Defend the right to offend!

When we look at the “modern” Internet and compare it to the Internet of about ten years ago or even five years ago the improvements seem impressive. HD/4K videos, lots of free social media faster loading times. At first glance the modern day version of the Internet looks like a huge improvement. However when we take a closer look at the modern day Internet there is a huge problem as compared with the old Internet.

That problem is censorship. I make political documentaries that are controversial to some so when I started suffering from harsh censorship I always assumed it was because of the content of my videos. In recent years however YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have received millions of complaints from annoyed users that like me feel their channel or videos have been oppressed, hidden or sometimes even removed from the site. Not long ago (when researching the level of censorship that is actually happening) I watched a YouTuber that spent a lot his time talking about suicidal feelings and how to cope with them, this YouTuber was not allowed to advertise due to the “offensive material” he was posting (something that has happened to me on multiple videos and occasions.)

I watched a couple of his videos and seen nothing that offended me in fact what offends me more than anything is when some got nothing better to do “dogooder” thinks they have the right to dictate what people read and watch!

This is financial censorship by financially starving “offensive” videos of financial gain and profit the videos will eventually stop being made and stop appearing on YouTube because people will learn that the subject is a no go for YouTube. Will this improve the quality of YouTube videos or information that we can find on YouTube? No in fact it is much more likely to have the exact opposite effect!

The excuse the establishment and governments use for this selective online advertising policy is the “fear” that extremists and even terrorists could potentially profit from online advertisements and maybe they could! But I ask you this; who funded these terrorists in the first place? who made them powerful? The British and American governments of course to fight the British and American governments enemies.

This is how they feed from terrorism they use terrorism to justify censorship, Internet regulations and restrictions on freedom but they created the problem, freedom of speech did not create the problem yet freedom of speech is lost because somehow the government have concluded that if we (the people) shut the fuck up and surrender our freedoms the terrorists have lost!

It sounds like the opposite to me as well as losing our freedom of speech and freedom of expression we also lose our freedom of knowledge and freedom of information and we lose all these just to ensure that a few small groups of pissed off people lose their freedom. That means the cost of the war on terror is losing our freedom but the reward from the war on terror is they (the terrorists) lost their freedom as well!

YouTube and Facebook help the British government employ “North Korean” style censorship.

I have spent much of the last 7 years making videos many of which are political videos and are deliberately offensive (to some) and controversial. Over the coarse of the last 7 years I have noticed a huge attack on such videos, in short censorship is the governments only answer because they are wrong and oppressive. Many of the things that the so called “conspiracy theorists” were telling us are now being proved right.

I have over 26000 subscribers on YouTube yet political videos that are critical of the British government are now struggling to get 100 views!

I had thousands of Facebook followers and used Facebook regularly to share “controversial material” until Facebook closed my account (three times.)

Recently I began to share political blogs on political pages at first my Internet traffic was sky high through doing so, not anymore! Facebook simply hide my blogs at the bottom of the pages and instead of seeing thousands of hits I see nothing.

The point to blog is our government claim North Korea, Syria and other nations are oppressing their own people by using high levels censorship yet that is exactly what our own government are doing.

This censorship COMPLETELY undermines our right to vote and democracy. The corporate media is the only media the government want us to read because the corporate media is controlled, we do not have freedom or choice we have the illusion of freedom and choice.

The video below is an example of how YouTube hide “sensitive” material. The video has not even received 100 views yet despite the fact I have over 26000 subscribers because YouTube work with our government to oppress such opinions getting in to the mainstream.

The Guardian and British government hate people expressing opinions on YouTube

The following report and headline is taken from the Guardian (that fascist media outlet that seems to believe that money should give them the power to censor the Internet and financially starve the truth movement.)

Google summoned by ministers as government pulls ads over extremist content

British advertisers urge company overhaul after adverts from several big organisations appear next to inappropriate material

Google has been summoned to the Cabinet Office after it emerged that government advertising was being inadvertently placed next to extremist material.

The government joined a number of organisations, including the Guardian, in pulling advertising from Google and YouTube after discovering that ads had appeared alongside inappropriate content.

Pressure mounted on Google as Isba, an organisation representing British advertisers with hundreds of members, urged the company to overhaul its practices.

The Guardian hate the truth and the people do not trust them that is why people are viewing this extremist content in the first place.

I also find it ironic and hypercritical that mass murderers, war mongers and corrupt government officials along with their friends in the media that help them conceal the truth and protect their paedophile rings can call anybody an extremist.

If media like the Guardian were reporting anything like the truth instead of government approved propaganda maybe they would not be in this mess now.

