The Hierarchy of Angels and Demons. 2020 DOCUMENTARY.

Looking at the Hierarchy of Angels and Demons, the Holy Bible, the Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, King Solomon, Goetia, Underworld, De praestigiis daemonum or On the Tricks of Demons, medieval book, Occultist writings, Lilith, Satan, God, Noah, Moses. 2020 Documentary by WOLVOMAN80 .

De Heptarchia Mystica of Dr. John Dee. Communicating with Angels and Kings of the Heptarchia.

De Heptarchia Mystica, or On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets is a book written in 1582-83 by John Dee. It is a guidebook for summoning angels under the guidance of the angel Uriel and contains diagrams and formulae. The book describes many encounters with what John Dee believed […]