Knowing the world is fucked and the government are corrupt is not necessarily being awake!

So many people claim to be awake but what is “being awake?”

Over the last fifteen years the government have been well and truly exposed by the internet, people nowadays have easy access to much more information than they ever did before. This information has been an embarrassment to many governments and “high ranking” members of society. It is undeniable that people are armed with much better information than ever before so why are things only getting worse?

Knowing the world is fucked and the government are corrupt is not necessarily being awake! To be awake is know that the answer is you! There is literally no point whatsoever in knowing only to carry on the same as before.

I always find it shocking how people have access to the information but don’t use it or allow to change their lives at all.

I believe if you are not fighting them you are or might as well be asleep!

To be awake is to understand that we can change the world we can’t make it perfect but we can at least try and make it much fairer. I believe it is our responsibility to fight for people less fortunate and worse effected by our system. To overlook the extortion, thievery and greed happening on a huge scale in front of our faces because it allows us to pay less for clothes and technology is no different to stealing and extorting people yourself.

To be awake is to not be impressed by logos and hype to see past the image that corporations present and see the for what they are. Which is obviously tax avoiding, thieving, extortionist, parasites that only care about profit.


The Internet that once connected us is quickly evolving into something that disconnects us!

The Internet has changed over the years, when I first used the Internet the connection was slow, it actually once took me about two hours to download a video that was less than 20 seconds! In many ways the Internet has improved we have faster connections, which allows us to stream HD videos and even live broadcasts. The Internet bought us social media, alternative media, independent journalism and information on anything. Its undeniable that the Internet has changed the way that many of us think, there does seem to be a mass awakening going on and the Internet has been a massive part of that awakening.

The mass awakening we are witnessing has caused panic in many governments and governments have rushed through laws that affect our freedom as a result of this. As well as changing laws websites and the Internet in general have also changed, for example YouTube today is full of corporate made, product placed videos. YouTube has been altered to suit regular uploaders, people that upload multiple videos everyday, the trouble is people (individuals) cannot upload videos everyday. Changes like this have been made to suit corporations because only corporations can upload videos everyday without it impacting the quality of they they make because only corporations have the budget and team to do that.

YouTube and Facebook have been over complicated, for example on the Facebook of old you could like something join a group or be a friend, not anymore! You can like a page but without clicking the “make posts visible” button you still don’t see them. You can be somebodies friend but not follow them or follow them without being there friend and mute them WTF? If somebody irritates you that much that you cannot be bothered to read a sentence they posted on Facebook ask yourself why are they your “friend?”

Facebook used to be full of ideas until they started this pay to reach shit, now Facebook is full of corporate sponsors and “fake news” helps give them an excuse to censor the Internet of information and ideas while promoting the corporate media (the real fake news.)

They will not use the Internet to disconnect you from your friends (life does that) but they will use the Internet to disconnect political movements, protests and political groups. The Internet was once a place full of ideas, from real people and information with very few adverts, today the Internet is a place of adverts and ideas from corporations of how to spend your money, corporate propaganda with very few real people because real people cannot afford to be heard anymore.



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FUCK David Cameron, media, education system, government, war on terror, Propaganda, lies, Racists, Racism, Bullingdon Club, Theresa May, Adele, Conformists, Conformism, the police, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Ignorance, stupidity, Illuminati, Corporations, Corporate tax evasion, Monarchies, hierarchies, Zionism, the Daily Mail, aristocracy, New World Order and much more. 2016 Documentary BY WOLVOMAN80.




The Brit awards an awards ceremony in Britain that claims to recognize and award the best music and musicians in Britain and even worldwide. I cannot comment on all the music that won awards as I do not listen to most modern day shit but I did notice that commercial, brain-dead garbage One direction won an award for best video with the video to You and I. The only way I can ever see or imagine One Direction making a video that deserves to win an award or even to be viewed by me and take up 5 minutes of my life is if that video was showing the people involved in One Direction having their tongues cut out, so they can never hurt us with that horrible noise again.

