Election propaganda has over taken the Daily Mail Newspaper, personal attacks they may or may not be true are being used to help their panicking Conservative friends. The following headlines and cut out of the Daily Mail are examples of this.



Russell Brand is a misogynist who hurt and abused me says his ex-girlfriend – who labels Ed Miliband a fool for getting into bed with him

  • Jordan Martin says Brand cares about himself and world domination
  • Former model claims he was controlling and manipulative
  • She says she felt mentally bullied and abused by the comedian 

Can the Tories look forward to a late baby bounce? ‘Feelgood factor’ may help David Cameron back into Downing Street

  • Royal baby birth could boost David Cameron’s chances of remaining PM 
  • Tories hope new Princess will create ‘feelgood factor’ which will last until polling day and make votes feel safer with the current Government 

Financial adviser who became Ed Miliband’s Question Time tormentor says ‘Labour will kill off economic green shoots overnight’

  • Says UK still would have gone bust even without global crisis
  • If spending had been controlled there would have been surplus to fall on
  • Likens Miliband to ‘sharp frost’ who could kill country’s economy overnight

Labour lead but voters still prefer Dave to Ed: Result on a knife-edge as polls give conflicting messages

  • Professor expects Conservatives to win 291 seats and Labour 265 seats
  • Mail on Sunday poll by Survation gave Labour a three-point lead
  • Current Coalition duo Cameron and Clegg favourite combination

Exposed: Ed Balls the cheque bouncer! He wants to run Britain’s finances but just six months ago he couldn’t even write a £150 cheque to his glazier – twice

  • Ed Balls wrote £150 cheque to glazier for doing work on his £1million home
  • But his bank refused to honour it, sending cheque back to the tradesman 
  • Mr Balls sent an apology and a second cheque but that was also refused
  • Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps warned ‘the man who wants to be in charge of the nation’s finances can’t even look after his own’

David Cameron: The lying SNP won’t just take your money away, they’ll take away your country

  • PM spoke exclusively to the Mail on Sunday in final pre-election interview 
  • He said Nicola Sturgeon would ‘eat Miliband for breakfast, lunch and tea’
  • Cameron also called the Labour leader a ‘goon’ for meeting Russell Brand 
  • Coalition with Lib Dems was better than ‘half-arsed government’, he says 

Labour scoops more than £100 every MINUTE in Trade Union cash, swelling Miliband’s war chest ahead of polling day

  • In third week of the campaign Labour received £1.5million in donations 
  • Comic Eddie Izzard gave Labour £20,000, while unions donated £1.3m
  • The Tories received just over £1m, twice as much as the week before

PM says child benefit is safe as he’s forced to rule out cuts after smear bid by Lib Dems

  • David Cameron has been forced to rule out cuts to child benefits
  • He was asked about the issue repeatedly last night by members of the public on a special edition of the BBC’s Question Time programme
  • Danny Alexander exposed ‘secret’ plans by Tories for £8billion welfare cuts
  • Tories hit back and branded their former coalition partners ‘desperate’   

Cameron reveals he proposed to Samantha while watching gangster film Mean Streets and always cries at the Sound of Music

  • PM said he popped the question while the couple were lying on the sofa
  • Mr Cameron said Samantha ‘didn’t absolutely leap’ at his offer of marriage
  • He also revealed that he sheds a tear listening to ‘Edelweiss’ at Christmas 
  • The Prime Minister said he is forced to ‘reach for the Kleenex’ at the film