Today I decided to use Facebook for the first time since deactivating my account in March, I decided to use Facebook because I figured it would give a boast to the reach of my website. I shared two pages with Facebook about ten minutes apart from each other not to my surprise the reach was as slow if not slower than I remember it. In fact after about an hour the reach of my posts was at about 20 people, I shared another couple of pages and these were spreading even slower five people one them reached the other reached seven, I then shared an image that reached 13 people and a comment that reached 16 people my account did have nearly 4000 likes it now stands at about 3200 after Facebook decided to remove hundreds in the space of a few days.


What a useless, shitty little website Facebook has become, why the fuck did I bother activating my account, I thought to myself. As if me, a normal citizen of this fucked up, greedy, disgraceful country of ours should be allowed to be heard on social media. The days people like me and you could use Facebook as a useful tool to reach people have gone, three years ago a post would reach easily reach tens of thousands of people (if you have a Facebook group or a page that allows people to like you it shows your reach and stats) nowadays they don’t even reach 50, its a piss take and Mark Zuckerberg than has the nerve to “support” Charlie Hebdo.

“It wasn’t just a terrorist attack about just trying to do some damage and make people afraid and hurt people. This was specifically about people’s freedom of expression and ability to say what they want,” said Zuckerberg despite Facebook doing more to attack and damage freedom of expression than anyone I know, it sounds like the slimy, little hypocrite is talking about himself.

“That really gets to the core of what Facebook and the internet are, I think, and what we’re all here to do. We really stand up and try to make it so that everyone can have as much of a voice as possible,” he said.

“There are limits and restrictions on these things, but across the board we generally are always trying to fight to help as many people as possible share as much as they want. This event just seemed like an event where people needed to come together not only to fight back against terrorism… but also to stand up for giving everyone in the world a voice.”

“One of the big questions that we struggle with: in an ideal world there would be way fewer laws restricting speech,” he said. “The reality is most countries do actually have laws restricting one point of speech or another… So the real question is how do you navigate this?” Zuckerberg said that Facebook resists breaking the law in countries purely on a point of principle of defending free speech. What Zuckerberg means is; Facebook will do everything they can to protect the establishment and allow them to be heard as freely as possible, everyone can pay to reach or STFU.

After a couple of hours on Facebook and some my posts failing to reach double figures, I once again deactivate my account and I can honestly say I do not think that I will use it again, I almost forgot how lame it is.




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