The British media is a rip off, a disgrace and completely untrustworthy.

The British media is weak to say the least in fact weak is not a fair description the mainstream British media is a farce. Our newspapers report celebrity gossip as if it is the actual news and are nearly always biased. It seems to me that nearly everything we read is […]


The Sun has lost over 1 million sales in 5 years, The Daily Mail lost nearly half a million, why? Much of this is no doubt down to the internet and easier news accessibility but some of it is also no doubt down to the quality, one sided, racist Propaganda that […]

STUPID HEADLINES BY BRITAIN’S STUPID MEDIA. Featuring the Daily Star and the Daily Mail.

British boy aged 14 arrested over terrorist plot to attack a war ceremony POLICE have arrested a teenage boy over an alleged plot to attack a war memorial ceremony. Published 20th April 2015 He nearly killed dead people! Baby foreskin facial: Are you brave enough to try the latest anti-ageing […]