Is it OK to criticize the British Farming industry despite the fact I eat meat???

I have a soft spot for animals, I love animals I always have but I also love meat! Like most people in this country I was eating meat before I understood what it was or where it comes from. We have meat pushed on us by our parents who probably had it pushed on to them by their parents.

A few months ago (after watching a video exposing cruelty in a British Pig farm) I decided I was going to be a vegetarian, after six weeks of not eating meat I lost a stone (I have never been overweight losing a stone made me look very thin,) felt weak and tired and even angry and short tempered! It literally got to the stage where all I could think about was eating meat. Eventually I gave up and got myself a kebab, the feeling when I was eating meat was probably how an alcoholic feels after going months without drink only to fall of the wagon. It was a feeling of guilt but the craving for the meat was overruling my conscience and I eat it and decided that living where I live (the only shop close to me is the famously overpriced Co op) I could not carry on without eating meat occasionally. If I still lived at Wolverhampton I genuinely believe I could do it due to the large amount of vegetarian shops and options that Wolves offers. Wolves have a huge diversity of ethnic cultures Indians are one of these cultures and many Indians were brought up to be vegetarian so their are Indian vegetarian shops everywhere and I love Indian food, Co op sells disgusting Linda McCartney products made of disgusting Quorn and sell them for the same price of meat.

So I eat meat and their is no humane way of killing animals, there is however lots of cruel ways of killing and keeping animals and British farms and abattoirs use many of them! Growth hormones so that that animal grows abnormally fast to allow the farmer minimum effort and work being one them, poor living conditions is obviously another. Cruel people are also much more likely to manage to handle some bigger farm animals I mean what would you do if you wanted a Cow to move but the Cow refuses? Some people would feel no way in kicking the shit out of it until it decides it has to move.

Another thing is why are animals so frequently vaccinated? How do we even know that these vaccines do not cause illness in either the animal or in the consumers of the animal? In the case of the animal most would usually be killed before the negative side effect begin in the case of people we are the guinea pigs.

So is it OK to criticize the British Farming industry despite the fact I eat meat??? Of course it is in fact saying it is not is just another way of attempting to make people shut up and if we shut up the farming industry will just get more and more cruel, just because I eat meat does not mean that such animal cruelty is justifiable. We may want to eat meat but how many of us want to eat a cruelly treated, growth hormone and chemically filled, low quality excuse for meat?

I will attempt to cut out meat again and next time I will be better prepared and hopefully manage to cut it out for good.


Fast World.

We live in a fast world, a world of fast food, fast cars, fast money, fast women, fast deliveries, fast broadband, fast diet plans everything seems to be so fast. One thing that does not work so fast is the British government! I claim working tax credit and I have for about two years recently I have been forced to change my circumstances something I first attempted to do online but the fact that they do not have the necessary forms in PDF and downloadable form online and it would have taken “up to two weeks to come through by post” I was forced to phone them in hope of speeding up the process. When I called them I expected the switch to be quick and simple after all the change is not a massive change, I am still claiming working tax credit just as a single individual as a opposed to a couple (the way I was claiming before.)

I give all the necessary information like my earnings, my address, National Insurance number and so on and change the information quickly and swiftly. Just before the end of the conversation I am informed that the changes take up to five weeks to process during this time I will receive no payments of working tax credits!

I find this amazing considering all the forms for declaring tax to them are easily accessible online in PDF form and when we want too (or need to because nobody wants too) pay tax it is done with one simple click of a button and taken out the same day.

Isn’t that convenient for them, it takes them up to five weeks to pay us yet we can pay them in five minutes.

As a last resort I decide to apply for a emergency loan I go on to there website and answer all the questions that are asked, they ask how much I need and I request £300. After filling in the questionnaire I am informed that a decision takes up to ten working days, not very fast considering it’s an “emergency loan.”

I am 99% sure I will not get it anyway so the whole procedure is probably all a massive waste of time like our government.

Sometimes I do get worried about the safety of the people around me!

Somebody asked me today if I ever worry that my blogs, website or videos might bring me or my family trouble one day. The answer is yes I do but I also believe in God and I believe that if they kill me they lose. I prey that God protects me and my family and so far so good.

Having said that when we are exposing elitist Peadophile rings that run through the government and aristocracy we are exposing real gangsters and real psychopaths and real dangers could manifest.

If anything happens to me or anybody in my family we all know why and who might be responsible.



Britains Pizzagate? Part Four.

Lord Greville Janner

Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone, was a Labour British politician, barrister, writer and a member of the House of Lords. He was alleged to have abused vulnerable children and he died before court proceedings could formally establish the facts.

