What has changed in Britain since the shock general election result?

A couple of months ago the people (especially the youth and the people in cities) of United Kingdom ignored the blatant propaganda that the mainstream media had been printing and voted socialist like parties and policies. Over 16 million people in the UK voted these kind of parties (Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Socialist party and others) compared to about 14 and half million people that voted for the Conservatives or Conservative like parties (UKIP and the now famous Democratic Unionist party and others.)

I was please with the result because I believe it exposes the mass awaking that has been taking place in the UK in recent years. I do have a complaint however (if you read my shit you will know I will always find something to complain about.)

My complaint is this; What has changed since this shock result? The fascist British government are still handed out benefit sanctions left, right and center. The mainstream media are still printing their biased propaganda (I did’t expect that to change.)  The war on “terror” and by “terror” I mean freedom continues as does internet censorship on social media.

I know change takes time but I would have thought we would have begun to see a few changes by now. Is this democracy? I do not believe it is, it is still a corporate dictatorship.

The people in the United Kingdom voted the right way (in my opinion) but voting is obviously not enough. It is now up to the people of the United Kingdom to pressurize the British government in to employing the changes that people voted for or we might have well not bothered voting at all.

Step one is complete don’t forget step two, three, four etc etc. Carry on playing up roiting posting on your social media and NEVER let the Tories forget they lost this election and they are a completely illegitimate government that the people voted against. DESTROY THE FASCIST BASTARDS now when they are down or they will get up again and we will be back to step one again.

What is the point in voting when they are all self servicing corporate puppets?

Anybody that has watched my videos or regularly read my blogs will know that I have spent much of the last few years attacking Britain’s voting system. I have regularly explained and blogged that voting does not and can not change anything yet this year and this general election I am telling people to vote, why? Two words JEREMY CORBYN.

I have been interested in politics since my teenage years and I remember believing Tony Blair was going to come along and change British politics for the better, could it get any worse than Margret Thatcher and John Major? Unfortunately Tony Blair turned out to be just as bad maybe worse, we all knew what Margret Thatcher and John Major was, Tony Blair on the other hand offered us hope but gave us more wars, he used propaganda and the corporate media to get where he got and the fact the corporate media was backing him should have been enough to convince us that he was just another puppet, but at the time I was 16 and didn’t understand how politics really works. I blame our weak performing education system for this in later years the Internet enlightened me!

In 2010 Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats shocked the nation by collecting over eight million votes, they based their campaign around scrapping tuition fees and getting rid of corruption in politics, Nick Clegg had pledged that he would never join the Conservatives. This surprise result lead to a hung parliament and Nick Clegg was faced with a choice, create a collision with the Conservatives or with Labour. To the surprise of the nation and many of his voters he choose to form a collision with the Conservatives! After forming his collision he did not challenge them on any of their policies, tuition fees and fairer politics were forgot about. The Liberal Democrats are still paying for his lies to this day after spending the next five years ignoring the people that were misguided enough to vote for them, Nick Clegg was disgraced and exposed as just another lying puppet to the elite and the Conservatives.

I didn’t vote in 2010 because at this stage I was convinced that all politicians were just lying spin masters that had no idea of the real problems and issues that normal people go through.

In 2015 Ed Miliband was the leader of the Labour party, I voted Ed Miliband not because I had faith in him but I figured it has to be better than another five years of the Conservative Party. For me (at the time) Ed Miliband was torn he wanted the votes of the working and poorer classes but he also wanted to please the corporate media and the establishment, he was undecided and confused.

Now in 2017 Labour have Jeremy Corbyn, he is not undecided and confused and he does not appear to be another puppet of the establishment in fact if he stays true to his words he sees the establishment for what they are, the enemy of freedom and the people. The corporate media can not stand him, they hate him and seem to fear him as they spend most of their time blatantly attacking him and promoting and propagating Theresa May’s corrupt Conservative party.

So after years of making videos and writing blogs that essentially tell people that our democracy is a farce and voting will not change anything, I have changed my mind for this election. I believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could change the direction of British for the better.

I stand by the fact that British democracy is a farce and I believe the propaganda of the mainstream media make this undeniable but I do believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could benefit the masses and take power from the establishment and that is surely a good thing.