My last observation on this situation is this; who gives a fuck about ads from the Guardian or the government? Nobody that’s why they have to place them on videos that people actually want to watch. In other words if you do not wish to advertise on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else due to the content material placed on there by real people expressing their opinions than FUCK OFF and go back to advertising on billboards.

GOOGLE agree the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs are SICK!!!

Today I receive this message from Google adsense…..

This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

Affected website:

Example page where violation occurred:

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your site to follow AdSense program policies.

Current account status: Active

Violation explanation

Why was this action taken against my account:

Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or any kinds of non family-safe content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages with images or videos containing:

Strategically covered nudity
Sheer or see-through clothing
Lewd or provocative poses
Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
Content of this nature is considered to be in violation of policy, even when placed inside articles which are innocuous. Please note that to fix this violation, you need not censor the content itself, but you should stop placing ad code on the page.

What resources do I have to keep my account safe:

Program guidelines
Using site: search to find violations
Recommended solutions for policing your content with ads
Short animated video & policy refreshers on this topic

How to resolve:
If you received a notification in regard to page content, we request that you immediately remove Google ads from the violating pages. If you are unable to, or unsure of how to remove the ads from these pages, or would like to continue monetizing the page with Google ads, please modify or remove the violating content to meet our AdSense policies.
If you received a notification in regards to the way ads are implemented on your site, please make the necessary changes to your implementation.
You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.

Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance. Here are some useful resources you might be interested in.

AdSense policy FAQs
Using site: search to find violations
Recommended solutions for policing your content
Content filtering
For more information regarding our policy warning notifications, visit our Help Center.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

Below are the Images Google have a problem with

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs have blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page feel free to tell them what you think about this corrupt thieving, drug and alcohol pushing “charity” Facebook the page links are below post them this blog if you wish. These images are taken from a “charity calendar” made by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs.

Or you can phone them on 07837995659.

The age to be part of this “charity” is 10 to 26! It cost £25 membership per year plus whatever they are charging for events £10 for bowling, they take under 18s to nightclubs and pubs and rip the idiots off as they do it in the name of charity!

Google are using advertising as a way to censor the Internet in the past they made me remove a YouTube video image exposing animal cruelty. I removed the image but put to a link to the video last time, this time I refuse to change anything.

National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs actually threatened to shoot me and called the police about me just for blogging about them!

Google, Facebook, YouTube why don’t you like me?

I have been on YouTube and writing blogs for at least seven years, I have thousands of subscribers on YouTube and registered users of my own site. I have not been paid for my video views from YouTube therefore I have only made a very small amount of money from doing this. Despite the small amount of money I have made I do not feel like failure, In fact I feel like a success. Why?

Millions of people from all over the world have took the time to listen and share my views, I have received literally thousands of messages from people all over the world offering support. Thank you for that.

Even better is I know I am pissing off certain people, governments and corporations. Unfortunately for me these people, governments and corporations have the power to manipulate stats and search results. Google have been attacking my site and YouTube channel for years, they have barely counted a new subscriber this year and my Google plus page has been stuck on 440 followers for years (near enough since the beginning of Google Plus which is a useless and lame website.) Search engine results on Google for “wolvoman80” have dropped from over 250000 to 44000 over the last few years, I get the feeling Google don’t like me very much. They seem to want me to STFU and they continue to refuse to pay me the money they owe me (at least £30000 and as much as £70000.)

I know I am not the only person that has suffered this kind of unfair, illegal attack and censorship because I have watched and read loads of articles and people telling similar stories.

Facebook have banned me from using their shitty website numerous times on multiple accounts, so who am I pissing off?

The British establishment and their organized paedophile rings? Referrals from Google searches dropped massively after I started exposing them weirdos, Google and Facebook obviously feel obligated to protect them. Or maybe I’m pissing off the corporations, Monarchy, CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Secret Services or Zionists or maybe all of them.

When I started doing this I never believed I would receive the level of interest and support I have received from online communities, I am proud of this and again I say thank you.

I always ask myself if they are using this harsh censorship levels on me than how many others are attacked this way? I am genuinely beginning to believe the Internet is now a complete farce.

Many people still believe the Internet is free and a tool of the people but the parasitic corporations that own social media sites and other services are doing everything in their power to make a free Internet and freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom in general a thing of the past.

The Internet that once connected us is quickly evolving into something that disconnects us!

The Internet has changed over the years, when I first used the Internet the connection was slow, it actually once took me about two hours to download a video that was less than 20 seconds! In many ways the Internet has improved we have faster connections, which allows us to stream HD videos and even live broadcasts. The Internet bought us social media, alternative media, independent journalism and information on anything. Its undeniable that the Internet has changed the way that many of us think, there does seem to be a mass awakening going on and the Internet has been a massive part of that awakening.

