The graph below shows what age group voted who in the 2017 general election according to a YouGov survey. Does this poll show that the Conservative Party are slowly dying and finding votes for them in future elections is going to be very hard work?

Or does this poll show that as we age we are more lightly to change our vote to a Conservative vote? Why would we do this?

I hope it show the Conservatives are a dying Party and an old fashioned group of war mongers that the world is better off without.


False flag are the new F words in Britain. Since the Manchester bombing many people including politicians and celebrities have come forward and suggested that the attack could be a false flag or at least questioned the timing of it. The media has ridiculed these people and dismissed these claims as conspiracy theories made up by fantasist’s. But even the most skeptical minded must acknowledge the timing of these attacks were convenient for the Conservative Party but not just the Conservative Party!

The Conservative party have been selling arms to Saudi Arabia and these weapons have been used in an equally sick, disgusting and cowardice manner on innocent people in Yemen because not all terrorism offends the Conservative Party, some of it they see as a necessity.

Jeremy Corbyn like Donald Trump (before he was elected) has been very critical of Saudi Arabia. The Independent on the 29th of April reported that “Labour will block the sale of weapons to repressive regimes if it wins the election”. This means Conservatives winning this election is not just important to the Conservative party (who support terror when it suits) but also to the Saudi Arabian government.

Its true that finding real evidence of a false flag is hard but finding evidence that rules out a false flag equally as hard. To rule something out without any consideration to the possibility seems foolish and to simply suggest the British government would not commit or advocate such crimes is ridiculous.

We’re talking about a government that has killed thousands of women and children in the Middle east over the last 15 years, a government that profits from and gains strength from war and fear, a government that has aided Saudi Arabia’s killing of civilians in Yemen, for me the question is not are they evil enough to kill innocent people to get what they want because they have proved they are, the question should be did know or play any part in this attack themselves?

To suggest that mentioning the words “false flag” is unhelpful and even stupid is unhelpful and stupid.

If somebody you know was found murdered and you financially benefited from that murder you would automatically be a suspect and investigated. Should the same rules apply when it comes to terrorism and terrorist attacks? Of course it should and anybody that says it isn’t is either deluded or even worse they have something to hide.



“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’,” said David Cameron “It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance” he added on his unbelievable and stupid attack on tolerance.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 later, however, the Home Secretary Theresa May completely contradicted him and said that tolerance and rule of law were ‘British values’. If tolerance and rule of law are British values and David Cameron stands against them, does that mean that David Cameron stands against British values and should not be tolerated by the British people? If Home Secretary Theresa May and the Conservative party believe rule of law is a British value why are they trying so hard to abolish human right laws, instead of following and abiding them? These are two actions that prove that the Conservative party do stand against some British values, which must mean they the Conservative party are the extremists, in their own words.

On one level I agree with David Cameron, Britain is too tolerant sometimes. The British public tolerate and ignore the corruption, greed and extremism of the British government, we ignore and tolerate their lack of respect for people and their human rights, which they are desperate to destroy. We ignore and tolerate their MPs expenses, secret deals with the media, attacks on freedom of speech (another Great British value) and their general bad and intolerant governing.

Due to the unexpected and dodgy looking election results Britain has five more years of listening to old fashioned, right wingers that claim to represent us spewing hate filled nonsense like this.

I can’t remember him explaining his hate for British tolerance on the TV debates on the build up to the general election, he spent most of that time making promises he has no intention of keeping and telling the Daily Mail, The Sun and other British newspapers what to write judging by the BULLSHIT they wrote. What next? Britain shows too much empathy to people in need, empathy cost the tax payer 15 billion pound a year, that don’t even count sympathy. I am sure David Cameron would like to see things like tolerance, empathy, sympathy and love done away with, its an unnecessary strain that costs too much money, time and effort but unfortunately he is stuck with them!

Tolerance does not always piss David Cameron off, for instance David Cameron claimed that Great Britain should tolerate oil rich Saudi Arabia despite some of their extremism, the extremism and war crimes of Israel should also be tolerated according to our deluded Prime Minister.