Google continue to unfairly attack my YouTube channel.

I have over 26000 subscribers and 18 million views on just one of my YouTube channels, I also have other channels that I was forced to set up due to YouTube disabling features like uploading long videos on my main channel. I have over 200 video and the vast majority are made by me. I have put years of work in to building up a following and adding new original material.

Then Google come along like a giant Pacman and attempt to eat me and my work up along with many others. They replace the YOU in YouTube with corporate made junk not realizing the lack of corporate made junk is what attracted people to YouTube in the first place. I have lost about 30 subscribers this week, that is what happens my subs go up and up and then suddenly I lose loads in one day. My subscriber count has not changed for about two years. Its like Google thought “fuck him, he ain’t having anymore subscribers.”

My earnings are pathetic but simply pissing Google off is a good enough reward, I suppose. Is this how Google treat all their creators? I can’t wait for the day that Google the giant greedy parasite of the Internet choke on their own greed.

Who the fuck are Google, Facebook, the government or anybody for that matter to chose what we can read and watch. YouTube has been censored for years, every year censorship on the Internet is increased and every year we lose a little more freedom. It is surely time to reverse the tide.

What happens when you share Pizzagate on Facebook??

Facebook have blocked me from using it for weeks at a time many times, I have a Facebook but i have not been able to access that page for months.. Facebook want me to provide photo I.D but I have no photo I.D. Fortunately I have multiple accounts so I use Facebook’s buy and sell sites to sell downloads at I use it for nothing else. I don’t add friends or start groups because Facebook oppress the truth and promote propaganda, so fuck Facebook, Steemit is better anyway.

When I share downloads and DVD for sale links on Facebook, I sometimes share a blog with it or a YouTube video as an example. I have been doing this for weeks and though Facebook clearly manipulate the pages it still brings people to my site.

A few days ago I written a blog and put a Pizzagate investigation documentary from YouTube on my website..I then shared it to about 35 buy and sell sites over the United Kingdom, I then logged out and did not try to log in until the next day…

I noticed on my website stats that despite sharing the link on my website to all these buy and sell sites (some pages have over 90000 members the average is about 25000 members per group) my site and the pages with the video and blog did not manage many hits which just made me assume Facebook had hidden my post, not surprised.

Until I tried to access Facebook later that day when the page shown below appears;

They literally banned me!!! If you have a Facebook that you would like to close just share Pizzagate shit because Facebook, YouTube and our media seem pretty desperate to keep this so called fake news from their services. Fake news real emails? Does that make sense?

Facebook have blocked me and stopped me accessing their site many times before but this time it appears they are not interested in photo I.D or blocking me for a month, they just don’t want me to use it again.. What’s there plan? Ban everyone that has the audacity to share videos they don’t like. Why don’t they like these videos? How do Facebook, YouTube and Google know this is fake news? And why do they seem to be doing everything in their power to stop Pizzagate spreading?

The media are telling us there has been no investigation but it has been debunked, how has it been debunked without an investigation? To me they seem scared so the question is why are they scared? They will happily promote government war mongering propaganda that leads to wars and death of civilians but they oppress people calling for a investigation in to Pizzagate? Why?


I remember when YouTube was my favourite website. It was the only place to be for conspiracy videos and it helped me reach literally millions of people. Them days have gone, today YouTube is a huge piece of corporate shit. The flow of information is manipulated to sat the least in fact I would say it’s almost fully controlled. When I posted a video a couple of days a go I noticed it told me “your subscriptions MAY be informed” Why may be?

They may be informed if Google decide it is viewer friendly enough? The stats are as fake as Kim Kardashians ass. Recently they have got ridiculous I lose views! When I upload a video I lose subscribers instantly and the view counts on the first days (a time a video of mine used to hit over a thousand views easily) now struggles to get past a couple of hundred.

Man GOOGLE HATE THE TRUTH. I done a bit of research to see if other channels were suffering from the same problems, OVER TWO MILLION results on Google on “YouTube removing subscribers” Google are obviously irritating a lot of small time video makers in doing this, they also promote absolute GARBAGE.

Some of these YouTube channels now, what a load of shit. You might think that mine is lame but I make it all on NO BUDGET, shit like College Humor, PewDiePie and MANY others are just mainstream wannabe SHIT, with the money they pick up from YouTube they can invest and improve, some video makers can’t. YouTube used to offer a real alternative and still does but at the same time its BLATANTLY and ILLEGALLY manipulating the flow of information and oppressing videos and video makers as well as ripping them off.




Recently Facebook have taken over WhatsApp costing them an unbelievable and ridiculous 19 billion dollars. That kind of money could contribute massively towards sorting out some of the worlds problems, problems like poverty, oppression, starvation and supplying the world with water. Instead of this Facebook decide to spend it on eliminating competition, actions and greed like this is just one more example of why corporations like Facebook, Google and Amazon should pay a lot more tax than they do. In my opinion a corporation like Facebook should be taxed at least 80% on their ridiculously massive profit, this would prevent these greedy, bloodsucking, inbred parasites from having an absolute monopoly on the internet and simply taking over their competition.

Google have ruined YouTube and Google plus forces YouTube users/uploaders to have a useless/shit Google plus account. I do not like Facebook or Google and I would much rather not have to use these disgusting, greedy companies but unfortunately they have such of a huge monopoly on the internet that we have no choice. If I were to close my YouTube and Facebook accounts in protest of their lack of respect for our rights, freedom of speech and their disgusting greed, it would make it impossible for my videos to be watched for free or at least mean that I would lose 95% of my audience.

But Facebook, Youtube, Google are now all censoring the web and with the huge monopoly these and a few other corporations now have on the internet they could potentially remove all criticism of themselves from their websites this would completely destroy civil liberties and the masses do not even notice, it is not as if the mainstream media (owned by the same corporations that are ruining the internet) are going to expose themselves instead they will carry on rambling about celebrities private lives. Internet censorship is now happening everyday and they are slowly winning the battle it will not be long before the internet is under control unless we begin to create and use new alternative websites.

Something else that I have noticed is the fact that if I share my download links or a link that sends people to a website that requires payment for example Amazon or Sellfy my post will struggle to reach forty or fifty people! They do this to encourage Facebook users to pay Facebook to spread information that they should not have to pay for but in usual Facebook fashion Facebook decide that people that do not have the money to pay to be heard, should not be heard.