Yesterday Tesco announced a record annual loss of 6.4 billion pound! Tesco bosses are trying to explain why Tesco are struggling so much despite being the biggest supermarket chain in Britain. The loses are being blamed on the competitiveness of the market with Aldi and Lidl doing very well and growing and traditional superstores like Morrison’s, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are not doing so well.

So called financial experts and the media are blaming falling property prices on land that Tesco own, the very competitive market and falling food prices, for the crisis at Tesco. I have no doubt at all that these factors have contributed to the decline of Tesco but the media are not pointing out deeper reasons for Tesco’s fall. Reasons like workfare, exploitation, greed, child labour, tax evasion, price manipulation, horse meat sold and labelled as beef and countless amounts of bad publicity over recent years is why Tesco is falling and deserves to fall, if Tesco’s actions and greed does not offend or outrage you are probably politically void or a Conservative which to me are the same thing!
I believe Tesco is chocking on its own greed and GOOD, but rather than replacing superstores like Tesco and Sainbury’s with Lidl or Aldi people should go back to the markets and local businesses when they can, this would take power from the corporations, increase competitiveness in the market even more and create good business opportunities for local people to profit from rather than corporations therefore it could create better jobs and opportunities for the future, so children do not leave school only to be exploited with zero hour contracts and work for benefits. Corporations may bring slightly lower prices than local businesses but they also bring low wages, zero hour contracts and tax evasion, it’s a choice out of cheap shopping, low wages or slightly more expensive shopping, better wages and better opportunity. In the long run local people would gain a lot more if they spend with local businesses.