In 1991, the director of a children’s home in Leicestershire, Frank Beck, was convicted of child abuse over 13 years to 1986 and sentenced to five life terms. During the trial, Beck accused Janner of having abused a child, and a witness said that while he was in care Janner had abused him. Janner could not say that Beck was lying until after the trial, because it would have been in contempt of court.

John Enoch Powell

John Enoch Powell, best known as Enoch Powell, was a British politician, classical scholar, philologist and poet. He served as a Conservative Member of Parliament (MP, 1950–74), Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) MP (1974–87), and Minister of Health (1960–63).

In August 2002, Powell appeared 55th in the List of 100 Greatest Britons of all time (voted for by the public in a BBC nationwide poll)

Enoch Powell, the Conservative anti-immigrant firebrand, is being investigated as an alleged member of a claimed Westminster paedophile network after his name was supplied to police by a senior Anglican bishop.

The name of the late MP, one of the most divisive politicians of the late 20th century, was provided to Scotland Yard after a clergyman came forward with claims from the 1980s relating to ritual satanic abuse.

Mr Powell, a maverick politician who achieved notoriety with his so-called Rivers of Blood speech decrying migration to Britain, is the latest senior Parliamentarian to be made the subject of police inquiries into an alleged Establishment sex rings.

The Metropolitan Police has several ongoing investigations relating to claims against suspected abusers, including the former Liberal MP Cyril Smith. Detectives are also investigating allegations against former Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

The Independent understands that the claims against Mr Powell were passed to police by the Right Reverend Paul Butler, the Bishop of Durham, more than a year ago, but that they have only now been made public.

In July 2014 the Daily Mail reported.

An MP in Tony Blair’s government was part of a paedophile ring which infiltrated a council children’s home where an award winning author was abused in care, it was claimed today.

Alex Wheatle, 51, said he was attacked at Shirley Oaks in Surrey, which took youngsters from Lambeth in south London.

After moving there as a three-year-old, a doctor abused him during an appointment where he was forced to strip naked, while he said that a swimming instructor, a football coach and even staff groped and even raped boys and girls.

Mr Wheatle was also beaten with hair brushes, belts and boots, because ‘suffering violence was as much a part of my day as eating toast’, he said.

The father-of-three said that the abuse was covered up when a Labour MP was named as being an alleged member of a network of child abusers targeting the borough.

Mr Wheatle, who was attacked at Shirley Oaks near Croydon in the 1980s, where the politician also visited regularly in the same period.

The author, handed an MBE five years ago by the Queen, said paedophiles also targeted the South Vale centre in Lambeth, where children were assessed before being sent to Shirley Oaks.

Describing his life there he told the Daily Mirror: ‘We would see strange nameless men within the Shirley Oaks grounds.

‘I’m convinced there was a paedophile ring operating in both South Vale and Shirley Oaks and that the authorities knew about it at the time but did nothing’.


According to ITCCS website  “Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children … Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.”

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

As usual there as being a complete media black out of this story along with many others.

The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

Regiment soldier Vivian Cunningham had innocently questioned a senior officer about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant, only to be committed to a mental care unit in Stafford England. He was injected with an atypical anti-psychotic drug olanzapine under orders of Captain Murrell and Doctors Khan and Sema. The soldier was committed for six months to the St. George Hospital Psychiatric Unit with a “diagnosis” of suffering from an acute psychotic episode.


Britain’s Pizzagate? Part One.

What the newspapers fail to point out about Jimmy Savile, the British government and the Monarchs.

Everybody that studies politics or watches or read the news will know that paedophilia and the UK government have always at least rumored to be connected. The first time I ever remember hear anybody mention this connection to me was when I was about ten years old (about 1990/1991!) I was at my friends house, his dad was watching the news or clips from a House of Commons debate, he was moaning at the television, he then said “you’re just a bunch of fucking paedo’s” I didn’t really think much of it at the time but the memory has always stayed with me.

Not long after that I was told that David Icke was insane or having a nervous breakdown or something so years later when I was listening to David Icke talk of such things I did not take much notice.

Since than the Internet has made a lot of information available that was not available in the past and their seems to be an undeniable link between paedophilia sometimes even Satanic Ritual and our government.

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was blantant and police, politicians, media (all media not just the BBC) and victims knew exactly what he was doing, so why did they not report him or arrest him? I have looked in to this for years and the reason is obvious when it comes to the victims, fear. But what about the police? At least one policeman did want to arrest Jimmy Savile but was told to “stay away” by senior figures in the police force, when he asked why he was told “Jimmy Savile as friends in high places.”

Who are these friends in high places obviously protecting Jimmy Savile? Well lets look who could be Jimmy Savile’s highest placed friend?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien? Not even close!
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?
Former Prime Minister and rumored to be heavily involved himself Edward Heath? Or maybe Prince Charles? He has also been photographed with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others. 

