How YOU can vote tactically to keep out Red Ed: Constituency by constituency guide to the 50 key seats that will help keep Labour out of Number 10

  • Guide to the 50 key constituency seats revealed with tactical switches unveiled for those wanting to stop Labour
  • Most key seats listed are situated in the north of England and the Midlands as voters prepare to take to the polls
  • 29 seats where Tories have improved chance if getting Ukip sympathisers and 12 where Tories can help Lib Dems

Tomorrow, voters go to the polls in the closest election for four decades.

Labour’s collapse in Scotland means Ed Miliband will almost certainly miss out on the 323 seats needed for a majority.

For millions, the nightmare is a minority Labour administration propped up by the SNP — which is demanding a £148billion debt binge to pay for more spending and welfare.

Here, JAMES SLACK and IAN DRURY detail the 50 seats in which tactical voting could prevent a Labour/SNP alliance having enough to run Britain — and keep Red Ed out of No. 10. 

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In all the seats outside Scotland, they are constituencies in which Labour is either first or second and desperately needs to win. Crucial to the success of tactical voting is reuniting the conservative Right. 

There are 29 seats where the Tories have a vastly improved chance of success if they can win the support of Ukip sympathisers.

There are also two Labour seats in the North of England where Cameron’s party cannot realistically win — but Ukip can, so Tory sympathisers should vote for Nigel Farage’s party.

If the Tories do fall short of an overall majority, ensuring Lib Dem candidates beat Labour rivals increases the chances of Nick Clegg’s party having enough seats to form another Coalition with the Tories.

There are 12 seats where Tory voters can help the Liberal Democrats beat Labour. The Lib Dems can reciprocate by voting Tory in three Conservative/Labour marginals.

And there are four seats where Lib Dem and Ukip supporters could vote blue to defeat Labour . . .

Revealed: How Miliband could grab power even if he loses the election by winning fewer votes AND seats than Cameron

  • The party with the most MPs almost always forms the government
  • But the surge of the Scottish nationalists has turned this on its head
  • The SNP has vowed to work with Labour to ‘lock’ the Tories out of power
  • It means Cameron could finish first but not have enough MPs to stay on
  • Labour’s Andy Burnham this morning admitted the party would ‘do whatever it takes’ to get Mr Miliband into Downing Street
  • But the Chancellor George Osborne insisted the PM could stay in position even if the Coalition lost its majority on Thursday


Save our bacon

Don’t swallow his porkies and keep him OUT

TODAY The Sun exposes Ed Miliband’s lies and asks YOU to vote Tory to insure that his wreckless socialism does not put a halt to Britain’s recovery.

Unless you are in Scotland!

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