According to the exit polls and the media David Cameron, the man that has employed anti freedom of speech tactics with his internet censorship, caused riots across the nation and used the friends at the mainstream media to propagate messages to people for the past five years gets to start again. If these exit polls are correct I would be amazed, my first reaction to the polls was absolute shock and horror, not another five years of David Cameron surely but realistically, its not like Ed Miliband is that different, I believe Tony Blair’s oil wars, the bank bail out and the fact that Labour are seen as no different to the Conservatives all contributed towards Labour’s nightmare.

Theresa May claims “people were reacting to the Conservative hard work and campaigning” is that true? Or were they reacting to the fear mongering tactics used by the British media, next time David Cameron or any other Conservative politician attempts to justify politically internet censorship people should consider the biased media that we are left with when the internet is censored. “Conspiracy theorists” are accused by some people to be spreading and selling fear but the fear mongering tactics used by the mainly pro Conservative British media has been disgraceful, I believe that actions like this from our media is by far the best argument against political internet censorship.

It seems like Nick Clegg and the sorry Liberal Democrats have paid the price for the austerity the coalition introduced, how many Liberal Democrats will lose their jobs due to this pathetic performance of Nick Clegg?

Their is also the issue of upper classes being much more likely to vote because they are much more represented.


Russell Brand is a misogynist who hurt and abused me says his ex-girlfriend – who labels Ed Miliband a fool for getting into bed with him

  • Jordan Martin says Brand cares about himself and world domination
  • Former model claims he was controlling and manipulative
  • She says she felt mentally bullied and abused by the comedian 

Can the Tories look forward to a late baby bounce? ‘Feelgood factor’ may help David Cameron back into Downing Street

  • Royal baby birth could boost David Cameron’s chances of remaining PM 
  • Tories hope new Princess will create ‘feelgood factor’ which will last until polling day and make votes feel safer with the current Government 

Financial adviser who became Ed Miliband’s Question Time tormentor says ‘Labour will kill off economic green shoots overnight’

  • Says UK still would have gone bust even without global crisis
  • If spending had been controlled there would have been surplus to fall on
  • Likens Miliband to ‘sharp frost’ who could kill country’s economy overnight

Labour lead but voters still prefer Dave to Ed: Result on a knife-edge as polls give conflicting messages

  • Professor expects Conservatives to win 291 seats and Labour 265 seats
  • Mail on Sunday poll by Survation gave Labour a three-point lead
  • Current Coalition duo Cameron and Clegg favourite combination

Exposed: Ed Balls the cheque bouncer! He wants to run Britain’s finances but just six months ago he couldn’t even write a £150 cheque to his glazier – twice

  • Ed Balls wrote £150 cheque to glazier for doing work on his £1million home
  • But his bank refused to honour it, sending cheque back to the tradesman 
  • Mr Balls sent an apology and a second cheque but that was also refused
  • Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps warned ‘the man who wants to be in charge of the nation’s finances can’t even look after his own’

David Cameron: The lying SNP won’t just take your money away, they’ll take away your country

  • PM spoke exclusively to the Mail on Sunday in final pre-election interview 
  • He said Nicola Sturgeon would ‘eat Miliband for breakfast, lunch and tea’
  • Cameron also called the Labour leader a ‘goon’ for meeting Russell Brand 
  • Coalition with Lib Dems was better than ‘half-arsed government’, he says 

Labour scoops more than £100 every MINUTE in Trade Union cash, swelling Miliband’s war chest ahead of polling day

  • In third week of the campaign Labour received £1.5million in donations 
  • Comic Eddie Izzard gave Labour £20,000, while unions donated £1.3m
  • The Tories received just over £1m, twice as much as the week before

PM says child benefit is safe as he’s forced to rule out cuts after smear bid by Lib Dems

  • David Cameron has been forced to rule out cuts to child benefits
  • He was asked about the issue repeatedly last night by members of the public on a special edition of the BBC’s Question Time programme
  • Danny Alexander exposed ‘secret’ plans by Tories for £8billion welfare cuts
  • Tories hit back and branded their former coalition partners ‘desperate’   

Cameron reveals he proposed to Samantha while watching gangster film Mean Streets and always cries at the Sound of Music

  • PM said he popped the question while the couple were lying on the sofa
  • Mr Cameron said Samantha ‘didn’t absolutely leap’ at his offer of marriage
  • He also revealed that he sheds a tear listening to ‘Edelweiss’ at Christmas 
  • The Prime Minister said he is forced to ‘reach for the Kleenex’ at the film

How YOU can vote tactically to keep out Red Ed: Constituency by constituency guide to the 50 key seats that will help keep Labour out of Number 10

  • Guide to the 50 key constituency seats revealed with tactical switches unveiled for those wanting to stop Labour
  • Most key seats listed are situated in the north of England and the Midlands as voters prepare to take to the polls
  • 29 seats where Tories have improved chance if getting Ukip sympathisers and 12 where Tories can help Lib Dems

Labour’s collapse in Scotland means Ed Miliband will almost certainly miss out on the 323 seats needed for a majority.

