Hash and Vendor review – PEACE-INC on Dream Market

PEACE-INC on Dream Market specialize in Hash, I recently sampled three of their hash products and as usual (the quality of the cannabis on Dream Market is always high) I was more than satisfied. I sampled soft Marroc, Yellow Lebanese Hash and Bubble Hash and all three were high quality smokes and very good value for money.

PEACE-INC is a great vendor all three products are surprisingly potent (especially the bubble hash.) I highly recommend this vendor to anybody that is a fan of hash. This is brilliant value of money and I Guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Add:   /contactMember?member=PEACE-INC to the end of one of the following working links



Highly rated and TRUSTED DREAM MARKET vendor PROline



Add to the end of address



Strawberry Cough from PROline. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, HIGH QUALITY  PRODUCT. One of my very favorite skunks from a trusted, highly rated Dream Market vendor.  

Why and how you should be using Dream Market. NEW LINKS UPDATED 12/02/2018

This post is not suitable anybody in the world. I suggest you leave immediately.

Millions of people in the UK already use drugs and they are usually over charged on poor quality drugs for doing so. The war on drugs is nothing more than a small part of a much larger war. The war on your freedom.

I smoke weed and through blogging I earned a little bit of cryptocurrency. This could not have come at a better time because at the time I was struggling to buy food never mind smoke weed.

After going a couple of weeks without smoking weed but smoking lots of cigarettes to make up for it I decide to try Silk Road. I purchase a few small orders thinking if one does not come through at least one of the others should. To my surprise they all come through and the difference in quality and choice to what we find on the street is ridiculous. Silk Road had trouble and went down which caused me problems (I lost 80 USD.) I also fell for a dodgy vendor cost me another 135usd which was finalize early (below are some trusted vendors from the United Kingdom.) I would not finalize early on Silk Road or Dream Market unless you have used the vendor before or he has a high and established rating.

Silk Road went up and down shortly after this and despite months of me sending them polite messages I found myself being ignored. I thought Fuck Silk Road I will try Dream Market and I have used only Dream Market since.

First thing that you need to use Dream Market is Tor which can be downloaded @ https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en

Next thing you are going to need is an account you can sign up for Dream Market at the following links. If One is down try the next one. There are extra links at the bottom of the page in case none of the below work.


Next thing that you need to use Dream Market or any market like it is some Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be purchased from many places this is one of them https://localbitcoins.com

If you are buying bitcoin exclusively to use on Dream Market pay your bitcoin straight in to your Dream Market Wallet using the Bitcoin address provided. This usually takes 20 minutes to clear (I had one take 24 hours once so do not panic if it does not show instantly though it usually does.)

From then on it is as simple as choosing the product that you want to purchase and how you would like it to be shipped. Anything valuable is better tracked and delivery can be the next day or as many as three days. One package took two weeks to show up! By the time it had shown up the vendor had already reshipped another which somehow beat it.

One of my all time favorites Super Silver Haze


PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


฿0.00086 £5.13 (GREAT VALUE)
Europe, Worldwide

MrCronk (1000) (4.92    )

PROLine (20) (4.95    )  


Quality Cannabis at a good price!!! MrGreenery on Dream Market

Recommended product

????7g Cali Orange B+ “Reseller Special”
฿0.00643 (about £35 at this time)
United Kingdom


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What is the best faucets online??

Recently I have been looking for ways to make money online. Faucets is one of them ways and I have been through hundred of them. They all pay low and to make any real money from them you are going to need multiple faucets.

What I have learned from my experience so far is this;

Firstly you need faucets that do NOT slow down your computer (many of them do) and more importantly you need faucets that actually pay a fair rate. I have decided that if it does not pay at least 50 satoshis a click it is nowhere near worth doing.

So below is a list of faucets that I believe are not too bad, there are a few with ridiculously slow websites but I have only included them because of their higher than average payouts.



The first faucet is one of the most famous faucets freebitco.in 

This pays pretty decent compared to some and has a stable website and requires minimum work. It scores 8/10 pretty decent.


The second faucet pays in Ether and is similar to the first it also has a stable website and requires minimum work.


It also scores 8/10


The third faucet http://xtensatoshi.com

Is low paying but fast it scores 6/10


The forth faucet is https://claimwith.me ( UPDATE SHIT)

I HATE this website it is slow and irritating but this faucet pays better than most (though it does make it awkward to draw out your earnings)

It scores 7/10 good payouts irritatingly slow


The fifth one is https://claimfreecoins.com 

This one pays one dogecoin every 15 minutes so it is low paying (though higher than some) but it is a fast website that requires no work or waiting at all.

