It’s all a conspiracy theory?

When we look at the world it seems obvious to some that something isn’t right, the people that see that something isn’t right often use theories as an attempt to explain or understand what is going on. Some people blame god others (like me) blame the establishment, the Illuminati, the government, the media, corporations and so on. When people blame the  establishment, the Illuminati, the government, the media and corporations we are often dismissed as conspiracy theorists and many people believe our “lunacy” should be ignored. Due to this we are regularly dismissed as conspiracy nuts and extremists and we are censored and hidden for promoting such “strange” views and theories.

Many people in the world genuinely still believe that the governments of the world are actually trying to change the world for the better and therefore they tend to let them get on with it with very little thought, they simply get on with their own lives. They also ignore “conspiracy theorists” whom they regard as mental, insane, attention seekers and people that spread fake news. I have no doubt that sometimes we do get things wrong and much of the alternative media is now corporate promoted and owned bullshit that is put out there to make the conspiracy theorist seem far fetched and ridiculous and the normal programmed mind.

Due to this some people find it hard to believe or even listen too the average conspiracy theorist. It’s too easy to dismiss talk of secret societies, the Illuminati and Satanism and that is what most people do, but dismissing the facts is much harder.

For example it is a fact that many countries around the world are living in extreme poverty and are literally slaved and exploited by our corporations and bad government policies. It is also a fact that rich nations use their military to kill innocent people, it don’t matter what excuses our governments use for this, this remains a fact.

What the average person seems to struggle or completely fail to realize is the average conspiracy theorist is not a liar or an attention seeker! In fact the average conspiracy theorist see the actions of our government and acknowledges the actions are wrong and completely unjustifiable, this is a fact. The theories that conspiracy theories than talk of are usually merely attempts at understanding why they do this! If these people that are so evil that they are willing to kill and slave children and the poor than what makes people think they are not evil enough to lie about their motivation for doing so?

People should not be so quick to attack or dismiss the conspiracy theorist because all the real important parts like oppression, poverty, war and greed are undeniable facts that can be confirmed with very little research, they have the right to disagree with why our governments act the way they do but disagreeing with the facts is deluding yourself and its a form of willing ignorance.

Thats why I do not just blame the the establishment, the Illuminati, the government, the media and the corporations for what is happening I blame the willing ignorance of the people.


Below is a list of derogatory insults and ideas promoted and implanted in our minds by the media and the education system, these insults are designed to keep us in line and quite.

If you do not believe what the “education” system tells you to believe you’re wrong and will probably fail.

If you do not believe the media are not telling us the truth you’re paranoid.

If you believe in peace you’re a terrorist sympathizer.

If you claim benefits you’re a scrounger.

If you’re poor or council housed you’re a chav (Council housed and violent.)

If you stand against the monarchy you’re unpatriotic.

If you protest you’re a criminal.

If you do not trust the government you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

If you feel racially discriminated against you’re playing the race card.

If you criticize the hierarchy, aristocracy and the business elite you’re jealous of their wealth.

If you do not dress like everyone else you’re unfashionable and therefore unpopular.

If you’re ill, you’re a strain on the NHS.

If you criticize or stand against the exploitation of the third world you’re a hypocrite, after all we all contribute towards the exploitation of the third world, in Britain it is almost impossible not to fund it in some shape or form. Chocolate, Clothes, Tobacco, Tesco, Walmart, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony are just a few ways that come to mind.