The mass awakening we are witnessing has caused panic in many governments and governments have rushed through laws that affect our freedom as a result of this. As well as changing laws websites and the Internet in general have also changed, for example YouTube today is full of corporate made, product placed videos. YouTube has been altered to suit regular uploaders, people that upload multiple videos everyday, the trouble is people (individuals) cannot upload videos everyday. Changes like this have been made to suit corporations because only corporations can upload videos everyday without it impacting the quality of they they make because only corporations have the budget and team to do that.

YouTube and Facebook have been over complicated, for example on the Facebook of old you could like something join a group or be a friend, not anymore! You can like a page but without clicking the “make posts visible” button you still don’t see them. You can be somebodies friend but not follow them or follow them without being there friend and mute them WTF? If somebody irritates you that much that you cannot be bothered to read a sentence they posted on Facebook ask yourself why are they your “friend?”

Facebook used to be full of ideas until they started this pay to reach shit, now Facebook is full of corporate sponsors and “fake news” helps give them an excuse to censor the Internet of information and ideas while promoting the corporate media (the real fake news.)

They will not use the Internet to disconnect you from your friends (life does that) but they will use the Internet to disconnect political movements, protests and political groups. The Internet was once a place full of ideas, from real people and information with very few adverts, today the Internet is a place of adverts and ideas from corporations of how to spend your money, corporate propaganda with very few real people because real people cannot afford to be heard anymore.

Warner Music Group and YouTube mute my videos!

First they profit from my videos by claiming ownership of the video and then monetizing the video despite the fact the song is only used in the background for a small part of the video (which has been on YouTube since 2014.)

YouTube have now also muted 3 of my videos (one of them has been on YouTube for five years.)

This is just ANOTHER excuse to attack my channel which they are slowly destroying and they are still withholding a payment of  at least £30000 from me due to the music used in the background of my documentaries.



I have just started a brand new Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW FACEBOOK PAGE or to Friend me click here  

This is at least the forth time I have started a Facebook page due to my other pages being highly censored, removed or access is denied to me (they ask for photo I.D I don’t have any, I even sent Facebook bank statements and utility bills but apparently that does not prove my identity.) The page still actually exists but I can not access it.

I was on Instagram but Instagram which is of course owned by Facebook have decided I am not allowed to use that service anymore either! Apparently I failed to obey their terms and conditions, I still have no idea how.

Facebook have obviously decided they are sick of me and they are sick of the truth. Facebook should be used for sharing sellfies and saying happy birthday not sharing ideas! Facebook is no place for the truth.

I don’t particularly give a fuck about Facebook, Instagram or any of the others but the fact they go through so much effort to keep me from using it makes me want to be a inconvenience to them and use  it more. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND LIKE MY BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE AND PLEASE SHARE 

How long before they ban me again???

They ask me stupid questions like the ones below.


Corporate Internet giants vs the People!

The steps that Google are using on YouTube to conceal the truth are becoming more and more extreme by the month. YouTube have attacked my channel in multiple ways over the years. I have yet to be paid for videos dating back from 2010, 18 million views on full length documentaries has still paid me NOTHING (about £200 2010 to 2014 pay zero and false claims and my choice of music has lead to my videos being monetized by the music owners Sony in most cases. Fair use has also been a issue) Google started by financially starving the truth, fortunately for me the less I make in revenue the less tax I pay and I get topped up with in work benefits as I am self employed so fuck you Google!

In the meantime my Facebook page that had thousands of likes was almost completely hidden. If you run a Facebook page it shows how many people your post reached my page was reaching as many as 100000 people per post when I started on Facebook by the time I closed my page a post was struggling to reach 10 people!

This year Google have begun to punish for uploading to YouTube! Everytime I upload I instantly lose 10, 20 30 as many 50 subscribers! And the view count barely moves. I have 26000 subscribers on YouTube and a new video would literally get thousands of views in the first couple of days when I started and had less than 1000 subscribers now a video can struggle to get 100 views in weeks.. Just lately YouTube is as useless as Facebook.

Extremism, Fake News, Radicalization are just a few excuses used to justify Google, Facebook and other Internet giants that have huge unfair monopolies controlling the flow of information but these attacks on freedom are now so extreme and blatant it is starting to become obvious the establishment are scared of something.

YouTube promote BULLSHIT propaganda like Info Wars and the disgusting, Pizzagate defending and dismissing fake news called The Young Turks (sell out shit) but attack the REAL alternative media which is REAL people talking about issues that are important to themselves and people around them. Its up to you as the people to recognize the bullshit propaganda not just used by our mainstream media but also on YouTube which YouTube promote.

