If you were to ask me what the worst service on the Internet is my answer would be Google AdSense.

I have been blogging for many years, I have had my current website up and running for over two years and I owned website’s before that. Unfortunately my first website was cyber attacked and taken down by a government building based in Warrington but that is a whole other story. I have used many services, hosting companies and advertisers when trying to make a living from blogging online.

I was always happy with the amount of hits and attention my blogs and videos were getting. My post views on my website range from fifty to tens of thousands and I have had and still receive thousands of views every week on YouTube not bad for a stoned lunatic working alone!

I do not consider myself to greedy or unreasonable but one thing I was never happy with is the rates that Google AdSense and YouTube pay its creators. I know what you are thinking; everybody feels underpaid but YouTube payout less than ten pound for 238 clicks! I once used Google AdWord to advertise for a few weeks and I know that Google were charging between $1.50 and $0.75 for every person that entered the website through placed ads, it seems like a huge unfair share of the profit made to me.

What nasty parasitic rip off Google turned out to be, my website has thousands of hits weekly yet struggles to make $3.00 a month using Google AdSense. I would stop using it but I have always figured at least it pays for the cost of web hosting and shit.

Even worse and more frustrating is the serous lack of competition to AdSense. I have tried MANY alternatives and many do have problems. Some offer irritating ads that would encourage me at least (I assume the user is like me) to instantly leave the website and others slow down your website down. I will say Google Ads do not tend to slow down your site as much as some but that is the ONLY good thing about it.

I guess what I am trying to say within this blog is anything with the word Google in it is shit. Google are the parasite of the Internet, they have created very little and destroyed so much of it. Blogger. AdSense, AdWords, YouTube and many other potentially good ideas and services have all fell victim to Google as it rushes around the Internet like a giant Pacman devouring everything in sight.


Over the last week I have noticed my video view counts going up and down on YouTube! How does a video get less views than it had twenty minutes earlier? Obvious answer is manipulation of viewing figures on YouTube by the greedy, parasitic, corporate giant Google. Today I hit 25150 subscribers, or at least I thought I did because upon refreshing the page I lost four subs (it fell to 25146!) I believe that Google are manipulating all stats for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are money low view counts mean less money they pay on adverts but where do these views go? I personally believe they add views to Vevo, I mean how else do boring talentless corporate guided shit like Justin Bieber and Adele get over one billion views?

Control Google pretty much chose what becomes a “success” they hide “controversial and political videos” away from mass consumption as well as promoting and making easily accessible mainstream SHIT made by their corporate sponsors.

So that’s corporate tax evasion, lobbying, covering up information from the masses, selling information on the masses, ripping off non corporate YouTube partners, biased media coverage, promoting absolute junk, filling YouTube with irritating ads, ripping people off on Google Adsense, Adword and Blogger and Google fucking plus. No wonder we hate Google.

My most affected videos are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on my website, fuck Google, FUCK THE SYSTEM!