Or maybe Prince Charles?

Jimmy Savile very generously began an appeal that generously donated millions to this hospital in Stoke, unfortunately not all charitable donations are as they seem as Jimmy Savile was allowed full access to this hospital and other intuitions.

The reason that Jimmy Savile was not arrested is according to some researchers simple, he was a collector of children for establishment figures. People like Leon Brittan, Sir Cyril Smith and many other senior politicians, lords, monarchs and members of the aristocracy? Sounds unbelievable? Does it sound as unbelievable as the fact he was allowed to act this way for at least four decades without being exposed or arrested? As well as children and disabled people Jimmy Savile also is known to have committed Necrophilia. He was obviously a very disturbed individual and Bill Oddie tells us “everybody knew about Jimmy Savile at the BBC” which could be true because he was banned from Children in Need and nearly exposed by John Lydon of the Sex Pistols in the 80s, who claims he was ordered to shut up and exposed at by the funny as fuck Chris Morris in the 90s as well as David Icke. Louis Theroux asked in a documentary made in 2000 about the rumours which Jimmy Savile denied at the time.

Jimmy Savile dressed in ritualistic robes.

The media seem to be presenting the information as if Jimmy Savile was working alone but the fact is if he were working alone he would have been caught and prosecuted much earlier a cover up of this scale would have involved thousands of people in media, hospitals, police and even government.

To be Continued……..

Should prisons punish people or protect people?

I do not believe in the British prison system, I also do not like the way the media present information about the British prison system. I genuinely believe most of the people in our prisons should not even be in prison. In fact the only time I believe prison is necessary (especially long term sentences) is when we are dealing with violence or rape things that negatively effect peoples lives.

Even then I do not believe these people no matter how evil we consider them to be should be punished! They should be taken out of society to protect people not as punishment and then attempted to be rehabilitated, looked after well, feed healthy and kept safe.

I don’t like it when the media demand prisoners have “privileges” taken from them, we are not their parents and they are not naughty children. While I agree prisoners should not be allowed to watch TV and play computer games all day, I do believe they should be allowed at least a couple of hours per day watching TV or playing computer games if thats what they want to do.

The trouble is with the justice and prison system is it fails to consider important factors of why certain crimes are committed. Take shoplifting that is a crime that has ended with many people going to prison yet sometimes shoplifting can be or at least feel necessary to the person committing the crime.

Fred West (a serial killer from Britain) was raped by his own mother throughout his childhood, is it any wonder he grew up to be so misguided? The system failed to protect him from his mothers crimes (its going to happen sometimes) but the same system would have been quick enough to punish him for his own (he committed suicide before the case went to court.)

When the media are preaching for prisons to ban on computer games, television, gym access, or other normal things that we take for granted when we are free, they are failing to consider that sometimes the person in prison is a victim as well. Normally the more psychotic or violent the person is the more of a victim he or she is or has been throughout their lives.

Surely by removing “privileges” they are just make prison a more hostile place to be. 23 hour lock ups should be made completely illegal, I wouldn’t lock my dog up for 23 hour a day if not TV (at least) should be available in their room. They may have committed crimes, made mistakes or just be evil but fighting it with evil will not beat evil.

I believe losing your freedom is a high enough price to pay for most crimes, sometimes it may not feel like its enough but a society that deliberately and systematically punishes people with just the intent of just punishment not protection is old fashioned, unprogressive and as violent and cruel as anybody that they could be punishing.



1. Cannabis is just a herb!

2. By making it illegal millions of people (many of them young) in the UK are subject to police harassment, victimization and even prison!

3. How much time and money is wasted by the police chasing Cannabis?

4. Chocolate, sweets, artificial flavours, sweeteners, fast food are causing much more death and illness than Cannabis.

5. Alcohol is also causing much more death and illness than Cannabis.

6. Alcohol makes you stupid and incapable of thinking or even walking and speaking, Cannabis makes you think.

7. Cannabis encourages and assists creativity.

8. (According to many users and reports) Cannabis can help with many medical conditions including Cancer, Insomnia, Arthritis, lack of appetite and much more.

9. FREEDOM.. It should be our choice what we do with our bodies. If men can turn themselves to women and women to men. And women can wedge silicon into their asses, lips or tits as well as abort unwanted babies conceived on drunken nights out, then why can’t I smoke a fucking spliff?

10. Cannabis has a ZERO death rate! Unlike alcohol, fast food and artificial flavours.


Anybody that walks around city centers in Britain must have noticed the amount of homeless people seems to be increasing. Shop windows in cities and towns everywhere are full of homeless people on this cold snowy night. These people live in conditions that are not suitable for animals in some cases and I have even witnessed these people being harassed and ridiculed by certain police officers! Homelessness effects mainly the young and its a trap that can be hard to get out of, thats because without a fixed address claiming benefits, starting bank accounts, looking for work and many other things can be awkward, sometimes impossible.

