible.

YouTube do not inform subscribers that I have added new videos. I have alternative accounts that I have subscribed to myself with and YouTube do not notify them of my new uploads. YouTube have also been refusing to pay me for millions of views and I have been informed by multiple people that YouTube are removing subscribers, one person also told me they had to subscribe three times before YouTube finally counted it.

I have 26000 subs yet my latest short videos are struggling to get 100 views… FUCK YOU GOOGLE, FUCK YOU LARRY PAGE, SERGEY BRINN, CIA, FBI, MI5 puppet corporate whores.

As well as this YouTube do not inform me of comments on my videos anymore, this can make it appear that I am ignoring people, well I’m not I probably haven’t even read your comments I have nearly 200 videos I rarely click on most of them. Facebook, Google, YouTube are intentionally disconnecting people.

Google used to show over 300000 search results on “Wolvoman80” it now shows about 50000!

Inland revenue are also making bills up as they go along, although for now they seem to have admitted it was their mistake and I owe them NOTHING.

I go to Birmingham to sell DVDs on the street, I am constantly harassed by police and the City Council because I have no license, I have applied (it takes up to 8 weeks to come through) and the license only costs £12.50 per year and some people are informing me that the copyright holder does not require permits and licenses to sell.

And they wonder why we say FUCK THE SYSTEM and DISOBEY.

Facebook are scared, Google are scared, the establishment are scared and these tactics to oppress us expose the fact they are scared of us.






When we are in school there is always one child that will answer the teacher back, misbehaves, disobeys and is a general pain in the ass. Teachers and schools in Great Britain and many other nations try different ideas on “reaching these kids.” Recently a school local to me has even been caught locking “naughty” children in cupboards for three hour periods, just for having the nerve to disobey or not pay 100% attention to their masters, a member of staff said the regime was brutal and threatening .

Up to 20 parents claim that their children were disciplined by being shut away in a stationery cupboard for periods of up to three hours at Woodthorne Primary School, Tettenhall, in 2012.

An investigation was launched by Wolverhampton City Council, but the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. Now a member of staff, who asked not to be named, has accused the authority of deliberately covering up the mistreatment of children which she said went on with the full blessing of senior leaders at the school.

How naughty does a child have to be to deserve being locked up in cupboards for as long as three hours? What would government run services like Social Services do if they were to discover parents locking their children up in cupboards for hours at a time? I am pretty sure that immediate action would be taken and that the children could even be taken from the guilty parents in order to “protect the children” from such cruel treatment. I wonder what action services like Social Services or other government run services will do to protect children from this. David Cameron claims that internet censorship is a step taken to “protect children” so what steps will be taken to protect the victims of Woodthorne Primary School? Theresa May has already ruled out a public inquiry to a comprehensive school not far away from Woodthorne Primary School, despite allegations of sexual abuse dating back to 1945 at Tettenhall College (Tettenhall College is actually an high school not a college like the name suggests.) Theresa May and the government obviously think that children do NOT need protecting from teachers and their failing school system.

We as parents usually tell our children things like “respect and listen to your teachers and elders” yet as parents we should be telling them to “respect people that actually earn our respect and show us respect.” Children at school are constantly monitored for “behavior disorders” and attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by staff for disobedience, nonconformity and even freethinking. As if that is not bad enough they are also attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by fellow pupils for not following trends, wearing the wrong branded clothes and standing out in general. No wonder Great Britain is a nation of sheep herded and controlled by Wolves, that is how we are programmed to be.