The Guardian and British government hate people expressing opinions on YouTube

The following report and headline is taken from the Guardian (that fascist media outlet that seems to believe that money should give them the power to censor the Internet and financially starve the truth movement.)

Google summoned by ministers as government pulls ads over extremist content

British advertisers urge company overhaul after adverts from several big organisations appear next to inappropriate material

Google has been summoned to the Cabinet Office after it emerged that government advertising was being inadvertently placed next to extremist material.

The government joined a number of organisations, including the Guardian, in pulling advertising from Google and YouTube after discovering that ads had appeared alongside inappropriate content.

Pressure mounted on Google as Isba, an organisation representing British advertisers with hundreds of members, urged the company to overhaul its practices.

The Guardian hate the truth and the people do not trust them that is why people are viewing this extremist content in the first place.

I also find it ironic and hypercritical that mass murderers, war mongers and corrupt government officials along with their friends in the media that help them conceal the truth and protect their paedophile rings can call anybody an extremist.

If media like the Guardian were reporting anything like the truth instead of government approved propaganda maybe they would not be in this mess now.

My last observation on this situation is this; who gives a fuck about ads from the Guardian or the government? Nobody that’s why they have to place them on videos that people actually want to watch. In other words if you do not wish to advertise on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else due to the content material placed on there by real people expressing their opinions than FUCK OFF and go back to advertising on billboards.

HM Revenue and Customs continue to piss me off!

The other day I write a blog explaining that HM Revenue and Customs move at a snail pace when it comes to sorting out money that they owe, at the same time they hand out extortionate fines when we are late with our tax returns, even one day late can lead to a fine of one hundred pound.

Today I had the pleasure and by pleasure I mean painful, irritating experience of having to deal with these parasites again. This time they wanted all of my documents to prove that I am indeed a self employed blogger/video maker, so that I can prove that I am entitled to working tax credits (about £60 per week.) They wanted bank statements, Paypal information, sales Information and much more, I keep all my information on my computer so I did not believe that this was going to be a problem, I was wrong of course.

I agree to send all the information via email immediately, this is obviously quicker and easier than post and my printer is all out of ink so waiting for new ink to come could take days. I am informed that HM Revenue and Customs do not accept emails!! Why the fuck not, it’s 2017 FFS? It’s just too easy and they seem to like to make life as awkward as possible for people.

In April I will have to do this all over again for my tax returns, when I inform them that I am recording the conversation she informs me that she will have to terminate the call! They can record conversations, spy on us with Internet surveillance and monitor every single payment that we receive but they don’t like it when we do it back.

This means that sorting out my working tax credits could literally take weeks, the letter they sent out to me contained no free post envelope and last time I posted information to them they claimed they did not receive it, I did not believe them. They literally think they own the place.

In the last twelve months they have claimed that I owed them thousands of pounds which I did not, I recorded that conversation and put it on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks later they send me a letter out admitting they was wrong and I owed them NOTHING, like I knew I did not.

I genuinely believe they do not wish to pay me this mainly due to the nature of my blogs/videos. They make up the rules but they hate it when we take advantage of them.

I have sent them what I could without using a printer but I am sure it will not be good enough for them and they wonder why we say FUCK THE SYSTEM, FUCK HM REVENUE and CUSTOMS and most of all FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.

Do our politicians face this kind of scrutiny when claiming for second homes, £80 breakfasts, duck houses and gardening on their expenses of course not.


Many citizens in the United Kingdom are concerned about immigration, this concern is fueled by media propaganda and to many people in Britain it is a reasonable fear that has led to a surge of popularity for UKIP , but how reasonable is it? Do people in Britain believe that only we the British people should be entitled to the life that Great Britain offers? Much of the financial success of Britain and other powerful nations has come at the expensive of foreign countries therefore we are at least partly responsible for the oppression and poverty that immigrants are desperate to escape. Libyan immigrants are a perfect example of meddling and interference leading to death, destruction and emigration. The British people should not ask, how are we going to cope with these immigrants, described as “Cockroaches” by Kate Hopkins, a snob that works for parasites. The question should be why was there no influx of desperate immigrants before we (and by we I mean the United Nations, and the British and American armies) got there? Or how bad is Libya since we “freed” them from “the tyranny” of the Gaddafi dictatorship?

How desperate must a man be to even consider putting their children on to one of those ships, let alone go through with it? The government are blaming the traffickers but from the Libyan perspective these traffickers are offering hope, our government are offering nothing. Theresa May another right winged, snob and parasite claimed we should send home the migrants rescued at sea. This subject like the subject of the Middle East truly exposes hypocrisy and the subliminal racism of the British people, we claim we want equal rights and we care about poverty, slavery and exploitation but really we don’t give a fuck, we’re alright thanks.

How dare over privileged snobs like Kate Hopkins call these desperate people Cockroaches? Especially when she is paid by News Corporation, a company that used its huge power and influence to propagate the war in Libya and than celebrated the death of Gaddafi with the headline “That’s for Lockerbie” and a picture of him dead or very close to death. News Corporation and their minions are the Cockroaches, as are the British and American governments the Libyan people left fleeing are the victims. If we offered real support after looting from their riches Libya may still have been the stable, self efficient place it was.

We British of course are allowed to travel where we like when we like, how many young Brits are living tax free in Dubai? Or Emigrating to New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Canada, America and where ever we like? We truly believe we are more important than anybody else, when we emigrate we do so because we do not care for the rain, the coldish winter or we just want a better view these people are fleeing from a place where they obviously feel unsafe, finding safety and a better life for your family is the right thing to do. The arrogance and racism of the British government, the media and even the people is shameful.