As usual the British governments plan of how to deal with such a problem is short sighted, uncaring, cheap and ridiculous. Police harassment has always been a favourite but the homeless people stay anyway, you would think they haven’t they got a home to go to.

When police harassment fails the only thing left is spikes! Shop windows and other favourite spots for homeless people in London and Manchester now have steel spikes sticking out of the ground to prevent homeless people sleeping in them.


With this mentality our government have, what other solutions for problems could our government find?

They could lace city walls with a chemical that becomes deadly when in contact with chemicals in spray paint and marker pens to prevent graffiti and then fire out metal spikes in to the faces of the artists.

They could put bombs in T.Vs that detonate and throw metal spikes out of your TV if you turn on the TV when you have not paid your TV license.

Corporate tax evasion could be completely avoided if we simply use spikes and dagger them in to the heart of all corporate tax evaders. 

Corrupt politicians could also be sorted out with the use of spikes. Every time we find out they lied, over claimed, rip us off just stab them with a metal spike! They would be shit scared to ever tell a lie again.


I hate the Inland Revenue, how can a country that claims to be free allow these corrupt thieving gangsters to operate the way they do? I was a self-employed plasterer for years and I always relied on an accountant to do my tax return, nowadays however I do not earn the kind of money that allows me to pay an accountant, so I thought this time I will do my own tax return.

All I can say about it is fucking hell what a nightmare, all of a sudden paying an accountant £400 for one day’s work begins to feel like the bargain of a fuckin lifetime.

HERE The Inland revenues website is confusing, unclear, slow, unhelpful and generally shit. I end up having to phone them, when phoning the Inland revenue we are forced to listen to a machine for five minutes before being ask security questions by the machine, national insurance number, date of birth, tax ref and so on, we answer these questions that are asked in order to speed up the process so they tell us. Yet when the operator finally gets on the phone to us usually about 15 minutes after we dialed the number, the operator asks us the same questions again! How the fuck is that speeding up the fucking process?

After speaking to 4 different operators I still cannot sign in to their useless website, apparently they sent me a code in two parts about seven years ago and I lost the second part of the code! To retrieve this code I need a marriage certificate, that’s pretty hard considering I am not married, I may be stupid but not that fucking stupid. After literally weeks of fucking about I decide fuck it I will do it by post, I went to the library and printed all the forms I needed, I fill them in accurately and post them. I also post an appeal against a penalty for being late with my return.

Thank god that’s over I thought, weeks later more threats of extortionate fines, penalties and even prison are posted to my house. Apparently they did not receive the form by post.

Well fuck the Inland Revenue, fuck her majesties service in fact fuck her majesty and his royal highness, fuck the monarchs, the aristocracy, the elite, the establishment and the ignorant and by the ignorant I mean the idiots that cannot even see or comprehend how fucked up the United Kingdom and its inbreed, reptilian overlords are.

I am pretty sure they have no idea what is going on, I believe the Inland Revenue post threats, fines and extortionately high tax bills to everyone in the hope that they just pay the bill and STFU.

 If people were strong they would fight, fuck your tax returns. Google, Facebook, Tesco, McDonalds, Coco Cola and many other corporate giants earn more money in an hour then our whole street makes in a lifetime, make these parasites pay.

These corporations supply us with a low quality yet expensive service made even more expensive when we consider factors like huge tax evasion, exploitation, cruelty and a huge lack of respect for human rights and freedom.

People should stand up and fight, if not for themselves for the poor the truly oppressed. Donating money to children in need is not only not enough it’s fucking ridiculous. The whole system needs to change; debt is an illusion as is wealth but our programmed minds except such illusions without question.

People are too weak and programmed to fight back, non-conformism is hated by the well programmed. Yet our history books prove that some of the most respected and loved people were not Kings and Queens, presidents, governments, prime ministers or authority figures but were in fact people that fought against Kings and Queens, presidents, governments prime ministers and authority figures.

Rosa Parkes, was a non-conformist, we remember her and forget the millions of conformists that were obeying. Ghandi, Martin Luther, Malcom X are all remembered as legends when Margret Thatcher, Richard Nixon, Edward Heath and other oppressive politicians are remembered as leeches, liars, witches and corrupt parasites.

Muhammed Ali was a man that was universally hated by white America and most Americans due to the fact his beliefs did not line up to rest of white America, they go on like they love him now but they hated him big time. What they fail to see is Muhammed Ali was more of a man than any of the useless little puppets in the white house or Downing Street at the time because he fought for what he believed in with bravery, determination and honesty.

