I did not plan in writing more blogs on this subject unfortunately I believe that the blogs I did write have led to me being victimized by HMRC (Her majesties Revenue and Customs) and the DWP (Department of work and pensions) so

The UK DATABASE describe their website like this;

This website has been created to give survivors of child sexual abuse a voice and a platform to name their abusers

To date, we have named over 52,500 convicted & cautioned UK & Irish child abusers or paedophile’s 

You can search this database by us by using the search bar to type an offenders name in or by writing your location/town

On their website they have this blog

‘Ronnie Krays paedophile ring’

This is a topic we touched upon several years ago, but have decided to re-look at and re-publish

The ‘Krays paedophile ring’

Twins Ron and Reg Kray were without doubt the most powerful, violent and deadly gangsters that London has ever known. They ran protection rackets, clubs and casinos, as well as fraudulent ‘long firms’.

They blackmailed, intimidated and killed – for many years with impunity thanks to their powerful cronies in the Establishment. Working with all five main Mafia families in New York, they were expanding their business worldwide when they were imprisoned for murder in 1969. Just weeks before their trial, “the Firm” would move into sophisticated drugs. Ron knew someone in the Pakistani Embassy who could use his diplomatic immunity to bring heroin into Britain, and clearly saw this as only the beginning.

However the Krays held a dark and depraved secret. Ronnie Kray was an active homosexual paedophile who sexually abused many young teenage boys on an organised and huge scale in the 1950’s and 1960’s and he had paid informers at every level inside the police force and had contacts with prominent members of parliament.

The story begins when Boothby gagged the press and hushed up politicians, delaying the Kray twins’ arrest by five years. The link between the British Establishment of the 1960s and the Krays was the greatest unreported political scandal of its time, allowing the gangsters to walk free for five years.

At the flat of Lord Boothby, situated at the prestigious address No 1 Eaton Square in Belgravia, three men looked up towards a photographer who duly pressed the camera’s shutter. The resultant photograph featured, perched on a small sofa, Lord Boothby, Ronnie Kray the infamous East End gangster, and Ronnie’s friend, the good-looking young cat-burgler called Leslie Holt.

In 1963, Lord Boothby began an illicit affair with Leslie Holt (died 1979). Holt was a younger man that Boothby met at a gambling club. Holt set up a meeting between Ronald Kray and Boothby – the topic of conversation was a project in Nigeria that the Krays were interested in getting Boothby involved in, on a charitable basis

It was now early 1964, and for the struggling Conservative government at the time, the photograph not only threatened to cause another scandal that rivalled the previous year’s Profumo affair, but it almost certainly enabled the Kray twins’ criminal career of extortion and protection to remain pretty well unchecked for the next five years.

The Eton and Oxford educated Lord Robert Boothby was in 1964 one of the country’s more famous politicians (in March that year he had appeared on Eamonn Andrews’ This Is Your Life). He had entered Parliament at just 24 and had once been tipped as future leader of the Conservative party not least because he had been the private secretary and friend of Sir Winston Churchill.

Churchill made him Minister of Food for the wartime government in 1939. However Boothby was not without his flaws and was sacked only a year later after lying to parliament about a financial deal with which he had intended to pay off his, not inconsiderable, gambling debts.

Robert Boothby and Winston Churchill in 1928

Boothby remained in politics and was even made a peer in 1958 by the Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. It was a particularly benevolent act as the first (and last) Baron Boothby of Buchan and Rattray Head had been having an affair with the PM’s wife since around 1930. During this time Boothby fathered a child with Lady Macmillan (the Macmillans brought up Sarah Macmillan as their own) but in those days no one broke rank and told the voters. In fact, it never even got to Sarah herself – she was apparently casually and cruelly told who her real father was when she was 21.

Boothby’s undeniable charm, along with his friends in very high places, kept any scurrilous rumours, malicious gossip and untoward publicity about him away from the front pages of Fleet Street . However Britain’s newspaper industry was beginning to develop a taste for Establishment blood.

The colourful, although up to now reasonably discreet life of Boothby was shaken up on the 12th July 1964 when the Sunday Mirror, as part of an ongoing expose on ‘the biggest protection racket London has ever known’, ran a story under the headline “Peer and a gangster: Yard probe.”

Recently discovered letters between Ronnie Kray and a Tory peer provide new evidence about an establishment cover-up. The 1960s correspondence shows that the perverted Lord ‘Bobby’ Boothby and the gay gangster Kray knew each other long before the Conservative grandee admitted.

He went on to sue a newspaper after it revealed the relationship between the men and forced it to pay £40,000 in damages. The paper’s editor was also sacked.

