Cannabis is a plant that gets that gets very bad publicity, its accused of being a gateway drug with no real uses except for getting people high. Obviously, its not true, the truth is the exact opposite, Cannabis is a very useful plant that can be used and in the past has been used for lots of practical things. “But it is dangerous” the average simple minded, media guided, simpleton insists.

Is Cannabis dangerous? I don’t believe it is, I have been a cannabis user since I was about 14 and I still love it. I believe Cannabis can help concentration, imagination, patience and even perception. So why do certain people hate Cannabis so much? We can be arrested and made in to a criminal and even put in to prison for possessing a plant!

I have heard many criticisms of weed and some people automatically label cannabis users as junkies, stoners and even criminals for smoking or growing it, but is that true? Statistically speaking NO it is not, people are much more lightly to get injured or arrested while drunk. Alcohol is actually the biggest killing drug in the UK followed by nicotine.

As a cannabis user I am tired of listening to the fear mongering paranoia that certain people talk when it comes to cannabis and cannabis users. Cannabis is blamed for ruining lives of people that have taken Heroin, Amphetamine, Magic Mushrooms, LSD and whatever else they could get there hands on. How often do you hear “so and so is fucked because of the weed” and how often has so and so actually taking drugs much more dangerous than weed.


Weed often gets accused of being “the gateway drug” from my personal experience and what I have witnessed with friends, weed is NOT the gateway drug that so many people accuse it of being. My first drug taken for pleasure was alcohol, then tobacco and then cannabis, I believe the real gateway drug is alcohol! And I am sick of alcoholics, smokers, former speed freaks, Cocaine addicts, obese chocolate and fast food addicts criticizing cannabis users.

The truth is we all have our ways of escaping, for you that might involve necking 15 pints of Stella or a bottle of wine, snorting 3 gram of Coke, it may involve sitting on your fat ass in front of your TV scoffing your fat face with food until you get sick, it may involve extra strong pain killers prescribed to you by your GP, for some people it involves cannabis get over it!

Anybody that does not wish to take or smoke cannabis is free not to do so, so what is the problem? I believe the problem seems to be inferring, judgmental, idiots seem to have nothing better to do than harass people for not being exactly the same as them but guess what? You may find this hard to believe but some people don’t want to be like you!





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