I have always loved boxing but sometimes it is a massive rip off.

A bit different to my usual subject but I have been meaning to write this blog for sometime now.

I am a life long boxing fan, I have always been fascinated by what I believe is the most unpredictable and exciting sport out of them all. Most people might not know this but my YouTube channel was originally used mainly for boxing videos. I love Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, James Toney, Naseem Hamed, Vasyl Lomachenko, Manny Pacquiao and many others. I admire the defensive abilities of Floyd Mayweather, the speed, skill and size of Tyson Fury and I love the history to boxing. From Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury boxing has always been closely linked to politics.

The reason for this is boxers tend to come from oppressive harsh backgrounds, they are not usually as politically conditioned as the rest of society, if it was not for boxing most would admit that a potential life of crime and even prison would await them. These people are warriors and warriors are not scared of anything least of all speaking their mind and that tends to get them in to trouble.

So boxing has always been my favourite sport.

But I am beginning to notice a disturbing pattern with boxing. For example a couple of weeks ago I watched Andre Ward fight Sergey Kovalev, it was an alright fight but it was completely ruined by a ridiculous decision. I like Andre Ward and I liked him even more after the fight he showed guts and bravery that most people do not have, but he lost! I don’t care if the fight is in the USA, Sergey Kovalev was dominate through much of the fight and though Ward fought back hard and nicked a few rounds he didn’t win the fight.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao, at first watch I believed Mayweather won, the commentators are so pro Mayweather and they do influence your mind. After watching the fight again I believe that Pacquiao won mainly due to the inactivity of Mayweather. He slowed the fight down and made Pacquiao miss but slowing down the fight and dodging does not win fights. Pacquiao was the aggressor and he landed more punches than Mayweather despite what HBO stats tell us, recounts have proven HBO stats are like everything corporate MONEY GUIDED BULLSHIT. Similar result to when he fought Castillo the first time. Mayweather vs Maidana 1 was not even close watch the fight, Maidana won nearly every round on punches landed surely that is how a fight should be scored unless harder punches are being landed by the opponent.

The pattern I speak of is the fact that foreign fighters are being robbed in the United States when they fight Americans.

American commentators, boxers and so called experts desperately tell us why the American fighter won but I do not believe that even they believe it. Take Paulie Malignaggi he knows his boxing and he gives speeches after his fight on the corruption in boxing yet he than tells us he scored the fight to Ward! I don’t believe him. He called Manny Pacquiao a sore loser when Pacquiao claimed he believed he beat Mayweather and the judges got it wrong. Yet when he ends up on the wrong end of a close decision he cries.. I guess to work for News Corporation you have to be a puppet.

Even more concerning is the fact that boxers or boxing promoters are now being allowed to hand pick opponents, look at the heavyweight division we have Anthony Joshua, Joshua Parker, Luis Ortiz, Tyson Fury, Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilde and David Haye yet none of these other than Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko have fought each other. Too many world champions and it is ruining the sport.

Anthony Joshua is a household name in the UK but he really has not fought anybody proven to be world class yet, he has just beat up average opponents. Deontay Wilde is the same and David Haye seems happy to spend what remains of his career beating up mediocre opponents that don’t belong in the ring with him (at least he is not a world champion unlike Wilder and Joshua.)

I respect these people and I also believe the promoters are much to blame, they want to milk the cash cow before taking real risks but the sport suffers as a result.

As everybody knew would happen Joshua knocked out Eric Molina with no problem, but why was he even in the ring and on PPV at £17.50 with Molina in the first place? Especially when Dillian Whyte who gave Joshua a good fight last year was fighting Dereck Chisora on the same night. Either one of them would have been better than what we ended up with. Not that I would pay £17.50 for it in the first place!






I have now uploaded this video at least 5 times due to non moving view counts, the video has been made inaccessible even to most of my subscribers, I will also lose subs the second the video appears on YouTube (it happens every time I upload anything)

Google are also refusing to pay me the money my videos have made and YouTube (my partners) are refusing to respond to my complaints.


