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REAL GIANTS IN HISTORY (Lost Hidden Secrets Documentary) PART ONE

REAL GIANTS IN HISTORY (Lost Hidden Secrets Documentary) PART TWO

Giants appear in every culture throughout history. From David and Goliath to Paul Bunyon to Andre the Giant, they’ve wrestled gods, conquered empires, and inspired heroes to rise in stature.

Why are average-sized humans so fascinated with larger-than-life characters?

In this Cyclopean 1.5-hour special, consider the origins of these colossal creatures by exploring folklore and legends worldwide, and examining scientific evidence of their existence.

Forbidden History: The Mystery of Ancient Sardinian Giants

13.000 years ago a large comet struck earth which must have looked like a fiery serpent flying through the sky because the force of gravity stretched it out into a chain of comet fragments. Is this catastrophe the origin of all those myths and legends about a fire spitting dragon or winged serpent?…

Jamie Theakston has travelled to Sardinia to search megalithic monuments for traces of giants who, according to so many myths, walked and lived on the earth in ancient times.
Originally published in 2013.



There were giants on the earth in those days. By WOLVOMAN80 ANCIENT GIANT DOCUMENTARY. The whole of the ancient world talks of giants, from the man eating giants of ancient Britain to the Greek Gods, the Holy bible and the Ad of the Quran. Part one looks at giants on TV, giants in ancient Sumeria, Bran the blessed, Thor, Odin and Nimrod, Baal, Seth, and others, the Nephilim, the fallen angels, David and Goalith and Noahs of the old testament and the Watchers of the Bible. Giants from Bulgaria and stories of giants in old newspapers. Zues, the Titans and the Si te cah of America. Hercules, St Michaels Mount. Yowie ancient Australia, Ispolin graveyards. Chinese mythology, Pan Gu. Ogre, Jötunn, Daityas of Ancient India.