Cull the Tories not Britain’s wildlife.

Have you ever noticed that Conservatives and rich in general seem to get some kind of psychopathic buzz out of seeing a animal get slaughtered? Foxes, Badgers, Rabbits and Pigeons are regularly slaughtered for “sport” or mistreated in the name of hygiene.

It always seems to me that Conservatives are only happy when they are dishing out murder and pain on to living creatures. It don’t matter if they are human or animals as long as they are killing they seem to be happy.

The Conservatives answer to EVERYTHING is usually as simple as “kill them.” Extremists “kill them,” Terrorists (they are the real terrorists) “kill them,” Badgers “kill them” Foxes “kill them” Pigeons “kill them” Rabbits “kill them.”

Rabbits affected by myxomatosis may show respiratory signs including difficulty breathing. Most animals die of the disease within two weeks. Rabbits that survive may shed the virus up to 30 days. Most rabbits who recover from myxomatosis are immune to re-infection for the rest of their lives.

Myxomatosis is a man made virus that was first released into the wild in the 1950s, to reduce rabbit populations throughout various countries. Pigeons also suffer from cruel treatment such as piercing unhatched eggs and many cities now warn “DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS.”

There seems to be nothing that the average inbreed country bumpkin enjoys more than slaughtering and mistreating animals. This may sound hypocritical for me to criticize as I do eat meat but killing for food and survival is NOT the same as killing for fun.

Foxes are beautiful intelligent animals that deserve respect as are badgers. Britain’s wildlife is not a problem its not like we have bears or wolves attacking people.

As for the medias BULLSHIT reports of foxes being dangerous and attacking people, I struggle to believe it. I used to feed the foxes as there is many in Wolverhampton and I see them as one of Britain’s most interesting creatures. I struggle to see any problem with foxes or badgers at all. Badger spread TB to cows the average country bumpkin will insist but is this scientifically proven? And cows are now vaccinated against TB so if these vaccinations are so great and effective than why do we need to continue culling badgers?

I believe its time for a change in direction. Instead of spending millions on culling harmless animals, poorer nations and the poorer classes (how many people died because of benefit sanctions?) lets cull the Conservatives instead.

If the inbred country bumpkins hate foxes and badgers so much move the fuck away from them.

Simon Dudley hates the homeless and loves the parasitic super rich.

The Evening Standard (a pro Conservative government mouth piece) reported yesterday that Theresa May has distanced herself from a Tory council leader who called for rough sleepers to be cleared from Windsor before the Royal Wedding.

The Prime Minister said she disagreed with comments made by Simon Dudley, who said beggars may show the town in a “sadly unfavourable light” when Prince Harry marries American actress Meghan Markle in May.

He has been slammed for his tweets that said some rough sleepers had made a “commercial life choice praying (sic) on residents and tourists”.

In a letter to police, Mr Dudley also complained about “aggressive begging and intimidation”, and “bags and detritus” on the streets.

Full Story @

I have news for the clueless Simon Dudley; The aggressiveness of begging from the homeless population is NOTHING compared to the extortion and obscene greed and aggressiveness used by the HMRC!

There would not be so many homeless people if the government was doing its job properly. And fuck the Royal wedding, fuck Prince Harry the Royal Family in general and the Conservative government. Stupid comments like this surely just expose how out of touch the British government has become.

A real politician with any sense of loyalty towards taxpayers and the nation they govern would not be “exposing” the aggression used by the homeless instead they would be exposing the aggression used by the government as they put people in prison for failure to pay council tax (a completely unfair and extortionate tax.)

Instead of considering removing the homeless out of sight the government should be suggesting things like removing ALL public funding of the Royal Wedding and Royal Family in general. Simon Dudley you are a ignorant psychopathic prick so STFU and do the country a favour. In other words FUCK OFF. Who gives a fuck about a these two parasites and their wedding anyway?

This man has no soul.


The Conservatives are managing the countries finances much the same way a drug addict manages their families finances.

How did we end up with a government that are so disconnected from real people and real life? The answer is surprisingly simple we were distracting. We were watching TV, following our local (foreign owned and foreign filled) football team, working, raising families and dealing with real life. The system assures that we work for only our own interest and the interest of the government as opposed to working for the interest of each other. I honestly see NO POINT whatsoever in a government if we have to rely on foodbank charities and donations from people. Surely this should be a sign to the masses that the system is failing people, the system takes from and extorts the poor to feed the rich.

The government supposed to be paid and exist to help solve problems yet they’re causing problems, the people are the ones at least trying to solves the problems with donations and charity but I believe the people are fighting a losing battle.

The government don’t even attempt to solve problems they attempt to enslave us, get a job pay us tax problem solved. We in the UK are extorted the Conservatives are tight, money obsessed parasitic, thieves. Why? Much the same reason a heroin addict can be a tight, money obsessed thief, they have expensive habits to pay for.

Their breakfasts cost as much as our weekly shops, their cars costs as much as our houses, a bottle of their wine costs as much as a pallet of our wine. Their Caviar munching, champagne sipping lifestyles are expensive somebody has to pay for it. We pay for it!

How can the rich afford to pay tax when the maintenance bill historic properties is so high? Just getting their places warm must take as much energy as five streets.

If the system was not set up the way that it is these people would run out of money. The system has been designed to assure that does not happen, we fund them.


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The Conservatives acknowledge there is a problem and they are looking into it!

I was watching Theresa May being interviewed by Andrew Marr yesterday on BBC’s YouTube channel. Andrew Marr (in my opinion) is not a great interviewer I would rather let Jeremy Paxman (when on form) have a go at her myself. I think Andrew Marr and anybody that works for the mainstream media are highly restricted in what they can say but despite these restrictions Theresa May still come out of the interview looking clueless and giving NOT ONE straight answer.