I would love to quit YouTube and find a decent alternative but there is not one yet and alternatives that have seemed promising in the past (like blip TV, videoweed, megavideo and many others I have tried more than I can remember) either remove videos and close accounts (like YouTube), the site gets taken down or they are slow and sometimes full of irritating ads. Quitting YouTube would be like censoring myself.

Instagram banned me a couple of days ago, when I attempt to sign in to Instagram (a shit website that I used purely to promote my website) I am now inform my account has been closed due to me failing to comply to their terms and conditions! I don’t know what exactly I did wrong (tell the truth probably) but fuck Instagram anyway its shit.

They want us to quit and shut up so we should now work harder and carry on regardless, let their censorship and panicked, unthought out actions expose themselves.



YouTube is NOT for You and Me anymore!

Gone of the day that YouTube was for real people talking about real issues. Google have decided we can use YouTube to watch clips from shit mainstream chat shows or compilations of people falling over, kittens being cute and dogs being stupid or shit corporate music videos but we can not use YouTube to voice any kind of opinion anymore. I really do not like the way YouTube is heading and I am not the only one. Thousands of loyal Youtubers everywhere are facing the same problem, I have watched over hundred videos of people explaining their problems with YouTube. So how do we stop Google from completely destroying YouTube? We need an alternative, something like Steemit that specializes in videos but right now there does not seem to be an alternative.

So right now the only thing we can do is make as much noise as we can, don’t let them quietly shut your channel down and the oldest saying ever don’t put all your eggs in one basket.. In other words write blogs, create websites, look for alternative video players and save your videos some where so that you can re-upload them when you need to.

Also troll, dislike or better still don’t watch the corporate shit that is taking over YouTube, its not like they are giving you anything good anyway…..Just the scraps.

Google are destroying peoples living and careers by doing this and also silencing people that are already very frustrated with the oppression of the system. It is not going to lead to anything good and they know it not to mention they are simply proving us right. You have no freedom! Just because a prisoner is happily singing in his cell does not mean he is free!  In fact they are no more or less free then the ones that are desperately trying to escape from the prison.

What I am saying is right now this censorship does not affect a large number of people because most people do not push the boundaries but if I’m not free and they aren’t free then guess what? Neither are you and neither are your children!

That’s why we should be very concerned with what is happening on the Internet at the moment fake news is just censorship of the truth while real news is just celebrity gossip and propaganda.


Do you remember when skeptics of the Illuminati used to ask, if the Illuminati are real why do they…

Do you remember when skeptics of the Illuminati used to ask, if the Illuminati are real why do they allow your videos or blogs to be viewed millions of times on their services? Well they don’t anymore!

YouTube is now CorporateTube full of mainstream scraps of shitty chat show clips, Facebook is now hiding what they call “fake” news and the Internet is quickly changing in to something different.

It is becoming another bullshit propaganda machine. This year (2016) Google have been truly exposed, they are trying to destroy YouTube and doing a brilliant job unfortunately. YouTube channels that helped create YouTube and make it what it is are now being replaced by clips from shit chats shows. I rarely watch that shit so why do YouTube keep recommending it to me?

Because Google have made YouTube more suitable for corporations than people, this is a blatant attack on our freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of speech are hated by Google and the establishment. Why?

I believe that we were winning the argument so easy that all they have left is to try to shut us up. The reason we were winning the argument is because they don’t have an argument! There is never a justification for mass murder of innocent civilians, there is no justification for obscene greed and there is no justification for extreme poverty.

The image below shows that YouTube are stopping me from commenting on my own videos!  

New video online for 50 minutes only received one view! I have over 26000 subscribers. THIS IS POLITICAL CENSORSHIP

Every time I upload I INSTANTLY lose subscribers.

YouTube is now CorporateTube…


Fake news is the real news and real news is the fake news!

Over the last few weeks there has been much talk of fake news, fake news is the corporations way of controlling what you read and watch. When the term fake news is used you can guarantee they are talking about non corporate bloggers that have alternative ideas. I believe the corporations and world’s governments have realized they have lost control of the Internet and this is a desperate, pathetic attempt of gaining back some of that control.

“Stop reading that fake bullshit about the corruption, war crimes, massacres and thievery your government are committing and read the real news,” they tell us. But what is the real news? Well as I write this the top story on Google news is;

Who won X Factor 2016? Saara Aalto and Matt Terry’s emotional final as it happened

So thats the real news, well I was miles off! Heres me reading facts like 99 per cent of the worlds is owned by 0.1% of the world’s population and thousands of children are starving to death on a daily basis, reading about wars being fought all over the world and government corruption when I should have been reading about who won the X factor.

