YOUTUBE caught blatantly censoring JACK THE RIPPER documentary!

I uploaded this documentary about a week ago. I searched it on YouTube and it shown up every time. I even tried using different browsers and it shown up. Being right at the top of the Jack the Ripper I thought it might just get some exposure. I check the view count is stuck not getting many views at all. Today I thought I would search for the video on a tor browser and surprise surprise its not there. In fact I couldn’t find it at all until I added my channel name.


WOLVOMAN80 has the mind of a criminal and could be a threat to National Security!

A couple of weeks ago Google removed adverts from over 30 of my videos, many other of my videos are suitable for advertising but the choice of background music means that Sony get paid for them not me! Despite the fact the subject matter is the same as the videos that I cannot advertise and profit from Google seem to be less strict on the advertising policies of my videos if their is a corporate copyright claim on it. In other words Corporations can profit from my profanity and controversial ideas I can’t!

I hate Google, they are puppets to fascist governments that do not like the truth to be told (unless it suits them.) I also see and recognize that Google is not the only people to blame for attacks on Free Speech and freedom in general that is taking place today.

The British, European and American governments along side the hate filled mainstream media are the real enemies of freedom. Because they act as puppets to the establishment, super rich and corporations. They do this because it pays them to be a puppet of the establishment, super rich and corporations, how can it pay to help the poor fight the rich when the poor are poor? It can’t.

What concerns me the most is their excuses for censorship “We the people are a threat to national security” and all that bullshit. We are not a threat to National Security we are a threat to the government! We make them look stupid, evil and corrupt with ridiculous ease, why? Because they are stupid, evil and corrupt.

We don’t have to lie or use propaganda unlike the British, European and American governments, without propaganda and lies these governments would have fallen a long time ago and they know it.

For the sake of avoiding arguments, debates and political discussions they label us as extremists, terrorists sympathizers and a threat to the people of our nations in hope the people believe it.

If I sympathized with terrorists surely I would have sympathy for the British and American government wouldn’t I? After all they are the real terrorists, mass murderers and oppressors of justice, truth and people.