For millions, the nightmare is a minority Labour administration propped up by the SNP — which is demanding a £148billion debt binge to pay for more spending and welfare.

Here, JAMES SLACK and IAN DRURY detail the 50 seats in which tactical voting could prevent a Labour/SNP alliance having enough to run Britain — and keep Red Ed out of No. 10. 

Cameron and Boris warn of ‘constitutional crisis’ if SNP calls the shots by propping up a Labour government

  • David Cameron and Boris Johnson last night warned of a looming ‘crisis’
  • They joined forces to question legitimacy of SNP’s Labour-boosting plan
  • Mr Johnson claimed it would mean ‘truckloads of cash’ moving up the M1
  • It comes as Mr Salmond was filmed joking he would write Labour’s budget

Miliband will bring back uncontrolled migration: Stark warning from Cameron as he urges Ukip voters not to hand Labour power

  • Cameron has issued to plea to Ukip voters not to allow Labour into power
  • He said that he understands people’s fears and worries’ about immigration
  • PM said votes for Ukip could halt Conservatives chance and may result in no referendum for Europe and with it a return to uncontrolled immigration 

‘Eleven days to save Britain’: Cameron pleads with voters to rescue the country from an SNP-Labour alliance

  • PM says a minority Labour administration would be propped up by the SNP
  • Latest poll shows the Conservatives have nudged 3% ahead of Labour
  • Mr Cameron said a Tory victory was needed ‘effectively to save Britain’


Furious row erupts over ‘shameful’ Miliband claim that Mediterranean refugee deaths are a ‘direct result’ of Cameron’s Libya intervention

  • Tories accuse Ed Miliband of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low in campaign
  • Labour leader attacked the Prime Minister’s 2011 intervention in Libya
  • Said the refugee deaths were the result of the aftermath of the intervention
  • A briefing went further claiming they were ‘direct result’ of PM’s decisions
  • Comes after EU leaders agreed package of measures to tackle the crisis
  • Mr Cameron agreed to send a Royal Navy warship to the region within days

Miliband the Land-Grabber: Red Ed’s threat to confiscate unused land branded ‘Stalinist’ as backlash grows over his plans to control property market

  • Red Ed wants councils to encourage building by hiking tax on unused land
  • Sites still left idle could be compulsorily purchased by another developer
  • Property analysts say it would take UK back to ‘dark days of the Seventies’
  • Tory candidate said it’s ‘sort of policy you might expect from Soviet Russia’

Welcome to Nicola’s £1billion ‘Death Star’: Scotland unveils futuristic new super hospital for Glasgow with robots and a private cinema – as NHS England faces the ‘most difficult year in its history’

  • A new £1bn super hospital in Glasgow opened its doors to patients today
  • The state-of-the-art building includes a children’s cinema and robots
  • Nicola Sturgeon said it had been ‘entirely funded’ by Scottish taxpayers
  • But Scotland gets £1,200 more per head spent on health than England
  • This is funded by Barnett formula guaranteeing extra spending in Scotland

Labour plunge into chaos over immigration curbs: Ed insists he’s got the message… but party refuse four times to spell out limit

  • Ed Miliband will announce that he has ‘clear, credible plan’ on immigration
  • But Yvette Cooper refused to say Labour would put target on net migration
  • Shadow home secretary only said she wanted it lower than current 300,000
  • During Labour’s 13 years in power, foreign-born population rose by 3.6m

How Cameron braved mud to save Swampy the sheep after hearing its desperate bleating

  • Prime minister dived into swamp to help a sheep stuck in mud
  • David Cameron told audience at No10 how he saved ‘Swampy’s life
  • He was returning to Chipping Norton home when he heard sheep’s cries

Britain will be run down, weakened and broken up by Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon, says ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER

DOMINIC LAWSON: If Ed has his way, people who rent will end up living in crowded slums

‘I find it physically repulsive when you claim to be the party of the NHS’: The moment Miliband met his match in an ordinary member of the public whose mother suffered agonising hospital death under LABOUR