To me that’s the fake news kick it off Facebook please Zuckerberg it’s making people ignorant and stupid. But wait you want people ignorant and stupid so you and your puppet masters can carry on extorting to the world. So the the X factor is real news and war, poverty, corporate, exploitation, Pizzagate and extortion is fake news.

Two screenshot examples of Real news according to Google taken about half an hour part of each other.

Half an hour later

So somehow the bullshit that happens on a SHIT reality TV show ends up above 25 people being killed in Cairo. The only trouble is with reading the “real news” is its so mind-numbing, simple and dumb. When they say “real news” they mean corporate and government sponsored propaganda/distraction written by puppets. When they say “fake news” they mean the real news written by real people, talking about real issues and they are not necessarily financially motivated corporate elitist puppets.

They are trying to make the powerful corrupt, useless, propaganda filled mainstream media even more powerful and take power away from the people, like they always do.

Google are deliberately destroying YouTube and creating CorporateTube..

Recently PewDiePie has said he is thinking about closing his YouTube channel, his channel is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with 50 million subs! The reason he has said he is closing his channel is because he believes that YouTube are deliberately oppressing his channel! Why would they do that to the biggest channel on YouTube? I don’t watch PewDiePie as a rule but I have watched him in the just past out of interest. I didn’t enjoy his videos and I was surprised he is popular as he is, but I was also surprised by some of the things he talks about.

PewDiePie has now joined the MASSIVE and growing list of YouTubers that feel/know that YouTube are manipulating stats, hiding videos and basically ripping people off everywhere. I believe these lost views that people have been seeing disappear go straight to shit like Vevo. These corporate music video view counts seem completely unrealistic to me, they are exaggerated bullshit.

When YouTube was young if a music video managed 20 or 30 million views it was considered good, nowadays some videos are reaching over a billion! I call BULLSHIT, Fake stats from a fake site.

I have seen videos of mine lose views especially over the last 12 months. I have 26000 subs but some of my new videos are struggling to get one hundred views! So I do believe PewDiePie is probably telling the truth. Google hate freedom and they are trying to turn YouTube in to CorporateTube! So we should dislike everything corporate, troll it and fuck them.

Subscribers are instantly removed as soon as I upload videos! In fact the last couple of months my subscriber amount has fallen! I believe Google are attempting to create some shit Amazon Prime type of shit service but we don’t want more shit like that. YouTube was better before these parasitic corporations got their disgusting reptilian hands on it, especially Google.

This is about control, Google are attempting to control what you watch and what becomes a “success.” To be successful on YouTube all we have to do is avoid honesty, political philosophy, conspiracy and suck Corporate dick, errrr no thanks I would rather be unsuccessful. Fuck YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of it. We the people know you’re full of shit, we know you’re control freaks, we know you’re liars, we know you hate the truth, we know you’re ripping off the world so FUCK YOU ALL.

Share if you agree. now has its own video player, more videos added soon.

My website now has its own video player!!!! Fuck YouTube and their fake view counts, their hate for the truth, their love of propaganda and corporate made shit..

YouTube is now CorporateTube and like everything that corporations get their hands on it’s shit.

More videos added soon, sign up for notifications.



I lose subscribers as soon as I add a videos (instantly before anyone has even watched it) YouTube have not counted a new subscriber for weeks and my videos now struggle to reach 100 views despite the fact I have over 26000 subscribers (for now.)



How can that happen, considering my Steemit link was just a YouTube video?? So far 48 likes on Steemt, 39 views on YouTube video page, 20 views on real time stats! I also have a different account that I hardly use and I dropped it a like and YouTube didn’t count it… This makes me ask the question how much are YouTube really manipulating their stats? Much more than people think I believe. And they still can’t shut us up….

The movement is MUCH BIGGER than YouTube are allowing it to appear. You can manipulate your meaningless stats and refuse to pay but you have been exposed we know you are full of shit and I believe removed views are passed to corporate channels like Vevo.

I have been on YouTube for many years now (it was brilliant once) but these music video view counts are BULLSHIT I believe thats where your lost views are going.

YouTube caught removing views and subscribers from loyal channels! by charlie.wilson

This morning I watched a new video that came out on the HighImpactFlix channel, and it inspired little investigation of my own. In his video, he described YouTube removing views from his anti Hillary Clinton videos. This reminded me of their new policy.