The amount of times she “acknowledges” there is a problem and claims to be looking at it is ridiculous. I know there is a problem as well and I just spent nearly 29 minutes looking at it. I was looking at it as it evaded giving any real answers or commitments to anything other than the fact students will be £30 a month better off!

The interview was a bit tame as Andrew Marr could and should have asked much more pressing questions. Ask her about her husband profiting from G4S as she fights to increase their powers. Ask her about the government covering up Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile (who was put in charge of Broodmoor by the Conservatives don’t forget) and an endless list of other rich and powerful members of the UK’s political elite. She would probably acknowledge there is a problem and look at it. Ask her about benefit sanctions, corporate tax evasion and government corruption and greed. Ask how Boris Johnson insists that £140000 per year is not enough to live on but people on benefits and low paid jobs are expected to live on less than £10000 per year (WITHOUT EXPENSES PAID.) Ask her why politicians are allowed spare houses when ordinary people are not allowed spare bedrooms.  Ask her how this kind of hypocrisy managed to take over a full political party, the media and the United Kingdom.

After you have finished asking her these questions poke her in both eyes at the same time, kick her shin and slap her hard while explaining to her that she is running a illegitimate, corrupt shower of shit of a government. Explain to her that her policies are old fashioned, short sighted and weak. And then take her to the deepest hole in the ground and throw her in it.

This woman is a liar, a Warmonger and a psychopath. She has no compassion or regard for the destruction that her and her Party have upon the poorest people in our nation. She is a banker’s and corporate puppet with no mind or ideas of her own.

She is so quick to attack labour and their ideas but she brings nothing to the table herself.


Britain is a country of extortion, forced labour, forced poverty and rich parasites.

“Great” Britain is a joke, a joke that stopped being funny along time ago, its a piss take! About nine months ago I was on Working Tax credits, I was receiving payments of working tax credit every week and receiving small payments from Google Adsense, Amazon, Create Space plus I was selling DVDs at local markets (an idea that led to me being harassed by the police in Birmingham, despite the fact I printed the law out from a government website which proved I was allowed “as the creator” of the video to sell with NO permission anyway I want including markets and door to door.)

The HMRC decided I was not earning enough to continue to claim self employment benefits (despite no cap being mentioned on their website and to the bafflement of Jobcentre staff.)

Without NO warning they stop all my benefits and leave me with just the money I was earning on-line to live on. I appeal against their decision that I am not entitled to working tax credit (because their own website shows that I “could be” entitled to working tax credits, as shown above) a process they tell me will only take two weeks.

Meanwhile I receive NO benefits. I have by now spent all of the money that I had managed to save before the HMRC’s massacre of my business and I am forced to live from family handouts. I have been FORCED to claim Universal Credit and I am still waiting for a payment as I have lived about six weeks waiting for an appeal that was only going to take two weeks with nothing. The delay came because of a change of address, I’m not sure why me moving house could or would delay an appeal this way but it did.

After about sixteen weeks with no money at all and an appeal still in progress and a loan of three hundred and eight pound sent to me (three hundred went to my rent) I finally receive a payment of £566 from universal credit again three hundred for rent.

To receive this money I have to be actively looking for work 35 hour a week! FORCED LABOUR. If I don’t obey their instructions I could receive a benefit sanction and have literally no money. No eating, electric, no gas and eventually no home.

I am surviving on £266 a month and have been for about five months. Today I wake up only to see a letter this letter is demanding the intimidate payment of £742 pound council tax.

They claim they have been trying to contact me but I have been ignoring them! How dare I ignore them?

Under my desk I have a pile of paper work. You would think I was a corporation with thousands of employees. Court documents, tax information, benefit forms, business receipts and information, letters from HMRC, DWP, UC and fuck knows who else. Just to exist in this hell hole the government are creating requires hours and hours of paper work and tons of money.

I have a message for the HMRC, DWP, UC, the government, Theresa May, the Royal’s, Boris Johnson in fact all Tories, Shropshire Council, Wolverhampton Council, the court which finally decided last week (about six months after I started the appeal) I am not entitled to self employment benefit, Jobcentre and who else it concerns; FUCK OFF PARASITES.

The Conservatives lost this election and should not even be in power!

I know what you are thinking I’m deluded Conservatives won the most seats so they won the election. But what should be considered above seats is actual votes and if democracy was to prevail Britain would now be moving towards being a socialist state as opposed to a Capitalist state. Why? Look at the vote numbers below.

General Election 2017 results


318 Net change in seats-13 Votes13,669,883 Vote Share42.4 Net change in seats+5.5


262 Net change in seats+30 Votes12,878,460 Vote Share40.0 Net change in seats+9.5

Scottish National Party

35 Net change in seats-21 Votes977,569 Vote Share3.0 Net change in seats-1.7

Liberal Democrat

12 Net change in seats+4 Votes2,371,910 Vote Share7.4 Net change in seats-0.5

Democratic Unionist Party

10 Net change in seats+2 Votes292,316 Vote Share0.9 Net change in seats+0.3

Sinn Fein

7 Net change in seats+3 Votes238,915 Vote Share0.7 Net change in seats+0.2

Plaid Cymru

4 Net change in seats+1 Votes164,466 Vote Share0.5 Net change in seats-0.1

Green Party

1 Net change in seats0 Votes525,435 Vote Share1.6 Net change in seats-2.1


0 Net change in seats-1 Votes594,068 Vote Share1.8 Net change in seats-10.8

Social Democratic & Labour Party

0 Net change in seats-3 Votes95,419 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats0.0

Ulster Unionist Party

0 Net change in seats-2 Votes83,280 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats-0.1

Alliance Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes64,553 Vote Share0.2 Net change in seats0.0