Our politicians fight for what corporations and businesses believe in with fear, hate and lies.

History proves that conformism is cowardly and conformists are forgotten whereas as non-conformism takes balls, so take the flags from your front lawns and windows STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT PATRONISM. You might as well put a sign outside with the words “mentally enslaved zombie lives here” 

Our media present non conformism as dangerous and lunacy, but is non conformism really dangerous. Reinhold Hanning is a 94 year old Nazi death camp guard due to his conformism he has recently been jailed for 5 years for his part in Auschwitz. Oskar Groening, was also convicted of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews a year before. Watch out British soldiers one day in 50 years’ time you might also be standing trail for following orders.

In 1986 Israel made Holocaust denial a criminal offence other countries have followed 1995 Belguim 2014 Greece, 2010 Hungary, 2007 Italy In Poland, Holocaust denial and the denial of communist crimes is punishable by law. Other countries also imply similar laws In May 2014, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and “wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two” or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence.

UK and USA have considered but rejected similar laws. The government has decided that if you are going to ignore or deny genocide you had better make sure that you deny or ignore the right genocide. 

Animal testing in the UK!!!

According to the RSPCA website: It is illegal to test on animals for cosmetics or their ingredients in the UK and other EU members, and since March 2013 it was illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been tested on animals or which contain ingredients newly tested on animals.
However Britain has voted against staying in the EU, and these laws will  no longer need to be followed by the UK, as well as many other laws and regulations provided by the EU. Britain voted to brexit in 2016, however stats from 2015 show that 4.14 million animals were experimented on in Britain. Although for now it is illegal to test on animals for cosmetics (as article 50 has not yet been used), there is always loop holes to laws, for example: As acne is a medical condition, make-up can be tested on animals as it helps cover acne.
Recently the Home Office released its annual statistics on the number of scientific procedures performed on animals in British laboratories, with a staggering 4,14 million animals being tested on. These experiments were conducted on:
  • 3 million mice
  • 21,831 on guinea pigs
  • 8,356 on Horses and other Equids
  • 4,643 on Dogs
  • 3,612 on Primates
126,000 of these animals didn’t regain consciousness after experiments that were classified as ‘non-recovery’, and a further 185,000 experiments were classed as ‘severe’ in the level of suffering caused to the animals. If that wasn’t bad enough a further 56,000 animals were forced to suffer extreme pain and distress without even being used in experiments. These are genetically modified animals which will often have painful unnatural mutations.
Its embarrassing that in 2015 we are still using methods used 400 years ago and have not yet been able to progress into a less cruel and humane society.  Although there are many new ways to test medication without harming animals, but these are more expensive ways. These new methods include:
  • human-on-a-chip
  • 3-D human skin cultures
  • high speed computer models
These methods are not only less cruel but the results are far more accurate. It has been proved over and over again that animal testing doesn’t work, that even though we share 95% of our DNA with a mouse testing on these animals doesn’t work. With FACTS such as:
  • Ninety two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective on animals fail human clinics because they don’t work or fail.
  • Less than 2% of human illnesses are seen in animals. Over 98% never affect animals. So, how can we test vaccines and medication on animals for human beings?
  • In the UK an estimated 70,000 people die or are severely disabled every year caused by unexpected reactions to drugs. These drugs had passed animal testing.
  • In the UK’s House of Lords questions have been asked regarding why unexpected reactions to drugs, which have passed animal testing, kill more people than cancer.
  • According to a thorough study, 88% of stillbirths are caused by drugs which have passed animal testing.
  • 70% of drugs that cause human birth defects are safe in Monkey pregnancies.
One of the things that surprises me the most is that even though in 2015 we have more ways to test medications without the harm of animals, the number has increased quite significantly in 2014 being 3.8 million. In the UK we are supposed to be living in one of the most developed countries in the world, yet we still result to torturing 4.14 million animals.
Many of my blogs have been on this topic and i have been blogging about this for over a year, and i still feel as strongly about this subject as i ever have. Animals are living, breathing, feeling things, animals have emotions, animals feel pain, if we were to do what we do to animals to humans we would be sent to prison for many years, but for some reason its okay to do this to Monkeys, Dogs, horses e.t.c. and I cant think of a good reason why its okay to do this, i suppose some people just seem to think that we are superior to animals and that its okay to torture and murder as long as its not a Human but to animals we share 95% of our DNA with.
 animal testing2