They spung this new policy without warning and began demonetizing videos that fall under these extremely vague guidelines. Some of the worst examples that I have seen of videos being demonetized were a series of videos about advice on dealing with suicide. Here is the channel’s response on that:

Aside from all of this going on, the worst part about this, in my opinion, is the last category, “controversial subjects and events.” Subjects considered “controversial” include a lot of people standing up against the things wrong with our country (the U.S.) and the world. This is YouTube’s way of suppressing our opinions even more.

I found out today that YouTube doesn’t even stop there at suppressing the opinions that they don’t agree with. There is video PROOF that views are getting removed from these “controversial” videos. Not only that, but the channels that constantly post these videos are having subscribers taken away also! There are two very important things seriously wrong with all of this:

  1. The loyal channels that constantly post videos are getting ripped off by YouTube. This is how they get paid, and YouTube, with a $86.22 billion net worth, is taking their income.
  2. Taking away views makes it a lot harder for users on YouTube to find these videos. Unless they are already subscribed to these channels, users will probably never even know that they exist!

Here is a collection of videos I found on this topic. I probably won’t even scratch the surface.

  • By HighImpactFlix
  • I really enjoy this guy’s videos. He is even here on Steemit @highimpactflix.
  • By Qronos16
  • By TheGreat deception
  • By NFKRZ

Although the majority of these channels post controversial subjects, this isn’t only affecting channels on that topic. The last channel I linked was about fashion!

In my opinion, we need a new website to host our videos. YouTube is becoming absolutely terrible. We need to move on from it. Maybe Steemit will allow video uploads in the future!

 Check out charlie.wilson on Steemit click here 


Recently I reopened my Facebook account, not because I like Facebook but because I am attempting to sell DVDs and Facebook buy and sell is highly used and free. I join as many buy and sell groups as possible and I am just about to write an advert when, I get banned from any group interaction of two weeks! BULLSHIT I think to myself and I open a different account and start again. I am planning on using it as a advertising platform so I send friend request blast to Google circles and registered users. I send friend requests to old followers on Facebook (people I remember or still have contact details too.) And anyone else that wanted to friend me, after three days I had about 1000 friends so I started a page and had 59 likes!! By now I have posted ads all over Buy and Sell sites nationwide but not had many people visit my site.

Then Facebook stopped letting me login, my account has now been locked and they asked for photo I.D that shows your date of birth (I am not even sure I put the right date on facebook, I always put the right year but fuck them!)

I have no photo I.D, I don’t drive and my passport expired years ago. So I follow the link for people with no photo I.D, I send them a bank statement and a tax letter addressed to me. Facebook do not accept that as I.D instead they want me to name friends from photographs. At the bottom of the page is a few examples of how fucking stupid Facebook are and how desperate they seem to be to stop me to sell DVD documentaries that criticize them on Facebook.

I ask a friend to post them using their profile and to my amazement I get literally hundreds of clicks in just a few minutes then my site goes down! My hosting company took it down and accuse me of unsolicited spamming! After an hour, an abusive blog posted on Steemit and two phone conversations my website is working! But nowhere near as busy.

Meanwhile I open yet another account this time I am more selective about the groups I join but once again I get stopped from posting on groups! I create ANOTHER account and slowly request to join big buy and sell groups, I get accepted to a few and I start posting. For some reason unlike when my friend posted I get hardly anybody on the site???? Are Facebook even manipulating buy and sell like the control freaks they are? My Facebook page still exist but I cannot add to it or remove it! MAN I FUCKING HATE FACEBOOK….Check me out on Instagram and watch this space for future rants! (I’m not even sure how long they will allow me on Instagram because I might have signed using the Facebook account that has been locked.)

facebook-are-stupid-4 facebook-are-stupid-5 facebook-are-stupid-6 facebook-are-stupid-7




A few years ago I had a Facebook page that had thousands of likes from people all over the world, until Facebook was made in to a useless waste of space. A post of mine was struggling to reach 10 people. I closed the account and Facebook will would not allow me to reopen it so I thought Fuck it who needs Facebook anyway?

In the last few weeks I have decided to sell DVDs online, I decided that Facebook (as much as I hate it) is a good place to start. I open a new account and send a blast of emails to followers of me on Google plus. I’m using this account to sell and advertise so I add anybody I can, Facebook send me a warning telling me “they do not recommend doing this!” But I trust people more than I trust Facebook and I carry on regardless!

After just a couple of days I have nearly 1000 friends so I start a page called WOLVOMAN80 (the page still shows but I cannot add anything to it) and get fifty like pretty quickly everything seems good until this morning when I attempt to login and are confronted with the message below….


And then………..


I don’t drive, have a passport, birth certificate or any form of photo I.D at all so I am forced to upload bank statements and utility bills and I am now waiting for Facebook to decide if they are satisfied with my I.D, if not FUCK THEM.