National Health Action

0 Net change in seats0 Votes16,119 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

The Yorkshire Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes20,958 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

British National Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes4,642 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Christian Peoples Alliance

0 Net change in seats0 Votes5,869 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

English Democrats

0 Net change in seats0 Votes1,913 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Monster Raving Loony Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,890 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Pirate Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes2,321 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Social Democratic Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes469 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Women’s Equality Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,580 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Workers Revolutionary Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes771 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0


1 Net change in seats0 Votes186,675 Vote Share0.6 Net change in seats+0.3

Turnout and Electorate





So nearly 47 million were eligible to vote but only 13,669,883 voted Conservatives. Labour won 12,878,460 and the Liberal Democrats won 2,371,910, a further 525,435 voted Green Party and 164,466 voted Welsh party Plaid Cymru and then 95,419 voted Social Democratic & Labour Party what do all these parties have in common? They are left wing and this has not even considered the SNP who also claim to be anti austerity and very anti Conservative. Even if we add UKIP and the Democratic Unionist Party’s numbers to the Conservatives we still do not even get close to their opposition. 15,251,155 voted parties that have policies much more in line with socialism than they do capitalism. And if we add the SNP’s vote on to that figure (as they do claim to be anti austerity and anti Conservative) which was 977,569 votes we end up with 16,228,724 anti Conservative votes. 
That is why the Conservatives lost this election and are no longer (never was in opinion) a legitimate government.

Theresa May vows to rip up human rights laws in fight against terrorism

Below is a short part of the story posted by The Evening Standard (the newspaper that has former Conservative MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.)

Theresa May has declared that she will tear up some human rights laws as she ramped up her rhetoric in the fight against terrorism.

The Prime Minister said she was looking at how to do make it easier to “deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries”, adding that is if she is re-elected on Thursday “we will change laws so we can do it”.

She made the comments, which came after seven people were killed and dozens injured in a horrific terrorist attack in London Bridge, in one of her last speeches before the General Election campaign draws to a close.

Mrs May’s stance was criticised by her rivals, who said the issue was one of resources and once again pointed to cuts to police numbers during Mrs May’s time as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016. Read more here

Theresa May’s and the Conservative Party’s language disturbs me “rip up human rights” for you, your children for everyone to fight terrorism? But doesn’t that just mean terrorism has won? Is she so shortsighted that she does not see or understand that or does she know that fear is her only card.

It concerns me the way she presents people losing their human rights and internet regulation as positive steps when they are not positive because they make us less free and the government more powerful.

The Daily Mail today reported

Labour’s apologists for terror: The Mail accuses Corbyn troika of befriending Britain’s enemies and scorning the institutions that keep us safe

Today, the Daily Mail accuses Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott — the troika who could run the next government — of being unashamed apologists for terror, who have devoted their lives to befriending the enemies of Britain while undermining the very institutions that keep us safe in our beds.

Let us be clear. We have no doubt that Mr Corbyn’s expressions of horror over the atrocities in Manchester and at London Bridge, and his sympathy for the victims and their families, were sincere.

But the ineluctable truth is that the Labour leader and his closest associates have spent their careers cosying up to those who hate our country, while pouring scorn on the police and security services and opposing anti-terror legislation over and over and over again.

Yes, Mr Corbyn has impressed some with his quiet composure under hostile questioning. But he personally has spent a political lifetime courting mass murderers in the Middle East, Ireland and elsewhere in the world, affronting his party and its decent traditional supporters, while voting on 56 occasions against measures aimed at containing the terrorist threat.

Meanwhile, his closest ally, the Marxist shadow chancellor John McDonnell, has called for MI5 and armed police to be abolished, while saying that the IRA murderers of men, women, children, British servicemen and police officers should be ‘honoured’.

If the Conservative do win this election his article (and many others published by most the the mainstream media) published by the Daily Mail (sometimes called Hate Mail or Daily Fail) show that the Conservatives, British media and Theresa May have been reduced to blatant propaganda, biasedness, censorship and fear and hate mongering racist bullshit to win this election (if they do win which most polls are predicting they will.)


We in Britain claim that we are democratic, we have the right to vote and freedom of choice or so they say! Our government criticize nations like North Korea for not giving people freedom of choice. They tell us that the North Korean government or corrupt, a dictatorship and they claim the North Korean government control all media, TV and employ strict Internet censorship and maybe they do, I don’t know I have never been to North Korea.

I do however live in Britain and everything they are telling us they North Korean government do our government do. The BBC for example are Blatantly Backing Conservatives, its like they are telling us you have a choice vote this strong and stable government or this clown that is going to destroy the economy and therefore your lives. Does that sound like a choice?

Not satisfied with controlling the mainstream media they also employ strict Internet censorship, they tell us it is to combat extremism but NOBODY I know is as extreme as the conservative government. People are dying and living in poverty while our government fund corporate tax evasion, war and nuclear weapon programs (as well as there own high wages topped up by their expenses.) They claim its all fake news and extremism but is it? Because when I read most of this “extremism” I believe I am reading real people speaking about real issues that effect them as individuals. They are simply excising the freedom of speech we don’t have because if they were really fighting against extremism they would be fighting the hate filled Daily Mail or the dumb as fuck Sun newspaper not the people.

What is the point in having the right to vote if half of the argument is censored and unheard?