  • Radio caller attacks Labour over claims that it is the party of the NHS
  • ‘Claire’ from Manchester said systemic failures left her mother die in agony
  • She said she had ‘suffered totally avoidable agony’ over 13 years
  • Mr Miliband asked to speak to the LBC caller in private in the next few days

Union’s sinister hold over Miliband: Mail investigation reveals over half of Labour candidates in key seats are sponsored by Unite militants

  • More than half of Labour candidates in winnable seats sponsored by Unite
  • Analysis conducted by the Mail lays bare the union’s grip on Ed Miliband
  • Its £14.3million contribution makes it the biggest donor to the Labour party
  • Many of Unite leader Len McCluskey’s demands have become party policy

In all the seats outside Scotland, they are constituencies in which Labour is either first or second and desperately needs to win. Crucial to the success of tactical voting is reuniting the conservative Right. 

There are 29 seats where the Tories have a vastly improved chance of success if they can win the support of Ukip sympathisers.

There are also two Labour seats in the North of England where Cameron’s party cannot realistically win — but Ukip can, so Tory sympathisers should vote for Nigel Farage’s party.

If the Tories do fall short of an overall majority, ensuring Lib Dem candidates beat Labour rivals increases the chances of Nick Clegg’s party having enough seats to form another Coalition with the Tories.

There are 12 seats where Tory voters can help the Liberal Democrats beat Labour. The Lib Dems can reciprocate by voting Tory in three Conservative/Labour marginals.

And there are four seats where Lib Dem and Ukip supporters could vote blue to defeat Labour . . .

Revealed: How Miliband could grab power even if he loses the election by winning fewer votes AND seats than Cameron

  • The party with the most MPs almost always forms the government
  • But the surge of the Scottish nationalists has turned this on its head
  • The SNP has vowed to work with Labour to ‘lock’ the Tories out of power
  • It means Cameron could finish first but not have enough MPs to stay on
  • Labour’s Andy Burnham this morning admitted the party would ‘do whatever it takes’ to get Mr Miliband into Downing Street
  • But the Chancellor George Osborne insisted the PM could stay in position even if the Coalition lost its majority on Thursday

Slimline Sturgeon’s radical transformation: How SNP leader ditched boxy jackets and severe suits for sophisticated new look

  • SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon looked glamorous as she arrived at BBC yesterday
  • Nationalist wore fuchsia dress that flattered her slimmed-down physique
  • Miss Sturgeon has left her boxy jackets and severe suits in the past
  • She is rumoured to have hired a personal shopper and a stylist in 2007

Women who want to succeed at work should shut up – while men who want the same should keep talking, research says

Chrissy Teigen turns heads in VERY daring denim hotpants and unbuttoned sheer blouse as she steps out with John Legend

Ellie Goulding shows off her incredible abs in a crop top at Coachella… before slipping into a teeny bikini to catch poolside rays

Yes, the West has fought the Muslim world for centuries. But Islam must accept much of the blame for today’s bloody chaos

Has fear of the mansion tax driven Sol to sell up already? Former footballer puts £6.75m flat up for sale months after selling £20m townhouse

  • Sol Campbell has put his flat in Chelsea on the market for £6.75million
  • He bought the property in 2011 and it has been renovated by his wife Fiona 
  • Former England footballer is an outspoken critic of Labour’s mansion tax
  • Campbell, 40, sold his £20million London townhouse earlier this year
  • Application for a controversial Muslim cemetery submitted for third time 
  • New plans are for 3,000 graves on a greenbelt site in Solihull  
  • Application has sparked anger in village of Catherine-de-Barnes

The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian

  • Statistics from 2011 Census show more Muslim children than Christian growing up in Birmingham 
  • Of 278,623 youngsters, 97,099 were registered as Muslim compared with 93,828 as Christian  
  • A similar trend has emerged in the cities of Bradford and Leicester
  • Experts said more must be done to ensure that society does not become polarised along religious lines 

British city responds to Fox News security expert’s claim that it is a Muslim-only town with string of hilarious memes

  • Pundit Steven Emerson told Fox News that Birmingham is ‘Muslim-only’
  • David Cameron called him an ‘idiot’ as Twitter users mocked the bizarre claim with #foxnewsfacts hashtag
  • They posted photos of bearded sportsmen, Mecca bingo and the Queen wearing a headscarf – as well as a host of puns
  • Emerson has now donated £500 to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital 

Daily Mail mocking Fox News despite similar claims from the Daily Mail in the past.



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