The newspaper claimed that the police were investigating a homosexual relationship between a “prominent peer and a leading thug in the London underworld”. The peer was a “household name” and that the inquiries embraced Mayfair parties attended by the peer and the notorious gangster. The following week the Sunday Mirror’s front page announced “The picture that we must not print”. However the newspaper helpfully described the picture, saying that it showed a gangster and a the peer in the latter’s Mayfair flat.

To read the full story click here


Britain’s Pizzagate? Part Ten.

More masonic suspicions.

Steven Walker is co-author of Safeguarding Children and Young People — a Guide to Integrated Practice.

In July 2014 he write an article for the Morning Star.

The Establishment is getting jittery as more evidence of organised cover-ups of paedophile MPs emerges on a regular basis.

The Anglican Baroness Butler-Sloss, appointed by the Home Secretary to lead the over-arching inquiry into child protection which broadened the scope of the inquiry away from Parliament, resigned after admitting she covered up the sexual abuse of small boys by two Anglican priests in a previous inquiry. 

It has since also emerged that her brother, the former Attorney-General Michael Havers, limited the scope of an inquiry into paedophile abuse at the Kincora Children’s Home in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. 

Cabinet minutes from 1983 reveal that Havers ensured that MPs and other prominent public figures were protected by restricting the terms of reference of the inquiry. 

Chief constables from 13 forces are now conducting at least 21 separate criminal investigations. Simon Bailey, the chief constable of Norfolk who is running a national task force targetting VIP paedophiles, said 30 senior officers involved in investigating MPs, peers, and other “prominent” figures were now co-ordinating their work. 

The new police inquiries cover the whole country. These are allegations against elected officials, celebrities, people of public prominence and people directly connected to them.

There is growing evidence that the Establishment may be getting rattled at the amount of information pouring into the public domain about the role of senior political, religious and judicial figures in protecting paedophiles linked to Parliament. Government whips are the latest to admit knowing about child sexual abuse by MPs but doing nothing about it while shredding incriminating papers.

The Article goes on to claim that Cyril Smith was a Freemason.

Smith was a member of a Freemasons Lodge in Rochdale and this newspaper is continuing to investigate whether Freemasons within the Establishment actively covered up criminal actions in order to protect their brothers.

The Morning Star has yet to receive a response to a request to a masonic lodge in Rochdale (Liberty Lodge 5573) confirming whether Smith was a member and who were the senior officers between 1970 and 1990.

The New Welcome Lodge, No. 5139, is a British Masonic lodge based in the Palace of Westminster open to all MPs and peers. Hundreds of MPs currently appear in the Masonic Year Book, along with the names of judges, senior police commanders and top Whitehall civil servants. The role of Freemasonry in protecting paedophile MPs has yet to be fully established, but suspicions will not go away.

In July 2015 the Herald reported

FOR Esther Baker, the idea of the existence of a paedophile ring involving some of the most rich and powerful in Britain, is not surprising. From the age of six she suffered years of sexual abuse, including rape, at the hands of a number of men – including two British politicians, she says.

Despite the horror she has suffered, she is shocked to learn that there were people in power who were aware of such abuse but failed to stop it.

“I knew it was happening, from my own experiences,” Baker told the Sunday Herald. “I was relieved to find out I wasn’t on my own, that I wasn’t the only person who was ready to come forward and speak about it.

“What struck me is when I found out how many people knew it was happening. It didn’t shock me it had happened – I was shocked that people were aware of it.”

Baker, from Merseyside, was one of the victims who spoke out on a documentary special by Australian current affairs programme 60 minutes aired last week, which reported sexual abuse allegedly carried out in Britain by past and current members of parliament, judges, diplomats, and some of the nation’s highest officials against hundreds of young victims over the past four decades.

The notion of a paedophile ring involving powerful and influential members of society preying on children is horrific. But increasingly evidence is coming to light which backs campaigners who have long tried to warn of an establishment cover-up as well.

Last week previously secret government files relating to child abuse allegations named a number of high-profile individuals, including former home secretary Leon Brittan.

The documents also revealed MI5 had known about an unnamed MP suspected of child abuse in the 1980s but dropped the inquiry when the politician said the claims were false. A note by then director of MI5 Sir Antony Duff concluded: “The risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger.”

Sir Antony Duff is right!

And surely the British public should consider this a matter of national security, if these paedophile rings were operating in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s what makes us think they have gone? Are we going to wait 20, 30 years to find out what it’s still happening in 2017? The reason these modern day politicians are so keen to cover this information up could well be because it leads to them! For example Leon Brittan introduced Nick Clegg, I’m not saying that makes Nick Clegg as bad as Leon Brittan but if he knew that should worry us.


No wonder the BBC are slow to report these claims. 

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