I believe real freedom of choice comes from freedom to read and watch whatever you want to before making a decision, if the Conservative party are going to simply censor their own population how can people make a decision that represents the way they feel? They can’t.

Censorship is only ever employed due to the fact that the oppressor recognizes they can not win an argument so they silence their opposition. In the other words the Conservatives are not only relying on the corporate media to win this election they are also relying on the people they wage war against to remain silent and if we don’t remain silent they will attempt to silence us with censorship, as so many people in Britain are doing at the moment its time to make some noise.


What is the point in voting when they are all self servicing corporate puppets?

Anybody that has watched my videos or regularly read my blogs will know that I have spent much of the last few years attacking Britain’s voting system. I have regularly explained and blogged that voting does not and can not change anything yet this year and this general election I am telling people to vote, why? Two words JEREMY CORBYN.

I have been interested in politics since my teenage years and I remember believing Tony Blair was going to come along and change British politics for the better, could it get any worse than Margret Thatcher and John Major? Unfortunately Tony Blair turned out to be just as bad maybe worse, we all knew what Margret Thatcher and John Major was, Tony Blair on the other hand offered us hope but gave us more wars, he used propaganda and the corporate media to get where he got and the fact the corporate media was backing him should have been enough to convince us that he was just another puppet, but at the time I was 16 and didn’t understand how politics really works. I blame our weak performing education system for this in later years the Internet enlightened me!

In 2010 Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats shocked the nation by collecting over eight million votes, they based their campaign around scrapping tuition fees and getting rid of corruption in politics, Nick Clegg had pledged that he would never join the Conservatives. This surprise result lead to a hung parliament and Nick Clegg was faced with a choice, create a collision with the Conservatives or with Labour. To the surprise of the nation and many of his voters he choose to form a collision with the Conservatives! After forming his collision he did not challenge them on any of their policies, tuition fees and fairer politics were forgot about. The Liberal Democrats are still paying for his lies to this day after spending the next five years ignoring the people that were misguided enough to vote for them, Nick Clegg was disgraced and exposed as just another lying puppet to the elite and the Conservatives.

I didn’t vote in 2010 because at this stage I was convinced that all politicians were just lying spin masters that had no idea of the real problems and issues that normal people go through.

In 2015 Ed Miliband was the leader of the Labour party, I voted Ed Miliband not because I had faith in him but I figured it has to be better than another five years of the Conservative Party. For me (at the time) Ed Miliband was torn he wanted the votes of the working and poorer classes but he also wanted to please the corporate media and the establishment, he was undecided and confused.

Now in 2017 Labour have Jeremy Corbyn, he is not undecided and confused and he does not appear to be another puppet of the establishment in fact if he stays true to his words he sees the establishment for what they are, the enemy of freedom and the people. The corporate media can not stand him, they hate him and seem to fear him as they spend most of their time blatantly attacking him and promoting and propagating Theresa May’s corrupt Conservative party.

So after years of making videos and writing blogs that essentially tell people that our democracy is a farce and voting will not change anything, I have changed my mind for this election. I believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could change the direction of British for the better.

I stand by the fact that British democracy is a farce and I believe the propaganda of the mainstream media make this undeniable but I do believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could benefit the masses and take power from the establishment and that is surely a good thing.



On the 8th June 2017 the British people will have a chance to express themselves, we will have a chance to rid our nation of the Conservative parasites that have bought us austerity, poverty and oppression. The problem is many so called political experts are predicting a Conservative landslide victory! Why and how? There is only one reason ignorance. So the real question should be why is our nation so ignorant that they would willingly vote for a political party that not only does not represent the interests of the British people but in fact works against and even attacks British people with spending cuts and tax rises? A political party that are slowly privatizing and selling off the NHS, a political party that overwhelmingly voted in favour of silencing whistle blowers and victims of a suspected paedophile ring?

I would like to blame the British media, it is undeniable that the British media are merely arms of the British government while online bloggers are censored, financially starved and effectively silenced. But to pass all the blame to the media is too easy, the real blame and responsibility has to be passed to the British people! When the NHS has gone and your child needs an operation that you can not afford don’t blame the government, when you or a family member lose your job and are forced to rely on the benefits system that hands you about sixty pound per week to feed yourself and pay your bills and still keeps you waiting for months for a payment meanwhile your debt is growing don’t blame the media, blame the people! After all this is what they vote for.

There seems to be a dangerous and ignorant mentality in Great Britain many people that are fortunate enough to be financially comfortable believe that they deserve or have earned the right to be financially comfortable, in most cases they do not and have not. I am not denying that they may have worked hard but hard work gets you nowhere without a bit of luck. Being born in the right area to the right parents in the right part of the right country is a massive advantage. Some of the hardest working people I know have nothing or very little especially when we look at it on a world wide scale, people in China, India and even USA and the UK are subjected to long hours and very small rates of pay when in those same nations others are being paid a fortune for hardly anything.

“My daddy worked hard for this” does not justify taking from somebody else that is working equally as hard for a lot less money. Britain has a choice to make in June and that choice is attempt to change what is happening or to just allow this corrupt, money driven government to carry on extorting the vast majority of our nations population in order to fund corporate tax evasion, nuclear weapon programs, more war (when these wars are fought they will look to the poor to fight for them and “our freedom”) and financial fascism.

In my opinion; if the so called experts are right and the Conservatives do win by a landslide that will expose the stupidity, short sightedness and ignorance of the average Brit and probably lead to Britain losing their NHS, cutting education cost and funding more nuclear weapons and wars. Dark days could be coming.