On the 8th June 2017 the British people will have a chance to express themselves, we will have a chance to rid our nation of the Conservative parasites that have bought us austerity, poverty and oppression. The problem is many so called political experts are predicting a Conservative landslide victory! Why and how? There is only one reason ignorance. So the real question should be why is our nation so ignorant that they would willingly vote for a political party that not only does not represent the interests of the British people but in fact works against and even attacks British people with spending cuts and tax rises? A political party that are slowly privatizing and selling off the NHS, a political party that overwhelmingly voted in favour of silencing whistle blowers and victims of a suspected paedophile ring?

I would like to blame the British media, it is undeniable that the British media are merely arms of the British government while online bloggers are censored, financially starved and effectively silenced. But to pass all the blame to the media is too easy, the real blame and responsibility has to be passed to the British people! When the NHS has gone and your child needs an operation that you can not afford don’t blame the government, when you or a family member lose your job and are forced to rely on the benefits system that hands you about sixty pound per week to feed yourself and pay your bills and still keeps you waiting for months for a payment meanwhile your debt is growing don’t blame the media, blame the people! After all this is what they vote for.

There seems to be a dangerous and ignorant mentality in Great Britain many people that are fortunate enough to be financially comfortable believe that they deserve or have earned the right to be financially comfortable, in most cases they do not and have not. I am not denying that they may have worked hard but hard work gets you nowhere without a bit of luck. Being born in the right area to the right parents in the right part of the right country is a massive advantage. Some of the hardest working people I know have nothing or very little especially when we look at it on a world wide scale, people in China, India and even USA and the UK are subjected to long hours and very small rates of pay when in those same nations others are being paid a fortune for hardly anything.

“My daddy worked hard for this” does not justify taking from somebody else that is working equally as hard for a lot less money. Britain has a choice to make in June and that choice is attempt to change what is happening or to just allow this corrupt, money driven government to carry on extorting the vast majority of our nations population in order to fund corporate tax evasion, nuclear weapon programs, more war (when these wars are fought they will look to the poor to fight for them and “our freedom”) and financial fascism.

In my opinion; if the so called experts are right and the Conservatives do win by a landslide that will expose the stupidity, short sightedness and ignorance of the average Brit and probably lead to Britain losing their NHS, cutting education cost and funding more nuclear weapons and wars. Dark days could be coming.



For the first time in my adult life Labour has a leader that really does seem to believe in the people, an old style labour leader comparable to Tony Benn or even Clement Atlee, obviously we could yet be proved wrong but that will not happen if Jeremy Corbyn is not given a chance. The reason I believe it is essential to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is simple, he speaks MORE sense then anybody in the whole Conservative Party. That’s why Theresa May does not want to do the TV debates against him.

I genuinely believe a vote for the Conservatives is a insult to the poor and working classes the Conservatives have spent the last seven extorting and ignoring. It may be the case that we do not know what we are getting with Jeremy Corbyn but we know exactly what we will be getting if Theresa May wins.. More war, more austerity, more cover ups and more corruption, greed and thievery. The Conservatives keep telling us that Labour are undecided and the Conservatives are strong and stable, they know what they stand for. And she is right the Conservatives are more united than Labour but they stand united and decided on issues like more war, nuclear weapon programs, selling the NHS, austerity, cutting public services including schools and letting corporations pay no tax.

They are selling us austerity, attempting to privatize the NHS because of the high cost of running yet claiming hundreds of thousands on their expenses per year at the same time of paying for Trident and war in Syria. Whats more is they speak about Jeremy Corbyn as if HE IS RIDICULOUS!

If Jeremy Corbyn can win this election and start implementing a fair tax on corporations it would surely be a good thing for the citizens of the United Kingdom. It would not be good for corporations and that is why the corporate media spend so much of their time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Propagating Theresa May, they don’t want to pay tax, save that for the working classes.

I struggle to see why anybody would vote Conservatives unless they are rich, stupid or both, the working and poorer classes massively outnumber the rich which means we decide. It is important you do not let the corporate media decide for you because the corporate media will decide to vote the party that works best for them.

