The British media is a rip off, a disgrace and completely untrustworthy.

The British media is weak to say the least in fact weak is not a fair description the mainstream British media is a farce. Our newspapers report celebrity gossip as if it is the actual news and are nearly always biased. It seems to me that nearly everything we read is an attempt to control the way we think. They use the truth when the truth suits if the truth does not suit it’s “fake news” or “conspiracy theory.”

Recently the Guardian described Vladamir Putin as a killer! The report reads…

Donald Trump repeats respect for ‘killer’ Putin in Fox Super Bowl interview

Donald Trump has once again defended Vladimir Putin against accusations that he is a killer, telling Fox News: “We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

The US president appeared to place the US and Russia on the same moral plane in an interview broadcast before the Super Bowl kicked off in Houston, Texas. Asked by the host, Bill O’Reilly, if he respected Putin, Trump replied: “I do respect Putin.

“Will I get along with him? I have no idea. It’s very possible I won’t.”

O’Reilly said: “He’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

“There are a lot of killers,” Trump replied. “We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

Putin probably is a killer he is also corrupt but I hate to say it but I agree with Donald Trump I can think of lots of corrupt killers the Guardian do not describe or expose as killers. Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, David Cameron, Theresa May or Tony Blair to name just a few.

The part that made me laugh about this article is “the US president appeared to place the US and Russia on the same moral plane” the Guardian go on like suggesting Russians are on the same moral plane as us is ridiculous. It’s this kind of article that made me lose all respect and interest in the Guardian which is a Newspaper I once thought to be about the best in England, not that that is an achievement it’s like being a Donner Kebab in a bucket full of shit.

I have no time for any mainstream media outlet the BBC, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Telegraph, the Times,  Daily Star, the Sun they are all shit and what amazes me is how we can read the news and still have no idea what the fuck is actually going on. They print what Tony Blair says as if its important when he criticizes the “Brexit” but to me thats not news. Tony Blair is a proven liar, a war criminal and universally despised what he thinks or says is completely irrelevant, so why report it?

Stop calling them lefties.

When I watch the news especially the alternative media I can not help but notice the constant use of the word lefties or leftists when describing the Trump protesters or even certain sections of the mainstream media. The usage of this word bothers me some people are even describing Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama as lefties or leftists! Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are not lefties, leftists or left wing the left wing is about fighting the establishment, the corporations, aristocrats and bankers I didn’t see Obama do any of those thing during in presidency, the only people he fought was Libyans and Syrians!

These so called “left wing” Clinton supporters cannot be real left wingers because real left wingers fight for equality, welfare and human rights. Jeremy Corbyn is considered a left wing extremist by most of the “left wing” media in the UK but is Jeremy Corbyn far left? Or has Britain become so right wing in nature since the 60s that moderate left wingers like Jeremy Corbyn now appear to be extreme lefties to the average Brit?

I consider myself to be a left winger, I consider Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama to be lying, corrupt puppets of the right wing. The real left wing is nearly dead in mainstream politics and when somebody (like Jeremy Corbyn) do express left wing opinions and ideas they are dismissed as lunatics or not a realistic option.

These Clinton supporters and Trump protesters seem to believe they are fighting for equality and justice but they’re not! If they were they would not have been Clinton supporters in the first place.

The media (especially the alternative media) are presenting these people as lefties but they are not lefties. Most of these people are just ignorant if they were fighting against the corrupt oppressive political system and the lobby masters that control it I would support them all the way but if they believe that Hillary Clinton is any better than Donald Trump they’re wrong, she is worse or at least as bad.


Why are they protesting Donald Trump’s presidency?

I have been protesting about government policies for many years in the form of blogs and YouTube videos. I have spent months at a time researching politics and I believe we should all have the right to protest, I sympathized massively with the rioters during the UK riots a few years ago in fact sympathized is the wrong word I felt their frustration.

In other words I believe in the right to protest so these Trump protesters should be allowed to carry on freely if they wish.

But I cannot help but ask myself why are they protesting? Especially in London have you seen your own government? I wonder how many of these protesters where calling rioters scum through the UK Riots? I’m not saying I like Donald Trump but I like him a lot more than I like Obama and Hillary Clinton. Somehow everybody seems to have forgotten that Barrack Obama was a liar, he was all talk and show and no action. He pledged to stop the Bush wars and to take on the bankers he did neither

“Trump has no respect for women” the Trump protesters might say, what about Bill Clinton’s respect for women? He is famous for sex scandals and even accusations of sexual assault.