With the elections coming up in June Theresa May has started campaigning and by campaigning I mean hiding from local people and local media in Cornwall, denying money laundering accusations, shouting catchphrases like “strong and stable,” trying to get of TV debates and making a general fool out of herself. I have to be honest I did not believe Jeremy Corbyn had a chance of ever winning an election but I am starting to change my mind. Polls are showing the Tories are losing votes and despite the Internet Censorship they enforce and the pro Conservative media they appear to be in trouble.

Why are they in trouble? I think Jeremy Corbyn is brilliant and I hope he wins and does what he says he is going to do, but I don’t believe that is the only reason for his rising popularity so far. Theresa May can not even pretend to be nice, she is just horrible, she comes across of being horrible she is so unlikable. I have honestly seen more likable creatures crawling on dog faeces at my local park. Than we have Boris Johnson rambling on calling names in the background like a lunatic with his hair all over the place, like he has just been let out of a mental asylum and heavily drugged for his own safety and the safety of the people around him.

Then we have Jeremy Hunt and his smug face as he talks of privatizing the NHS, between them the Conservative Party really are a bunch of unlikable, war mongering, snobs and corporate whores. Their corruption and regardlessness to law should not be underestimated, there were many claims of election rigging circulating during the last election and it will be the case in this one. The Corporate media will continue to do all it can to cover up the truth (only Russia Today have reported the money laundering so far) because the corporate media (like any corporation) does not want to see their tax bills rise steeply.

Despite Internet censorship and Conservative biasedness online and the corporate media attacking him daily I now believe Jeremy could win. How can somebody vote for a person that is unwilling to argue her point on TV debates? If Theresa May’s argument is so weak that she is unwilling to defend or explain it, then how can you justify a vote for her?

I am of the opinion that Theresa May is not only unelectable but she should be in prison along with half of her party, war crimes, a copious amounts of corruption, a genuine hate for human rights and freedom should result in her losing her freedom. If Jeremy Corbyn can win an election maybe we might be able to hold these people accountable (including Tony Blair and David Cameron) for their crimes against their own people as well as the people abroad that they massacred (in Syria, Libya, Afganistan and Iraq.)

REASONS to vote Conservative..

Here is a list of reasons that people should run to the polling booths  and vote Conservatives on the 8th June 2017…

The most obvious reason to vote Conservatives is…… you’re rich… If you’re loaded and do not wish to contribute a fair percentage of tax than the Conservatives is the political party for you.

Another obvious reason you may wish to consider voting for the Conservative is you own a huge business or corporation, the Conservatives and previous Labour governments have kept the cost of corporation tax down very low while extorting the working classes, don’t let Jeremy Corbyn force you in to paying your staff a fair wage and a fair tax rate.

Other reasons range massively maybe you own or control a huge paedophile ring? The Conservatives have been actively working against the police and victims day after day to stop these businesses from being exposed! Maybe you hate Foxes, the poor, Immigrants and love war if so vote Conservatives we are the party for.

Maybe you’re stupid and not capable of Independent or critical thinking? If thats the case read the mainstream medias propaganda and do what they tell you to do, which is…VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

But the best reason of all that may make you want to reconsider your vote is maybe you just hate people, maybe you want to see people oppressed, degraded, enslaved and skint. Maybe you want to see more wars, murder for profit, corruption and pure ignorance maybe you just want to piss people off, if so VOTE CONSERVATIVES and don’t forget to tell a friend.



For the first time in my adult life Labour has a leader that really does seem to believe in the people, an old style labour leader comparable to Tony Benn or even Clement Atlee, obviously we could yet be proved wrong but that will not happen if Jeremy Corbyn is not given a chance. The reason I believe it is essential to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is simple, he speaks MORE sense then anybody in the whole Conservative Party. That’s why Theresa May does not want to do the TV debates against him.

I genuinely believe a vote for the Conservatives is a insult to the poor and working classes the Conservatives have spent the last seven extorting and ignoring. It may be the case that we do not know what we are getting with Jeremy Corbyn but we know exactly what we will be getting if Theresa May wins.. More war, more austerity, more cover ups and more corruption, greed and thievery. The Conservatives keep telling us that Labour are undecided and the Conservatives are strong and stable, they know what they stand for. And she is right the Conservatives are more united than Labour but they stand united and decided on issues like more war, nuclear weapon programs, selling the NHS, austerity, cutting public services including schools and letting corporations pay no tax.

They are selling us austerity, attempting to privatize the NHS because of the high cost of running yet claiming hundreds of thousands on their expenses per year at the same time of paying for Trident and war in Syria. Whats more is they speak about Jeremy Corbyn as if HE IS RIDICULOUS!

If Jeremy Corbyn can win this election and start implementing a fair tax on corporations it would surely be a good thing for the citizens of the United Kingdom. It would not be good for corporations and that is why the corporate media spend so much of their time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Propagating Theresa May, they don’t want to pay tax, save that for the working classes.

I struggle to see why anybody would vote Conservatives unless they are rich, stupid or both, the working and poorer classes massively outnumber the rich which means we decide. It is important you do not let the corporate media decide for you because the corporate media will decide to vote the party that works best for them.

The Conservatives seem to think they own us, they are only happy when you are working your ass off like for minimum wage their little slaves..

If Theresa May was to tell the truth.

Theresa May is refusing to do TV debates!! If that is the case she should not be allowed to even run in this election. Her plan is to allow the mainstream media, Internet censorship and election rigging to win this election for her and most believe they probably will. The reason she is refusing to take part in these debates is obvious, her argument and ideology is weak and if she were to tell the truth hardly anybody would vote for her, why?

