People that find politics and philosophy boring tend to be dumb and blind!

I was recently told that I am boring and a loser! I know what you are thinking WOLVOMAN80 boring? Bullshit. A loser? WTF?

This person claimed that my life revolves around the Jobcentre and weed, this woman is a carer (and by carer I mean she helps a business called Kare Plus extort elderly that can afford to be extorted and ignores elderly people that can not afford to be extorted.)

So if my life revolves around the Jobcentre and weed her life revolves around fanny’s dick, assholes, shit and piss!

What I think this person fails to see or understand is; I do what I want to do when I want to do it and nobody orders me around like a whore. Despite this womans commitment to work she actually claims MUCH more benefits in than I claim. This is because she is a low paid unskilled, worker that ain’t worth shit. I don’t see it as much different to prostitution just lower paid. Shame the low cost of her wages are not felt by the elderly people she “cares” for.

Me I’m a stoner, whats worse? Who has a worse impact on the world? I don’t want a nice car, a personal trainer or a fake ass image. I don’t have to waste a fortune on painting a mask on my face. I just chill smoke weed and train as often as I can. You got an issue get yourself a tissue and fuck off please.



The Conservatives are managing the countries finances much the same way a drug addict manages their families finances.

How did we end up with a government that are so disconnected from real people and real life? The answer is surprisingly simple we were distracting. We were watching TV, following our local (foreign owned and foreign filled) football team, working, raising families and dealing with real life. The system assures that we work for only our own interest and the interest of the government as opposed to working for the interest of each other. I honestly see NO POINT whatsoever in a government if we have to rely on foodbank charities and donations from people. Surely this should be a sign to the masses that the system is failing people, the system takes from and extorts the poor to feed the rich.

The government supposed to be paid and exist to help solve problems yet they’re causing problems, the people are the ones at least trying to solves the problems with donations and charity but I believe the people are fighting a losing battle.

The government don’t even attempt to solve problems they attempt to enslave us, get a job pay us tax problem solved. We in the UK are extorted the Conservatives are tight, money obsessed parasitic, thieves. Why? Much the same reason a heroin addict can be a tight, money obsessed thief, they have expensive habits to pay for.

Their breakfasts cost as much as our weekly shops, their cars costs as much as our houses, a bottle of their wine costs as much as a pallet of our wine. Their Caviar munching, champagne sipping lifestyles are expensive somebody has to pay for it. We pay for it!

How can the rich afford to pay tax when the maintenance bill historic properties is so high? Just getting their places warm must take as much energy as five streets.

If the system was not set up the way that it is these people would run out of money. The system has been designed to assure that does not happen, we fund them.


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I have always loved boxing but sometimes it is a massive rip off.

A bit different to my usual subject but I have been meaning to write this blog for sometime now.

I am a life long boxing fan, I have always been fascinated by what I believe is the most unpredictable and exciting sport out of them all. Most people might not know this but my YouTube channel was originally used mainly for boxing videos. I love Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, James Toney, Naseem Hamed, Vasyl Lomachenko, Manny Pacquiao and many others. I admire the defensive abilities of Floyd Mayweather, the speed, skill and size of Tyson Fury and I love the history to boxing. From Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury boxing has always been closely linked to politics.

The reason for this is boxers tend to come from oppressive harsh backgrounds, they are not usually as politically conditioned as the rest of society, if it was not for boxing most would admit that a potential life of crime and even prison would await them. These people are warriors and warriors are not scared of anything least of all speaking their mind and that tends to get them in to trouble.

So boxing has always been my favourite sport.