Trump has not proved himself to be a liar yet. Bill Clinton was and is sex obsessed liar, Hillary Clinton is a war monger and George Bush was moronic, so why have so many people decided to protest now?

“Trump is a racist” the Trump protesters might answer, but so is Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and George Bush! Don’t believe me look at their records. They have all fought unnecessary, expensive wars or in Hillary Clinton’s case voted in favour of them or promoted them consistently. These wars lead to the deaths of millions of people but that didn’t matter because they was not Americans, that is racism. Obama’s government uses drones FFS, when Trump starts actions like that or starts he acting as another puppet to bankers, corporations or even Israel I will be joining the protesters, until than I’m neutral on Trump.

I’m not saying people should just forget about Trump and let him be, I’m just saying he should be given a chance because he won, if Clinton won and Trump protesters were rioting I am pretty sure that the media would be condemning their actions. Instead the mainstream media (who regularly completely ignore protests all over the UK) have decided to report these protests heavily and positively the BBC said that Trump had united women in USA against him click text to read!

Unfortunately I believe many of these protesters are people that have simply read newspapers headlines like “Trump is racist” or “Trump hates women” and they believe it. If the corporate media hate him so much (which they seem to) he must be doing something right.


Reading the headlines on Google news is shocking at the moment, we seem to be witnessing the whole of the corporate owned media attacking Donald Trump.

Russia dossier: what happens next – and could Donald Trump be impeached? The Guardian asks.

 CIA ‘believes Russia has more than one Donald Trump sex tape and second source claims it DOES exist’ tells us.

Other headlines include

Donald Trump condemned by ethics watchdog over business empire plans The Evening Standard tells us the BBC ran a similar article.

Australian dollar soars after speech by US President-elect Donald Trump He is already devaluing the American dollar claims the Daily Mail.

President-elect Donald Trump ‘could be rocked by new sordid tape’ scandal The Sun “report”

Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For Autistic People Forbes informs us. 

Donald Trump treats the press like an authoritarian thug The Guardian seem particularly obsessed with Donald Trump at the moment 

This is just today and though not all articles on Donald Trump are negative none of them are positive, they are either negative or meaningless. What I find strange is the mainstream media have spent recent years protecting Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Theresa May and many other corrupt politicians yet there seem to be no love or protection for Donald Trump in fact they seem to be intent on destroying him.

Will Donald Trump ever even be president? Will he be impeached as contemplated by the Guardian? Assassinated? Or even Arrested?

It seems obvious that some very powerful people do not want Donald Trump to be president, are these media report attempts to blackmail Donald Trump?


I am not saying I trust Putin or even understand what Putin is doing but lets be honest he has made Barrack Obama look like an absolute joke. Obama who is convinced Putin has manipulated the outcome of the American election looks angry and helpless. I think Obama should remember how the media manipulated the first election that he won, Obama was hyped by nearly all the mainstream media and literally presented as some kind of savior. I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the fact that the Zionist media manipulated that election.

Facebook and Google are now actually openly controlling the flow of information, Obama’s argument seems to be AMERICANS WERE MANIPULATED BY THE WRONG PEOPLE and they are going to make sure it never happens again.

The timing of the leaked emails obviously suited Donald Trump and Donald Trump winning the election suits Vladamir Putin but that is not proof of Russian interference and before the leaked emails that lead to “fake news and Pizzagate” Donald Trump was constantly attacked by nearly all sections of the media. He’s a pervert, rapist, a woman hater and a racist.

All men (and women) are perverts (to a point) and Trump is old fashioned and no doubt racist but is he as easily bought and controlled as Obama and Clinton? I do not believe he is and thats why they fear him.

On the surface level at least knowing what we know it seems to me that Putin is right either way if he was responsible for the hacking good arrest the people exposed if he was not responsible than arrest the people exposed. Americans and Brits have in the past often accused Russia of Internet censorship and a lack of democracy! I am not Russian and therefore I read very little Russian media but I doubt the Russian government are manipulating the flow of information anymore than our own governments are.