She voted to silence whistleblowers that wanted to expose the MP paedophile scandal! How would she address that? I pledge to carry on protecting rich paedophiles in the House of Lords, House of Commons, the Monarchy and the establishment? Not many would be impressed by that I wouldn’t have thought.

She has no problem with extorting the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich and her puppet master corporations! How would that go down in a TV debate watched by millions across the nation? How would she explain it? You see them big fat juicy raw steaks with blood dripping from them, we will leave them alone and continue to get attempt to blood out of the millions of little stones.

She also admitted she has no problem with nuking millions of women and children to get what she wants, how “sick and depraved” is that? Our Foreign enemies should not worry to much though because judging by Britain’s nuclear weapons tests if we aimed a Nuke at North Korea we would probably hit the USA!

Despite these strange ideas that are completely out of line with what millions of people want or believe in, the media are telling us the Conservatives will win be a landslide! But we the British people can change that and we the British people can then pursue justice and get these sick, twisted people locked up because they do not belong in Parliament they belong in the super prisons they build.


Recently I written two blog’s explaining and exposing the fact that Young Farmers also known as the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs or NFYFC is a pointless rip off, a charity/youth scheme for rich kids in a country that is full of poverty. It might sound hard to believe to you Conservative country bumpkins but try stepping into the cities and the outskirts and will you witness much poverty if you care to look.

These blogs have offended some young farmers, again I apologize! I’m sorry you’re so FUCKING stupid. If it makes you feel any better I am offended nearly every time I read mainstream media and charities set up by over privileged pricks for over privileged pricks really offends me. They cater for people up to 26 years old!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? Grow the fuck up dick heads. I have even been told that I have been reported to the county head quarters of Young Farmers! Good, have a good read pricks.

Today was warned by a young farmer that Young Farmers have guns! And I should watch my mouth when I speak against them! HAHAHAHAHA, LOL and all the rest of it….

Yeah they got guns but they got no balls! The only thing these guns have ever killed is probably a cute little Rabbits, Badgers and Foxes (FASCIST, RACIST CONSERVATIVE BASTARDS LOVE KILLING ANIMALS AND FOREIGNERS,) unfortunately for them I am not a cute little Rabbit, Badger or Fox! And silly threats from over privileged, over feed and over weight white boys and girls do not scare me, in fact they make me laugh. I’m from Wolves, a place where people have guns designed to kill people not cute bunny rabbits!

If I looked like this I would probably be scared right now.



Every time time we read mainstream media on Jeremy Corbyn we read one sided biased propaganda that makes huge effort to convince the reader that Jeremy Corbyn is not a serious politician. Labour in meltdown due to the fact Jeremy Corbyn told the truth or stood up for what he believed in, instead standing up for what we the corporate media what you to believe. Today for example the Evening Standard asks the question; How did the Labour Party become the nasty party for women? Who writes this shit? Just because Labour has a male leader does not mean its anti female, the Evening Standard is as usual talking complete rubbish!  The truth is the Conservatives do stand up for women unfortunately for most women they only stand up for rich women.

As usual the mainstream media are desperately trying and failing to finish off Jeremy Corbyn. The thing is about Labour is they have a choice and that choice is either give the people in the United Kingdom a real choice by being different to the Conservatives or do what the Blairites and anti-Corbynites want and just be a slightly less nasty version of the Tories.

Angela Eagle failed to mount a serious threat to Jeremy Corbyn because her policies were weak and unsure and much the same of failed Labour governments in the past. She also has the character and personality of a dead gerbil. Look at Theresa May’s swarmy arrogant face as she speaks to the Labour Backbenchers, if they like her and her ideas and policies so much they should do the country a huge favour and join her and her oppressive, freedom hating corporate backed government.

These Blairites and anti-Corbynites claim Jeremy Corbyn is destroying the Labour Party yet Theresa May is smiling at you because its not Jeremy Corbyn Destroying the Labour Party, its Neo Conservative wanna be corporate puppets that are destroying the Labour Party. Surely its time for Labour to move away from the corporate backed ideas of the war criminal Tony Blair and move towards something that offers the people of Britain a genuine choice.

If Owen Smith beats Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership the next general election will be Blue Conservatives vs Red Conservatives again.


Recently, the Prime minister of Britain David Cameron resigned due to Britain exit from the EU which David Cameron  had been campaigning against during the debate of Brexit. David Cameron stating “I will do everything I can as Prime Minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months but I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.”

After David Cameron’s resignation there was much debate on who would be the next leader of the Tory party. Boris Johnson was at first the most likely candidate, but was unable to gain any support and had stopped his campaign to run for leadership. After the stepping down of Boris Johnson running for leadership the next obvious choice was Michael Gove but again struggled to gain much support and eventually leading him to step down for the leadership, with Theresa May gaining much more support from the Conservative party than Michael Gove as well as Andrea Leadsom gaining more support than Michael Gove, with most likely there being a female prime minister by Autumn.

Theresa May 

Policies and beliefs

  • Theresa May has stated that because of  Britain’s vote to leave the EU, that she cannot guarantee that EU nationals already living in Britain can stay.
  • She will not order an Emergency budget due to Brexit
  • Against Human rights
  • will “cherish” the NHS
  • Voted for gay marriage

Just a few of Theresa May’s beliefs

Andrea Leadson

Policies and beliefs

  • wants to allow EU nationals to stay in Britain
  • Wants to continue free trade with the EU but control immigration
  • has promised “prosperity not austerity”
  • Voted against Gay marriage
  • Pro-brexit

Both Theresa May and Andrea Leadson, are pro Brexit but share different beliefs on what should happen next. Both politicians are pretty much opposites with their beliefs, but at least Andrea Leadson hasn’t campaigned to get rid of our Freedom of Speech.