Last night I upload a short video, keeping in mind I have over 26000 subs I expected to have at least a couple of view by in the morning (when I stated I had many less subs yet my videos would hit thousands on the first few days) it had forty! FUCKING FORTY people out of the 26000 people that have chosen to follow me watch it. I check the live stats no clicks for hours. I upload it again today this time it got stuck on 39 and now it’s view count is climbing slower than Theresa May’s husband climb’s in to bed with her.





I have now uploaded this video at least 5 times due to non moving view counts, the video has been made inaccessible even to most of my subscribers, I will also lose subs the second the video appears on YouTube (it happens every time I upload anything)

Google are also refusing to pay me the money my videos have made and YouTube (my partners) are refusing to respond to my complaints.


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Wait for page to complete loading and then click image below to begin free download.

Once downloaded feel free to upload and share anywhere.



WOLVOMAN80 on God save the Queen, National anthem, Holocaust denial, England Football Team, Dele Ali’s girlfriend, WAGs, Fabio Capello, Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Censorship, Nuclear Weapons, HM REVENUE and Customs, Internet censorship, Trip advisor, YouTube, Google, payment, food, preservatives, sweeteners, HEK CELLS, Alton Towers, Review, Internet surveillance, Doctors, Scientists, Qualifications, Boiling Frogs, Science, Salt, Good for heart, RSPCA, Murder animals, racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses, Tablets, Smartphones, Positive thinkers, positive thinking, Stupidity, Mainstream media, Kim Kardashian, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Football, Schools, the News, Opening Kinder Eggs, Following Orders, Sheep, Prank, Idiot Planet, Brits, Donald Trump, Women, Cannabis laws, Police state, Britain, America, Stupidity, Politics, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Global Elite, ILLUMINATI and more.



WOLVOMAN80 on God save the Queen, National anthem, Holocaust denial, England Football Team, Dele Ali’s girlfriend, WAGs, Fabio Capello, Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Censorship, Nuclear Weapons, HM REVENUE and Customs, theives, gangsters, and much more Funny shit by a censored, extremist WOLVOMAN80.

I was intending to add a free download with this but somebody seems to have decided that my website is not allowed to distribute free downloads! If I do mange to fix the problem I will post a free link.


I am not really sure what the fuck is happening to both my website and my YouTube channel at the moment but the last few weeks I have had nothing but problems and those problems have accelerated and grown in the last couple of days.  A week ago I was having trouble uploading videos to my website I assumed it was a fault with my website and spent hours searching Google for what the problem could be. After finding no answers that helped I given up. I decide to upload a video to YouTube, same problem can’t upload! I see an error message that says “there was a fault sending data” I have been uploading to YouTube regularly for 6 years never had or seen this problem before. I was just about to go bed and I thought one more try suddenly it worked! I thought the problem was gone until two days ago.

YouTube have hit my channel with strict and blatant censorship many of my subscribers are telling me that they are not seeing my videos unless they actively search for me, as well as having subscriptions removed or not counted. One person told me they had to subscribe three times before their subscription stuck. Due to this unfair, harsh censorship of anyone that is not rich as fuck I decide to give away free downloads of my videos from my website, this would help my videos spread and give viewers another way of sharing, I thought.

First few months went OK I added loads of free downloads and received hundreds of hits on many pages containing the downloads. Two days ago I attempt to upload my new video to my website to offer as a free download and to my new video playing feature that was added months earlier. Can’t upload video, when I log in to the control panel of my website I receive a notice your access has been limited in the past 24 hours. I change all the settings and codes which has to be one of the most boring, irritating experiences I have ever had and I try again. Still can’t upload. I try YouTube same problem “there was a fault sending data.”

About three years ago my old website was cyber attacked and taken down, I got a friend to trace the attack and he found an I.P that lead to a department of work and pensions office as shown in the video below.

I am not sure if this is another cyber attack from somebody like that but I know I have never seen this problem before. I cannot prove this is a cyber attack from government offices or anyone else yet but I am going to try and find out what is going on. I have spent the last two days trying to fix this problem I have tried five different browsers (updating my browser allowed me to upload to YouTube but my website is still not allowing anything to be uploaded) and I have read tons of information and still I ain’t got a clue.

I have actually filmed myself attempting to upload to YouTube but being unable to do so. I might add the video to my channel later. How come when Lizard squad cyber attack Sony and XBOX  or when News Corporation companies get cyber attacked its classed as terrorism yet our government are constantly cyber attacking and censoring anyone that disagrees with them? That alone makes them terrorists in their own words than we consider mass murder for oil and profit, slavery, exploitation and corruption I think its obvious to anyone that as an IQ above 10 who the real terrorists are.