At a time of extreme poverty in much of the world and the UK itself is not exactly poverty free in case you haven’t noticed, at a time of cuts to many public services including the NHS, sickness and benefit cuts and after spending the last ten years talking about Britain’s deficit the Conservatives now want to spend at least two hundred billion pound on to Trident. The Trident nuclear programme, also known as the Trident nuclear deterrent, covers the development, procurement and operation of the current generation of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May insists that the future of Great Britain depends on Trident and Britain’s ability to destroy the world, the mainstream media tell us that Theresa May won the debate against Jeremy Corbyn on Nuclear weapons! But did she? I thought she came across as an unreasonable, cold hearted, psychopath! Many of the Labour politicians loved her, that is because many of the Labour politicians are Conservatives. I have been saying for years the Conservatives infiltrate their opposition, look at the Labour party as soon as it starts standing up for the people its attacked by the Conservatives, all corporate media and even  from within the Labour party. Liberal Democrats in 2010 they were all Tories.

The thing is about Trident and Nuclear weapons is if they are so important and essential for the survival of our nation like Theresa May insists it is, then surely its essential to all nations? Surely North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and all nations could make the same argument. We were told that the Iraq war was fought to prevent psychopaths from having access to weapons that could potentially kill millions of innocent people yet our government have just voted to invest at least two billion pound in to nuclear weapons! As usual from the British government their levels of hypocrisy are amazing and shocking. STOP TRIDENT.



Poor Kids (Poverty Documentary) – Real Stories

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Before reading this you should know that I have no medical experience whatsoever, in fact I am pretty stupid and my word should not be taken, I advise people to do their own research.

Baby Kash aged 14 Months, One Day After Vaccine Reaction to MMR


I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to many of these “Pro Vacciners” for showing such of a massive interest in what we think about vaccines, multi national pharmaceutical corporations and our government because to be honest I do not give a fuck what you think about almost anything, nevertheless many “Pro Vacciners” are now not satisfied with vaccinating their own kids they are insisting that ALL children should be vaccinated with or without their parents consent! The Australian government threatened benefit cuts to parents that refuse vaccines and similar plans have been spoken about in the UK although nothing has yet been enforced. Whats interesting and potentially dangerous is there seems to be a loud group of interfering, right wingers that have so much spare time that they have decided to devote some of it to trash talking! Now anybody that is unsure about the vaccines is dismissed as an idiot whose lunacy threatens the existence of the whole of mankind.

This is Ian Gramowski, 9 days after his HiB shot. His abdominal cavity is swollen with inflammation from a vaccine reaction, after Dr. Paul Offit assured his mother that vaccines were safe, and a rash covers his face and other parts of his body. Ian Died shortly after this picture was taken. REST IN PEACE.


I have nothing against anybody that has decided to vaccinate their child its the people demanding all children should be vaccinated, despite the fact they KNOW NOTHING about the safety or dangers of vaccines. “We would be extinct without vaccines” one mentally challenged moron told me, Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years without vaccines and Mankind survived for thousands of years without them as did almost everything that lives today.


I am an “Anti Vacciner” I gave my child the first vaccination, the side effects to that vaccine and research made me decide my children will have no more. But I would never tell someone “you can’t vaccinate your child, it may be responsible for the sharp rise in autism and has also been known to sometimes quite severe side effects, in some cases even death.” If asked I say what I believe to be true but what makes me laugh is that these people that attack “Anti Vacciners” are usually idiots with no scientific knowledge repeating mainstream media.



In the 1990s Great Britain had very high vaccine rates most of us willingly taken our children to receive vaccines it wasn’t forced and it didn’t need to be since then vaccine rates have dropped and they continue to drop, all of a sudden action needs to be taken. Pharmaceutical corporations are now claiming that vaccines are now only truly effective if the vast majority of the public take them! Of coarse this would mean that Pharmaceutical corporations would make a huge profit but mankind would be saved and your children would be safe from disease and illness, HAIL THE VACCINE.


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Great Britain and the USA are governed by right winged governments because of this the youth of our nations are indoctrinated to think with a right winged mentality. Our newspapers are right winged as are our T.V channels and nearly all media. Useless, lanky, racist pricks like Jeremy Clarkson spew pure racism at their audiences, but what happens when we disagree with these right winged extremists that only care about money and control? What happens is we are called extremists! This is pretty typical of the right wing as the right wing are intolerant of anything, everything and anyone that does not think the same way they think.

Another thing that I do not understand about right wingers is the fact that left wingers are called sissy’s, pussy’s, wimps or anything that they can call people to make them feel inferior to themselves. The truth is left wingers are not the people that want to give extra power to the police, the government and the establishment, for me that makes the right wingers the real sissy’s, just because right wingers are so stupid, sissy like and weak that they can not look after themselves does not mean that all people in the country should have to pay the price. Right wingers are leading us into a police state and maybe even a UKIP and Tory coalition, this is mainly because right wingers do not seem to have the intelligence or the political awareness to see that their small, hate filled, tiny little minds are being used as psychological weapons by the establishment to hand themselves more power.