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I think that most people would agree that important aspects of humanity are under attack, the entertainment industry is one of the weapons used by the attackers. The entertainment industry portrays women negatively it also makes out that casual sex is a very regular part of society, sometimes it is although it is not as regular as TV makes out (at least not in my experience.) TV shows like the shit How I met your mother, Friends, Modern Family and many others show a completely unrealistic and unhealthy portrayal of sex and relationships. One night stands and flings are regularly shown yet the potential consequences are usually completely overlooked.

Think about friends how many one night stands and short term boyfriends and girlfriends do they have between them? Yet how often do you see Joey looking at his penis telling Chandler “I think there is something wrong down here” or Phoebe, Monica or Rachel having to deal with a child conceived from a one night stand with a stranger or stressing about the fact they think they could have an STD? Many of these TV shows show very little in the way of actual sex but they still manage to show an incredibly liberal attitude towards it, if only they were so liberal minded in other aspects of life.

Obviously TV usually attempts to imitate the real world and real life and casual sex is sometimes a part of real life but is it as regular as portrayed on TV? Instead of TV imitating real life is the entertainment industry seem to be leading the way in this casual attitude towards sex, most of this shows have a young impressionable, audience. Instead of using this power they have to give a positive message they seem happy to pass negative messages and reckless attitudes to our youth. Why would they do they this? I believe it comes down to the fact that a critical thinking, intelligent society is harder to govern and control than a demoralized, desperate, unthinking society. The attitudes promoted on mainstream TV will usually lead to a lifetime of self oppression, disappointment and desperation, this self oppression, disappointment and desperation is hardly ever realistically portrayed by mainstream entertainment especially on these so called “family friendly shows.”


The entertainment industry also fails to realistically portray the fact that these women giving themselves away so cheaply are actually devaluing themselves in the eyes of many including them future-selves , lets be honest nobody wants a misses that has a list of lovers longer then an average weekly shopping receipt for a family of four. Men are encouraged to act like none thinking, drunken whores and on these TV shows women love them love it, it is portrayed as harmless fun and cool, independence is portrayed as lonely and using people to get over people that you love and care for is regular. This portrayal could one of the biggest contributors towards social problems like; the rise in broken families and single parents, the rise in teenage and unwanted pregnancies and the rise of STDs (a problem never mentioned in most TV shows.)

These TV shows undoubtedly normalize casual sex and many of the TV shows that are guilty of doing so are in fact aimed at lower age groups! I think you could easily make an argument for many of these shit, trashy and dumb TV sitcoms having worse morals to them than much of adult TV.

Alcohol is also usually portrayed as harmless fun and the trouble alcohol brings usually consists of an headache and a couple of jokes about feeling like shit, yet alcohol kills thousands of people every week and injures many more. These TV shows present our youth with the boring, one dimensional, lonely world of go to work, get drunk, get laid but they portray as fun, meaningful and the route to happiness. Guess what kids, most the time it’s not!






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Released 5th November 2014, to collaborate with Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot.

EPISODES 6 to 9.

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These videos and others were uploaded on to sub channels due to YouTube preventing me from uploading any material over 15 minutes on to my main channel for two years! YouTube are also refusing to pay me what they owe me for adverts placed on my videos, not counting videos properly and even removing videos based on false claims made by other corporations like BBC, News Corp, Hearst and many others.





Recently my estimated YouTube estimated earnings were showing nearly $13000, not much for 3 years work and over 14 million views, most of which have had ads on the side bars at the bottom of the picture and adverts ranging from 10 seconds to over one minute in front of the video, adverts Google will be paid for, $13000 is not great but it is a start, its something to show for the hours that I have sat at this computer researching and putting information together.

Two days later I log in to my YouTube account to access the money I have earned, its gone, my estimated earnings now show 0.64 cents! I attempt to contact Google, I find a YouTube contact email, service@youtube.com and send my questions.

The next I day receive an email, message failed I send it again and try to find other ways of contacting YouTube or Google, after literally hours of looking through YouTube troubleshooting pages, answering questionnaires, searching the internet and even a desperate phone call to Google Adwords I get no where.

