The most ridiculous government health warning ever?

The image above shows a man that is obviously very upset (I think, maybe he is just a tired nudist too warm to put a blanket on.) The warning reads smoking increases the chance of impotence! So apparently he is upset because he cannot get a stiffy, what a pathetic attempt of scaring people out of money in tobacco taxes by the government. They should have just gone all out and put a picture of his wife next to him getting fucked by a six packed Italian stud, somebody needs to tell this man about Viagra before he kills himself.

Or maybe he is pissed off because he has no Viagra left or he lost them, maybe its a subtle product placement being used in government health warnings.

I would like to see similar warnings on more products like an obese person crying because he can’t see his dick as he stands naked in front of a mirror surrounded be piles of corporate junk wrappings holding a McDonalds bag in one hand and a bottle of Coke in the other.

Have you seen the warning about children inhaling smoke? The man is literally blowing smoke straight in to his child’s face! I ask myself how they took that picture, they must have got a man to blow smoke in a child’s face, so they blow smoke in children’s faces to tell us not to smoke around our kids! Are they going to put an image of a child sucking a car exhaust at petrol pumping in stations around the UK? Your cars are polluting the air and probably causing more disease more than our cigarettes do gooders.

If tobacco companies are forced to live by these regulations to sell their products I think sweet companies should also be forced to go plain packaged just like the tobacco companies are. How many kids would even notice these chemical filled, brain scrambling, cancer causing products if they did not have cartoon animals and shit on them?

Corporations better look out from now on, the British government are on them so if they are going to sell dangerous products that have been linked to cancer, headaches, dizziness and dumbness they had better make sure you sell them to kids.

Some researchers have suggested that high doses of aspartame may be associated with problems ranging from dizziness and subtle brain changes to mental retardation. In 1981, an FDA statistician stated that the brain tumor data on aspartame was so “worrisome” that he could not recommend approval of NutraSweet

           Typical government story they spend millions trying to make smoking less appealing and accidentally create the coolest cigarette packet ever!


Before reading this you should know that I have no medical experience whatsoever, in fact I am pretty stupid and my word should not be taken, I advise people to do their own research.

Baby Kash aged 14 Months, One Day After Vaccine Reaction to MMR


I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to many of these “Pro Vacciners” for showing such of a massive interest in what we think about vaccines, multi national pharmaceutical corporations and our government because to be honest I do not give a fuck what you think about almost anything, nevertheless many “Pro Vacciners” are now not satisfied with vaccinating their own kids they are insisting that ALL children should be vaccinated with or without their parents consent! The Australian government threatened benefit cuts to parents that refuse vaccines and similar plans have been spoken about in the UK although nothing has yet been enforced. Whats interesting and potentially dangerous is there seems to be a loud group of interfering, right wingers that have so much spare time that they have decided to devote some of it to trash talking! Now anybody that is unsure about the vaccines is dismissed as an idiot whose lunacy threatens the existence of the whole of mankind.

This is Ian Gramowski, 9 days after his HiB shot. His abdominal cavity is swollen with inflammation from a vaccine reaction, after Dr. Paul Offit assured his mother that vaccines were safe, and a rash covers his face and other parts of his body. Ian Died shortly after this picture was taken. REST IN PEACE.


I have nothing against anybody that has decided to vaccinate their child its the people demanding all children should be vaccinated, despite the fact they KNOW NOTHING about the safety or dangers of vaccines. “We would be extinct without vaccines” one mentally challenged moron told me, Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years without vaccines and Mankind survived for thousands of years without them as did almost everything that lives today.


I am an “Anti Vacciner” I gave my child the first vaccination, the side effects to that vaccine and research made me decide my children will have no more. But I would never tell someone “you can’t vaccinate your child, it may be responsible for the sharp rise in autism and has also been known to sometimes quite severe side effects, in some cases even death.” If asked I say what I believe to be true but what makes me laugh is that these people that attack “Anti Vacciners” are usually idiots with no scientific knowledge repeating mainstream media.



In the 1990s Great Britain had very high vaccine rates most of us willingly taken our children to receive vaccines it wasn’t forced and it didn’t need to be since then vaccine rates have dropped and they continue to drop, all of a sudden action needs to be taken. Pharmaceutical corporations are now claiming that vaccines are now only truly effective if the vast majority of the public take them! Of coarse this would mean that Pharmaceutical corporations would make a huge profit but mankind would be saved and your children would be safe from disease and illness, HAIL THE VACCINE.