A few days ago I wrote a blog called “DON’T BOTHER SUBBING TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL” I write this blog because I am being informed by multiple people that YouTube are not allowing them to sub to my channel. What a ridiculous bunch of petty control freaks the establishment are, not worthy of ruling shit.

Usually I get a fair few comments daily yesterday however I had none at all! I didn’t really think much of it until today when I uploaded a new video. After half an hour I come back to check the view count (first day view counts are slower now than the days I had 5000 subs) I notice their are four comments in the comment section. Two of these comments are me asking people to share the video and explaining YouTube censorship of my video but the other two are nowhere to be seen. I check to see if they had been marked as spam and still no sign.

Google must have decided that I am no longer allowed to read comments written on my videos! PRICKS!



After at least 20 attempts of uploading this on to YouTube I give up, FUCK EM. Download this link and share everywhere you can. Has Theresa May already ordered and by ordered I mean paid them with tax payers money to step up censorship? I have been uploading since 2010 and I have never experienced anything like this. YouTube may remove them due to bullshit copyright claims but now they will not even let me add anything at all!

I will try again tomorrow in the mean time share away.



I have noticed over the last few days that my channel has received very few comments (compared to usual) but the view count has risen. I didn’t really think anything of it until I decided to watch a lecture on YouTube. I notice this video has loads of views likes and dislikes but only one comment, the comment was from the channel that posted the lecture and it said YouTube not allowing comments! Many YouTube channels are being oppressed, attacked, financially starved and silenced by corporate giants like Google, my channel is one of them!

Today my channel received a fair amount of new subscribers, I reached 25700 at about dinner time. Tonight however 25696, even my videos lose views, I have seen my videos lose 50 views in the space of an hour!

The question is what are they hiding? Google promote pro war corporate and government propaganda by making it very accessible to the masses yet they hide non corporate bloggers and video makers as well as refuse payments.

Google are against the people, they stand against freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They are puppets to greater powers and they will destroy all of our civil liberties in order to protect the greater powers.

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Lots of people make a decent living on YouTube, I do not make nothing! In fact 25000 subs, 18 million views over a four years has paid me less than £200. Why? I believe if I were making videos of me playing and promoting computer games, spewing anti Islamic and anti Christian bullshit or make up tutorials I would have been paid the $13000 YouTube’s own stats showed me I earned two years ago.

Why should you give a fuck that Google are ripping off people like me? Simple answer really.

Google refusing to pay me simply because they dislike the political messages in my videos shows that Google are against freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general. I don’t care how big Google are they should still have no right in financially starving bloggers, video makers and vloggers.

As well as financial attacks Google are also hiding videos in the dark depths of YouTube, I have had many subscribers from different locations informing me that videos are not working in their countries despite YouTube showing me the videos are available worldwide or just blocked in Germany.

YouTube is also removing views from view counts for example I have seen videos that have seen my videos have 600 views one day the next they have had 550. YouTube view counts are blatantly manipulated in fact they are complete BULLSHIT. They do not even bother to clean up the mess it leaves on your stats which means your stats show complete nonsense, my one video had more views from one single link than Google counted for all views.






17 million views pays me less than $200! Videos removed based on false copyright claims, I dispute the claims, I win the dispute only for the claim to start again a few months later. They refuse to pay me on new videos, with no explanation given why they refusing to pay, I guess they are exercising they’re right of choosing what becomes a financial success and not! No video is safe, even if I made all of it myself (including music.) I believe it comes due to my anti Zionist, anti Racist, anti Israel views. Google seem so desperate to protect Israel that they are actually destroying our civil liberties and rights to do so.

Google, Facebook, the government and the controlled mainstream media may like and support genocide in Palestine some do not, GET OVER IT AND STOP FUCKING FINANCIALLY STARVING THE TRUTH AND ENDORSING THE PROPAGANDA.

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I recently have began uploading new full documentaries on to YouTube (after a 12 month ban from YouTube.) Google are blatantly attacking my channel, they have refused to pay me what they owe, they removed videos based on false claims, in fact if someone makes a claim Google do not bother to check out the facts they simply remove the video. I made the videos which means I own the rights to the videos so the videos do usual end up back on YouTube but the procedure can take weeks, recently I have noticed with my latest vids the view count goes up and down! How does that happen? Are people watching my videos and then time traveling to before they watch my videos only to not watch my video confusing YouTube’s view count? Or are Google manipulating the view counts? They are also removing subscribers from my channel, they have obviously decided that this material is extremist material and you (the public) may not be mentally stable enough to watch this shit.

 Google have decided what is true, no thinking or investigation is required or necessary!