I hated my time at school, I found school boring and repetitive. As a young boy most subjects in school bored me to near death, I spent much of the day just watching the clock desperate to escape the prison like atmosphere of school. For many years I believed that my hate for school was an hate for learning, I failed at school, I sat some GCSE’s and performed poorly mainly due to the fact I was completely unprepared (even slightly drunk for a couple of exams!) uninterested and I left school early (about three or four months before I sat GCSE’s) to learn a trade.

I believed for many years that my lack of interest in school was a result of low intelligence. Although I have always been interested in reading factual literature and watching documentaries or even lectures on science, religion, mythology and history. Physics is a school subject that I hated as much as any however upon leaving school I find myself watching hours of documentaries on physics! Same as History and R.E. at school the subjects bored me, in history we spent months on the industrial revolution, looking at steam engines, sewing machines, canals and mines, just writing this blog about it brings back the boredom.

Above is a GCSE music worksheet, I believe that this worksheet exposes the biggest fault in our school system, Music is supposed to be about creativity and artistic freedom somehow school have managed to turn it in to something so boring that just reading the sheet is enough to slightly numb the average mind (well at least my mind.)