In my experience of right winged minded people they are usually more violent and sometimes even thuggish, EDL, National Front, KKK and the worst of them all UKIP and Conservatives. Right wingers use the right winged media to attack minorities and control who ever is stupid enough to allow themselves and their minds to be controlled. UKIP and Conservatives and even Labour and Lib Dems nowadays are all right winged, interfering, control freaks, they claim not to be racist but they actually depend on our subliminal and indoctrinated racism. Without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism right winged governments are doomed to fail, because without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism, how could  governments and political parties justify wars, exploitation and murder around the world?

So next time you see a small minded, skin headed idiot wearing the St Georges flag angrily raving on about the fact that Britain is full of dangerous, Islamic, extremists that have no right to be here, remember that these people are stupid, sissy’s that can not fight their own battles, (and no, I would not say it to their faces, I would probably end up with a fractured skull if I did!)  so instead of fighting their own battles they want the government and police to fight them for them.

Anti-Fascist And EDL Demonstrations Take Place in LondonA group of young English men acting the exact way that they have been programmed to act since birth.

British government = Corrupt, Liars, Hypocrites and Idiots!



 Is this the man to save Britain?


ed miliband


 Who put shit in the sandwich’s?




“You mean that we are not actually Conservatives?”


“VOTE FOR ME, Or i will flick this snot at you”





These short clips expose a few different subjects, the Monarchies Greed. Bill Gates Charity Work. The governments lies, hypocrisy and general foolishness. And Facebook’s Greed.

Clips taken from Fuck the system, Planet Earth and Land of Hope and Glory by WOLVOMAN80.





2015 and here comes another general election, it is the time that David Cameron changes from a war mongering, greedy, dissociated snob into a lovely, caring, smiling man that gran loves. He will use his well spoken tone to give the impression that he is not a war mongering, greedy, dissociated snob, unfortunately for him we know the truth. He will listen and pretend to give a fuck and claim is plan is about to show some positive results. Lower petrol prices and a slightly improved economy have come at a very convenient time, the question is are people really stupid enough to fall for even more lies from a well established and well known liar? If a poor person not voting is a vote for the Tories, the other and more important question is who do you vote for?


Privatize NHS, more tax cuts for rich, huge supporters of Israel. Racist and do not represent the poor. No thanks.


Privatize NHS, tax cuts for the rich, huge supporters of Israel. Snobbish and do not represent the poor. No Thanks.


Nick Clegg once stated in a conversation with David Cameron down a microphone he did not know was turned on “it had supposed to be a T.V debate but I can’t find anything to disagree on” No Thanks.


Tony Blair was merely a corporate puppet and Gordon Brown began the bank bail out. Not much is known on what Ed Miliband will actually do or what his policies are, he is a huge supporter of Israel and he has the easiest job in the world, take the piss out of David Cameron ridiculous performance so far. He is depending on people hating David Cameron and Nigel Farage enough to vote for him, they probably do hate David Cameron and Nigel Farage enough to vote him but how different to David Cameron and Nigel Farage is Ed Miliband? No Thanks.


If I was going to vote BNP I would switch my vote to UKIP, they are almost the same. No thanks.


I am considering voting the Green party, not because I feel the Green party perfectly represents me but just because nobody else even comes close to representing me. The trouble the Green Party are going to have is airtime. BBC constantly speaks about the big four, lame and cringe worthy publicity stunts that are only worth watching if something goes wrong take over the news and the papers. Where as less popular parties like the Green Party are almost completely ignored by the mainstream media, a fair election requires much more airtime to less well known parties. If lobbying was banned or capped at £1000 this would prevent political parties like the Conservatives, UKIP, and even Labour from taking huge sums of money from rich individuals. That money is used to pay from political campaigns, airtime, positive media and irritating political posters, scattered around our city centers. Government graffiti.

Below is a list of all political parties in the UK. What is the point of having all this choice if mainstream media will only focus of three or four parties?





These videos and others were uploaded on to sub channels due to YouTube preventing me from uploading any material over 15 minutes on to my main channel for two years! YouTube are also refusing to pay me what they owe me for adverts placed on my videos, not counting videos properly and even removing videos based on false claims made by other corporations like BBC, News Corp, Hearst and many others.





Mark Zuckerberg

Money definitely can not buy good looks! The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is so ugly you kind of expect to see a bit of dribble on his cheek or a few baked beans on his face, I bet his shirt is covered with his last meal.


GENERAL ELECTION 2015 COMING SOON. Which Israeli supporting, corporate puppet Zionist are you going to vote for?