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to contact Google over the internet, I believe that it would be easier to contact the dead then what it is Google. Why is it so hard to contact Google or YouTube? The only way left for me to try is a letter to their head office, Google own Gmail, YouTube, control a massive proportion of the internet and are supposed to be leader in the technological world, yet the only way to contact them is a letter, what do they think it is the 1800s? Its just an easy way for Google and YouTube to completely ignore peoples complaints and problems.

Complaints like YouTube paying sick, greedy corporations for views and adverts used on my videos, Sony, BBC, News Corporation and Hearst Corporation have all profited and sometimes even taken down videos that I have made, I am aware that these companies are due some payment, for some clips I have used but surely not all of it, apparently I am allowed none of it, I have 4 kids and I am currently unemployed and on benefits, I am owed money from billionaire corporations, but that will not stop the Department of Work and pensions (who’s offices attacked my website earlier on in the year, leading to my website having to be taken down)  from pressuring me from taken a shit job at a warehouse for no more money then my benefits.

One month later my earnings are now showing $3.22.

First Published 17/07/2013.

The GREED OF Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders and 16% owners of internet giant Google. As of 2013, Page’s personal wealth is estimated to be US $20.3 billion, ranking him 13th on the Forbes 400, a list of the 400 richest Americans. In 2013 Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin’s personal wealth was estimated to be $22.8 billion by Forbes making him the 21st richest man on the planet.

But like most billionaires the more money they get the greedier they become, in 2012 Google invested $18.2 billion dollars in to lobbying making them the 8th biggest government investors in the USA, money well spent because due to the super rich and huge multi national corporations like Google lobbying there are now so many loop holes in the tax system its easy for these billionaire corporations like Google, Amazon and Starbucks to avoid paying the huge tax bills that the middle and working classes are imprisoned for not paying.

The working classes pay as little as 20% and as much as 50% the super rich pay as little as 0% and as much as 5%, its a effective way to keep themselves rich and the rest of us poor, Google tax evasion has cost the American tax payer $3.1 billion dollars over a three year span, why else would the lobbyists lobby?

Google finances is not the only source of power Google have, Google also have control of information, they have information on its users even more disturbingly they have the power to chose what we read on Google news and even what we watch on Youtube, Google may not yet censor but even without full blown censorship they have the power to hide and slow the spread information, if Google do not like something like criticism of themselves for scandals like tax evasion and lobbying they can easily hide it and prevent millions from reading it. Google is a very dangerous and greedy company and the greed of Google is destroying the internet, they have already destroyed YouTube with ads and censor now they are destroying the whole internet and freedom of speech at the same time.



Most people that watch the news would now agree that the mainstream media is corrupt, the Leveson inquiry helped expose secret meetings and secret deals between the Conservative party and News Corporation, this was the reason that News Corporation backed and propagated David Cameron’s election campaign.

Despite scandals and facts like this the mainstream media then have the nerve to suggest that online bloggers, blogging anonymously are dangerous and a threat to society, the media claim they spread fear, hate and lies, and I have no doubt that sometimes they do. However I doubt very much that they spread as much fear, hate and lies as the mainstream media do and if people trusted the media people would not have to look else where for information.

The mainstream media insist that conspiracy theories are dangerous, and again this can be true, for example, the conspiracy theories and lies printed by our mainstream media regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqis, conspiracy theories online are not streamed in to millions of households every night, unlike the lies and “conspiracy theories” of our mainstream media.

What the mainstream media either fail or do not want to see is, its not the online “conspiracy theories” that is dangerous, the massive lack of trust in our media and government is the real threat. They lie so much that anyone with an I.Q above twenty would have to question them, all these lies and all this propaganda has led to a massive lack of trust in our media and government, the trouble is, our media and government is the only place that we can get our information from, and surely any half intelligent person would say to themselves “If they would lie about Iraq like they did, they would probably do the same with Syria, Iran or wherever they decide to attack next” the corrupt mainstream media have helped what they call “conspiracy theorists” but others call them “truthers” get recognition. An alternative voice in a world of corporate media can only be good, if you like what they are saying or not.

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First Published 2/09/2013