Our media hate Putin and they want you to hate Putin, in October 2016 the DOMINIC SANDBROOK FOR THE DAILY MAIL writes;

Russia’s bombardment of Aleppo is one of the defining atrocities of our time.

With at least 30,000 dead and the city in ruins, it is no wonder commentators have compared it to the Nazi bombing of the Basque town of Guernica in 1937, which killed hundreds of civilians and inspired Picasso to create the most famous anti-war painting in history.

So when Boris Johnson suggested anti-war campaigners should demonstrate outside Russia’s London embassy, protesting in the name of the men, women and children slaughtered by Vladimir Putin’s war in Syria, it was hard to imagine anybody who might disagree.

Anybody, that is, apart from the leader of the Labour Party and his hard-Left supporters.

Typical Daily Mail bullshit, when it suits they care so much! Where were the Daily Mail and the mainstream media when hundred of thousands were killed in Iraq? Putin would not even be in Syria if our government were not attempting to overthrow the Syrian government and funding/creating terrorist organizations.

As I said at the start I’m not saying that I trust Putin and I certainly do not trust Trump but I definitely do not trust Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton either. In fact Barrack Obama is a proven liar and Hillary Clinton is war hungry. The question should not be “what should we do about Putin manipulating elections by releasing highly incriminating and disturbing information?” the question should be “what are we going about the information that has been leaked?”

Surely by Barrack Obama accusing Putin of interference he has legitimized the emails (they are definitely not fake) and if he has legitimized the emails Pizzagate should be investigated and everybody involved should be questioned.

Obama is scared, desperate and angry at the moment and he knows he has been made look like a fool this makes him dangerous as for Hillary Clinton she has also been a psychotic, war hungry nasty piece of work. Putin comes out looking smarter, more honest, right and cool as fuck!


IF YOU BELIEVE VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER YOU ARE A TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER. That was the amazingly ignorant and arrogant claim of terrorist David Cameron today. I believe if you sympathize with the greed and war mongering Conservative government you are the REAL terrorist Sympathizer! How can David Cameron make claims like this when he supports Israel’s oppression and terrorist acts in Palestine? Britain is sleep walking into another war.

It is not that I sympathize with people that kill people (like the British and US armies,) I sympathize with the children that are in the wrong place at the wrong time and the mothers that have to witness the massacres our taxes fund. I sympathize with our brainwashed soldiers (that have been programmed to KILL and follow orders without asking questions) and the families they leave behind, I sympathize with the innocent civilians as they become death stats.

I find it hard to sympathize with rich, greedy, elitist, war mongering, propaganda using governments and their corporate and aristocratic masters. After all David Cameron’s children will be cozy, safe and sound in their huge mansions with their expensive minders surrounded by security. Why should the working class British public defend a country and a government that has spent much of its time oppressing and ripping off the poor and working classes?

If the elite want war I say go for it but do not ask or expect us (the poorer classes) to support or fight for them, the Conservative government have cut public services, incapacity benefits, child tax credits and the NHS for us while handing tax breaks to Google, News Corporation, Facebook and many other corporations, billionaires and millionaires but now we are expected to defend them? Lets keep this simple, FUCK EM.

Lets see the elite fight this war without us, if rich little weaklings like David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and their masters are so pro war let them fight a war. I would happily work and pay taxes if our government promise to drop these weakling, warmongers in the middle of Syria to fight terrorism themselves.

David Cameron believes that we are terrorist sympathizers, I believe he and his government are terrorists which makes their supporters terrorist supporters! USA, UK and their allies attack, exploit, kill, loot, thieve, bomb and murder but they still have the nerve to suggest that they stand for peace and against terrorism. The Conservative government and their masters stand as much against freedom as ISIS do, who by the way were funded by American taxes!




On the 20th October 2011 Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi more commonly known as Colonel Gaddafi was killed and the Libyan people were freed of an oppressive dictatorship. The oppressive dictatorship of Gaddafi offered free health care, government grants for marriage and children and a free education system that put Libya top of the literacy league tables in the whole of Africa. The oppressive dictatorship of Gaddafi also left Libya with a national debt of between zero and five billion pound depending on what source you use compared to Britain’s debt of one and half trillion pound and America’s 18 trillion dollars, Libya had state owned banks therefore the Libya government controlled the banks this allowed Libya to print interest free money unlike Britain and USA there banks are essentially corporations that charge huge interest on printed money that is at least part of the reason that so many countries have huge deficits.