GENERAL ELECTION 2015 COMING SOON. David Cameron should be aware that it will take more then low petrol prices and a slight improvement in the economy to make people forget that he is a corrupt, untrustworthy, war mongering, snobbish, greedy, lying, PONCE.

Our idiotic, delusional world leaders walk through France holding hands to show unity against terrorism yet about 20000 children die everyday through hunger related illnesses, due to the greed and ignorance of our world leaders and their bosses (BANKERS, CORPS ANYONE WITH RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY)

Ed Miliband and the Labour party have promised not to spend the election build up bashing Tory policies, I would advise against this, because NOBODY in Britain who votes for Ed Miliband will vote for him because they like Ed Miliband, they will vote for him because they hate David Cameron.


We in Great Britain often boast about our country being tolerant and free, a country with equality and freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equal rights for all, I disagree with this hypothesis.

When I look at Britain I fail to see what the masses see, instead I see a nation of conformists, I see a nation of sad drunks and drug addicts sitting in front of the TV drinking and working and drinking their lives away. I see a nation obsessed with over priced gadgets, football and reality TV, unfortunately reality TV is the only reality they are interested in. I see a nation that our masses stand by and watch as our sick government cut benefits for the sick, disabled and the poor, a nation that believes that people that do not take part in the system should not even to be allowed to eat. I see a nation that watches as our government destroy Iraq, Libya and next Syria, and we then have the nerve to call Muslims terrorists. A nation where the PRIME MINISTER is a known arms dealer and our monarchy have a history of oppression, slavery and war, yet we still worship them. I see a nation that claims to care for children, yet we stand by and watch as corporations like Tesco and Next exploit some of the poorest children in the world, with child labour and slavery, facts like this will not stop the masses from shopping at these sickening companies. I see corruption in the banks, the government, police and the media, I see a nation that is governed by money our politicians are puppets to the banks and corporations.

Poor people are punished and sometimes locked up for minor offences like possession of Cannabis, shop lifting, and not paying taxes when MPs over claim millions and bankers receive huge bonuses despite the banks being bailed out, MPs and bankers are obviously above the law in fact they are the law. The lifestyles of the western world has a negative impact on the lifestyles of many people around the world, but we don’t care, we are to busy watching X factor.

First Published 28/08/2013


Theresa May, most of the British media and the conservative party have started an attack on human right laws, they use examples like Ten “highly dangerous” terror suspects were freed in 2004 after Law Lords ruled their detention without trial breached their human rights, An illegal immigrant from Bolivia was allowed to stay in the UK – because he had a cat and Terror suspect Abu Qatada and eight others were awarded £75,000 for a “breach” of their human rights in 2009. Judges in Strasbourg decided the British Government should never have held them without trial following the attacks on 9/11, saying it violated their right to liberty and security. Taken from the Sun.

Like most laws that we have in Britain Human right laws are not perfect but they are important, there is no doubt that sometimes they do benefit the wrong people but most of the biased corporation controlled mainstream media fail to mention that most of the time human right laws DO protect the right people unlike the corporation controlled British government who bail out banks and allow billion pound corporations huge tax breaks and even free labor paid for by the taxpayer on workfare! which of the human right laws would  Theresa May like to get rid off?  Freedom of expression and conscience? or is it the Right to personal liberty that pisses her off? or no arbitrary searches or seizures? The British media, the American government and the British government have done more harm to this country and the world than Abu Qatada or any terrorist I can think of, the British and American governments kill hundreds of thousand of people in Iraq, and then the British media and the sheeple  have the nerve to moan about Iraqi refuges and immigrants for hating Britain, WAKE UP BRITAIN AND USA, if Iraqi soldiers come to our countries and destroyed our cities, kill our children and steal our natural resources we would hate them to, unfortunately most people in Britain are still failing to see the real terrorist of the world.

Even if Abu Qatada is the dangerous terrorist that our government and media tell us that he is than taking human rights from the whole of Great Britain just because of a very small amount of people would be letting the terrorist’s take our freedom and therefore a sure sign the terrorist are winning the war on terror, but I believe The Sun newspaper, most other sections of the corrupt British media and the British government are attacking human right laws, they are using terrorism as an excuse to weaken human rights. So FUCK THE RACIST PROPAGANDA FILLED SUN Newspaper, Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, David Cameron, Theresa May and FUCK anyone that is stupid enough to believe the BS and biased propaganda they talk, to the people that do believe this BULLSHIT, to whom I say this, learn your lessons from history, you all thought Jimmy Saville was a generous old man because the British media told you he was despite the fact that most of the media knew what Jimmy Saville was like, you also believed there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet the only WMD’s I see are the weapons of mass detraction that are being used by the British Media and most of the British people!Theresa-May_1716248c

First Published 6/9/2013