William Coombes

Video description taken from YouTube… This is William Coombes. He is describing the removal of children’s bodies to the furnace, which was always on & out-of-bounds for the kids. Then Coombes very briefly describes the visit by the queen of England Elizabeth to his Kamloops Indian residential school in 1964 […]

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Dark Theory looks at String theory, Ancient DNA Knowledge, the UFO phenomenon, Mars, Moon ancient aliens? strange creatures, Reptilian brain, Alien Abduction, Vampires, Japanese mythology, Black eyed Children, Illuminati, Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Heaven, Hell, Science, Islam, Jesus, God, Satan, Music, Eminem, Robert Johnson, Selling soul, the devil, False Gods, False […]

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http://wolvoman80.co.uk Introducing the real Winston Churchill by WOLVOMAN80 looks at the war crimes of WW2, Boer War, Mau Mau uprising, Bengal famine and Winston Churchills bloodline. Full download on Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Introducing-real-Winston-Churchill-mike/dp/B07HXF56ZH/ref=sr_1_2?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1539341759&sr=1-2&keywords=%22WOLVOMAN80%22 Facebook Comments

From Hell : Jack the Ripper by WOLVOMAN80 now on AMAZON PRIME UK.

Jack the Ripper caused horror in 19th century London England. The Serial Killer killed five prostitutes in a seemingly motiveless killing spree. Who was Jack the Ripper? Suspects are numerous and include Walter Sickert, the Royal Family, Joseph Merrick, Prince Albert Victor, Sir William Gull, Lord Randolph Churchill, JK Stephan, […]