But I am beginning to notice a disturbing pattern with boxing. For example a couple of weeks ago I watched Andre Ward fight Sergey Kovalev, it was an alright fight but it was completely ruined by a ridiculous decision. I like Andre Ward and I liked him even more after the fight he showed guts and bravery that most people do not have, but he lost! I don’t care if the fight is in the USA, Sergey Kovalev was dominate through much of the fight and though Ward fought back hard and nicked a few rounds he didn’t win the fight.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao, at first watch I believed Mayweather won, the commentators are so pro Mayweather and they do influence your mind. After watching the fight again I believe that Pacquiao won mainly due to the inactivity of Mayweather. He slowed the fight down and made Pacquiao miss but slowing down the fight and dodging does not win fights. Pacquiao was the aggressor and he landed more punches than Mayweather despite what HBO stats tell us, recounts have proven HBO stats are like everything corporate MONEY GUIDED BULLSHIT. Similar result to when he fought Castillo the first time. Mayweather vs Maidana 1 was not even close watch the fight, Maidana won nearly every round on punches landed surely that is how a fight should be scored unless harder punches are being landed by the opponent.

The pattern I speak of is the fact that foreign fighters are being robbed in the United States when they fight Americans.

American commentators, boxers and so called experts desperately tell us why the American fighter won but I do not believe that even they believe it. Take Paulie Malignaggi he knows his boxing and he gives speeches after his fight on the corruption in boxing yet he than tells us he scored the fight to Ward! I don’t believe him. He called Manny Pacquiao a sore loser when Pacquiao claimed he believed he beat Mayweather and the judges got it wrong. Yet when he ends up on the wrong end of a close decision he cries.. I guess to work for News Corporation you have to be a puppet.

Even more concerning is the fact that boxers or boxing promoters are now being allowed to hand pick opponents, look at the heavyweight division we have Anthony Joshua, Joshua Parker, Luis Ortiz, Tyson Fury, Wladimir Klitschko, Deontay Wilde and David Haye yet none of these other than Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko have fought each other. Too many world champions and it is ruining the sport.

Anthony Joshua is a household name in the UK but he really has not fought anybody proven to be world class yet, he has just beat up average opponents. Deontay Wilde is the same and David Haye seems happy to spend what remains of his career beating up mediocre opponents that don’t belong in the ring with him (at least he is not a world champion unlike Wilder and Joshua.)

I respect these people and I also believe the promoters are much to blame, they want to milk the cash cow before taking real risks but the sport suffers as a result.

As everybody knew would happen Joshua knocked out Eric Molina with no problem, but why was he even in the ring and on PPV at £17.50 with Molina in the first place? Especially when Dillian Whyte who gave Joshua a good fight last year was fighting Dereck Chisora on the same night. Either one of them would have been better than what we ended up with. Not that I would pay £17.50 for it in the first place!




It’s easy to point out and laugh at the stupidity of people but the real question is; why are people so stupid? I do not believe we are born stupid, we are made stupid. We are manipulated in to having stupid, intolerant beliefs.  

We are born in to the world with no knowledge of the world but never fear school and TV will show us the way, the box of light will shine the truth and teacher will teach. Teach them to be obedient, punctual and to respect authority, kids are rewarded for repeating and remembering as opposed to creativity and freethinking. They are forced to dress the same as everyone else and scientific theories are taught as facts no mysteries left.

 They speak as if they know everything and logic explains all unfortunately they know nothing and logic explains almost nothing.

The trouble is kids don’t know that schools and teachers don’t know shit, they also do not realize that the TV including the news are merely distractions to reality as opposed to an actual representation of reality.

 With the right conditioning you could make them believe anything.

Socrates once said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” that must mean the only true stupidity is thinking you know everything.

Schools produce people that are smart enough to accurately follow orders and repeat. But stupid enough to believe that they ability of accurately following orders and repeating makes them smarter than the rest of us. For me it makes you stupid, ignorant, arrogant and lame.  

Just as bad as schools is mainstream media, mainstream media seem to get confused with the difference between news and irrelevant fucking bullshit.

When reading mainstream media we are confronted with stories like Kim Kardashian wore the same clothes for two days in a row or Naomi Campbell ditches sexy stilettos for comfy sneakers, to say its mind numbing is an understatement its fucking soul destroying. When the media are not talking about what celebrities are wearing and who they are fucking they are telling about the dangers and extremism of Muslims and immigrants.

