Have you ever noticed the more the establishment do to control us the more they lose control?

God works in mysterious ways of that there is no doubt unlike governments their way of working is as predictable the sun’s movement. They will do what is profitable and what suits and benefits themselves and their puppet masters. They are control freaks and right now they must be feeling pretty frustrated because I believe they are in about as much control as Richard Hammond driving an expensive car at 300 mile per hour! Over the last twenty or thirty years the government have made so many moves in an attempt to control us as a people yet they have less control now then ever.

It was beginning to get to a stage where they could have easily have known you’re friends, you’re family, how much money you have, what you watch and do online, on TV and all other sorts. But I believe things seem to be changing and a better future could potentially be in sight. The only problem is I would not count on the establishment letting go easily but right now every move they make seems to explode in their scaly reptilian faces.

The Internet started this fall YouTube and Facebook book began to spread it which prompted the government to begin a war on freedom of speech and expression particularly on social media and YouTube and it was beginning to get to a stage where they had nearly full control of the Internet. They were winning comfortable.

Unfortunately for them the people that want freedom are smarter then the people that want to control us are and they always seem to find a way to annoy. We could be now moving towards a decentralized Internet, decentralization of the Internet will be bigger than just Steemit given a few years.

Cryptocurrency means that for the first time in hundreds of years they could even be potentially losing control of money. What is even worse as far as the establishment are concerned is they are losing control of our minds. Recently elections have exposed people do not take as much notice of the corporate media as they used to. In fact the corporate media seem to be the kiss of death for a politician at the moment. They backed Hilary Clinton in the USA that was a disaster and Theresa May in the UK she had a disaster that has since got even worse as she does deals with the DUP to stay in power.

Oh the irony she spends years attacking extremists and terrorists sympathizers now she is forced to do a deal with the who are DUP sometimes (and by sometimes I mean regularly) accused of being extremists and terrorist sympathizers. This comes after arguing that voting for her would prevent a coalition of chaos.

It seems to me that every step they take to silence us or control us prompts us to move in a different direction that just makes us stronger and themselves weaker its pretty comical really.

Take control of your life or let others control it for you???

In life we are given many options or at least we believe we are, we believe in freedom and freedom of choice but are we really free and do we have freedom of choice?

From birth to three years old we cannot do much and we rely on our parents to help us through. After that we go to school most of us have very little “choice” about this. From 4 to 16 we are told work hard in school and to go to college so some do work hard, when we are in college or even better university we are told to work hard for a better job so again some do.

We start our job we are told to work hard to get a better paid job within the company or even end up with a new bigger company for better money. So we work hard to be comfortable for when we retire and maybe if we are lucky leave our families something behind.

Meanwhile the system that “taught” you is taxing you, constantly harassing you and profiting from your will to do what you believe is the right thing. Much of the money they collect from you in taxes is spent on simply looking after themselves and their puppet masters and fighting unjust wars around the world.

Parents that claim to work hard for their families yet they spend more time at work than they do with their families! Children are raised by the system instead of by their parents and the system destroys their individuality and promotes a self adsorbed ignorant mentality.

The parents would justify this by claiming “we have no choice” but you do have a choice and that choice is let the system and money control your life or control your own life.

I have worked many jobs and its funny how when we work we worry about shit that should not bother us one bit. “Will I hit my targets? Will I finish the house in time for the painter? Are my team under-performing? Will I get the promotion?” It’s all bullshit and the only thing that is important is your children but you are far to stressed to spend time with them. I wonder how many people lay on their death beds and say “I wish I worked harder.”

In life you do what YOU want to do.. Make your own decisions because you are the one that lives with the decisions that you make…

If you allow other people to control your life you cannot blame other people when things go wrong or you end up unhappy and unfulfilled you still have to blame yourself because you choose to be controlled.

We are living in a world in which many people have nice houses, nice cars, lots of gadgets, toys and money but they are still not happy! The reason they are not happy is usually because the more we have the more we need! The bigger the house the bigger the mortgage, the more money we make the more we spend. Its like a trap and the only way to escape is not play the game…

Live within your means and destroy the materialistic fake world, rat race that has been planted in your brain.


17 million views pays me less than $200! Videos removed based on false copyright claims, I dispute the claims, I win the dispute only for the claim to start again a few months later. They refuse to pay me on new videos, with no explanation given why they refusing to pay, I guess they are exercising they’re right of choosing what becomes a financial success and not! No video is safe, even if I made all of it myself (including music.) I believe it comes due to my anti Zionist, anti Racist, anti Israel views. Google seem so desperate to protect Israel that they are actually destroying our civil liberties and rights to do so.

Google, Facebook, the government and the controlled mainstream media may like and support genocide in Palestine some do not, GET OVER IT AND STOP FUCKING FINANCIALLY STARVING THE TRUTH AND ENDORSING THE PROPAGANDA.

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