Team Great Britain and USA to the rescue “we will free the Libyan people” David Cameron told the British TV audience and as usual we lapped it up, “people are dying in the streets” David Cameron said. The disgusting British media celebrated his death “that’s for Lockerbie” Rupert Murdoch’s Zionist loving and propagating the Sun newspaper declared. “The people of Libya are saved” we were told, than Libya disappears from the news completely not a mention.

Weeks before the general election 2015 in Britain and the Libyan war comes back to remind us of the impact that governments in Britain and USA have on the world as hundreds of migrants drowned in a desperate attempt to flee recently liberated Libya.

The British voter and taxpayer should be asking a few questions about the Libyan migrants drowning, questions that the mainstream media will completely ignore as they will be too busy talking about some celebrities private life or rating how good celebrities look in bikini’s or something along those lines.

How bad of a state is Libya since the “liberation of the Libyan people” and the death of an “evil and cowardly” dictator as described by the British media for people of Libya that have families and children to even consider getting on one of them boats?

How much to blame are our elected government’s that insisted the Libyan war was a humanitarian mission?

Would this be happening if Great Britain, USA and NATO stayed out of Libya?

Were people ever this desperate to escape Libya under Gaddafi? Have we just taken the treasure and ran?

Independence, Kingdom of Libya and Libya under Gaddafi

King Idris I led the country into independence in 1951 and became its first head of state
On 24 December 1951, Libya declared its independence as the United Kingdom of Libya, a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under King Idris, Libya’s only monarch. The discovery of significant oil reserves in 1959 and the subsequent income from petroleum sales enabled one of the world’s poorest nations to establish an extremely wealthy state. Although oil drastically improved the Libyan government’s finances, resentment among some factions began to build over the increased concentration of the nation’s wealth in the hands of King Idris.[citation needed]
Gaddafi (left) with Egyptian President Nasser in 1969.

On 1 September 1969, a small group of military officers led by 27-year-old army officer Muammar Gaddafi staged a coup d’état against King Idris, launching the Al Fateh Revolution.[49] Gaddafi was referred to as the “Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution” in government statements and the official Libyan press.[50]

On 2 March 1977, Libya officially became the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”. Gaddafi officially passed power to the General People’s Committees and henceforth claimed to be no more than a symbolic figurehead.[51] Dissidence against the new system was not tolerated. At around the same time the Jamahiriya was established, Gaddafi authorized the execution of twenty-two officers who had participated in a 1975 attempted military coup, in addition to the execution of several civilians.[52] The new “jamahiriya” governance structure he established was officially referred to as “direct democracy”,[53] though the government refused to publish election results.[54]

Libya’s system of governance during the Jamahiriya era was based on Gaddafi’s theories outlined in his The Green Book, published in 1975. Under the Jamahiriya system, political issues for debate were raised at local level around the country, convened by any one of about 2,000 local “people’s committees”. The committees would then pass their votes to a central general committee formed by elected members, where votes at the local congresses would finally influence the outcomes of national decisions.[55]

In February 1977, Libya started delivering military supplies to Goukouni Oueddei and the People’s Armed Forces in Chad. The Chadian–Libyan conflict began in earnest when Libya’s support of rebel forces in northern Chad escalated into an invasion. Later that same year, Libya and Egypt fought a four-day border war that came to be known as the Libyan-Egyptian War, both nations agreed to a ceasefire under the mediation of the Algerian president Houari Boumediène.[56] Hundreds of Libyans lost their lives in the war against Tanzania, when Gaddafi tried to save his friend Idi Amin. Gaddafi financed various other groups from anti-nuclear movements to Australian trade unions.[57]

From 1977 onward, per capita income in the country rose to more than US $11,000, the fifth-highest in Africa,[58] while the Human Development Index became the highest in Africa and greater than that of Saudi Arabia.[59] This was achieved without borrowing any foreign loans, keeping Libya debt-free.[60] The Great Manmade River was also built to allow free access to fresh water across large parts of the country.[59] In addition, financial support was provided for university scholarships and employment programs.[61]

