As I was walking through the high street of Church Stretton a few days ago I noticed a sign that pleaded “keep the library where it is,” apparently the local people of Church Stretton are in a dispute with their local government regarding the moving of Church Stretton library. Many people from and around Church Stretton are protesting about the plans, usually I would be right on board with keeping libraries open in this case however I say FUCK CHURCH STRETTON LIBRARY!

Why? Church Stretton is under the Ludlow constituency, Ludlow constituency is a safe Tory seat, they have won every election other than one since 1918! This obviously means that most people in Church Stretton voted for the cuts yet as soon as they think the cuts are going to a have slight impact on there lives they begin protesting and moaning! I come from Wolverhampton and lived three years in Fallings Park, Heath Town Library was closed years earlier (2006) as were many other poorer towns libraries in Britain. The people in Wolverhampton and many of these poorer, oppressed areas are voting against the cuts and against the Conservatives but still losing public services.

Heath Town Library closed in 2006. Many more nation wide were closed in 2012.

I would say libraries are more important for the poorer classes and therefore if towns and cities that are voting against the cuts lose their libraries and public services due to middle class, I’m alright Jacks vote than the middle class, I’m alright Jacks should also lose their libraries and STFU, after all you wanted and voted for the cuts!

The government cut sickness benefit, working tax credits and family tax credits affecting the poorest in the country, they cut out of work benefit and begin making young people work for benefit in workfare schemes again affecting the poorest in the country, they cut housing benefit, the NHS, public services. They raise tuition fees, as well as their own wages and use the media as a propaganda tool to fight unjustified wars around the world, but the only thing that pisses the people of Church Stretton off is the closure of their library!

Church Stretton is middle class for the most part, a lot (not all) of the people in and around Church Stretton are much more financially secure than many people in Wolverhampton’s surrounding towns yet the water at Church Stretton is capped at about £220 per year, this is shocking when we consider that in Wolverhampton and other cities water can cost as much as £500 per year even more on water meters!

General Election 2015: Ludlow
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Philip Dunne 26,093 54.3 +1.5
UKIP David Kelly 7,164 14.9 +10.5
Liberal Democrat Charlotte Barnes 6,469 13.5 -19.3
Labour Simon Slater 5,902 12.3 +5.6
Green Janet Phillips 2,435 5.1 +4.1
Majority 18,929 39.4
Turnout 48,063 72.4
Conservative hold Swing -6.0

It seems to me most people in Church Stretton support the cuts until the cuts come to Church Stretton!

It is not like we don’t know what the Tories do!

Right Honourable Gentlemen? By WOLVOMAN80.


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