I stopped watching the Brit Awards when I was about 15 years old because it was boring then, but nowadays it is even worse, I do kind of regret watching Madonna make a complete fool out of herself, falling off the stage when performing her satanic/pagan ritual based performance.

When reading the winners and the performers I could not help but ask myself is this really the best music that Britain or the world has to offer? British music has become boring, corporations that control the radio channels and the T.V channels have saturated the market including the TV and Radio channels with horrible, pop music that sounds like it is made for 10 year old girls.

Music is so fake nowadays and so are most of the musicians, British music is not the only music to suffer American music is even worse and American Musicians are even more fake than British Musicians, this is a shame as America has like Britain produced some amazing music over the years.

It seems to me that everything corporations get their hands on they destroy, they destroy our food with G.M ingredients, chemical flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, most corporate food taste like shit and is full of shit! Corporations destroy our local markets and businesses, they destroy the lives of the people that are unfortunate enough to be exploited by the greed of these businesses, they fail to pay fair wages, fair tax amounts and have very limited competition, and now they are destroying our music and replacing it with soulless, meaningless, nonsense, pretty boys and fame whores.



yt censor

Facebook have been censoring their website for a long time but since this shit pay to reach thing started, the censorship seems to have been turned up and couple of notches. When I first began to post on Facebook, a post could easily reach ten or twenty thousand people, my most popular actually reached over 100000 people, nowadays a post of mine struggles to reach 50 people in 24 hours. Despite the fact I have more likes than I have ever had, well I did until Early last month since then I have lost at least 30 maybe more, whats more is numerous people have contacted me and informed me that Facebook actually stopped them from liking my page, one person said he had to like my page three times before Facebook accepted he wanted to “like my page.” I also know that I am not the only person receiving this kind of treatment from Facebook as numerous pages that I like and follow are all complaining about the same shit.

These levels of censorship are frustrating to say the least and they do bring our reach down and therefore slow the spread of information and confine that information to a much smaller group and this is all bad news, but there is good news and that is, these levels of censorship actually show that “they” are scared. The almighty rulers of Earth are terrified, public trust is falling, the internet is exposing them, ridiculing them and laughing at them all at the same time. People are moving away from the propaganda and hate filled mainstream media and learning more truth then they have ever been able to learn before.

The government, the corporations and the hierarchy bloodlines seem to have no idea how to fight this battle, that is because their arguments are weak and they are known to be greedy which means it is hard for them to win the battle of our minds, so they try intimidation, they use their mainstream media to call us extremists and turn people against each other.

But what people should remember is we are just exercising our right to freedom of speech, David Cameron, Barrack Obama and many other politicians talk like anyone that don’t believe what they say is a complete lunatic that needs to be shut up instantly. They talk like this yet they never ever stop fucking lying. I believe that Facebook have probably been paid by the rich and government from taxpayers money to hide information from the taxpayer!

If that is the case the government and their puppet masters are obviously worried. People moving away from mainstream media is resulting in the propaganda depending puppet masters losing their invincibility, before the days of the internet people relied purely on the lying, propaganda printing, government mouthpiece mainstream media and the mainstream media told us what they wanted us to know, nowadays however the internet is full of information that the government/establishment would rather you not read. The heavy censorship tactics being employed by greedy corporations like Facebook, Google and many others are realistically proof that the establishment know that they can not possibly win the argument based own their own ideas, so instead of concentrating on improving their own ideas they concentrate on attacking and silencing anybody that disagrees with them. LAME.



These videos and others were uploaded on to sub channels due to YouTube preventing me from uploading any material over 15 minutes on to my main channel for two years! YouTube are also refusing to pay me what they owe me for adverts placed on my videos, not counting videos properly and even removing videos based on false claims made by other corporations like BBC, News Corp, Hearst and many others.