Much of the country’s income from oil, which soared in the 1970s, was spent on arms purchases and on sponsoring dozens of paramilitaries and terrorist groups around the world.[62][63][64]An American airstrike failed to kill Gaddafi in 1986. Libya was finally put under United Nations sanctions after the bombing of a commercial flight killed hundreds of travellers.[65]

Muammar Gaddafigained power in a 1969 coup and was “leader of the revolution” until his overthrow in 2011

A gathering of more than 200 African kings and traditional rulers, meeting on 27 August 2008 in the Libyan town of Benghazi, conferred on Colonel Gaddafi the title “King of Kings of Africa”. Sheikh Abdilmajid of Tanzania said traditional rulers were more influential in Africa than their respective governments.[66]

2011 Civil War

Demonstrations in Bayda on 22 July 2011

After the Arab Spring movements overturned the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, Libya experienced a full-scale revolt beginning on 17 February 2011.[67] By 20 February, the unrest had spread to Tripoli. On 27 February 2011, the National Transitional Council was established to administer the areas of Libya under rebel control. On 10 March 2011, France became the first state to officially recognise the council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.[68][69]

Pro-Gaddafi forces were able to respond militarily to rebel pushes in Western Libya and launched a counterattack along the coast toward Benghazi, the de facto centre of the uprising.[70] The town of Zawiya, 48 kilometres (30 mi) from Tripoli, was bombarded by air force planes and army tanks and seized by Jamahiriya troops, “exercising a level of brutality not yet seen in the conflict.”[71]

Organs of the United Nations, including United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon[72] and the United Nations Human Rights Council, condemned the crackdown as violating international law, with the latter body expelling Libya outright in an unprecedented action urged by Libya’s own delegation to the UN.[73][74]

On 17 March 2011 the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1973,[75] with a 10–0 vote and five abstentions including Russia, China and Germany. The resolution sanctioned the establishment of a no-fly zone and the use of “all means necessary” to protect civilians within Libya.[76] On 19 March, the first act of NATO allies to secure the no-fly zone by destroying Libyan air defences began when French military jets entered Libyan airspace on a reconnaissance mission heralding attacks on enemy targets.[77] In the weeks that followed, American forces were in the forefront of NATO operations against Libya. More than 8,000 American personnel in warships and aircraft were deployed in the area. At least 3,000 targets were struck in 14,202 strike sorties, 716 of them in Tripoli and 492 in Brega.[78] The American air offensive included flights of B-2 Stealth bombers, each bomber armed with sixteen 2000-pound bombs, flying out of and returning to their base in Missouri on the continental United States.[79] Clearly the support provided by the NATO airforces was pivotal in the ultimate success of the revolution.[80]

By 22 August 2011, rebel fighters had entered Tripoli and occupied Green Square,[81] which they renamed Martyrs’ Square in honour of those killed since 17 February 2011. On 20 October 2011 the last heavy fighting of the uprising came to an end in the city of Sirte, where Gadhafi was captured and killed. The defeat of loyalist forces was celebrated on 23 October 2011, three days after the fall of Sirte.

At least 30,000 Libyans died in the civil war.[82]



Published on Sep 2, 2014

Along with this good friend Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) penned a New York Times op-ed this weekend calling on President Barack Obama to “confront ISIS now” and criticizing him for saying “We don’t have a strategy yet.” But asked by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren what the U.S. should do about ISIS Tuesday afternoon, his first response was two short words: “Kill ‘em.”

“They’ve got to be destroyed, and you’ve got to have a goal, the president does, and we have to have a strategy to fit that goal and policies that will implement it. We have none of the above,” McCain said on Fox. He called Obama’s recent comments about the “messy” world “one of most unbelievable comments ever made.”

McCain continued his push for war in both Iraq and Syria, saying the fight requires the “full weight of American air power” as well as “some more boots and support on the ground.” He added, “All this didn’t have to happen. We could have left a force behind in Iraq that would have stabilized Iraq. And we are paying an incredible price for the president’s leading from behind, whether it be in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, or a number of countries in the Middle East. We are seeing the chickens coming home to roost.”

The senator proceeded to seriously misspeak when he described a 2013 meeting in the White House in which everyone on the administration’s national security team “recommended arming ISIS.” But, he explained, “the president, by himself, turned it down.”

What McCain likely meant to say was that Obama’s team, including then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wanted to arm the “moderate” Syrian rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad, but Obama did not want to. Van Susteren neglected to correct his mistake.