Politician are known for being liars and so its hard to say which has the best policies, because when it actually comes to running the Tory party they will do whats best for the rich and the corporations not the working people of Britain!!


Hypocrisy- the practice of claiming to higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

British prime minister, David Cameron a supporter of super-prisons, tough punishment of crime (in many cases minor offences), Israel, and corporate tax evasion. Many believe he represents one of the fairest, freest countries in the world, but is this true?

Since world war two, Britain and its allies have attempted to overthrow, over 50 countries this is a considerable amount considering there are 196 recognised countries in the world, 193 of these members of the UN. This means that Britain and its allies have attempted to overthrow at least 25% of the worlds governments, most of which have been democratically-elected.

Should the leader of a nation like this think twice before attacking petty criminals with harsh sentences, when some could argue that David Cameron is among the most successful lotters in the country; he has over claimed on his expenses as well as going trough the hassle of covering up his own greed. Recently the Panama papers have exposed David Cameron for profiting from tax havens. He has also been connected to arms dealing in the Middle East at times of conflict.

In January 2015, David Cameron linked arms with other world leaders as well as marching with 3.7 million different people, to symbolise unity against terrorism, yet Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other nations, suffer from similar attacks regularly; sometimes conducted by Britain, USA, Israel and other of our allies.

I find it disturbing that someone like David “the hypocrite” Cameron is still one of the most powerful men in Britain, or is he just a puppet? Its also disturbing that despite public knowledge of his corruption, greed, hypocrisy and complete disregard for the law, that he is not behind bars. But no need to worry Boris Johnson is here to save the day!


Conservatives seem to think that love for Britain is love for the hierarchy, the monarchy and our silly dated traditions. Conservatives seem to think that not loving these things makes you unpatriotic, an extremist and sometimes even a potential terrorist! If that is true I am an unpatriotic extremist! I believe in equality and I believe that traditions like aristocracy, hierarchy, monarchy and bullshit the class systems that we British value so highly, work against equality. The average simple minded Brit seems to think that love for our German Royal family somehow makes you patriotic, how does that work? What makes me feel patriotic is not our monarchy, our stupid dated traditions or the greedy hierarchy. It is not even watching the over-paid, under-performing football team in fact lately I support who ever they are against! What makes me proud to be British is the beautiful countryside and wildlife. I also love our history it is full of insane rulers, greed and corruption. Although our lame education system seems to forget to mention it to our youth Britain has fascinating mythology full of stories of Goblins, Fairies, man eating Giants and many more strange creatures and interesting stories. I love the choice of food that immigration has bought with it. Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Turkish, Jamaican and Mexican foods are all huge favorites of mine and all these foods can be bought from most cities in Britain. I even love the English weather especially the rain.

Hierarchies, aristocracies, monarchies and the greed, social conditioning and snobbishness that comes with them is not something that British people  should be proud of! In fact Britain and the British people should be ashamed. I believe in people, freedom and equality if that makes me an extremist or a hater of Britain than I guess that is what I am.

I do not believe in over privileged, rich boy, conservative snobs that look down on anyone that has less than them or anyone that is different to them, they are so arrogant they have the nerve to point fingers and call people extremists, radicals and terrorists just for having opinions that are not the same as their opinions (even though most politicians opinions and policies are actually decided by money, lobbyist decide what a politician stands for and believes in.)  I do not believe in narrow minded, hypocritical, right winged, non thinking racists that use the mainstream media that they own to stir up race hate and attack people that claim benefits.

Not believing in these things is considered extreme and radical by many conservative minded people, the strange thing is their own beliefs and traditions are the strangest, most racist, ignorant, extreme and most dangerous set of beliefs I have been had to listened to, they believe in oppression.



Upon first hearing the general election results, I was speechless, how can so many people in Britain vote a man that attacks freedom of speech, the poor, the disabled, pays for Facebook likes and enforces austerity tactics on to the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich? One word, fear! Voters are terrified it may cost them something. As if that is not bad enough the mainstream media spend all their time and effort on spreading fear, cementing that belief in to the minds of their audience. Newspapers like The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Star were at time shockingly blatant and one sided, we have come the expect it Britain, we all know its happening the Leveson inquiry exposed it but failed to stop it. I believe its time for an inquiry into government inquiries and why government inquiries always fail to change anything.

The actions of the media throughout the whole of the election was disgusting and something should be done to prevent the media being so ridiculously one sided while anti government activists and bloggers are censored from social media and accused of selling fear.

Having said that it is up to the voters to actually look at the damage that these right winged extreme governments do when we hand the power, they damage families, welfare, the health service and even the future of our children. How can you vote a man that did his best to avoid TV debates? a man that governed us through the rise of foodbank? a political party that can’t stand the NHS? they cut disability allowance but not Banker Bonuses despite the fact it is the banks that caused the financial meltdown that left them needed a bail out not the disabled and not the poor.

UKIP gain one seat 0.2% of seats DESPITE winning 12.6%  of the vote, I am no UKIP fan but the voting system is obviously massively flawed to allow that. David Cameron has a small majority, smaller than that of John Major and look what happened to him.

The trouble is, I fear the British media would not allow any real change to take place but I also believe the British media is losing control slowly but surely, until they lose control of the mind of the masses, right winged extremist governments that implement unjust laws, tax the poor the feed the rich and greed and give tax breaks to multinational corporations will carry on governing us and the corporate media will carry on telling you “everything is OK.”