It scores 8/10 very good.


The sixth faucet is http://dailyfreebits.com/faucet

Very low paying but very easy and very fast 5/10


Seventh is https://autofaucet.io

130 satoshi every ten minutes, not bad for a pretty fast website that only crashes on rare occasions



The Eighth faucet is https://upbitcoin.com

Low paying but fast and regular 7/10


Ninth is https://freedoge.co.in

Fast and easy low paying faucet 8/10


Tenth is http://bitfun.co

Crashes sometimes but still pretty easy and fast and it builds up when you are not using it 7/10


Eleventh is http://satoshiheroes.com (UPDATE SCAM)

Fast and easy 7/10


Twelve is https://bonusbitcoin.co/faucet

Decent pay outs but crashes a lot 7/10


Thirteen is http://moonbit.co.in

Irritating crashes but gives good bonuses 6/10


Fourteen  http://moonliteco.in

Same as above but pays in litecoin 6/10


Fifteen http://moondoge.co.in

Same as the two above but pays in Dogecoin


Sixteen and last one for now (though I might update later) is https://adbtc.top

This one is not a faucet it pays you to view ads and it is THE BEST site I have been on for making crypto so far. It pays pretty good and its fast a hardly ever crashes 9/10.









Get paid BITCOIN just for existing! I FUCKING LOVE THIS WEBSITE.

Let me start by explaining this is not an advertisement (though I might get a referral bonus if you sign up and use the site) this blog is just me telling you the truth of what I think of a website that i have recently discovered. The story starts like this; I am a weed smoking, work shy lay about and I am always looking for easy ways out but one thing that I have noticed is there does not seem to be an easy out. And I will be honest this website is not going to change that it does however offer you a free chance of winning up to 200 USD every hour with a guaranteed minimum win of a few hundred Satoshis. And unlike many of these sites it does seem legit (I had a quick look at reviews and they were mainly positive.)

I was looking on how to earn money online, I started filling in surveys I fill four surveys and got paid nothing, they websites made my computer slow and after days of trying to find a decent option I gave up on surveys. I ended up reading about captcha solving, I give it a try and noticed the money they offer was absolutely pathetic. I think they are jobs aimed at poor people in the “third” world because if you were to sit on your computer doing one every five minutes ten hours a day for a month you would be lucky to earn 40 pound. So the jobs ain’t worth it, they’re shit.

Until I come to this site.   


There are tons of sites like this online but this one is definitely the best I have come across. I also notice (because of notifications on some of the sites) that the British government are “concerned” about these type of sites. They never fail to amaze me, apparently they encourage gambling, which they do because they give you a chance to gamble the money that you have earned but we are all adults here we don’t need the governments protection. Somebody else informed me that by working for these sites we are assisting hackers and therefore it is immoral to do so.

But i think of it like this; Firstly don’t assume that all hackers are evil in some cases they are the ones fighting evil, why do you think the government and the corporations hate them so much? And secondly in my opinion at least anybody that works for governments or huge corporations are assisting greed, thievery and evil as are the consumers.

All I am saying is have a look see what you think or don’t I don’t particularly give a fuck it’s just a subject that I thought was interesting for another blog and another dollar.

If you do use it let me know what you think in the comment section.

WARNING Bitcoin gambling is too much fun.

In my youth I was a gambler. Casinos, betting offices, machines, football, boxing and all sorts. I always considered myself to be lucky with gambling and I enjoyed the buzz you get from gambling. The thing is about gambling is when you are winning you seem to keep winning and that can make it feel like easy money and not even real. You don’t respect the money that you win from gambling as much as you respect the money when you have worked all week for it. So after a few bad experiences I decided gambling (as fun as it is) is not for me. I hate losing even more than I love winning I suppose.

Recently however while I was looking for ways to make money online I came across a gambling site (gambling is not a good way to make a living even if it is fun.) I played a free game and won! I was rewarded a small amount of Satoshis it was not really worth claiming so I began to play.