The media in Britain are always so keen to fight wars, Iraq has WMDs bomb them, Bin Laden visited Afghanistan bomb them, Libya is under a dictatorship bomb them, Syria have an oppressive government bomb them, Muslims don’t like us kill them, I mean what’s not like about us?

Apart from the fact we are a shallow, corporate dependent, drunk, non-thinking, violent, judgmental, thieving, hypocritical, celebrity obsessed, media guided society. 

As if mainstream media was not weak enough alternative media is blatantly being silenced, censored and hidden. For some reason Corporations owned by inbreed looking obscenely rich and greedy meat puppets like Google and Facebook seem to think they should have some say on what you read and don’t read.    

They hide anything that exposes the government, corporate greed and exploitation and Israel’s war crimes. Opposition to war, protest and even political satire are all silenced, censored and hidden from mass consumption. Apparently they hide this shit to protect us. They are superhero’s protecting us from extremist views, lies and radicalization. They have decided you can’t FUCKING HANDLE THE TRUTH.




Beware WHAT YOU POST….. there is a twisted, perverted lunatic taking Facebook and Whats App images that normal people like you and me have posted, he sells these images to anybody that has the money and cares enough to pay for them. These images could have been posted on your wall or privately and even deleted shortly after, once posted he has access to them.

This perverted person has access to every Facebook and Whats App account, even if you close your account. And he care’s not one bit about you. He seems to hate Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression and Freedom in general.

He works with corrupt, right winged governments (like the murdering Israeli government and the useless Conservative government in Britain) and billionaire, greedy corporations.   He loves money and has more money than some countries, he is a real sick bastard!




In June 2011 I set up a Facebook account for WOLVOMAN80, I set the account up due to the unexpected success of a video that I made with clips I had taken from old news reports and documentaries in order to prove to members of my friends and family that I am not mental and there is something not right with our government and media.

Most family members either thought or still think I am a conspiracy obsessed lunatic and that’s O.K with me, that is what I thought when I first heard of the Illuminati, “these people are mad” and you would be PRETTY STUPID for not thinking that. But my advice is move away from the propaganda and one sided stories written by our racist, corporate controlled mainstream media and read what “the people” are saying “but you could be reading the opinion of lunatics, extremists or even terrorists” the government will say.

My answer to that is the mainstream are lunatics, extremists and arguable even terrorists! It was lies printed by the mainstream media that allowed the British and American government to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The lies printed by the British media about Hillsborough, the 2011 riots, 911 and many other issues, and the fact that our media ignore issues like government corruption, poverty around the world and in our own country, corporate tax evasion and corporate slavery has made SOME people realize that the mainstream media are actually keeping the masses in the dark in order to protect millionaires/billionaires.

Why would the media do that? The simple minded ask, the answer is obvious! The media is controlled by millionaires/billionaires and believe or not millionaires/billionaires are in a war to keep themselves and their families rich and for that we can not blame them. However millionaires/billionaires are now paying no tax in some cases when the rest of us and our families are paying as little 20% and as much as 45% tax in some cases, that is unfair and this is the reason that alternative media is SO IMPORTANT.

Unfortunately the silence and cooperation of the mainstream media is no longer enough, the elite are now censoring social media like Facebook and YouTube! Why do they feel the need to censor opinions of people that live in “free countries” we call ourselves “civilized, democratic nations” and we claim to care about freedom, yet the minute anybody disagrees with what they do or disbelieves what they say, they are labelled as an extremist and silenced by corporations that have way to much power online.

The reason the government and social media censor these arguments is simply because they do not know how to respond to them, so instead attempting to think of a clever argument back, they just hide the information and hope that it goes away.

Posting on Facebook nowadays is useless to me, I have evidently been categorized as a “dangerous non-conformist, extremist, mental case” and Facebook believe I am not suitable for mass consumption. Facebook went months without counting a single new like, then one day I get hundreds of new likes, but since that day they have not counted any new likes counted by Facebook.