After all 650 constituencies had been declared, the results were:

Party Leader Votes Seats
Conservative Party David Cameron 11,334,920 (36.9%) 331 (50.9%)
331 / 650
Labour Party Ed Miliband 9,344,328 (30.4%) 232 (35.7%)
232 / 650
UK Independence Party Nigel Farage 3,881,129 (12.6%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650
Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg 2,415,888 (7.9%) 8 (1.2%)
8 / 650
Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon 1,454,436 (4.7%) 56 (8.6%)
56 / 650
Green Party Natalie Bennett 1,154,562 (3.8%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650
Democratic Unionist Party Peter Robinson 184,260 (0.6%) 8 (1.2%)
8 / 650
Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood 181,694(0.6%) 3 (0.5%)
3 / 650
Sinn Féin Gerry Adams 176,232 (0.6%) 4 (0.6%)
4 / 650
Ulster Unionist Party Mike Nesbitt 114,935 (0.4%) 2 (0.3%)
2 / 650
Social Democratic & Labour Party Alasdair McDonnell 99,809 (0.3%) 3 (0.5%)
3 / 650
Others N/A 349,487 (1.1%) 1 (0.2%)
1 / 650


Vote share
Conservative 36.9%
Labour 30.4%
UK Independence 12.6%
Liberal Democrat 7.9%
Scottish National 4.7%
Green 3.8%
Others 3.7%
Parliamentary seats
Conservative 50.9%
Labour 35.7%
Scottish National 8.6%
Liberal Democrat 1.2%
Democratic Unionist 1.2%
Others 2.4%


Looking at the polls to the general election amazes and shocks me, despite the Conservatives doing such of a terrible job on “governing the country” over the last five years there is still a chance they could win the election! In the last five years Britain has seen rioting, the rise of food bank, zero hour contracts, a war in Libya that led to Libya migrants being washed up at coastlines in Italy and Libya, internet censorship and MPs claiming £40 pound for breakfast and then telling us they could live on £53 per week (the amount of money a single person gets on Job Seekers Allowance.) Deals between media and the government that served the interest of both but not the people and unregulated bailed out banks continuing to pay huge bonuses. The Conservatives have lowered expectations of politicians and politics, there greed is shocking and disgusting and it matches their hypocrisy, double standards and ignorance almost perfectly. The newspapers claim they are speaking for “the people” but like the government the newspapers are biased, they like their tax breaks, they don’t want to lose them to some “left wing” government, when they say “Save Britain” they mean “Save us, from paying tax again.”

As pointed out by a member of the audience on the TV debate David Cameron tried so hard to avoid, the only thing the Conservative government seem to care about is “money, economic growth, profit” they have no humanity whatsoever, they care very little for the poor and weak and people that can not help but claim benefits are made feel like scroungers and lowlifes whereas well paid politicians live in obscene luxury pointing their fingers.

I am not saying “vote Labour” or “the Red Tories” as the Scottish correctly call them, I am just saying; How do a political party that represent 1% of the nation end up with over 30% of the vote? Propaganda as usual, the mainstream media is the voice of the corporations, the elite and the government.

But so far considering that cutting Britain’s deficit was the “main priority” of the Conservative party and fixing the economy was so essential it involved our government having to make “hard decisions” like cutting disability allowance, benefits and public services yet the economy is still far from fixed despite these drastic actions. Not every decision was a “hard decision” like the decision to cut the top rate of tax, the decision not to regulate banks and of course the easy decisions to not condemn Israel and to allow corporations to contribute almost no tax.




If UKIP remove immigrants there will be more jobs for our own boys!


If UKIP remove immigrants the NHS will not be so busy!


Removing immigrants would allow teachers to spend more time with important British children.


Less scrounging immigrants will give Great Britain a better economy.


Throwing unemployed immigrants back where they come from would save us having to pay their benefits.


Less immigrants less pollution.


UKIP will continue allowing bankers and corporations exploit people, especially unemployed immigrants!


We all know that immigrants are usually criminals.


A future without immigrants.

nigel 1







Labour guarantee not to fuck your life up as much as the Tories would.


Labour guarantee not to fuck the NHS up as much as the Tories would.


Labour guarantee not to fuck the education system up as much as the Tories would.


Labour guarantee to be slightly less evil than the Tories and Ed Miliband guarantees he will be slightly less of a irritating, smug hypocrite than David Cameron.


Labour guarantee to force multinational corporations to pay slightly more tax than Tories would.


Labour guarantee a slight rise in minimum wage and will pay out slightly more benefits to the sick and the poor than the Tories will.


Not as slimy and racist as UKIP not as viscous as Conservative not as fair as Tony Benn but not as bad as the rest of them but only slightly better.




Conservatives will carry on allowing huge businesses and bankers to do whatever they want, because it benefits the economy.


A Conservative government would carry on offering young, students with wealthy parents a chance of a fine education, poor people will be kept dumb as possible.


A Conservative pledge more money (again) this time we will, I promise.


Zero hours, Work for benefits, benefit cuts, cheap wages and tax loopholes businesses will love it.


Conservative will sweep aside politically correct shit like “human rights” criminals days are numbered unless the criminal wears a suit, criminal bankers must be forgiven.


Keeping Thatcherism alive.

cameron 1



 We are SORRY for the past.


We are SORRY for tuition fee lies.


Not for you for business, SORRY


Nick Clegg is SORRY for the NHS.


LIBERAL DEMOCRATS would like to say SORRY to the working class


LIBERAL DEMOCRATS would like to say SORRY for anything we may do in the future that may or may not piss you off.