Animal testing in the UK!!!

According to the RSPCA website: It is illegal to test on animals for cosmetics or their ingredients in the UK and other EU members, and since March 2013 it was illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been tested on animals or which contain ingredients newly tested on animals. […]

Over the years has attitude towards animals changed?

Zoos, game reserves, circuses, horse racing, aquariums and marine parks are just a few of the industries that involve unnecessary cruelty to animals in the 21st century, but have the conditions of these industries improved over the years? One of the first known event to use animals for human entertainment was the roman […]


The price of fur – the reality of Polish fur industry (GOOGLE THREATEN TO STOP ADSENSE PAYMENTS FOR SHARING THIS. Support Open Cages:… The first investigation on Polish fur farms (2011-2012) Olivia Munn Exposes Never-Before-Seen Footage on Chinese Fur Farms Subscribe and never miss another shocking video: Animals […]