In a interview on Russell Brand’s YouTube channel Ed Miliband insisted that he will take on bankers and multinational corporations but he also insisted that change is a slow process and warned that people should be patient. The interview was interesting to watch but too short and Russell Brand could have asked more pressing questions in my opinion, like when Ed Miliband insisted that the bank bail out was necessary, I believe Russell Brand should have bought up the fact that the bank bail out came with no extra regulation of the banks and he should have asked what other options there were? Couldn’t the government simply buy the banks and take them over instead of bailing them out?

Ed Miliband and Labour claim to be different from the Tories and there are small differences in their policies but Rupurt Murdoch’s news corporation paid almost NO tax in Britain throughout the reign of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as did other multinational corporations. As for Ed Miliband claiming “change takes time” it did not take the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition time to start cutting benefits and public services, as it did not take them long to cut the top rate of tax, so how long will it take Ed Miliband to bring his policies into effect?

Labour allowed the same kind of corporate tax evasion and unregulated banks as the Conservatives did, is Ed Miliband really going to change that? I hope Ed Miliband proves me wrong but I doubt it and even if he does, he would have the whole of the corporate media attacking him daily after five years people would begin to believe we need “change” and up steps Boris Johnson and a “new” Conservative government and Britain goes back to square one. If Britain want real change we have too change the way we think and be aware that the corporate media do not represent “the people.”


If Ed Miliband is really going to fight the powers that be we should embrace him and give him a chance to do it, tax loopholes should be removed and some kind of genuine attempt to cap lobbying to help prevent businesses and the rich individuals paying for policies. Labour should hit the upper classes as hard as the Conservatives hit the lower classes in their reign.

Labour’s big weakness according to the mainstream media is the economy, we must have a strong economy the media tell us, but what most people do not realize is, the economy is actually mainly based on corporate profit therefore a good economy does not impact the people, the country could have a strong economy but still suffer from low living standards or a country could have a weak economy but living standards could be much higher. Low wages and low workers rights can actually led to a strong economy as can slavery, why should “the people” care about corporate profit? “The people” should care and vote based on policies that represent and help “the people” not on policies that help corporations and rich individuals avoid paying tax and fair wages.

I believe Ed Miliband is the slightly better of the two but unfortunately for him and for Britain, even if he is elected he is probably going to be pretty powerless and not bring the sort of change that people want, and up steps Boris Johnson! He is funny, different, silly and ridiculous but also and I hate to admit it, he is likable, man Britain is fucked.

Ed Miliband also guaranteed there would be no deal with the SNP! If Tories win and Scotland have SNP in 55 of their 59 consistences (as predicted by most polls, some polls predict more), how is Scotland not Independent?

General Election 2015 campaign - April 28th

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