Nursery, School, Army, War… Don’t be a pawn.

Do you remember the simply straight forward black and white world school presented us with when we were children and deluded enough to believe them? A world in which the good people were the police, the army, the teachers and the government and the bad people were the criminals and terrorists that the good people protected us from. Obviously to anybody that has a pair of eyes and even just a tiny amount of want for knowledge of the truth that world quickly falls apart. We begin to live in a world in which the “good people” are the bad people and the “bad people” are the victims. I’m not saying members of ISIS are good people or the victims but it is a fact that thousands of civilians including women and children die in these wars. Is the death of innocent women and children a price that is worth paying for a war against an organization that have been empowered by the west?

Do good people EVER kill women and children? I don’t believe they do or at least they don’t without a huge sense of guilt later. These “good people” are brainwashed in to thinking that killing innocent people to protect the USA and UK from bad people is perfectly acceptable. Well it isn’t and is it really protecting the people of the USA and UK? Since these conflicts begun and particularly over the last three or four years the people in the UK are much more likely to suffer from terror attacks committed by “Islamists.”

There is a reason that soldiers are paraded around schools and presented as heroes to children nationwide and that reason is; one day these may be needed to fight a war for the political establishment the brainwashing has to start young. By presenting soldiers as heroes and allowing kids to join the army before they are even old enough to play Call of Duty or watch Nightmare on Elm Street the establishment know that they have their soldiers.. Their soldiers are your children and your children will be used to kill other peoples children.

My advice for any teenagers thinking about joining the war on terror against ISIS is simply, DON’T DO IT! The government don’t fight for us so don’t fight for them.


Lets be honest without the army Prince Harry would be anywhere he likes doing anything he likes, he would be living in some country estate surrounded by servants. It sounds silly and ridiculous to hear words like that from an over privileged, little brat like Prince Harry. “I DREAD TO THINK WHERE I WOULD BE WITHOUT THE ARMY” are words we expect to hear from some hard bastard, that was born in to the oppressive ghettos the monarch and hierarchy have created not a silly little boy with a silly little title and lots of privileges. The real question is where would Prince Harry be without the people, paying for his lifestyle, “the Royals bring in money in tourism” I hear the pro-royalist insist, they do not! And even if they do it does not justify people living in obscene wealth and greed especially when we have over one million people relying on Food Bank (a charity) to feed them. In fact the Royals security reportedly costs 3 billion pound per year alone, the tourism they bring in is completely dwarfed by expenditure! Realistically, how many people come to England exclusively to see a few obscenely rich and greedy parasites? Not many I wouldn’t of thought.

“Bring back national service,” Prince Harry said after retiring from his ten year army career at the age of 30, of course unlike like many people that retire from the army Prince Harry has the advantage of financial security. In 2012, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, expressed his regret after pictures were published of him and a woman naked in Las Vegas, in an incident which is said to have embarrassed the monarchy. Although the Royals should probably be more concerned and embarrassed about their connections to Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Edward Heath, Cliff Richard, internet rumours etc etc.

He would be pretty hard pressed to add much more embarrassment on to the Royals tarnished reputation. If Prince Harry were to be photographed committing necrophilia on a road killed badger it would be less embarrassing and damaging to the royals than some of the shit coming out on the internet involving them.


“I’ve had an epic 10 years, I’ve had great fun. The army keep giving me great jobs, and I can never thank them enough for that” said Prince Harry. The army may be great fun for a Prince in times of only minor imperialistic wars, that he probably taken no part of or for the most a cautious part of, but I bet the survivors of world war 2 would not speak of much fun when they were in the army neither would the millions that lived in disgusting conditions before almost systematically slaughtered in during World War One.