As Obama decided at the time, the lack of distinction between the “moderate” rebels and the Islamic extremists, including ISIS, who were fighting Assad made the idea of arming any opposition in Syria an extremely risky proposition.

Published on Sep 17, 2014

UGLY TRUTH: Testimony of Senator John McCain & Hillary Clinton, America FUNDING & ARMING Terrorists: Al-Qaeda & ISIS

THE TRUTH IS: America & Saudi Arabia has been FUNDING Civil War, Bloody Conflict, Radicalism & Terrorism to justify OIL WAR. This is a FACT not to be denied. STOP BIGOTRY & SECTARIAN HATRED!

Amerika & Arab Saudi MEBIAYAI perang saudara, konflik brutal, radikalisme & terorisme di Timur Tengah adalah FAKTA yang tidak perlu disangkal. HENTIKAN PEMIKIRAN SEMPIT & KEBENCIAN SARA.

Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of the general staff of Iran’s armed forces, told reporters on Wednesday that Iran will never cooperate with the U.S. in fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

ISIL terrorists have seized the north of Iraq in the past week, threatening to dismember Iraq and unleash all-out sectarian warfare with no regard for national borders.

Major General Firouzabadi said ISIL was created by the U.S. and Israel to increase the security of the Zionist regime in the region.

He added that the ISIL attacks in Iraq are in fact a reaction to the victory of Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian presidential election.


yt censor

Facebook have been censoring their website for a long time but since this shit pay to reach thing started, the censorship seems to have been turned up and couple of notches. When I first began to post on Facebook, a post could easily reach ten or twenty thousand people, my most popular actually reached over 100000 people, nowadays a post of mine struggles to reach 50 people in 24 hours. Despite the fact I have more likes than I have ever had, well I did until Early last month since then I have lost at least 30 maybe more, whats more is numerous people have contacted me and informed me that Facebook actually stopped them from liking my page, one person said he had to like my page three times before Facebook accepted he wanted to “like my page.” I also know that I am not the only person receiving this kind of treatment from Facebook as numerous pages that I like and follow are all complaining about the same shit.

These levels of censorship are frustrating to say the least and they do bring our reach down and therefore slow the spread of information and confine that information to a much smaller group and this is all bad news, but there is good news and that is, these levels of censorship actually show that “they” are scared. The almighty rulers of Earth are terrified, public trust is falling, the internet is exposing them, ridiculing them and laughing at them all at the same time. People are moving away from the propaganda and hate filled mainstream media and learning more truth then they have ever been able to learn before.

The government, the corporations and the hierarchy bloodlines seem to have no idea how to fight this battle, that is because their arguments are weak and they are known to be greedy which means it is hard for them to win the battle of our minds, so they try intimidation, they use their mainstream media to call us extremists and turn people against each other.

But what people should remember is we are just exercising our right to freedom of speech, David Cameron, Barrack Obama and many other politicians talk like anyone that don’t believe what they say is a complete lunatic that needs to be shut up instantly. They talk like this yet they never ever stop fucking lying. I believe that Facebook have probably been paid by the rich and government from taxpayers money to hide information from the taxpayer!

If that is the case the government and their puppet masters are obviously worried. People moving away from mainstream media is resulting in the propaganda depending puppet masters losing their invincibility, before the days of the internet people relied purely on the lying, propaganda printing, government mouthpiece mainstream media and the mainstream media told us what they wanted us to know, nowadays however the internet is full of information that the government/establishment would rather you not read. The heavy censorship tactics being employed by greedy corporations like Facebook, Google and many others are realistically proof that the establishment know that they can not possibly win the argument based own their own ideas, so instead of concentrating on improving their own ideas they concentrate on attacking and silencing anybody that disagrees with them. LAME.






EPISODES 1 TO 5. Fuck the music industry, corporate greed, the education system, war on terror, David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May’s attacks on human rights, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, Tesco, Walmart, Nike, Sony, Apple, slavery, and oil wars, cannabis laws, banks, financial ombudsman service, Mortgages PLC Glasgow, the ILLUMINATI, NEW WORLD ORDER, hypocrisy, government lies, Nick Clegg, BBC, CNN PROPAGANDA, child labour, work for benefits, workfare, corporate tax evasion and avoidance.