Cruel Britannia – the shocking truth about animal farming in Britain today

Are you sick of hearing that Britain has the best animal welfare in the world? We are …

Viva!’s investigators have shone a light into every recess of factory farming in Britain and what we have found may shock you. The institutionalised abuse of animals does not just happen abroad it happens on Britain’s factory farms, too, and is routine. What our shocking short film will show you is exactly what happens behind closed doors to keep the shelves stocked with meat, eggs and dairy.

In Britain today, most chickens, ducks and turkeys are factory farmed in massive industrial sheds. Very few ever go outside and are killed at just weeks or months old. Viva!’s undercover footage shows that free-range farming is often a lie and is now so intensive that it is often indistinguishable from factory farming. Millions of male chicks are gassed or thrown alive into electric mincers because they’re are the wrong sex to lay eggs.

The majority of sows in Britain are confined to crates so small they can’t even turn around for five weeks at a time. Most of their baby piglets are painfully mutilated without anaesthetic.

Dairy cows suffer the dual burden of being pregnant and milked — as well as having her baby taken away from her year on year so people can drink her milk. If her baby is the wrong sex to produce milk then the chances are he will be shot in the head at a few days old. His mother will be sent to the slaughterhouse at around 5 years old as soon as she is no longer profitable. Goats and other animals farmed for their milk suffer mutilations and confinement.

How do we know? We’ve filmed it all on British farms. And now you can see the truth for yourself with Viva!’s Cruel Britannia film.

iAnimal – British Pig and Chicken Farms in 360°


Grand National

Horse racing is responsible for the death of many horses each year. One of the main contributions of this death rate is the Grand national. The Grand National is responsible for the most deaths in the horse racing industry. 

Whatever the results are for the Grand National one thing you can be guaranteed is that horses will suffer in order to entertain spectators. 

One thing that is guaranteed during the Grand National is that many horses will die while on the track, this is usually caused by bad landings after taking jumps. A few years ago at the Cheltenham races seven horses died, this statistic doesn’t even include the number of horses injured, which due to their injury are sometimes sent to slaughterhouses or if they are lucky sent to knew owners where they wont be used in the horse racing industry. 

Due to owners of horses wanting theirs to be the best, they will often force drugs on the horses to improve how well they do during races. Not only are these drugs forced on horses but a lot of the times the drugs being used are actually illegal. These drugs are often used to relief pain of the horse; but owners are not doing this because they don’t like to see their horses in pain it is so that the horse can still race. These drugs help to keep them running when they should be resting or receiving treatment. 

Usually after the horse has reached its full “potential” they are sent to the slaughterhouse. According to animal aid 1,000 horses from the racing industry are sent to slaughterhouses each year. 

When horses first begin in the horse racing industry they are usually too young. These haven’t usually fully developed with the bones not being able to stand the stress of the track. Due to their bones not being fully developed more injuries occur.

To deliberately hurt an animal in most circumstances is illegal, however horses are whipped over and over again to the finish line. 

Whipping the horse causes pain and suffering to the horse and often makes them run beyond their actual capability, which is also a contributor to injury in horses. 

Lastly, horse racing is about money more than welfare of animals. Owners do not usually care about the animal unless it brings in money for the owner. Its not because they love the animal, because if they did they would realize the horse racing industry is cruel and unnecessary in our modern world, we criticize bullfighting and dog fighting but the continuous whipping of a horse is okay.

In conclusion the horse racing industry is immoral, inhumane and unnecessary in the 21st century. How could you find horses running up and down a track entertaining? There are ways to entertain without harming or killing animals in the process.