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I have reviewed Amnesia Haze in the past and though I can not remember my exact thoughts on it at the time I remember it made me tired and sometimes gave me a headache. I also remember it being one of my least favorite strains. Some people did not like my review for Amnesia Haze and some informed me it is one of the better strains.

Since I write that review I have smoked Amnesia Haze numerous times and I have to admit that every time I have smoked it it has been better than the first amnesia Haze I have smoked.

Upon speaking to a grower about this he informed me that the chemicals used as fertilizers can cause headaches and this is especially true when the plant has not been “washed out” properly. By washed out they mean watered a few times towards the end with no added fertilizers.

Amnesia Haze from Next Generation on Dream Market is much better than the Amnesia Haze I reviewed a few months ago. In fact it is a very nice smooth tasting strain and loaded with THC crystals that can help you sleep without knocking you spark out. And this time I have had no headaches or insane tiredness at all.

Amnesia Haze is a very popular strain and it shows all over the dark net in a huge variety of prices. In fact I once seen it for $130 an oz on Silk Road (insanely cheap) and ordered it from an “highly rated” but pretty new vendor based in Poland. The order never shown up, I lost my money and have not used Silk Road since.

Highly rated, established, trusted vendors like NextGeneration is the safest way of ordering cannabis online, in my experience it always shows up. “Bargains” can sometimes be legit but they do come with a risk as I paid $130 to discover.

NextGeneration is highly established and a safe bet they also have a wicked selection of high quality cannabis. I highly recommend this vendor.   

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
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11/04/2018 (today)

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Cannabis review; Amnesia Haze.

Definition of amnesia

  1. 1:  loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness

  2. 2:  a gap in one’s memory

  3. 3:  the selective overlooking or ignoring of events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one’s purpose or position… Americans seemed to develop a willful forgetfulness about the nation’s longest military conflict, an amnesia that lasted for nearly a decade. — Alan Brinkley

Today I am reviewing a Cannabis Strain called Amnesia Haze. This shit is strong, it smells strong in fact upon lighting this up it taken less then two minutes for the whole apartment that I live in to stink of it. And the effects of it are strong. The effects include fatigue, extreme relaxation, paranoia and anxiety. Despite its name Amnesia Haze it is not very hazey it taste more like a cheese or something.

It is not my favourite strain and nowhere near as nice tasting as Super Silver Haze or (my favourite so far) G13 haze but it does buzz you. I believe you could probably sleep through a nuclear war with this shit definitely a good one for sufferers of insomnia. Below is a picture of how I feel once I have smoked this shit.

Amnesia Haze Scores 7.9 Strong but not particularly nice tasting.