Strange stories of UFOs and ALIEN ABDUCTION (PART 3) – WOLVOMAN80

Strange stories of UFOs and ALIEN ABDUCTION (PART 3) – WOLVOMAN80

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The Atlantic forest stretches along Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is one of the most vulnerable forests in the world. It covers four times the size of the UK in land,. Today according to some estimates only 7% of the original forest remains, but it still homes a range of species.

The Atlantic forest comprises of many different ecosystems, including tropical, coastal and marine habitats. The home species such as the Jaguars, tree anteaters, tapirs, and howler monkeys as well as some rare and colourful amphibians.

It also homes more bird species than all of Europe and includes the only living examples 10,00’s of species of plants.

Their are 450 different species of trees in just one hectare of the Atlantic forest.

92% of the amphibians found in the Atlantic forest are found nowhere else in the world.



 Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest The main source of  Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest is human settlement and development of the land. In nine years from 1991 to 2000 the most area cleared from the Amazon Rainforest rose from 415,000 to 587,00 km squared , which is comparable to the land area of Spain, Madagascar, or Manitoba. Most of the lost forest has been replaced with pasture for cattle. In February 2008, the Brazilian government announced that the rate in which the Amazon Rainforest was being destroyed has been increasing noticeably during the time of the year that it normally slows: in just the five months of 2007 more than 3,200 square kilometers an area equivalent to the state of Rhode Island, was cut down. The Amazon Rainforest continues to shrink though the rate deforestation has been slowing in recent years with 2012 having the slowest rate of deforestation since records began. However the rate had increased again in 2013.


Recently Theresa May has said the Great Britain needs to stamp out Antisemitism and she is right, people should not hate on Jewish people just because they are Jewish people, Hating all Jewish people based on the greed and vicious actions of a few Jewish people is not the answer to anything as most Jewish people are just normal people that want a normal peaceful life. However, I did not hear Theresa May say anything about British people, media and the government constantly attacking Muslim people, why is that? Does Theresa May think that if people are going to be small minded, racist, hate filled, idiots, they should aim it exclusively at the worlds Islamic population? Racism is terrible and wrong no matter who it is aimed at.

Also people in Great Britain and USA seem convinced that Islam is violent and dangerous. Islam is often accused of breeding hate and extremism. People in Great Britain and USA calling Muslims violent and extreme? Most people in Great Britain and USA are way to ignorant to spot the irony in that.

Are the KKK Muslim? Pretty extreme, violent and dangerous sometimes I hear. Did Muslim people massacre hundreds of millions of Native Americans? Or the Australian Aborigines? Were Muslims responsible for the Slave trade? On the coast of what is now the country of Brazil, Over 80 indigenous tribes disappeared between 1900 and 1957, and of a population of over one million during this period 80% had been killed through deculturalization, disease, or murder, was that the work of dangerous Muslims? Has any Muslim Nation ever actually used a Nuclear bomb? NO, As of 2015, only two nuclear weapons have been used in the course of warfare, both times by the United States near the end of World War II. Did a Muslim nation declare World War One? What about World War two? What Nation killed of thousands in Vietnam? Do Muslim Nation use drones to attack people? Is it Corporations ruled by Muslim people that is slaving and exploiting people in so called third world nations? How many people have been killed by Islamic extremists since 911? Is it anywhere near the same amount that the American and British armies killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Not even close.

I am not saying that all Muslim leaders are Brilliant, I think Saudi Arabia and their Royal Family are known to be extreme and violent but wait………. Saudi Arabia are the “Good” Muslims, they are our allies, their extremism must be tolerated.

The British and American government claiming that Muslim nations are dangerous is not only hypocritical it is delusional. The American and British government/establishment are huge supporters of Israel despite the extremism, violence and a general lack of respect for human life and human rights that the Israeli government show in Palestine, not all extremism is not to be tolerated, Israel are allowed to use extremism and violence not to mention cutting edge weaponry, and a sophisticated air defense funded for by USA, used on people that have nothing other than a few rocket launchers. Instead of seeking the individuals responsible for rocket attacks and bringing them to justice Israel attack schools, hospitals, women and children, that is extreme.


Western Australian Aboriginals 1906 6