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Below are a few of Daily Mail headlines on extremism.

‘Disease’ of Islamic extremism will hang over my generation, says Cameron as he describes watching hostage videos

  • Prime Minister David Cameron gives exclusive interview to MailOnline
  • Hits back at claims Britain is not doing enough to counter ISIS threat
  • Warns it will take many, many years but says ISIS can be defeated
  • However, the ‘disease’ of jihadist extremism is spreading worldwide 
  • Tory leader answers questions submitted by MailOnline readers 
  • He defends foreign aid billions and breaking promise to cut migration
  • Boasts that the benefit cap is getting workless families into jobs 
  • Insists he is not scared of Farage and won’t rule out Ukip coalition 
  • Says we no longer live in ‘broken Britain’ thanks to economic legacy 
  • Last used NHS when son stood on a wasps nest and was stung 60 times
  • Wants to appear on Gogglebox and has heard ‘Let It Go’ too many times 

Hate preachers to be ‘silenced’ by new anti-terror Asbos to block their bile on the internet

  • Government to introduce new powers, similar to an ASBO
  • Package of measures drawn up by task force set up by David Cameron
  • ‘I want to see an end to hate preaching in Britain,’ the Prime Minister said

Google cashes in on hate videos: Internet giant puts ads alongside thousands of terror rants on YouTube

  • Adverts for reputable companies feature alongside terror videos
  • Companies have little control over where adverts are placed on website
  • Major advertiser said ‘Google have a lot to answer for’
  • YouTube has more than 100 videos of hate preacher Anjem Choudary


Like most mainstream media at the moment the Daily Mail is reporting the radicalization of our youth. The Daily Mail and their small minded readers are calling internet users that recognize the corruption and greed of billionaire corporations, bankers, politicians and the establishment dangerous, radicals, extremists and even terrorists!

I find rich that a newspaper like the Daily Mail can call bloggers and YouTube video makers paranoid, scaremongers, extreme, dangerous and radicals when their newspaper is the most extreme bullshit, one sided, hate filled, snobbish, fear mongering, racist load of stupidity I have ever read. So instead of me writing another Daily Mail rant I thought I would search the Daily Mail Online for the best examples of Daily Mail’s paranoia and stupidity.



According to the Daily Mail’s experts not arresting people for drugs will push thousands into addiction! Because right now nobody uses drugs, do they?

Clegg sparks anger after claiming drug abusers are ‘victims’ and should not be treated like criminals

  • Nick Clegg announced plan to decriminalize drugs for personal use today  
  • He said those caught with drugs will not be prosecuted but face a fine
  • Move covers powerful ‘skunk’ strain of cannabis, crack cocaine and heroin
  • Deputy PM made announcement at an event with Richard Branson today
  • Experts condemned move, saying it will push thousands into addiction



How reading the Daily Mail can make you fear FUCKIN everything.

How a romantic candle-lit dinner can give you cancer.

How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer

Could your tattoo give you cancer? Scientists fear toxins from ink could enter blood and accumulate in your major organs

  • Scientists called for more research and regulation into tattoo inks
  • Say nanoparticles of ink could accumulate in spleen and kidneys
  • Scientists warn ‘no doubt substances can be toxic’

Do foam cups contain cancer-causing chemicals? Leading panel says styrene may be a ‘human carcinogen’

  • Styrene can be ‘reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen’
  • Conclusion reached by 10 leading medical experts in the U.S.
  • They stress further research is needed before chemical is regulated
  • American Chemistry Council says styrene has passed most stringent safety tests to be used in food and drink packaging

The cancer timebomb: Parents sentencing their children to disease by letting them sit in front of TV and computer screens for hours on end, warn experts

  • Children should only be allowed two hours screen time a day, doctors warn
  • They are ‘increasingly concerned’ about children being too inactive
  • Those who spend hours playing games, surfing internet and watching TV risk developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease

Why living in a city makes you fat, infertile, blind, depressed and even causes cancer

The cancer risk in your ‘healthy’ glass of fruit juice which has so much sugar it could bring on tumours

Smacking or shouting at your children ‘raises their risk of cancer, heart disease and asthma later in life’