The Conservatives seem to think they own us, they are only happy when you are working your ass off like for minimum wage their little slaves..

2017 GENERAL ELECTION, PROPAGANDA and FEAR MONGERING by BBC, Sky News and all mainstream media.

I very rarely watch TV or mainstream media but recently I went to visit family and had no Internet which meant I was subjected to watching the BBC, Sky News and reading the “newspapers” version of the news. Because according to the mainstream media in the UK the real news seems to be the Conservatives are the only real option and Jeremy Corbyn is an idiot as is anybody that supports him or plans on voting for him!

Sky News and the BBC (funded for by the people as are the government) are using shocking levels of propaganda for the Conservatives and against Jeremy Corbyn. I was watching Sky News discuss the newspaper headlines on Saturday night and was genuinely shocked by the biasedness that Sky News show when discussing politics on their shit channel. There where two people giving their opinions one was blatantly pro Tory and the other was a “Labour voter that did not believe Labour were worth voting anymore mainly due to Jeremy Corbyn!” How does he work that out? Because Labour have moved away from being the Red Tories they became known as they are not electable? If people wanted the Tories they would vote the Tories at least Jeremy Corbyn does seem to offer a genuine alternative.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks up for the working class that the Conservatives attack and extort, he talks about affordable housing, social equality, food bank, corporate tax evasion, war crimes committed by our elected governments and allies. Theresa May on the other hand talks about Britain’s nuclear weapons program, she speaks up for corporations, big businesses, her lobby masters and the rich.

The mainstream media ask “can we trust Labour with the economy?” I ask “can we trust the Conservatives with our schools, the NHS, public services, can we trust them with anything?” This is a party that overwhelmingly voted to silence whistle blowers exposing elitist paedophile rings and have an History of Riots against them and propaganda for them FFS.

On paper Jeremy Corbyn is an obvious vote yet most polls seem to be predicting a landslide victory for the Conservatives. I think Jeremy Corbyn is suffering from the huge lack of trust we as a nation have in politicians, we are so used to hearing them talk shit many people believe Jeremy Corbyn is just another one of them liars and money governed corrupt politicians that would argue black is blue for a few quid. And maybe he is, I don’t know but I know Theresa May definitely is.

Jeremy Corbyn should be elected because he has the better policies for the vast majority of people in Britain, he seems to want to take money from the rich to help the poor unlike Theresa May she just wants to carry on funding tax evasion and wars.

I honestly believe it would be a dark day if Britain allows somebody as oppressive as Theresa May and the Conservatives to win an election against somebody like Jeremy Corbyn who does seem to care and address real issues that effect real people. Will Corbyn even stay true to his word and fight for the people? I don’t know but I do believe he should be given the chance.


If Theresa May was to tell the truth.

Theresa May is refusing to do TV debates!! If that is the case she should not be allowed to even run in this election. Her plan is to allow the mainstream media, Internet censorship and election rigging to win this election for her and most believe they probably will. The reason she is refusing to take part in these debates is obvious, her argument and ideology is weak and if she were to tell the truth hardly anybody would vote for her, why?

She voted to silence whistleblowers that wanted to expose the MP paedophile scandal! How would she address that? I pledge to carry on protecting rich paedophiles in the House of Lords, House of Commons, the Monarchy and the establishment? Not many would be impressed by that I wouldn’t have thought.

She has no problem with extorting the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich and her puppet master corporations! How would that go down in a TV debate watched by millions across the nation? How would she explain it? You see them big fat juicy raw steaks with blood dripping from them, we will leave them alone and continue to get attempt to blood out of the millions of little stones.

She also admitted she has no problem with nuking millions of women and children to get what she wants, how “sick and depraved” is that? Our Foreign enemies should not worry to much though because judging by Britain’s nuclear weapons tests if we aimed a Nuke at North Korea we would probably hit the USA!

Despite these strange ideas that are completely out of line with what millions of people want or believe in, the media are telling us the Conservatives will win be a landslide! But we the British people can change that and we the British people can then pursue justice and get these sick, twisted people locked up because they do not belong in Parliament they belong in the super prisons they build.