If Theresa May was to tell the truth.

Theresa May is refusing to do TV debates!! If that is the case she should not be allowed to even run in this election. Her plan is to allow the mainstream media, Internet censorship and election rigging to win this election for her and most believe they probably will. The reason she is refusing to take part in these debates is obvious, her argument and ideology is weak and if she were to tell the truth hardly anybody would vote for her, why?

She voted to silence whistleblowers that wanted to expose the MP paedophile scandal! How would she address that? I pledge to carry on protecting rich paedophiles in the House of Lords, House of Commons, the Monarchy and the establishment? Not many would be impressed by that I wouldn’t have thought.

She has no problem with extorting the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich and her puppet master corporations! How would that go down in a TV debate watched by millions across the nation? How would she explain it? You see them big fat juicy raw steaks with blood dripping from them, we will leave them alone and continue to get attempt to blood out of the millions of little stones.

She also admitted she has no problem with nuking millions of women and children to get what she wants, how “sick and depraved” is that? Our Foreign enemies should not worry to much though because judging by Britain’s nuclear weapons tests if we aimed a Nuke at North Korea we would probably hit the USA!

Despite these strange ideas that are completely out of line with what millions of people want or believe in, the media are telling us the Conservatives will win be a landslide! But we the British people can change that and we the British people can then pursue justice and get these sick, twisted people locked up because they do not belong in Parliament they belong in the super prisons they build.