  • Those who hit or even raise their voices at youngsters expose them to higher risk of disease risk
  • Link could be caused because smacking and shouting at children causes them stress
  • Has the same kind of long-term impact as abuse and trauma, say the researchers

Health supplements ‘could cause cancer’: Study finds some products may increase chance of getting disease

  • Scientists say claims of the benefits of antioxidents made are largely a ‘myth’
  • beta carotene,vitamins C and E might even promote cancer, according to research

Don’t burn the sausages! Cancer-risk of well-cooked meat may be more than twice as high than first thought

Cancer danger of that night-time trip to the toilet

‘Climate change could give you cancer’: UN report warns of deadly pollutants from glaciers

‘Cancer threat’ in your spray-on tan: Toxins accidentally inhaled, warn scientists

Oh crumbs! EU health chiefs say toast gives you cancer: It must be yellow, never brown, to cut risk of danger chemical

  • Watchdog is warning about acrylamide – substance linked to cancer risk
  • Chemical forms in starchy foods baked, fried or roasted at high temperature 
  • Urging people not to eat dark chips, dark toast or drink instant coffee 
  • Means many British favourites, such as roast and jacket potatoes, fall into danger category

Drinking just one glass of wine a day can INCREASE risk of cancer by 168%, say the French!

GP who says checking your breasts for lumps can do more harm than good

Why an extra inch on the waist is a cancer risk

Cancer chemical found in Pringles, Hula Hoops and Prince Charles’s organic crisps

Sleep disorder already linked to obesity and diabetes ‘can double risk of fatal cancer’

  • The largest study of its kind found that sufferers with the highest oxygen deprivation were at the greatest risk

Of a nervous disposition? Here’s another thing to worry about: You’re more likely to get cancer, according to new research

Chemicals in breast milk linked to testicular cancer

Loom bands cancer warning as rogue consignments of ‘charms’ are found to contain massive levels of deadly chemicals

  • Tests revealed some loom band ‘charms’ contained high levels of phthalates
  • Phthalates is used to make plastic safer and pliable but is strictly controlled
  • Legal limit for chemical is 0.1 per cent but some ‘charms’ contain 50 per cent
  • Batches tested and found to be dangerous were headed to UK from Far East
  • Officials urging public to only buy genuine products which are safe to use

Could shared sex toys be spreading the cancer-causing HPV virus between partners?

  • New study from the Indiana University School of Medicine is the first to examine whether vibrators could be transmitting the virus between sex partners

Energy saving bulbs ‘release cancer causing chemicals’, say scientists

Cancer risk chemical acrylamide is found in KFC fries, crisps and cereal

  • Watchdogs identified potentially dangerous acrylamide in 14 products
  • The largest amount was found in crisps, including some expensive brands
  • Higher than expected levels found in Fox’s Ginger biscuits and TUC biscuits

Pre-cooked frozen chips served in restaurants and fast-food chains ‘could cause cancer’

Mouthwash use ‘linked to oral cancer’: People who use products more than three times a day increase risk

  • Warning from Dr David Conway of University of Glasgow Dental School
  • Major study examined the health of 4,000 people across nine countries
  • British Dental Association argued results of study were not conclusive

Cornflakes cancer scare: Cereal makers drop recycled cardboard boxes containing deadly oils

‘Cancer-causing’ chemical used in plastics and food containers can also lead to obesity and diabetes, says study

Food watchdog warning over peanut butter brand containing ‘cancer-causing fungus’

Taking the Pill ‘raises the risk of breast cancer by 50 per cent’

  • Women taking Pill have 50 per cent higher overall risk of breast cancer
  • Some pills with high levels of oestrogen can raise risk threefold compared to women who have never taken pill
  • Pills containing low-dose hormones carried no extra risks, US study finds 

Will overpopulation drive us to eat our own DEAD? Controversial academic claims humanity is moving towards cannibalism at ‘ridiculous speed’

  • Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich predicts population increases will lead to food crisis
  • Says we will have to address if it is ‘okay to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry’

Cameron’s ‘final offer’ for election TV debates: PM says he will take part in one, seven-way contest with party leaders

  • Downing Street said broadcasters caused ‘chaos’ with debate proposals
  • Branded it ‘deeply unsatisfactory’ and said they should have started earlier
  • Ultimatum said single debate must feature Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru
  • They would debate alongside Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage
  • Other parties unlikely to agree, raising doubts over whether debates will happen