To my absolute amazement, I was doing pretty well and found myself with about twenty USD worth of Bitcoin. I could have drawn it out but 20 USD was not good enough, greed got the best of me and I ended up losing it. As if that was not stupid enough I than decided to invest twenty USD of my own Bitcoin in to it and lost that as well. Lucky enough for me I am to tight too carry on losing money at that rate so I stopped playing. I found it dangerously fun and addictive until I lost.

I was going to share the link with you because they actually pay for referrals but I don’t want to encourage you to gamble, its a mugs game (until you win.)

I’m a lucky bastard….I think I should Steemit, Bitcoin and God.

For many years I have cursed my luck when it comes to making a living on line. I had a YouTube channel that earned thousands in revenue gained millions of views and thousands of subscribers. YouTube’s own stats once revealed that YouTube were going to pay me thousands of pounds for my video views. They never did, the stats simply cleared and my videos were hit with copyright laws and actions due to the music I used in the videos. From that day I literally had to start again! First I created my own music (to avoid copyright strikes) then I began to make a new catalog of videos. I try to make every obstacle they put in my way a new opportunity to do something different if it were not for YouTube acting the way they do I would have probably never started making music (using LMMS software, well recommended if you want to make music) and I loved making music.

Despite their corporate ads YouTube pay low and slow, I also sell DVDs and Downloads on Amazon its another slow supply of cash that comes in handy, Ads on my website also pay me but that barely covers the cost of maintaining and paying for the site. With these small incomes which are not enough to live on I was close to being forced to say goodbye to by blogs and finding a real job again. I was nearly made homeless and relied upon hand outs to be honest I was in a fooking mess.

Steemit and Bitcoin have not only offered an alternative income but a future and hope that is something that was dying fast on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook for many people.

The irony is that the only reason many people end up on sites like Steemit and therefore cryptocurrency is due to the actions, manipulation and greed of sites like YouTube and Facebook. YouTube and Facebook owned this market but their greed and determination to manipulate what you read and watch could just be all that a site like Steemit needs to become a huge success and maybe even one day as dominate as YouTube and Facebook are/were.

Despite my luck I have blogged or worked towards my YouTube channel and website nearly everyday for eight years. There are two things that you need in this world luck and persistence


I am a big fan of Steemit and I genuinely hope it becomes a big success. I have written blogs in the past pointing out possible censorship on Steemit but for now I remain open minded and hopeful of the possibility that Steemit really is a of free flowing information. I believe that Steemit brings so much potential to the future of the Internet and information if censorship is not implemented and the idea destroyed (excluding the flagging system obviously.) Steemit has helped promote my website, videos, blogs and paid me more than YouTube. Despite my 18 million YouTube views, 26620 subscribers and their corporate ads.

So I am very thankful for that.

But the best thing Steemit has done for me is pushed me on to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. I fucking love Bitcoin and like Steemit could completely alter the Internet Bitcoin could potentially alter the whole monetary system and the world. It could take all power away from the banks and allow people to manage their own finances with being extorted from out side influences such as banks and governments.

Bitcoin could lead to poor nations and people from poverty stricken areas to sell the products that they create or mine themselves directly to the consumer cutting out the expensive corporate middle men. This could potentially led to things getting cheaper to buy and the creators of the product getting better money. The value of materials and natural products could rise in he country it is taken from and drop in the country it is supplied to making everybody a winner. If we are really lucky it could even be the beginning of the end of the corporation.  

The lists of possibilities and potential that comes with Bitcoin is in my opinion MASSIVE.     

Ad free STEEMIT pays better than YouTube and Google Adsense combined…

I have a few issues with Steemit, I believe its censoring its users, the flagging system is ridiculous and the payments rewards are a bit confusing and not very equal. It’s a shame about these issues because even with all of its flaws it still somehow manages to piss all over Google and YouTube and their ads when it comes to making money.

I know that is not much of a challenge, playing a recorder in Birmingham City Centre on a rainy Monday morning would probably make you money money than Google and YouTube and their ads. I have been on YouTube for over seven years and over them years I have had millions of views but received no more than £1000, I make more selling DVDs and Downloads on Amazon and I have made more from  less than one year than I make on YouTube in four years using Steemit. Steemit and for that I am grateful. In fact the money I have made from Steemit has relieved some pressure massively.

But the best thing about Steemit (at least for me) is that Steemit introduced me to Cryptocurrency, without Steemit, I would have no bitcoin and bitcoin is good it involves a bit of fucking around but once you have set it up it is very useful for lots of things, I am pretty impressed so far.